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Good morning friends,  how are you doing? I hope you are hanging in there. We are doing as well as can be expected, thankfully my blog and instagram keep me quite busy as well as trying to manage many orders coming in (most have been put on pause literally in the middle of the ocean) which brings its own set of worries and stresses. But alas two of them are arriving today and we are very excited (one of them is a very big one that we were anxiously awaiting!! Two down, three to go. Stay tuned for details, as they are worth waiting for, I promise.

Meanwhile, got a plethora of amazing pictures featuring our products, with Easter prep in full swing. There were so many that I thought it warrants its very own post. This is what makes me so very proud of what I do and what validates my passion for helping to create beautiful homes, interiors and tables. I get such a thrill seeing our products in your homes! Please keep them coming and if you have any to share,  you can send them to Thanks to all for sharing your beautiful homes!

This was a very welcome break of beauty and light in the middle of a dark time and I hope it will bering you the same joy as it did me. It just makes me hopeful about looking ahead to days of pretty and inspiring things, when we can all get back to doing what we love. Hope you enjoy….





Can you believe just how beautiful everything is!! I got several ideas myself. I say it often but truly mean it that my customers are the most talented out there!! These alone could make some beautiful book:) I always appreciate you stopping in and hope this finds you doing as well as can be expected.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you are doing and what the state of things is like where you might be. Meanwhile, take good care, stay safe, stay informed and hope you are staying home so that we can all get back to living our best lives!! Until next time…..

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Franki on

May baskets anyone??? franki

Janet Hebbard on

Thank You for all these wonderful pictures. These pictures have made me contnually SMILE
all day long! Where can you find the pastel and printed round tablecloths?

Rose on

Oh, my goodness! How gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Kathy M. on

Beautiful table settings, so many different ways to incorporate Blue & White piece’s.

Annie on

You’re not kidding these were spectacular! I got so many great ideas , every single product I’ve ever bought from you has been even prettier in person, thank you for doing what you do!

AlexandraT on

How beautiful!!

Diane Myers on

Thanks for sharing. During these days I very much look forward to this blog. It brightens my day. So many ideas. I have the bamboo hexagonal stool. I didn’t know what to do with it. Now I know. I can use it as a table centerpiece as was done in one of the pictures here with the rabbit sitting on it. I asked myself, why didn’t I think of that. I just did not and that is why why sharing is so wonderful.

Sandra Sinicrope on

Such beautiful photos thank you for sharing. It’s a beautiful Spring Morning in
Nevada. Stay well

Judy Brucker on

Beautiful, Creative, Gorgeous, Whimsical! Thank you for sharing, Tina!

Cathy Dunlap on

Oh my word—those table settings are stunning. Their beauty puts a little spring in my step—thank you! Love the monogrammed serviettes! And the novel napkin rings of bunny ears! Thank you from Southern California !

Sherin on

My family loves all your recipes.
I love the way you entertain and am also a blue girl.
Can you post your Easter meal for us!?

Regina on

Good advertising.

Cathy on

Wow! So many beautiful table settings! Can’t pick a favorite, just too many!
I previously sent a few movie ideas to consider while we’re housebound, and thought of a couple more favs:
Captain Ron
Undertaking Betty
Both hysterical with known actors.
Not sure about where to find any of these, cable, netflix, hulu, etc but all def worth it.
Keep the posts coming – they brighten my day!

Eileen on

A delight for the eyes!! Lots of creative people.

Suzanne P. on

So many beautiful pictures. I love your product line, such a elegant line of pretty things. Thank you for continuing to help us beautify our homes!

Arell on

Those were truly beautiful table settings! I enjoyed your post so much! It WOULD make a wonderful book.

Jackie D. on

I’m inspired! Such a lovely collection of spring table settings. Thank you for sharing.

deb harshman on

Absolutely gorgeous and talent is overflowing. Your families and friends are so fortunate. Just saying…



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