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Hi everyone, hope this finds you well (relatively speaking) but most importantly,  safe and healthy. That’s the name of the game. It is certainly going to be a time in history that we will never forget but hopefully we will emerge from this enlightened with a new perspective on even the simplest things. I know that will be the case for me!

It will be a process, it’s not like a switch that goes on things go right back to where they were. This will be a gradual entry back to normal life, I have to admit I miss my schedule, my office, rolling my sleeves up and getting busy, being surrounded by all the things I so love. But I know that time will come and I will remain patient,  trusting that it will happen when it’s time and when our world is healed and in a better, safe place. Onwards to this weeks Seven on Sunday….


1 ONE BEAUTIFUL HOME This a beautifully done home, reflects todays “new traditional”, I  love the tonal vibe, which is timeless and easy on the eyes. Beautiful craftsmanship and a very welcoming, peaceful asethetic make this a beauty! Click here to read more at Atlanta Homes Magazine.

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always a bright spot in my week, I love gathering my favorites of the week and featuring them on Sunday. So many beautiful and inspiring instagrams to brighten our mood. A little bit of everything.Hope you enjoy!

3 PRAISE TO FOUR SEASONS HOTELS. When I saw this, I was so touched by this beautiful gesture. You see the character of people and businesses when our world seems to be falling apart.  Four Seasons has a customer in me for life!

I have stayed at this hotel in NYC and it is beautiful and the service is top notch. What a wonderful thing they have offered to all of our fearless medical workers!! Click here to read entire article and Bravo to Four Seasons of NY!!

4 AN INSPIRING VIDEO This is precious…love that this darling couple are making lemonade out of lemons, may we all follow their lead! Such a fun video to watch, worth sharing with others and surely great entertainment when we all need to laugh and smile!


5.INSTACART Where have I been! Maybe I am late to the party but I just discovered Instacart and what a fantastic app/site it is! They deliver from various local grocers and now other retailers to your home within 5 hours. Shopping with them is SO easy and its offered in many areas across the U.S.!

My sister told me about them so I ordered a bunch of things for my parents, you can have them just drop things at the door for a no contact delivery. I was surprised that I didn’t know about them before….they are wonderful and delivered within 2.5 hours.

Click here to find out more and see if they service your area (as of now they service only some places but it’s worth finding out) especially now!


These are how the categories are broken down-

As an example for NY these are my options where I can have things delivered from-


And heres a list of all of their recent partnerships-


6 A FEW PEACEFUL MOMENTS AROUND PALMETTO BLUFF In the middle of all of this madness that we are living with, I have to say being in Palmetto Bluff is good for me. I have a lot of anxiety and when I got here I was having a lot of breathlessness and feeling incredibly nervous (part of my DNA, thanks Mom:)

I still have periodic episodes which is how I react when extremely anxious but being able to get out and walk and bike has been very very good for me. This is one of the prettiest places in our our  country, and if you have been you “get it” as it is very special. So, I feel very lucky to be here right now.

Everything is closed here (except curbside pick ups from all the restaurants and the pool clubs) and up until now,we are making  all our meals at home (mostly BBQ). I am as calm as I can be,  all things considered but even here in this idyllic slice of heaven, the gravity of the situation is felt. I know that coming here was 100% the right choice, have no idea how long we will stay. We are taking it day by day at this point which is about all we can do…..

Adore our new wicker baskets, perfect for fruit on a kitchen island (click here)

Love using my cane wicker hurricane as a beautiful floral vase! (click here)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY I am getting away from the Pandemic because even though its on the forefront of everyones mind, I think we need to keep this balanced. I have two polls today for you.

The first involves my offering previously scheduled presales and arrival sales (and promotions). We as you know, hold almost weekly sales of some sort. I suspended everything since this started, because I as a retailer was trying to navigate what was appropriate at a time when people are so panicked. I see many others are still going forward and I was really torn, but several people have asked what happened to the sales or when the next one is, etc….. So…….what is your thought on that?

Secondly I would like to start some kind of a promotion where I will donate a certain percentage of sales to a specific charity. I want it to be one that supports  helping those that are having a hard time making ends meet, as there are so many. If you are familiar with these charities, which do you think is most in need? I have also left a blank space in case there is one in particular you think I should consider.

Thank you to all!


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, I try to balance it with real life, beauty and inspiration…hope I achieved that:) I know these are incredibly difficulty, unprecedented, surreal times for all of us. It is impossible to not feel the weight of what is happening and it can almost feel suffocating, it’s so overwhelming. Please try to practice self care, whatever that means fro you- a walk, yoga, mediation, tv binge watching, cooking or baking…just do something that makes you happy, gives you peace and joy.

We will be all that much better at taking care of those we love when we have first taken care of ourselves. Everyone,  please stay safe, stay informed and stay home. This is one thing we can ALL do. And most importantly, we are all in this together. Sending a virtual hug to each and everyone of you. Until next time…..

PS If you need a laugh and missed my last post, click here….you will be happy you did:)

So wish he was here with me, he was always such a comfort:)


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Thank you for always finding the ‘good’ & ‘beautiful’ & ‘caring’ aspects in everything you do!❤️??

We would not be human if we were not feeling anxiety right now, or in our lives. In the past several years I have found Brooke Castillo’s work to be incredibly helpful in helping me think though life situations in the most productive ways. She has a free podcast,(The Life Coach School) and in fact she did a recent mini podcast series on Living in Chaos, followed by a mini one on Moving Forward. Her basic premise is that our thoughts about our circumstances create our feelings, leading to our actions, which create our results. Many of us have results in our lives we don’t want, like managing stress with eating, or estrangement from family, or a business that isn’t all it can be. The important skill she teaches is how to become aware of our thoughts , decide if they are serving us, to bring results that we do want in our lives….. and how to choose thoughts that will serve us to achieve results we do want such as closeness in relationships, weight loss, building a business, managing our anxiety, or any goal we choose to pursue. It is incredibly helpful in managing our negative emotions, which are part of life. It has been life changing for many people, myself included. I hope this is helpful during this challenging time. Wishing everyone good health, joy and Peace.

Thank you for this beautiful post today. It was a great distraction amid the craziness of the news and quarantine. Stay well and safe!

The post on the “Quick reminder..” and the fact parents and grandparents would do all to protect the young ones is a sad commentary on today’s society. Too bad there are those who would willingly give up on a generation of a certain age so they can have more…
Other than that, thank you for all the beautiful pictures.. Wonderful, colorful and beautiful!

And the biggest Thank You goes to our farmers and ranchers who risk so much year in and year out to provide us with our food! They are the true unsung hero’s ❤️

Luv the selections!! “Instacart” on strike here…starting on Monday. You are blessed your PB home was finished when it was!! franki

I always look forward to reading this post every Sunday, I always feel better for having read it. Enjoy your stay in PB, looks like a wee slice of paradise. On a more somber note, my daughter told me she has heard that Generation Z is calling this horrible virus Boomer Remover; I was disgusted and saddened to think some of our young people could be so insensitive.

While watching the video “We’re all Homebound” it brought up two strong emotions in me simultaneously- i.e.
tears and laughter. What a combo to experience!

Hi Tina, since you’re stuck at home, now might be the time to consider getting a dog? The shelters are overwhelmed & are begging people to adopt. A fur baby might help with your anxiety. They need your attention & will give you unconditional love as you know from Teddy. You’ve got the time now to focus on training & bonding. Just a thought…

Oh how I needed this post today! Seeing the calmness of the water, sereness of the homes, and hearing encouraging words is just what my heart was yearning for! THANK YOU !!
I love the idea of donating and noticed what a generous bunch of followers you have! I will add that pet rescues need our help too even if it is just walking the pups or cleaning the kennels or as I do, transporting homeless pets as needed. Love, virtual hugs, and prayers to all.

Hi Tina
You’re very lucky to be in Palmetto Bluff at these trying times. Enjoy and relax!
Have a relaxed week. Thank you for your post.

Tina – Wish you would consider a puppy. I was already in the cue for a labradoodle who arrived March 9. He and my other ald are so much fun to have around – I feel very blessed to have them!!! Love all your posts!

Thank you so much for the video of the singing couple at their piano, doing a duet of “We Are Homebound.” Delightful!

Hi Tina,

Saw this today on Skimm

Instacart employees are requesting better health and safety measures like disinfectant wipes, an extended sick pay policy, and $5 per order in hazard pay. Meanwhile, Amazon employees at the Staten Island facility want the building closed and sanitized after at least one employee tested positive for the virus.

Today, about 200,000 Instacart workers and dozens of Amazon employees are expected to walk out unless their demands are met.

Thank you for the article on Four Seasons!!
As for promotions I say YES! Life goes on we still need wedding and birthday gifts, hostess gifts for our gift closet. Even though we are in a critical situation and there is so much sadness we will get through this with Gods help.
Have a blessed, safe day?

Great post, Tina! I love the Insta’s you include. If you could post some pics of PB, I would love that. The trees aren’t all green up here, and it looks so pretty down in the Lowcountry. I hope you and yours stay healthy and safe!

I wrote in the Salvation Army as the charity I would recommend donating to. My daughter was one of the families devasted by the Thomas Fire in Ventura, California two years ago. She and her fiance’s home burned to the ground and they lost everything. The fire approached so fast and viciously that they were only able to leave with their cat and the clothes on their back. In the weeks that followed the one organization that really came through for them was the Salvation Army. They provided immediate assistance with funds for living expenses, helped them locate new housing, gave them vouchers for needed supplies and even provided emotional counseling. She sought help through other charities (I won’t name them but you have two on your list), and received very little tangible help and a lot of red tape. Of course I realize this is a different situation, and other charities may be better equipped to help in this situation. God bless you for your generous spirit during this uncertain time

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