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Hi friends,  hope this finds you doing well. I am not going to lie, this has been a really stressful week. For so many reasons, including what’s going on all around us. Even simple benign things like walking into a supermarket are different. I will never ever get used to seeing everyone in masks. Though I wouldn’t dare not wear one. Everything here in NY is pretty much still closed.

I was astounded to hear we hit 110,000 deaths yesterday, I thought I was seeing the numbers wrong. With recent events, the pandemic has been eclipsed for the last week or so but that number is staggering. I was also told Florida yesterday had their all time highest day of recorded cases. It is definitely not over. Its a new world and I am not sure I like it. I wish I could click my heels and go back about 30 or 40 years…..anyone else want to go back with me:)

Anyway, I periodically share life’s happenings via my iPhone which had a meltdown this week. I was without my phone for about a day and a half and on one hand, it gave me anxiety and yet there was something kind of nice about it too:) I do love that it chronicles life and it’s fun to look back and have certain memories at my fingertips…..many of which are priceless. So here are highlights (the good and pretty of course) from this past week or two.


The pleasures of summer…first planted planters of the season!

People always ask about these planers which only look like stone (they are fiberglass) and fabulous! Click here to see the collection

You could say I packed it to the gills:)

It was filled to capacity on both ends…without room to spare:)

Green and white is one of my favorite combinations, a theme I tend to repeat every season. Why change a good thing?

How fabulous are these white hydrangeas!! My new favorite source is Dollar Hydrangea, click here for their website

Paired in some of my most favorite blue and white pieces… love love!

We got back in the gorgeous mossy green pagodas in both large and medium, love these against the blue and white. This color is not yet added but if interested you can email or call us.  Click here to see our pagoda collection

How beautiful are the hydrangeas, adore how big each blossom is, thanks Dollar Hydrangea

Took a big cluster of the beau8tful hydrangeas and put them on a center hall table

Made fish tacos again……..yes, they really are that good. Click here for recipe

Every time we get monogrammed orders in for our linens, I want a whole new batch. So many pretty combinations!

Love this green napkin!!

I had fun placing our new pleated sconce shades in various bathrooms throughout the them. Click here to see the entire pleated lampshade collection

Click here to see our pleated lampshade collection

The rhododendrons in our year are blooming like mad, they are such a beautiful sight!!

One of my most favorite salads to make in the summer when juicy ripe tomatoes are plentiful, and so easy! Fresh ripe tomato, Kirby cucumbers, a high quality feta, bell pepper, onion, a drizzle of olive oil a little salt and pepper. Pairs so good with literally everything.


And that’s a wrap. Not venturing anywhere that exciting due to the fact that everything here is still pretty much closed. It does not make for a very exciting start to summer, but I am most certainly not going to complain. There are such bigger issues right now.

It makes me want to consciously focus on positive and pretty things even more. It is like a refuge to be able to “escape” at least a few hours a day into a world where everything is beautiful and inspiring. We need more of that! I hope this finds you doing well and staying safe wherever you might be. Until next time….

PS Our fabulous porcelain presale is well underway and ends tomorrow.Click here to be taken to the sale and be sure to throw your name in the hat for a porcelain giveaway!


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As always, your pictures are beautiful. On my way to exercise class, I was wishing I could turn back time 30 or 40 years. It seems I’m not alone.

I agree with you. Love green and white.
The rhododendron at our vacation home in mountains are beautiful now too. A friend sent a picture as we aren’t able to go now because of covid.
Hopefully soon.
It is a destressing time on one hand, but as a Christian we knew this time would arrive. And, we know what’s happening now and the ending. Time is imminent to get right. Maranatha

Tina: I know you like everyone else are concerned about this corona virus thing we are in the middle of but I have some interesting information which might add some objectivity to this situation. We have a friend who is a mortician who says he has had one (1) normal death in the last couple of months. All others have death certificates which say death due to corona virus. My housekeeper’s brother’s spouse’s father had had heart related problems for years, he last went to the doctor and was hospitalized for three days, he died, the hospital put death due to corona virus, which was incorrect, he did not have it. They went to the hospital administrator about it and he simply said he felt sure the man had been tested at some point. The family said they were going to contact their attorney and the hospital administrator said it wouldn’t be the first time or the last.. You see, hospitals get a flat fee, around $7,000 for a “normal” death, BUT if they code it as “corona virus” they get something like $16,000! Consequently, a lot of these deaths are not corona related. I feel that this is going to come out at a later date but right now they are working the system at the public’s expense. Anyhow, I thought this information would be of interest to you. Chin up sweet girl, we will get through this and be all the better for it??

Your beautiful home always takes my breath away. You have excellent taste and the knowledge to put it all together.

Love the people with the conspiracy theories? my husband and brother are doctors (one cardiologist and one ER doctor) and I can tell your Covid is REAL. What a silly thing to suggest otherwise. My husband is a cardiologist at MGH, Mass General and has never seen anything like it.
Back to your beautiful post- thanks for sharing the beauty you have such a gift for. Your tablesettings always take my breath away! And I am with you on The elegance of white flowers with a Instagram and landscape. Have gotten so many great ideas from you! Thanks Tina

I, too, am longing for the ‘good old days’ and would love to turn back time three or four decades!

Deborah, thanks for posting the truth.
BP, no one said the corona virus wasn’t real.
We have a doctor in our family and he said initially many people
were hospitalized who didn’t need to be because they really didn’t
know the full effects of the virus. After a month or two, the
hospitals were empty because they ceased all other procedures.
These ARE the facts. Also, in New York in particular, patients
who had the virus but whose symptoms were not real serious
were sent back to the nursing homes where they infected
other patients with far serious medical conditions, who then

BTW, I had the test because I was going in for a medical procedure.
They are using the small q-tip swabs that go gently in to each nostril
for a schwab, not the long swabs that were going in to the sinus
cavity. Easy breezy! Make sure if you get the test that you make
sure you have the short swabs. No pain and no discomfort.

What pretty pictures! Love your property and your table setting!

The monogrammed linens are stunning, will you add them to the shop or offer them again?

Love your blog, makes me happy to come here!

I’m with you, would click my heels and go back some years for sure but only if I knew what I know now. Our country has been blessed because we found our help in God. When we turn away from Him although He is patient, He removes His umbrella Of blessings. God help us to turn back to Him.
Thanks for reminding me of the fish taco recipe. Today I’m going to make them.

It amazes me (as a Canadian) reading comments of Republicans and how their facts are so off base. I suggest that the entire web is available to learn the facts and not the facts that line up with ones beliefs.
Trump wants Re-election more than anything and said that he doesn’t believe the number of deaths because it reflects on how badly he handled the virus and then Sen. Jenssen jumped to support him saying that hospitals were paid more for Covid deaths. When challenged he backed down. Must keep yourself educated in today’s world of 24 hour news and conspiracy theories on the net. I once researched which newscast is most reliable and the answer was BBC…interesting!

Everything looks beautiful! I know myself during this pandemic I need to surround my family and myself with beautiful things; like flowers etc… It soothes the soul . To get in your car on a Saturday morning with your own personal agenda and just ride with it….. oh I will never take it for granted ever again . ??

Beautiful hydrangeas, please keep the pictures coming. I also love every Golden picture , makes me smile!

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