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Hi friends, how are you doing? Isn’t is surreal that we have been going through this now for over 3 weeks!! It feels like a blur, everyday feels like Groundhog Day. Thanks to my trusty bike, movies, walking, my iPad, Instagram and not so much gratitude for all the extra time to eat, ugh. Oh boy, I see the world going on a diet when this is all over:)

In the meantime I just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing. I honestly miss my schedule, more and more every day. Didn’t think I could miss working so much but I do, more than I could have ever imagined. I miss being among all my beautiful things, receiving all my shipments, it is such a thrill and when we do go back,I will have a profound new  appreciation for all those little things. In the meantime, carrying on as best I can and believe me I am not complaining..we are very lucky. There are so many who do not have that choice. Hope you are doing well too……onwards to my latest rounded up of recent happenings (all from PB)


My version of a low country front porch….with our Provence planters

A few scenes out and about on my daily bike ride


I have started a collection of people on their small boats and kayaks, every afternoon I see them and it is such a beautiful sight, reminds me from On Golden Pond, the light, the tranquility of nature…so I take pictures and here are some

Here is my culinary masterpiece…a monogrammed frittata (MY being my husbands initials) lol

And of course who doesn’t love pancakes something we almost never make but quarantine life has skewed our food choices a bit:)

Say hello to my newest drink the frozen “Boredatini” (good at relieving boredom if even for a short while)

And below are various shots from around the house

Love this trellis paper from Thibatut, makes me happy walking into this powder room

A lot of people ask about these large chunky ginger jar…these are the pale gray jars (click here to see)

My nightly turndown service:)

These are my 9″lifelike kalanchoe (click here to see)

Still totally obsessed with the moss covered trees, they are just so beautiful


And there you have life in the last few weeks…nothing earth shattering by any means, but it’s been as relaxing and peaceful as I could hope given the very unusual and unfortunate circumstances. And believe me, I know I am extremely fortunate as there are so many who do not have the luxury of staying home and I don’t lose sight of that for even a minute.

I hope you are doing as well as can be expected, sending you all my best wishes for good health and peace during this difficult time. Hang in there, we will get through this and celebrate virtually when it’s all over!! Until next time…..

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Thank you, Tina, for sharing these calming pictures. You are in the perfect location to ride out this pandemic. BTW: dishes look delicious as does the drink! Take care.

Times I feel like aiving “Swiss Family Robinson.” This moment is “fantasy…surrounded by white lacey dogwood blossoms” and, yet….franki

Pictures of Teddy are prominent in your home. Love it. God finds a way to slow us down, right? And we might call it boredom but at this beautiful time of year and especially because of Easter or Passover or because we love Him who rescues us, we stop and give Him thanks. Even through monster virus’s!

Beautiful photos! Are your kitchen counters honed marble? If so, any regrets? I have wanted marble for 10 years in my kitchen and everyone, (including my fabricator, says I’m crazy.

What beautiful scenes. I am convinced that the South is the best place to live. Of course I am totally prejudiced.

All so beautiful, what a view for this down time we have. Love those sconces in your powder bath – can you give me company name and style?

Very pretty, sweet, calm post. Really enjoyed it. Can you give the recipe for your Boredatini please? Thank you!

Know what you mean about the Moss. We (usually) go to the mountains to escape the Summer heat, but I always miss the Moss most of all. Just begins again on I95, deep in South Carolina.

Glad you are able to be enjoying rural life at PB. Your home has really come along in terms of all the final touches since you last shared. It’s looking so beautiful and peaceful. Happy Easter!

Love your blogs and pictures-especially the tree with moss on them-so tranquil looking.

I’m a WW member and have been for many years and I will be for as long as I live because I need to be held accountable in order to keep off those 30 pounds that I lost over 10 years ago. every time I have gained is because of a personal issue and I refuse to let this virus cause me to forget the struggle I had in getting that 30 pounds off. The recipes you showed look delicious and eggs are one of my standbys, few if any points and east to use. Keep sending us pictures of PB and all of your pretties, it keeps my mind off myself.

Of all the things I miss about my native South, it is the stately pines, probably because our country estate (my childhood home) was carved out of a north Florida pine forest, acre by acre. But then your picture of Spanish-moss draped old oaks take my breath away. We have those, too, with large azaleas. By now, they and the dogwoods would be blooming, have begun sometime back in March. And back then, Coronavirus NOVID-29 was unheard of, winter colds and flu season forgotten, and the sun shone and the rains came in their due seasons. No Easter lilies on our place but plenty of amaryllis along the inside of the front fence, with bedding pansies at their feet.

Tina, Thanks so much for your happy, beautiful posts! Your time and effort are much appreciated. Just ignore the trolls. They enjoy hurting others (probably animals too). Blessings from Wilmington Island (outside of Savannah).

Beautiful there. I was through the community a little over a year ago. I see why you love it there. Best wishes. Enjoying your posts.

Love your posts! So peaceful and beautiful. And though these movie suggestions will make you cry they are so powerful, and based on classic books: Cry the Beloved Country and The Chosen. Oh, and did you ever see the series First Ladies Detective Agency? Absolutely fabulous! Much love on this Maundy Thursday. Becky

Feel relaxes just seeing your pics. Tina, it’s absolutely perfect.

I hope you do get a pup!?

From Auburn, AL, home of Auburn University (Warrrrrrr Eagleeeeee)…..Happy Good Friday…Beginning with your first blog posting via your comments & pictures of your family including your longtime golden retriever companion/your friends/your homes/your food & flower presentations/your entertaining/your adventures/etc., you have given me & continue to provide me with a most wonderful avenue of enjoy with you as I continue to look forward to having virtual time with you as you share your enchanted life…Thank you for every aspect you share, for your time, for your joy, for your honesty, for your heart which illuminates much love, peace, & excitement…Although it may hurt, force yourself to forget those who comment negatively…Always remember your heart & my words to you….Most Truthfully, Bethany (mother of 4 adult sons, retired program manager/professional educator with an earned Auburn University doctorate who always wove & continues to weave professional & ethical verbal/non-verbal conduct as opportunities occur within my personal life as well as well as what occurred during my professional life of computer/business/management/marketing/psychology/etc. classes to impress upon my sons/my acquaintances/my adult students many of the traits you illustrate within your various social media posts)…Forever Blessings in Jesus’ Name…

Hi Tina,
Beautiful scenery, so peaceful, thanks for sharing.
Now that we have time to bike, I was wondering what kind of bike you have, looks so comfortable. Also, can you share the manufacturer of your bed, love it !
Thank you !

Thank you, Tina – just so uplifting – Makes me wish I was nearer to a lake or bay or gulf – should have never chosen a “land-locked” house –
AND love seeing your precious Teddy.
Have a lovely weekend – take a bike ride for me under the Spanish Moss draped live oaks –

Love your posts! Illinois weather is beginning to brighten and we too will appreciate the blooms of the season even more this year. Happy Easter!

Enjoyed the pictures!
The white **bowl with the raised flowers….. is it available?
**bowl third from last picture.
Am sure you are enjoying Palmetto Bluff at this time.

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