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Before I begin this post I just need to say a huge THANK YOU. I was totally overwhelmed by the literal outpouring of love and support you all showed me when I spoke about a few comments that had really hurt me. I did not expect to get well over a hundred emails, so many comments and that’s not including the Instagram love:) I cannot tell you how good that made me feel…..totally validated what I so love to do. I will eventually get back to my regular content (and can’t wait till I do) but will do so with a newfound sense of unity, camaraderie and respect for and with my amazing followers/readers!  I will say it again, think we we are all doing the very best we can, me included. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Moving on…..


So remember a few months ago I started this fun new series where we get to design a virtual dream house together. We get to imagine how we would design this virtual house,  with all the creature comforts that would be high on our list, whatever they might be. So far,  we have done the  dining room and kitchen. Click here to see previous posts.

Today is all about extra spaces, could be a pantry, an area for dog/pet washing, maybe a cutting room, an arts and crafts room, whatever it is that you would love to have in this new virtual home. There are a few such spaces I would love to have so I will focus  on those today then I want to hear all about yours.  This is all about our imaginations, dreaming and who knows in some cases maybe a few of these might become a reality for a few of us!  Ready? Let’s go……



This first space is a must have for my virtual dream house, I have always dreamed of having this, a “china room” Would not have to be a huge room, think the size of an average guest room, maybe 12 x 14 give or take.

I would have the entire thing lined with open shelving and the center would be something like an island/cabinet filled with drawers. This would be my china/tabletop room. Can you visualize it?? I can! I have a lot of china and it’s a rather incurable addiction, I just cannot help myself. To be able to walk in and have everything out in the open like that would be an absolute dream.

Maybe when I enter the room I would come up with some kind of wonderful, beautifully clever entrance like this….this could become the most popular room in the house!

The center drawers would house all silverware, trays, and smaller items. The outside shelves would be for all the china, large serving pieces and glassware. What fun I would have in this room!

So when you don’t find me in my china room, you might find me in my wrapping room…ahh, yes always dreamed of having one of these too! Especially with all my gift wrap, I love wrapping gifts and would so enjoy having a designated space just for that purpose. What fun I would have. I would probably even put a TV in there for marathon sessions (like around Christmas time)

I like seeing this is an option even if you have a small space or cannot designate an entire to this, you can also transform a laundry room to creating a small makeshift “wrapping station”

For my wrapping room I would want it very light and airy, white cabinets with white countertops, I would do a small island for storage and would put these fun wicker lampshades above it.

On one wall I would have a huge custom scalloped bulletin board, one for fabric and wallpaper samples and the other for important notices, invites, etc….

And as long as I am dreaming, I am going to dream that for this virtual house I would get a pair of golden retrievers and of course would want an adorable pet washing room, why not! These can be done in surprisingly small spaces and just make so much sense, especially if you live in a part of the country with cold, harsh winters!

If I could have a dream pet wash room, it would look just like this!! Amazing!

And last but not least  with my love of flowers and as a tribute to the joy they bring, I would love to have a small cutting room.  Might as well as long I am dreaming! A room solely designated to flowers and flower arranging. It could be a small 8 x 12 room with a bank of cabinets/storage on one wall, a great big deep sink and enough counter space for flower arranging  that would do it for me!!


I cannot tell you how much fun I had putting this post’s fun to dream and best part is it’s free. But seriously, I would really really love that china room. I could fill it up pretty quick:) Everyone has their vices and that is one of my mine. OK now it’s your turn to chime as to what your “extra spaces” would entail. It’s fun to imagine isn’t it? Especially at a time like now, our imaginations can be a wonderful escape for what is going on around us.

I hope you are staying safe, and are healthy. Mostly I hope everyone is staying home…by now I think we all understand that mitigation is the key to getting life back on track, and I know we are all anxious for that to happen. Thanks for stopping by, can’t wait to hear about your extra spaces and what they entail. Until next time…..

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And, thus a new Board is created in my Pinterest world – “Dream Spaces”.
Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

And, thus a new Board is created in my Pinterest world! Thanks for the inspiration, Tina!

I just love your dreams!! Yes, let’s continue to dream of these wonderful rooms!!! They may become a reality!

First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy your posts and your products. We have many of them and they enhance the beauty of our home. BTW, since we are all staying at home, it is even more important to surround yourself with beauty and serenity.
We are fortunate to live on a river which provides us with changing views and wildlife daily. What this shutdown should teach
us is to slow down and smell the flowers so-to-speak.

That said, for some, flowers will always be weeds; finding fault with everyone and everything except in their own lives.
I believe that people who are “nasty”, “judgmental” and “putting their noses in other people’s business” are really just very
angry at their own lives and don’t want to deal with it.

Ignore them; there are many more of us than them!

I would love to have a closet to store my fully decorated Christmas tree in. Just wheel the tree out each year!

What a fun post! I would love a huge gift wrap center with all the cubbies and organizational tools! And a room for all the china, too. I keep two sets in the kitchen, one set in the dining room and three in the basement. It would be wonderful to have them all in one place.

Tina, these inspiring pictures have sent me on overload! I would love a beautiful painting studio with beautiful windows and plenty of storage. Plus a small gallery space to display my work also, it would need to be near the kitchen … for little snacks. Thank you for the fun today!

You’re not kidding it is so much fun to dream and I absolutely love this post!

I second a China room, I already have a small pet room for my two King Charles Cavalier dogs and just wallpapered it with a gorgeous paper from Schumacher! It has a shower enclosure with a custom bench with a giant cushion where they get all their grooming even a little mirror so they can look at themselves when they’re all done?

We are adding an extension to our house and one space that I am trying to make room for is a small art room, I paint and draw as a hobby and now my daughter is showing interest as well so I’d love to have a room solely for all of our materials, easels etc. hope I can make it work!

Fun post thank you

As for your opening conversation, I too was appalled at the negative comments that you received, so much so that at the dinner table last night I told my husband about it (and thou he knows i read your blog and enjoy it, i usually don’t talk to him about it, but it distressed me so) anyhow please know that your blog is what i look for and enjoy every day. Today’s was awesome! I think we all love those “special” rooms, and those were lovely…..Yes, dreamy…
So thank you and please continue to be the inspiration in so many lives and don’t listen to those who are mean and critical. Kindness …that is what we all need these days. Kindness. and love.

Hello Tina,
I absoluely agree with wanting to see the beautiful side of life right now. As an interior designer I have often thought in the past how frivolous my job can be. However, lately I have come to realize just what a gift of making beautiful spaces for others can be! From helping a friend redecorate after her husbands passing to just seeing what joy and mental peace beautiful spaces brings to people I have changed my mind and come to appreciate my job even more. Thank you for encouraging us through sharing your beautiful spaces!

Love the idea of that China room I also have several china collections and I’m very quickly growing out of my storage cabinet!
I turned a small guest room downstairs into a gift wrapping/arts and crafts room and cannot tell you how much happiness it brings me. I go in there for hours especially around the holidays and even have friends come over a few days before Christmas for what I call “Christmas and cocktails” and we open wine and wrap presents together….it’s loads of fun. I even removed the windows and added French doors so I have a small patio, so it’s become quite a popular space!

Life is short, I bet you have space in your beautiful home that you could turn some of those rooms into the ideas that you have shown us here today. Go for it!

In the china room, include a cupboard that has a pullout rack with removable poles that you can put your tablecloths on with napkins adjacent in drawers. I had this in one of my houses and it was fantastic. Just a thought!

Oh what fun!! How I would LOVE to have a doggie spa room for those muddy paws especially in Spring!

Keep doing what you are doing, Tina. When you put yourself “out there”, there will always be haters. Far more people appreciate your sensitivity to provide comfort with humor and beauty. Laughing is vital during these times to preserve our sanity. Most people, including the judgers, experience a multitude of emotions on a daily basis…and it is exhausting…and unsustainable for good mental health. We crave “normal” to center ourselves for a moment or two.

Your caring nature shows through in every post and I stand with you to continue as you have. Stay safe and thanks

Tina-I did not know about the unkind things that people wrote to you about until today-I always read your articles and enjoy the beautiful pictures and yes-the funnies. I LOVE those-they are hilarious and are often the one thing I see all day that make me laugh. We were in the Army for 26 years and there were a LOT of very unfunny things and crises that were very stressful and at the time, heartbreaking in terms of life and death. Your life revolves around the news.. You quickly realize the need for laughter and it sometimes is the only thing that keeps the lid on your head. You, Tina, have done NOTHING wrong and have given joy to so many out there. Pay no attention to those others-we love you and appreciate you and are thankful for your own mission you live every day and pass onto us. Barbara

Thisi post is a keeper for anyone who has plans to remodel or design a home or apartment. Thank You Very Much, Tina, for sharing your wonderful ideas.

Such wonderful pictures of the china room, something I too would absolutely covet. I would also love a seasons room, where seasonal table top items and small decorative items could be housed. Sometimes you forget what you have for different holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving,Halloween and Fourth of July.

Please keep inspiring us. As you stated, dreaming is free . It was a lovely diversion.

Yes, yes and yes (Dishes, wrapping and goldens)! I love all your products and posts, but this is an especially good one for our times, naysayers be damned! I would add a library for my books which are currently spread all over the house. I have been collecting examples on my Pinterest page and was just about to call for the builder when we had to go into lockdown. So I will continue my dream until we are able to have work people in the house – soon, I hope. Thanks for all you do to cheer us up!

I share your china addiction. I have motaheddah tobacco leaf, blue willow, motaheddah dragon, many spode blue and white patterns, royal copenhagen blue fluted, etc. I have a wrapping station, which I worked into the fifth bedroom that Ai turned into a giant walk-in closet with peninsula, lamps, chandelier, etc.

My dear friend is a fabulous Interior Designer ~ She says “I change the world, one room at a time” And truly she does!! For all of us, Creating an Enchanted Home (which is my passion) and staying in it, is literally what we can do to change the course of History!

A china room would be a delight. I have 6 sets of dishes. One of the sets was my late Mother’s & was a gift from my paternal grandfather.
I love crystal & silver & loved dreaming through your post.

My Mother’s house burned down in Napa in the 2017 fires. I’ve been trying to “recreate” the 120 year old farmhouse it was. Sadly the insurance won’t cover what I’d like to do. Space is a premium in these parts! These pictures have set my imagination on fire. Thank’s for every thing you do for us.

Dear Tina, so sorry for the number of negative and critical comments you received. This truly is uncharted territory. I commend you for your sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and the desire to provide comic relief and examples of beauty as we attempt to have some normalcy in our lives

After building a home in 2007, I now have a list of ‘What I’d Like in my Next House’. Even though we worked with an architect I realize that it is difficult to feel and know the actual size that yet-to-be-built- rooms will be. One thing I’d kill for is a larger laundry area, wrapping paper area, and a general ladies office area. Ahhhhh, if I only knew then what I know now! But it sure is fun to dream when you’re stuck at home!!

Well I do not know how you have managed to get inside my head. But you certainly have
I have a dish closet. I got rid of many sets in my last move but still have oceans. A room just for my favorite thing. Bliss
And then a gift wrap room. Heavenly
And that room for pet grooming. Yes would have loved that for our Golden. Miss Misty
I did not see those posts that upset you. But I am sure you did not deserve any horrible comments
The green monster crept in I’m sure
Just keep doing what you do you will be rewarded every day

Don’t forget the Holiday Closet on the main floor – I have always dedicated a closet for my holiday decorations which makes it so much easier than having to retrieve from an attic or basement in addition to being able to see everything & keep things somewhat organized. Also I would love to have a designed way to hang tablecloths in the china closet (which I don’t have) I do have deep drawers for or storage in buffet for placemats & napkins…

As a self described “dish a holic” I too would love a China/linen room. When searching thru my many stashes I often find things I forgot I have! And the room would need to be very large for future finds! Forget the crabby people. Some have either forgot their manners or never had any to begin with. Say hello to my daughter in PB! She works at the tennis club!

I didn’t see the negative posts you mentioned, but I cannot believe that anyone could find anything of a negative nature here. What beautiful, uplifting posts these are. I am so very glad that I signed up. I look forward to seeing it every day. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you are so dedicated to doing this. Thank you so much. I wish everyone could see the beauty in this world. It would be a much better place. P.S.: I, too, am starting a “Dream Spaces” pinterest board. Love your ideas for yours. I want a dining room big enough so that my whole family can sit at one table. My 27 year old grandson still says he sits at the kids table!

I am sorry you were hurt by some of the comment you read. But for some reading your blog it’s not easy. You left your McMansion crossed state line into another privileged enclave to social distancing in an area with some very high real estate. . Your seven on Sunday was always my favorite but you manage to slip in something you are selling . For your readers that are really struggling, your biggest hardship is not going to the NYC flower market and spending a normal family’s weekly grocery amount on flowers.
Your post are meant for inspiration and beauty. I hope you will continue with your flowers , blue & whites for many it’s an escape from these crazy days . And for that I say thank you

A sun room off of the cutting/arranging room. I love topiaries and I grow orange trees etc.. the pet washing room would be fun if I had a large dog but I have a small Cavalier King Charles spaniel that is easily washed in the deep laundry tub. I’m missing my very own feminine office so that would be a must. Large steel windows and lots of French doors. Heated floors in the baths are a must. I also want a china room. Carolyn’s would be perfect. I’m addicted to beautiful china. Deep windows.

Good Morning, thank you so much for your blog posts. I really enjoy them and they create a lovely part of my day. I enjoy the time spent reading your posts, as a lunch break, unwinding after work, or on a Sunday morning after walking my dogs. Thank you for the funnies: I send them out and get thank yous for the humor. Please keep them coming. I am still working every day (not remotely) during this time, and appreciate them so much! As for this dream house, I want the blue and white dog wash at the end of the post with the navy blue subway tile! It makes me happy just to look at the picture. If I were to build a dream room, I would love a room that overlooks the manicured garden with boxwoods and hydrangeas and parterres has a almost dome shaped 15 foot tall glass ceiling, like a cupola, surrounded by glass floor to ceiling windows and french doors, attached to the kitchen that would be a breakfast room and family room. Preferably on the south, west, and east side of the house. it would look almost like an English conservatory addition to the the house. Thank you for encouraging me to dream. Enjoy your day.

I can relate to the wish for a china room and I’ve always wanted a silver closet, too! May I ask where you keep your china right now? I have special storage section in my basement but hate going up and down stairs with it.

I love this series! How fun to dream about possibilities. My dream extra space would be a light filled studio where I can create, paint, craft, read, have a glass of wine, and maybe a nap. The space would have large french doors that opened to lovely patio surrounded by a cottage garden overflowing with flowers. Hmmm….maybe I’ll have to see if I can make that happen. 🙂

I have also dreamed of a china room. I love dishes, crystal, linens and silver! Also an uncurable addiction for me. My husband is a minimalist. I am not. I love dishes that are created for specific holidays and occassions. Also love the apple green floral room. Would love to have my laundry room look like that. What a fun post is right!

My dream includes a pet washroom- the picture that has You Had Me at Woof if my first choice. And although it is a bit embarrassing, my dream has always been an ironing room. I really like to iron, especially my pillowcases and I picture a beautiful blue and white room with a large picture window, a television and a very capable airconditioner. Ahhh- I can smell the starch already.

What wonderful ideas for these”extra” spaces…. love each and every one! Look forward to your posts, a bright spot in my day with a cup of green tea and a piece of dark chocolate.

I would like a gift room. I love to buy gifts all year long – books and toys for the kids and note cards, baskets, etc. for the adults. I shop all year for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, pick any holiday – and of course birthdays. I would like a large wrapping station complete with all needed supplies. I would like drawers filled with ribbons and bows. I would like lots of room to store the gifts I buy all year. And of course – I would like a wonderful sound system so I can enjoy music as I wrap. That would be my dream room!!

Tina, I have been a regular visitor to your blog for years now. Not every day but I pop in once a week and catch up all at once. I just want to thank you for what you have done here. You are creating and spreading beauty during a stressful time and I very much appreciate it. We have been in Quarantine for about a week longer than most in the AUS and luckily for me, my hubby and I get along very well as we have been practicing social distancing for years…?. That said I loved the memes You posted. They made me smile, chuckle and laugh out loud! We all know that laughter is the best medicine and fear has a way of being a self prophetic. Thank you. Also I always look for the photo of dear Teddy at the bottom of the posts. He was such a sweet soul, much like my much loved and missed Charlie.

Laundry rooms, especially the blue and white one, with doggy’s own tub and shower would be my pie-in-the-sky dream! That reminds me, Charlie is past due for his non-appointment with his groomer, now closed for the foreseeable future, so it’s the bathtub for him later this afternoon. We don’t mind. The lengthy hair drying is quite another matter.

Now, about those kitchen shelving units ~ wow! I finally figured out that the first photo showing doors leading to a recessed “secret” kitchen really are mirrored doors. You sure fooled me, Tina! I was ready to open up and walk right inside.

The next picture showing open shelves with beautifully stacked plates and dishes is exacting the way my mother stored her own dishes. No doors. She once said doors made her nervous, probably imagining bumping her head into a bottom corner. I’ve been tempted to take down the doors of my cabinet, too, but not the pantry doors.

Thanks for giving us something else to think about while we remain “under house arrest.”

I would LOVE to have a laundry room/crafts room! I love to scrapbook and it would be so nice to have a small farm table to spread everything out, with cabinets and drawers for all the supplies. Of course it would be blue and white. I would find the perfect wallpaper and have white cabinets with brass accents. As of now my laundry “room” is in the basement! Older homes are charming, but sometimes are not build with conveniences in mind!

I concur with your reader about having a seasonal decor room. I love to decorate my home for all 4 seasons (plus Halloween!) and have to schlep everything up from the furnace room where it’s all jumbled together. Actually my ideal would be a storage unit with floor to ceiling racks where I could organize my things and see it all at a glance!

Your “China Room” idea is on the top of my list! Get rid of the Home Office and have some built-in shelves and cabinets for storage for my many sets of China, crystal glasses, platters etc. . FANTASTIC idea! I wonder what my husband would think? LOL.. ??

Your ideas are breathtakingly beautiful! The China storage room is probably my favorite and be a dream come true!

My greenhouse has been such a joy to me during this isolation time. I’m already wishing it was bigger. To see seeds roots and bulbs sprouting is amazing. If I could add one room to my dream home it would be a game room large enough for three tables to play Mah Jongg. I can’t wait to play with my friends again.

Your funnies posts were the bright spot of my day. Both my husband and I enjoyed them immensely. I don’t read the comment section so I was taken aback by that funnies would be a problem for someone. We appreciated your efforts to spread joy during this difficult time.

Your funnies posts were the bright spot of my day. Both my husband and I enjoyed them immensely. I don’t read the comment section so I was taken aback that funnies would be a problem for someone. We appreciated your efforts to spread joy during this difficult time.

A big yes to all your ideas! We moved into a 1920s big Georgian and I turned the original butler pantry into somewhat of a China room with lots of open shelving and some glass doors where I keep collectibles. Like you, I am a nut for beautiful china services and have over 20 different sets! It IS an addiction!! And don’t even get me started on crystal stemware:-)

We also have a small pet area for our two dogs, they love getting their showers and being pampered in there we ended up doing a subway tile all the way up to the ceiling which makes it extremely practical and quite good looking. Do it! You will really enjoy these spaces.

Oh, Tina, I love the dog room and especially love those navy cabinets with gold pulls and the stone counter is gorgeous with it. What a great find. Thanks for bringing light and love to our day. You’re the best ?❤️??

A beautiful post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, I thought your memes were hilarious. So much so, that I shared quite a few with my friends. Keep ’em coming, please!

I had seen internet photos of the blue and white pet wash room and thought of you. So glad you included it this week and it is my favorite too. We just got our second Golden Retriever and it would be wonderful!
I noted your comment about getting a pair of Golden Retrievers. I can tell you that having two is incredible. They are like beautiful bookends. The way that they interact and move together – people stop us on walks just to take a photo. I did not think that a second dog would make such a big difference, but it has. Best wishes for all you dreams!

You are wonderful, Your beautiful posts are professional, well prepared and bring joy to so many of us who appreciate and need lovely things in our life. Do not stress over the unkind and unnecessary comments of ignorant people. You are appreciated and loved by many many of us. Best wishes, Linda DeMotte

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