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Hi friends,  how are you hanging in there? Oh boy, it’s been quite a surreal few weeks hasn’t it!  I take it day by day,  coming to terms with what I can and cannot control. Doing my best but admittedly some days are harder than others. It almost makes me weak at the knees to think about the reality that this is affecting our entire world. There is no where to go but to stay safely in your home. And wow, what a blessing it is to be able to do that.

So many are sacrificing their lives to care and protect others, cannot imagine anything more noble. We now know five people who have gotten the Covid-19 and one of my very best friends just lost her 55 year old healthy cousin with no underlying conditions…it was tragic, he went into the hospital was put on a ventilator and passed away the next day. Sobering to say the least. And these stories are becoming too frequent. This needs to be taken seriously by all of us. One innocent life is too many.

I want to take a few minutes today to focus on good things, pretty things and inspiring things. I think we can all agree, we need this desperately. I hope you enjoy today’s post.



1 A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING At no time more than how have I ever literally craved beauty and focusing on positive things. We might be going through a very dark time and the next few weeks will be particularly grueling but we will rise and shine once again. So in the meantime, I am enjoying finding pretty things to share. This wedding sure does the trick!

I so love the work of Easton Events , I can only hope one day when one of my sons gets married, that they may allow us to pitch in and maybe call on Easton Events for their expertise…their aesthetic totally and perfectly aligns with my own. Just love this beautiful wedding……

2 BEAUTIFUL NEW PINK PORCELAINS! I shared a sneak peek of some of the pink beauties heading this way. I am sooo excited over them. Aren’t they stunning!

We will be introducing the pink/white village scene in both a garden seat and tulipeires (sm and medium) then we will be doing a cherry blossom solid garden seat (to match the new solid cherry blossom jars)! Just elated with these new items-

The above garden seat coordinates with our new solid cherry blossom jars (will offer garden seat in all three colors)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Some beautiful instagrams to share today…tried to find things that lift us up and make us smile. Hope you enjoy them, they were a welcome sight for weary eyes-

4 MY  QUARANTINE MOVIE LIST. I had made this a week or so ago, afterwards realized two of my most favorites were left off!! I think I just assumed they would be added first but there must be included- A Good Year and Sense and Sensibility, love them and have seen them countless times. Here are a bunch of my other favorites in case you are looking for something to watch. 


5 INSPIRING STORY OF THE WEEK  This is POWERFUL. I urge you to watch this and I think you will thank me when you do. What an incredible message this is, I shared it with my entire family and many friends.

It is too good and meaningful to not share. At the very least it gives me hope that we might reconsider the way we do certain things in our lives, when this is all over. It has me thinking a lot, and made me very emotional watching it (for the 4th time). Hope you enjoy it

Please click on CC on bottom right for subtitles unless you speak fluent Italian:)


6 A FEW QUARANTINE FRIENDLY ITEMS With more time spent in pajamas and plenty of time for some self care, I ordered a few pair especially since in PB I only have a very limited wardrobe. These pjs are sooo colorable. I like them also because it looks more like loungewear than actual pajamas, and bonus is that they are blue and white! Click here for details

And with all the extra time at home, not a bad time to indulge in a little self care:) Had a sample of this and I loved the way it felt, my skin felt so much smoother and very very soft. IT is a gentle exfoliant with all natural, fruit and vegetable enzymes. Very highly rated and one of the top masks, highly recommend! Click here to read more about it.

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY There is no denying the heaviness of the mood right now for all of us. We are living in an unprecendted time, and trying our best to navigate our way which sometimes seems like Armageddon.

I have good and bad days, some days are really hard for me, I just feel overly anxious and others I am able to stay hopeful. On a scale of 1-10 I would give myself a grade of a 7 in terms of how I am doing, 1 being horrible, 10 being as good as possible. Curious as to what your state of mind is right now? For anyone who is really low on this scale, there are a vast number of resources out there. Some helpful information can be found by clicking here if you feel you need help during this difficult time.


So there you have my post today. Hope you enjoyed it, always love to hear from you so leave a comment and tell me how you are doing, any movies you recommend, what is it like in your state? I love hearing from you and happy we are all staying fully connected via my blog.

Please take good care of yourselves stay safe, stay informed and mostly,  please do stay home! We all want to get back to living our best life.  And as I always say to anyone who will listen, do it for the countless warriors out there putting their lives on the line. I can’t think of a better reason. Be well, until next time…….

PS We will be donating to a few different worthwhile organizations. Today through April 8th we are donating 15% of all sales to No Kid Hungry and you can save 15% off your entire order (site wide)! It is a win/win. Click here to visit the shop.

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In this time of bad news and sadness, you may need a break for some old fashion comedy thanks to Netflix. This was a wonderful 1960 movie staring a young Rock Hudson (35) and Doris Day (38) and generally considered the best of their three comedies.

Your post is beautiful, as always and I wholly agree that beauty is needed more than ever. But what brought tears to my eyes is the video you posted and that I have shared on my Facebook page. It reflects ( and yes, I perfectly understand italian as my name must suggest!), in beautiful words, my own belief that the Covid 19 pandemic and the way it is affecting our society by forcing EVERYTHING to stop, is an agony cry from our Nature. I don’t want to dismiss the suffering and the pain this pandemic is causing all over the world but I believe that, in the end, maybe it is exactly what we needed to ultimately save the Human race from extinction.
Thank you for sharing this .
Roberta Pucella

In your list of movies, one of my all time favorites was out of Africa. I also might add the way we were.
Stay safe everyone.

I always enjoy your post, but especially now. It’s a comfort to me and your “funnies” are such a lift. Thanks. Give yourself an eight, at least. You are providing a service.

To add to your movie list which by the way has so many great ones .. I always loved Father of the Bride and Age of Innocence with Daniel Day Lewis . Keep safe .?

Thank you for all of your posts! You lighten our spirits with your humorous posts, you continue to give us hope in sharing the beauty, and you remind us that it is okay to be human. You take action by offering donations from portions of your sales and you cheer on the real heroes that are working so hard for humanity right now. Thank you so very much!

If any of you are looking for ways to make a difference, Google and contact the office of refugee resettlement in your state. You can link to local offices there. Even refugees who have been here awhile and been stable are now on the edge of homelessness and hunger, because they work in service industries which are shut down. We are delivering groceries, without physical contact, to refugee families in Chicago.
You can also simply donate money. Blessings to all of you!

I so look forward to these posts, as they have become a part of my Sunday routine. Thank you for lifting us all and stay well.

Feeling around 2, functioning at 9.5.

Very nice to stop by and get my fix of pretty.

Jane, thank you for the suggestion, my area has a vibrant community of New Americans, and I’ll check in to find out what they need.

You ask what is our state of mind. Here is some of my mind and thoughts. I live in a high cost of living area in a state that attracts a high number of tourists and visitors. In my county around 60% of the houses are costly second homes. In both my state and YOURS we have been asked to stay at home, refrain from non essential travel. You obviously missed the message and decided it didn’t apply to you for some unfathomable reason and you traveled. You are a visitor to your second home. It is not your primary residence. The same thing has happened in my county. There are still too many rental license plates and out of staters disobeying the rules. We permanent locals highly resent the invasion at this time from visitors who may bringing who knows what WITH them even if asymptomatic, straining our small resources in both the medical sense and the necessary supplies sense. And no, paying property taxes on a 2nd house does not entitle you to travel and take up the resources locals need at this time. Visitors clog our trail heads, increase traffic and swoop up our food needs and act like this a vacation. Shame on you people who have traveled outside your county and invaded ours. Go home.

?I was just thinking about you before I read your post, and how much I so enjoy and appreciate your posts, your business (best blue and white around at best prices!), and just YOU, Tina! There’s always going to be negativity from some folks no matter what, and having such a successful blog like yours, a few negative comments will trickle in amongst all the other love. I speak for most of us and you haven’t done anything wrong. Know that. You have brought joy to many during these trying times and keep that part in your heart! And I don’t blame you! I’d head to the South too! XOXO

I am sorry you had to endure the negative comments about the blog and posts…I enjoyed them all and loved having a good laugh…stay safe!

Hi Tina and happy Sunday to you I cannot believe that you even need to address these naysayers in that letter how despicable!

Miserable people they must be to leave those types of disparaging comments at a time when everyone is in crisis.

If anything you have been a continuous reassuring voice and have done a beautiful job of balancing inspiring posts with a little humor. I cannot even begin to tell you how big of a part you have played in my day-to-day routine I can’t wait until your next posts!

And I can assure you many many others feel the same so please keep on being you and don’t ever feel the need to apologize to people who obviously are not in a happy place!

Stay well Tina

Whoever “westbound” is up there- he/she sounds way too tightly wound!!

Oh my goodness I cannot imagine leaving a comment to judge someone not knowing their circumstances l, really horrible!

Is my opinion that you do not owe this person nor the other any explanation and I can tell you that for myself your hilarious daily posts have gotten me through what is arguably the hardest time in our lives! Keep up the great work- you are a kind and giving spirit! World needs more?

I’d like to address your statement and appreciate you doing so. I’d like to continue to see beautiful photos rather than the COVID humor. Or recognize front line workers instead. Or share ideas how people are finding ways to help one another. In Alabama the nursing students are volunteering to pick up prescriptions and groceries for seniors (esp for that population that doesn’t use an internet service like Shipt or Instacart). Kudos to them- great way for the generation to recognize those that struggled a lot more than we have.

I am not the person who made the comment about your travel. I agree, no one should assume the reason for your travel. Thank you for your post today.

I’m so sorry that some people have not been very kind to you. This morning, I too, was subjected to a neighbor’s yelling at me for something that I didn’t even do. I think that some people are having a very difficult time dealing with the current situation. And, as Cuomo said during his morning briefing, “cabin fever” is setting in. And, it is making a lot of people very unreasonable and unpleasant.

If someone doesn’t like what you are posting, they are more than welcome to unsubscribe. I have been receiving lots of emails with “funnies”, as you call them. I think that most of us find them amusing. I understand how upset this has made you as I felt horrible when our neighbor yelled at me today. But, as my husband and good friend told me, just consider the source.

Best wishes and stay safe!!

Thank you ever so much for this uplifting, beautiful 7 on This Sunday. You’re right, I needed tissues. So much beauty in one place while my heart is so heavy for so many.
You are a Treasure, Tina!

When I have lost a dog in the past, I have donated “memorial” money to my vet to help her indigent clients. Now, many people have lost their jobs and can barely afford basic living expenses, if even that. But disease and accidents don’t stop during a crisis. Their pets are going without care. So I am donating again, to help these creatures.
I dont decide who is helped, she does. The client doesnt know who is helping them, either. They know only that their pet is getting the blood tests, neutering, radiographs etc that they need. Sometimes my vet tells me their stories, sometimes she doesnt. It doesn’t matter.
Its only a few hundred dollars here and there, but it helps some of these innocent victims.

First I need to tell you I absolutely love all the pink porcelain… So gorgeous!!
Secondly people are rude!! Your post strike a perfect balance for all of us seeking a little refuge from the nonstop bad news! Please keep it coming- you are greatly loved!!

I very much enjoy your blog and the pictures of wedding were just beautiful.. I am in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and so far the deaths have been low and cases low. Keep up the good work-don’t let negative people get you down.

I save your Sunday blog for a later hour when I have time to go over every picture, often going to the original source of the Instagrams for even more pictures. In general, I find your blog to be just about my very favorite-and the Sunday edition a royal treat. It’s an indulgence in everything I love. So imagine my surprise when the “Thought Police” showed up today to ruin the one thing I was looking forward to this afternoon telling us all what we can enjoy, laugh at, and where we should be living in semi confinement. Nothing gets the killjoys greater pleasure than knocking you for going to that gorgeous second home that all the rest of us would have high tailed to faster than you got there. Of all the sentiments that come through your blog I have always noticed how considerate and thoughtful you are to all the other elements out there that do not have as much as some of us. I thought your reply was very good. Nicer than I would have been.

Keep doing what you do, I love the funnies!! Some people are just plain miserable!! I love reading your blogs, you are very uplifting.

Thank you for the movie list. We’ve been running out of choices. And thank you for the funnies…..keep them coming because we all need to chuckle as much as possible.

Stay safe! Be well!!

There are sad times in all of our lives. I have noticed others do not stop their own lives for our losses. I have enjoyed trying lift others up. It is a horrible time in our lives. I have also, like you, tried to share different things. We can’t make everyone happy. Never have been able to. I am praying for those that are experiencing horrible loss. It is so sad. With that said, I do the best I can.
Let’s all try to get there together. Actually, we have no choice.

I am tired of people like Westbound. Just don’t criticize till you know the whole story. We are in suburbs of Chicago. People are getting a parade of cars together to pass by homes of a child celebrating a birthday in confinement. My daughters nephew was one of these kids. Some cars came by beeping a happy birthday beep. Crabby old neighbor. I a, old too so I can say that. Called the police for noise violation. Politically and socially people are just kind of mean. Please keep posting your lighthearted humorous posts. We need that. I haven’t seen my kids or grandkids in a month. So I need some cheering up. Ina gartens video is amazing if you haven’t seen it yet

Thank you, Tina! I very much look forward to your beautiful posts, words, ideas, and suggestions.
Have a peaceful remainder of the day and keep up your great work!
xo Betsy

I am so sorry you have been the recipient of such rude comments……REALLY people, we are all trying to get thru this together, so a little kindness and courtesy, please! I completely understand what is happening in this world, and my heart aches. However, there is nothing wrong with trying to see the humor in the situation……I share your funnies with all my siblings and we all pick our top three favorites… is a welcome relief from the doom and gloom news reports. I say shame on Westbound for their totally inappropriate comments…..unsubscribe if what you read here bothers you so much. Keep up your beautiful blog Tina,…..and keep well and safe,

While I would never post something like Westbound, maybe she has had a death from the virus in her family and she is over sensitive right now. No one knows what is going on in others’ lives right now. Nerves Are frayed and people are over-reacting to things that would not have bothered them before. We all need to give each other a little slack right now.

Hello Tina, First, let me thank you for being there for me! Having you putting in the effort to keep things normal is a blessing for me and many others so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never, EVER apologize to ANYONE for adding humor to life, because without it we are truly dead in heart, soul and mind. I pray you and your family are in good shape and will be spared any C-19 related illness. Now, to my second point which has to do with people TELLING others what to do or not to do…this is a very bad and dangerous thing that has come with this illness. People need to take care of THEMSELVES and mind their OWN business and should someone say that it is their business, it is truly NOT. None of us like what is happening but the reality is that the virus might not hit everyone but the results of it will and this world will not be a pretty place if we are all at each others throats. I ask everyone to take heed and bite your tongues for the good of all.

You are going from one of your homes to the other. You are not out in the population. You are doing nothing wrong. Please keep posting the funnies; I’ve so enjoyed all the humor during all this. It doesn’t downplay the seriousness. But laughter is the best medicine.

Please don’t stop sending out the funny things you have found. It is great to be able to laugh and enjoy people’s views. Some are so creative. I have so enjoyed them!

Hello Tina! Thank you for all your posts! I truly enjoy them. Thank you for sharing your pictures of previous parties, inspiring pictures, and the funnies on email and Instagram. Love seeing your new products too! Stay safe and healthy!

Hi Tina
Thank you for your post. I sure look forward to your Sunday posts. Love al the Instagram beauty out there.

Hi again, I meant to say, I love seeing your new items, not products! LOL Have a nice day!

I am sorry that you received the negative feedback. Maybe they should unsubscribe from your blog. It will be their loss. It is wonderful that your blog is so successful as I’m sure it is a creative outlet for you and isn’t it nice for you to have it at this time.

Add to. your movie list: Letters to Juliet, A Good Year and Miss Potter. Love your posts!!! Happy Spring 🙂

I look to your blog or a diversion from all the misery, doom, and gloom. Please don’t let a few hateful people get under your skin…keep sending us beautiful rooms to admire, tablescapes to envy, and tips and suggestions to try. Thanks Tina for being you.

Dear Tina ~

I appreciate all you are posting to make us feel better in not feel good times. If I don’t particularly like something, I certainly will not squawk but move on to the next thing. Several of your “funnies” I really had to share both with Hubby and with family and friends online, and they all got a big laugh, too, before moving on to the serious business of surviving. Today, your photo of the Summer House in Blue and White (my title) makes me look forward to my own courtyard as warmer weeks arrive. Those days surely will come.

In the meantime, Tina, keep sending us encouraging words and pictures and positive words of encouragement.

Blessings to you and your family for this coming Holy Week!
~ Jo Shafer, a fellow blogger

Tina, I just read your updated msg. & had to write to say how sorry I am that this occurred. My husband & I, along with many others who have commented, certainly have enjoyed your “funnies”! My husband sends many of them on to his business associates/clients & they, too, express how wonderful it is to laugh for a few minutes with all the sadness & chaos going on in the world In fact, CNN mentioned the other day that laughter is a great way to relieve stress & help improve our immune systems. This very morning, I also read a note on a blog post from a woman who lives full time on Cape Cod & she implored, or should I say insisted, that the “summer people” not shelter in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard or Cape Cod as this may overwhelm their hospitals, markets, etc. I hardly think you & your family qualify as “summer people” since you travel to PB so often. You certainly justified your actions, although you did not have to. The closing of your update was spot on. We all need to be KIND & pull together at this time. Take care & BE WELL!

Obviously, you love John Grisham! I do too! Add “ While You Were Sleeping”, “Dan in Real Life”, and “Sleepless in Seattle”! Stay safe!

I love reading all your blogs, and your funnies, along with your short trips. People sometimes do not understand that we have to travel sometimes , as long as there were no travel restrictions then you were good. People lash out sometimes out of jealousy. Keep the rest of us entertained, and enjoying your funnies, your trips, and all of your blue and white. Thank you

I think your “funnies” are great- a way to lighten the mood just a little bit… We all know this is a very serious issue and we can all walk around completely miserable about it 100% of the time, or we can try to find just a little bit of joy (maybe 10 or 20%?) in each day. Its all about how one chooses to look at it. I look forward to your posts, love the (budget friendly) shopping recos too!

You are doing an a awesome job with all your post! Myself, as a healthcare provider working in the face of this pandemic appreciate the funnies! Proverbs 17:22 KJV tells us a “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. “
God gave us the gift of laughter to strengthen us in times like this.
Thank you for the ‘funnies’!

I don’t see Contagion on your quarantine movie list 😉 Not a glutton for punishment? I watched the new EMMA movie last night and adored it. The costumes and necco wafer colored set designs were FUN. On the subject of “funnies”, you’re in good (bad?) company with Ina Garten. Her cocktail hour video brings much comic relief.

Wish Westbound could appreciate the increased commerce and resources that 60% of the people in her county bring and contribute to the whole. Oh well, they love you in the good times but want you out in the bad times 🙁

Hoping your world is filled with nothing but kindness and good health. I truly appreciate you and your sense of humor!

Hi Tina! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and especially your “funnies”! Humor is the best medicine and laughing helps me feel less anxious about what’s to come. Please don’t stop sharing what speaks to your heart (and great sense of humor!)
Take care,

Please do not feel you need to explain yourself to anyone….I love your blog and your posts….They are uplifting and encouraging and always done with compassion and a caring for others. Keep doing what you are doing….99.9% of your readers love what you do, The other few do not matter and can read other blogs….. Don’t ever let this minuscule negative number get you down!…Think of the 99.9% who do love and benefit from your blog!! That is what truly matters plus the fact that you are true to yourself!!

Hi I haven’t commented in a very long time but I do follow your blog religiously and love your Sunday posts! Lots to comment on, that wedding is spectacular as is all of your beautiful new pink items.

I would love to own a pair of the garden seats and a tulipiere, well done!

These posts are always so enjoyable and I don’t even look at them until I have a minute to really sit down and take everything in so thank you for that.

Your blog and your Instagram is a gift and I cannot thank you enough for what you do, you probably don’t even know how many people you are helping getting through such a difficult time. I am furious that anyone would have the nerve to leave a rude comment as they did. As many have said if they don’t like it they can just move on and not follow you! I do not understand what seems to be a trend of people leaving their negative energy whenever they don’t like something! Please know that your blog and your Instagram are incredibly popular for one reason- because you are authentic, kind hearted and know how to balance real life with aspirational living! Not always an easy balance to strike but you do it perfectly.

Tina, I love your blog and look forward to reading your posts. Please ignore those hateful judgmental people want to rain on your parade. I loved the “funnies” you posted. Laughter is healing and we all need a reason to smile during these hard times!❤️❤️❤️

I was feeling a little low and sad. Then, I read your great blog . As always I enjoyed it so much. I found your “funnies” hilarious. So before you could say “can you spare a sheet”, I felt my mood lift. God gave us a sense of humor,I believe, for relief in dark times.
So, a smile, a chuckle, a grin or a rip roaring guffaw, is good for one. Keep the humor coming. God Keep you and your family well and safe.


Dear Tina,
I want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog . And my home is a testimony on how much I love the ginger jars that you sale to us, at great savings . Tina, life is way to short to worry what other may say about you . You do not have to, or need to defend or justify anything you do. There will always be haters in life . Here in the South when someone does that to us, we tell them ” Well Bless your Heart ” and we tell our friends ,” you guys owe me, I am giving you guys a break ,because you know if she or he was not talking about me, they would be talking about you ,” I truly believe that people like that ,have jealousy because their life is not going as good as they believe your life is going. “Bless their hearts and lift them up yo Our heavenly Father ” . You just know Tina, that for everyone like that ,there is thousands out there that just love you . Have a Blessed Day Tina. Love, Kelly Villanueva

I am saddened when people take aim at others who are just doing there very best to bring some lightness, beauty, and humor into the world right now. Lord knows we need it!! You have posted many heartfelt posts that demonstrate your care and concern for our world right now as well as gratitude for those who are risking their own safety to help others. It is easy to say “just ignore the negatives” but I know how hard that is to do and how hurtful it is to read judgmental messages. Please know that for every one of those (sad, miserable) people – there are many many more who so appreciate you.

Tina, In regards to the naysayers——— as the Great and Powerful Bette Midler ,is know to say on occasion—-” Just a Little Joke, _ _ _ _’em if they can’t take a joke!”

Thank you Tina for more beautiful posts! I wish this sale was till Friday! PLEASE EXTEND!! Most of us that are lucky to get paid still are paid on Fridays and I’d love to shop for a worthwhile cause! stay positive Tina and don’t let the haters get you down. I sent all your funnies to all my family and friends and they loved them so thank you!

We went to sleep in one world and woke in a different one.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,
Professional Sports are no longer the equalizer
Paris is no longer romantic,
No one can make it in New York,
And China’s wall is now an invisible weapon attacking the Holy Roman Church and beyond!

Hugs & kisses suddenly became weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.
And now you realize power & money can’t get you the oxygen you’re fighting for;
But recognize it’s everything the enemy desires!
The enemy… not Mother Earth is sending the message : when this is over, I intend to be your master!

But We the People are stronger than they…wiser in our faith and more resilient than any other.
Yes, it’s hard right now …. But when we rise again in the name of Truth Justice and the American Way
We will show no mercy to the heinous, greedy and diabolical evil that cast a biological weapon on the world!

Many wax poetics about the virus being a message from the Earth
Exposing their denial while refusing to believe it’s a man-made weapon against mankind
A greedy quest for everything
from a faction who will stop at nothing to attain it.
So in this new reality we must remember the promise of ancient words written for today;
“ If my people, which are called by my name,
shall humble themselves, and pray,
and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.”

Please ignore the naysayers, don’t even for a second feel any negativity. You bring so much beauty, joy, elegance and positivity with each post. You are always diplomatic about sensitive issues and present them with great care. Your blogs are a ray of sunshine each and every time you post. I say block/delete/unfollow the negatives because in these so sad times who needs them. ??

Beautiful Italian clip – have been thinking of that also. The frenzied race to nowhere……
I call it keyboard courage – rude, critical, negative. Truly don’t get it. Be at ease and know that we so appreciate your efforts to bring us beautiful and humorous content. Stay well, sweet Tina.

Love the new pink and white porcelains. Pink is my favorite color with blue and white. The wedding cake is stunning. Watched Julie and Julia last week. Keep posting!

I look forward to your always lovely posts, even more so now with what is happening in our world today. Seeing beauty and joy transports me to another time and place and gives hope and promise for the future . So thank you for sharing.

It was unnecessary for you to be reprimanded by a reader for sharing some comical relief. My Mother said many times there was nothing too sad that there was not something funny to find in the mix. I loved that, and find it to be so true. Also, your outstanding blog is certainly not the place to air a grievance for something that most find helpful and needed. It certainly is not a place to reprimand you for traveling. You have no apologies to make to anyone. Your talent is amazing, but your heart (from all I read as I follow along) might even be bigger. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. All you share of your life and love of design is enjoyed by so many. Please continue sharing some wit along the way because it is crucial for the soul, especially now.

Having read your message, I wish I’d let you know sooner how much I enjoyed your funnies. These gave me the best laughs since all this virus news hit. You gave the naysayers great advice and you did it with style which is no surprise. Keep on keeping on and give us more funnies, PLEASE!

I, for one, absolutely LOVED your Funnies. I’m a tough customer to make laugh and I laughed out loud at the voodoo one. It was unexpected and cheeky. And goodness knows, we all need a laugh nowadays. I find it harder when people refuse to address the realities of life. Toxic positivity is a real thing. Anyways, this is your blog. You do what you love to do.

Hi Tina, I live in Australia and have to say I love the “funnies” you have been posting. Many of them are different to what I’m seeing on various Australian blogs/posts, so I have been saving them and sharing them with my family. The various memes that are a product of the current world events have been one of the few things that have kept me smiling/laughing (sometimes so much that I’m in tears) . Please continue sharing them.
There has been a lot of criticism directed at people who went on cruises early March – but given travel bans weren’t in place at that time and the extent of the infections on cruise ships wasn’t known, this criticism too is very unjustified.
We are all doing the best we can in extraordinary circumstances.
Take care and stay safe.

I look forward to your funnies, blog and Instagram every day. You help to bring the beauty to each day and I thank you.

Thank you for bringing a little distraction and brightness into my day during this very difficult time. Please don’t let those negative comments weigh heavy on you.

You are doing an amazing job, Tina! Keep your posts coming and share the blessings of being in the Lowcountry!

We live just down the road from Palmetto Bluff, and whenever there has been a difficult time, or if we just want to be happy and at peace, we go to The Bluff. As a fellow South Carolinian and a Blufftonian, I say to you, WELCOME! And May your time here be filled with peace.
Only focus on all the joy and moments of distractions you have given to so many during this time.
Everyone should drink in the beauty around them, no matter where they are, because even in the darkest times, there is always beauty, kindness, compassion and love.

If your detractor had been following your posts for any length of time they would know you have told us of your anxiety at times. To not be considerate of you and the time and effort you put into giving us beautify and being uplifting at this time speaks to that’s persons shortcomings not yours. Hope, and pretty much know, you are enjoying every second in PB.

We live just down the road from Palmetto Bluff. It has always been the place where we go when things are difficult, or when we need to feel the calm and peace there, our touchstone. As a fellow South Carolinian and Blufftonian, WELCOME!
Thank you for all the distractions of beauty and humor you’ve given us from what is a difficult time for all.
We all need to remember that even in hard times, there is always beauty, kindness, compassion and love.

Tina, I just read your post. I want you to know I need to read your posts. They are very uplifting. I take great comfort in them. Along with Shannon Ables’s posts and Sharon Santoni’s posts and a host of others, they are necessary for my well being. Keep ’em coming. Thanks, Pat

My dearest darling friend Tina
Firstly. Thank you as always for all the beauty, inspiration and endless time and care you give to us all through sharing so much and always with good grace and enthusiasm. I can still remember that oh so happy day when I found your exquisite blog( in 2013) I have been truly enchanted ever since and feel considerable admiration for so many of your achievements.As one of your loyal followers, I look forward to everything you do and am blessed to ‘ know’ you, there is absolutely no room for the naysayers, none at all.I don’t leave very many comments, but I am always here with my friendship, love and support and today is the time to reach out to tell you that.
Now, in this scary, unprecedented and fast developing situation and we need to be there for each other more than ever and are lucky to have each other. We do all have different ways to cope with the sadness of it all, and cope we must just one day at a time. For me this is continuing to be inspired by beauty, and to still try and enjoy the gifts of Spring. As is portrayed in your very poignant video, and spring cannot be cancelled. Magnolia and blossom time is usuallymy favourite time of year and a time to pause and reflect as Easter approaches. Like you I am just grateful to be staying safe at home, I m glad you are in the peace of Palmetto bluff, and I hope that you will be uplifted by the restorative power of nature whilst there. Most of all, I hope and pray that you and your family all stay safe and well at home, until we reach the other side of this challenge.
Please forgive that my words are a little late. I know you will understand that here in the UK we were all extremely moved by the words of our beloved Queen last evening, which I also hope will have inspired you and others around the world. Who knows, maybe even one day we will meet.
I send you my very fondest love as always
Sally xxx

Tina, like you, I look to the beauty of Spring, & life. Love beautiful decor, etc. & ideas. And, I like to laugh. Need to laugh right now. I appreciate all you do.—a ray of normalcy, when I can’t understand how this has happened to our ? World.
It’s not anyone’s business where you live, visit, etc. I find that they think it is—-offensive. We are all Just trying to
I can’t fathom how someone has the mindset to accuse, attack & spread cruelty. I am thankful I cannot comprehend any of the things you mentioned.
Ignore. If they want to drown in misery, can’t see hope, worried about what someone else is doing —perhaps they should DO. Shop for elderly neighbor, make soup, sew masks,, FaceTime & call people alone. So much to do besides attack another person doing what she can to make this situation a bit more bearable..
I thank you! We lost a friend over the weekend. In D.C. to the Virus. it’s tragic, sad,, but the last thing needed would be to spread bitterness, instead of celebrating a beautiful life—-gone too soon.?

We are all in this together. I’m sorry you have had your goodness and generous heart questioned. Thank you .

I’m so sorry you had to hear such nasty comments. You are so right, you truly do not owe anyone an explanation. People that follow along w/ you via your blog or Instagram know who you are at heart… so this person(s) clearly are lashing out – their personal anger at you. Unfair and harsh… I am often amazed at the lack of thought and brazenness of people that hide behind computer screens and say horrid things…. as if it has no impact on the person on the receiving end. Cliche, but consider the source. Cowardly, actually. We all know what assuming does. I truly think during this sad and scary time…we will see the best and the worst of people. Carry on, Tina. Anyone would feel taken aback and hurt by comments such as the ones you received. You are only human, like the rest of us. Keep doing you. As you said, if they don’t want to see your content, move along. And keep your unkind comments to yourself. Best to you and your family. Stay well. Be safe.

You have posted beautiful words, pictures and videos with sincerity and grace. We all need a bit of levity
in troubled times such as this pandemic and by the comments here it is quite clear that your posts are appreciated.Please
do not let one miserable (for whatever reason) person make you feel bad! No one person has a right to pass judgement on
another by making assumptions that are not factual.
Keep doing what you are doing and God bless you and your family.

Tina, I don’t normally leave comments (although I adore your posts!) but your note at the top made my blood boil. I could get ghetto and say what I’m really feeling, but since my parents raised me to act like a lady, I’ll resist the temptation. Let me just say that your “friends” who were so offended by your funnies need to get a grip. We are all dealing with something new and terrifying. Is this thing going to be like the Spanish flu and claim millions? Is the government doing too little? Is the government doing too much? And of course, when is it going to be over? There are a million questions and very few answers. And that uncertainty is what has us all in an almost constant state of anxiety! I, like you, turn to humor. No one is laughing at those suffering. No one! But we need to bend a little and humor is a great way to do so. If we don’t, we end up like the stiff arse who made that comment. People, chill out! Yes, this is extremely serious and you need to find a way to cope, but do not pretend to know what others need nor intend. Especially when they’re trying to help the rest of us who get it. Whew!

Tina…I have been following your blog now for a few years and always love your posts! Ignore the “negative Nellies” out there. I had a similar thing happen to me a few weeks ago with something I posted on-line. I thought it was funny but received a very negative comment from a childhood friend. I was hurt at first and honestly, a little stunned by her hurtful comments. It made me pause to question my true intention about what I had posted and why I found her comments back to me so hurtful. However, the more I thought about it, I became a little angry and realized that I owed absolutely no one an explanation for my post. I thought it was funny and only with the purest intention of heart, wanted to share with friends to perhaps lighten their day with maybe a laugh or two. Others will continue to judge, or hate, or be mean spirited. But those of us who have enough gumption to own our own “stuff”, regardless of who it may offend, will be left feeling quite liberated and empowered to be our best self! Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog with the rest of us and please continue to offer your best self, which I believe, you have already been doing! #stayhealthy, #beblessed, #f***itfifties, #thistooshallpass.

Believe in yourself! There will always be someone, somewhere who will criticize what you do and what you say. You write a fabulous blog, you have built two homes filled with beauty, you obviously love your family and friends, etc., etc., etc. I’m 80 yrs. young I know what I’m talking about! Believe in yourself – don’t sweat the small stuff from small people!

It’s unbelievable the amount of negative comments I am seeing on different platforms being critical about people spending time in their OWN homes right now. Just because someone has a second home does not mean that it’s not “their home”. Its nobody’s business where people choose to spend their time. The criticism is inappropriate.

I actually can feel my throat and chest tight at times! (Probably from all this sitting around!). But, when I saw your last round of funnies I laughed so hard my husband had to come from the other room to check on me! Then afterwards, I noticed that tight feeling in my chest was gone!!!! Laughter is a great healer! Keep sending!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

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