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Hello friends, how is your week going? Mine is busy, busy, busy. I feel like I have a million balls in the air and doing my very best to stay afloat as best as I can. The warehouse project is keeping me very busy but I know in the end, its going to be a great move, just a lot of work and let’s just say it’s not quite the relaxing summer I had envisioned:)

Anyway I always like to include highlights from the last week or two. Always the good and pretty only, of course. In a world of uncertainty, strife and the very present pandemic, I find myself seeking the beauty of life more and more every day. It’s like a tonic I need to get through the day….however and wherever I can find it, anyone else?  So here we go-


Who knew I would be more excited about my face mask than I was my outfit when I went out to dinner with friends this past weekend! I love it:)

And then we just got in the white, which I so love also  (click here) White is now in stock, pale blues are preorders for shipment coming mid Sept.

Trying to enjoy more late afternoons or early mornings by the pool even if for 20 minutes……before I know it, fall will be at our doorstep

I cannot walk into Whole Foods without walking out with flowers….I love this vivid beautiful colorway! Got to work playing with my tulipieres will be doing a tulipiere post soon

Spent the day in Montauk/East Hampton….all I need is fish tacos and the beach and I am good:)

Does anyone else’s car console look like this? I have sanitizer backups in my glove compartment:)

Received a beautiful box of the most fragrant roses from Grace Rose Farm from a wonderful customer/turned friend!

Cannot tell you how much I love an enjoy my mixing bowls, one of my favorite creations ever!!! (click here)

Remember my idea of the little pagoda trees? Hoping to make those happen this holiday season….but Covid will have the last word on if we can make the timeline happen:)

Dinner with a view and after a long day of work, just what the doctor ordered:)

Look at this gift I received!! The most gorgeous sandals straight from Capri! How gorgeous…….if you can’t get to Capri at least you can still get beautiful sandals from there. Click here to visit their gorgeous website...its like a little virtual vacation:)

Is this not the cutest travel mug, I am obsessed with it (from Giddy Paperie click here)


With no TV, internet, phones STILL 7 days later, I am finding myself going into my living room and taking 15 minutes to just veg out a little, something I rarely do!

Definitely one of the most peaceful rooms in the house!

And sometimes befor seomthing looks pretty it has to evolve from being an ugly duckling such is the case with the gray and red swathed warehouse/offic space we taking over!

So nice to see crisp bright white already!

And here is the accent color-

Sample door, so fresh and pretty!

Got in new florals, one of which is this fabulous orchid in pale green quatrefoil, found a perfect spot for it in the upstairs hallways/landing

These just got added to  custom florals (click here)

And our new Nikko blue hydrangeas arrangement, perfect timing since hydrangeas season is now over…they looks so real!

My pretty  myrtle topiaries still going strong, key is good light and keeping them watered, never letting them dry out (all planters on shop site, click here)

And back at home a friend stopped by with an arm full of sunflowers…they looked so pretty as i was preparing dinner that night, all the colors of summer!


And that’s a look at life around here, at least the good and pretty. Very important to focus on the good and pretty, especially these days when our world is so uncertain and fragile How about you? Where do you look for inspiration and beauty? Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing you a great day. Until next time…..

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Marguerite on

Your living room looks like a dream to sit and read in, and for meditation. Such a room for enhancing health and quiet joy. Enjoy!

franki parde on

Lovely! My Niko Blue hydrangea are all a gorgeous green with hints of purple…gees, so beautiful! franki

Peggy Wilkins on

You have a beautiful, serene and elegant living room. I can see why you would just enjoy sitting in there and enjoying the beauty surrounding you. I love the look of it <3

Erin Nantais on

Your living room looks so peaceful and serene, just beautiful! For me, I think it’s healthy to detach from all the electronics, for just a brief few minutes. I really look forward to your Random Musings…they are relaxing too, thank you!

Adele Magnolia on

I’d appreciate any information about the planters shown next to the lounge chairs near the where to buy, name, material, etc,
I would be grateful for any information that may help me to find something like those, perhaps not as tall, etc.

Elizabeth on

I started sitting in my living room about a month ago something I rarely did in the past. I think I’m looking for excitement with this whole Covid thing ?

Jackie C. on

Just received my beautiful blue face mask. If you haven’t ordered one, do it now! It is so pretty. Thank you for helping make wearing a mask enjoyable, and fashionable.

Barbara on

Painted my kitchen island the same pale blue as well as the walls. Remaining upper and lower cabinets are all white. The heat wave in CA is brutal so I sat in my living room (coolest room in the house, right under the a/c vent) yesterday and started a wonderful book, The Most Beautiful Walk in the World by John Baxter. Definitely for any Paris lovers.

Mary on

So I got my masks and melamine and mixing bowls yesterday and I was amazed at how beautiful it was and such great quality! First order of many to come. Thanks for sharing the beauty everything is so pretty, you have such incredible style. Thank you Tina!

LB on

This post is so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me to make my own home more beautiful every day.

Eve on

My car has Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, a box of gloves and a box of masks!!
What a beautiful post. Love Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for flowers. King Kullens has a beautiful selection of flowers as well at very reasonable prices!

PiperB on

I love your living room rug, Tina. Is it from Savaveih?

Neil on

I look for pretty from you! Your posts always make me happy?

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