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Hi and happy Sunday!! Hope you are having a great weekend. We started the “big move” yesterday (will take about a week or so to complete) and had dinner plans with friends. Today I plan to stay home (rainy day) and take it easy, recharge my battery and possibly prepare a yummy meal. I love rainy days inside cooking and chilling…need more of them:)

Busy day at the new warehouse yesterday, it’s coming along, slowly but surely. It will be worth it in the end! I cannot get over that we are in the middle of August!! Only a few weeks till Labor Day, I even saw…..gasp, Halloween candy. I kid you not. I don’t think even Halloween will be what it normally is in these Covid times. But life marches on and we need to do the best we can. Hope everyone is being vigilant and staying safe. I always say it health is wealth.

Ok onwards to this Sundays post…..




1 SNEAK PEEK AT NEW MELAMINE AND MY LOVE FOR GREEN! I love green and next to blue it might be my favorite color. While I love blue and white and will never ever stop, I also appreciate and love other colors too. We have and are continuing to expand with other colorways, lots of new pink and green products this year!

So normally we introduce a new melamine pattern in the spring but we are actually doing it sooner this time around. I am so loving the direction of this collection, it cannot come a moment too soon.

Here is a sneak peek along with some of my favorite new green goodies. I normally start with various elements that I have in my head and build on the idea/concept from there. Sometimes, it all comes together right out of the starting gate and other times it take a while. This is coming together really fast and almost effortlessly…..a good sign!

This first board represents y concept/inspiration board where I experimented with different borders, element, etc…..

Here are the final 2 borders I am considering. You can see that one has a slightly more transitional/less formal look, the other is a little dresser looking. The centers will be the same, the borders are the only difference but as you can, it really changes the feeling of the plates! I am so torn. I need you to weigh in!

The salad plates (like the topiary and trellis pattern) will be a set of four florals, which I love the idea of…makes them special. Also great appetizer plates!

And here are the three borders, would love to know your favorite!

2 ONE GORGEOUS HOME Such a beautiful and stately home. I love that it is classic and tradition yet still feels very fresh and current. Beautiful lines, stunning gardens and just love that dark, moody library. I could hibernate and spend all winter in a room like that:)

Click here for more info and to find out more about this beautiful home in Atlanta Homes Magazine

3  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A beautiful bounty of summer instagrams this weekend. Makes me kind of wish summer could stick around a little longer….

4 THE RED TULIPIERES ARE COMING  I have been asked for a few years now to produce a red tulipiere. Admittedly I never thought I would be in love with them as I am but I am obsessed. These are in production, will arrive later Sept/first week of Oct.

We will,  as we always do hold a presale. Played around with berries and holly and wow! I love both styles, who knew I would fall in love with the red! I think these are fabulous year round but am really visualizing them for the holidays right now!

This is the original style

This is the village scene

5. A PERFECT PAIRING I had received the most gorgeous dress in my favorite colors from super talented Sue Sartor. I love her line of handblocked dresses, such a stunning line of items.

And then last week got in the most fabulous sandals all the way from Capri from the eponymous name, Canfora. Jackie O put them on the map internationally and lived in their sandals. Made by hand and all so gorgeous. I intermediately thought of the dress from Sue Sartor and it was indeed a perfect match. Love these two beauties together.

Click here to visit Canfora’s website and here for their Instagram

Click here to visit Sue Sartor and here for their Instagram

6. MAJOR WAREHOUSE PROGRESS!! So as many of you know, we are in the middle of moving to a bigger warehouse/office space. This is desperately needed as we are busting at the seams and its almost become comical. This undertaking has been a lot of work accompanied by big bills and some stress but it will be so worth it in the end. I am always astounded at the transformative magic of paint.

So here are a few before..very drab with the red adn gray (one of my least favorite combinations)!


And finally those hideous red floors are gone!!!!!

And for those who asked the name of the color, its from Benjamin Moore-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this is a fun (and beautiful) survey this week, keeping it light and Covid free:)  I think we can all agree 2021 cannot happen a moment too soon! I am so anxious to call it a wrap on 2020. Uber talented artist Leslie of Giddy Paperie has done it again! This calendar is perhaps the prettiest desk top calendar I have yet to see.

So we were going back and forth on the covers and we are both so torn, we love them all though we both are leaning towards choice 2.  So thought it would be fun to have my readers be a part of the decision making process and ask your opinion on which you like most as the cover idea! It will be fun to see which comes out on top.



CHOICE 3 (This is the stripe used last year)


And that’s a wrap friends. Hope you enjoyed the post. Always appreciate you stopping in and wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Stay safe out there and hope you are managing to enjoy your summer despite it being very different this year! Until next time…..

PS Last day of our warehouses sale, still have a few things left. We have updated the sale to reflect what is sold and what is still up for grabs. Click here to visit

PPS Late yesterday I announced that we were taking your pictures for our annual Summer Love contest. What I didn’t expect was to practically be full to capacity by days end! I will chalk that up to people wanting something fun and pretty to focus given the year we have had.

So I decided to be fair to open it up to a total of 90 pictures, three rounds instead often normal 2. Click here for all information on how to submit your Summer Love pictures.

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Dying over the red tuliperes and green melamine! Must have both!

Beautiful Sunday post and that calendar is darling.. great eye candy today!

Any idea where one can find the pale blue cabbage plates? Tried Serena Fressen but no luck…would you consider adding to your line? Love them and the Serenata paint

The warehouse transformation is amazing! Love that blue,, well done Tina!

The red tulipieres and new melamine are beautiful, I love your style and I’m so happy to have found this beautiful line of products.

I had to look at the calendar choices twice before it dawned on me that the stripes are all different! I gave my husband “the test” – He passed. I always say do not to ask me to pick anyone out of a line-up. Haha. At least my vote for #2 was in the majority. Are these in a card format like 2020?
Love the green melamine plates and red tulipieres.
PS Do you follow all of the people you post here on Instagram? All beautiful, curated choices, Tina:) Enjoy your quiet time today.

Your new creations are out of this world!

Love the colors for your new prices!

Adore your blog and products

I love the green melamine. Green is a neutral – goes with anything. Love the featured home. Especially the murals in the dining room.

Very interesting site.I definitely want to subscribe and enjoy all the ice posts.

THAT HOUSE!!! Have you never seen another one SO beautifully presented in recent days…just spectacular!! THAT DRESS & SANDALS…exactly my flavor…perfect blues!! WELL DONE! franki

Have you ever considered that last Fall when you were sick for so long that you actually had Covid? I only ask as a curiosity. My whole family was sick in a similar way at the beginning of January and we discuss it often.

Couple of points, LOVE the green melamine. Will be getting a full set soon. Where are the house pictures from as I would like more info and the ‘click here’ did not work. Lastly, you might want to look into the product ‘Summer Soles’ to protect your new sandals. I use them in every shoe to protect them. Beautiful post as always, Thank you!

You are designing prettier and prettier products all the time. That green melamine is just stunning and those red tulipieres are amazing.

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