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Hello! I thought I would check in to say hi and share what a crazy week we have had. We seem to have gone from zero to sixty in just 2 weeks…..our version of Santa’s workshop is in full swing and then some. We have been burning the midnight oil from morning to night, and got out more candle, gift wrap, ornament, tabletop, chinoiserie presale and shop orders than I can count. I promise you we are working as fast as humanly possible!

We kept UPS very busy this week and ended Friday on a high note, finally feeling like we were caught up (or close to it).  I have never looked more forward to a weekend than I am today, so need the rest and downtime. I will recharge and my trusty team and I  will be ready to go at it again on Monday. As busy as it is, there’s a fun, unmistakable high energy vibe that I feel grateful to have.

As you might imagine with Covid, and the wide net of problems associated with it for businesses the world over has been far reaching. Everything from production slowdowns to major delays at the ports to limited staff working at customs, it has all created a lot of havoc for businesses with major delays everywhere. I keep hearing over and over again  “There has never been a year with such delays and lag times”. And we are at the mercy of it all. So we wait…patiently (well, not really but do we have a choice)!

Our tabletop container which was due in on Nov 30th is now coming Dec. 16th. This container contains our highly anticipated brass footed hurricanes, painted pagodas, etc….I am honestly not holding my breath that we will get these out before Christmas. I just keep telling myself this is not forever but that is easier said than done!

I had also ordered our big backup ornament container which is now delayed over 3 weeks! I literally got teary eyed finding out its coming on Dec. 14th instead of Nov 24th.It took me days to get over this as the timing could not be worse.  But, in these situations you learn that you cannot buckle under the pressure and you need to dust yourself and carry on. Which is what I am doing…..trying not to sweat these major hiccups. So its been quite a season, thankfully our porcelain and other tabletop containers are  miraculously coming in on time, tabletop next Friday and then the following week our porcelains!

All this while our Thanksgiving plans have been changing by the day, literally! So now its decided we are staying in NY, with our immediate family and it will be a cozy intimate Thanksgiving dinner with my little family. Once I got over licking my wounds about not having our usual Thanksgiving family day, I am actually looking forward to this day. I am sure this finds many of you in a similar situation. As I keep saying I love my family way more than I do the idea of us being together this Thanksgiving.

On a cheery note, here are a few things coming in and some beautiful shop news that I am really excited about (I always say it’s about those silver linings)!


I am so excited to get our red and green tulipieres!!! They will be here on or around Dec. 2nd we will hold a presale/arrival sale next week. We were due to have this presale this past week but with the whirlwind that it was, it just wasn’t in the cards this past week.  Perfect timing to add some holiday cheer to our homes:)

And here is the green both in the village scene and the original-

This is the season for holiday florals…and these are always in bloom, no water required. So realistic I mix them in with fresh greenery. Click here to see our holiday florals

A new style hurricane in the works-

How pretty are these new hexagonal wicker planters! And our popular wicker bowls (in 2 sizes) are coming back

And how beautiful are these new square wicker ginger jars!

Beyond thrilled to share that these pierced pieces which I shared a sneak peek of a few months ago of, are officially a go! Completely obsessed with these, have had making them on my radar for a long long time. I will be bringing in the pierced chargers, dinner plate and salad plate to start. Stay tuned!


Our darling wicker ornaments have been a hit. We are nearly sold out. Click here to see them

And finally since Thanksgiving week is often a point at which people start decorating for Christmas we will be holding a variety of sale and promotions in the weeks ahead.

If you spend $75 or more on ornaments, you will receive a box of our best selling gift toppers (ends Sunday night) no code required

Click here to see our ornament collection (on left is subcategories by color)


And that’s a wrap for this Saturday, just wanted to check in and let you know I am still here:) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and be back tomorrow with my Seven on Sunday post. Stay safe and wear a mask:) Until next time…….

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Ms. Tracey on

Spectacular floral arrangements Tina. So lovely ❤? Hope you get some rest honey

Kimmie Dennis on

I’ve been in search for white pierced charges for quite some time. Thrilled you’ll have them soon!!
Happy andl Healthy Thanksgiving to all ❤️

Liz on

Why don’t you have your creations made in the USA? Wouldn’t create container issues and would employ Americans.

TheEnchantedHome on

I have looked into having some products made here (some are by the way- candles pillows and a few other items). But there are almost no major porcelain manufacturers in the U.S.anymore and the gift wrap for the quantities that I produce is outrageously expensive (like five times the cost). Would love to give my business to an American company but they have to be competitive with the global marketplace.

Debra R. Hultquist on

I received my candles this week, and I am so pleased with them. They are beautiful, beautifully packaged and such quality fragrance! One for myself, and a few for gifts.

Lisa P on

Everything is so beautiful I have a few of your florals and have to say they are really amazing, everyone that comes over thinks they are real !

Love all the new wicker, the new pierced dishes in fact I love everything here!

You definitely have found your calling? I hope you get some much-needed rest, sounds like you have earned it!

franki parde on

Here, too…guess we have to accept what it us…..:( franki

Marcie on

I wish you would consider selling the faux botanical inserts separately from the pots. Many of us have a collection of these planters already. It would be great if you would sell a kit of the floral arrangement with its foam cut to fit whichever planter it is designed for. Include some floral putty to hold it in place, some extra foam to wedge in the edges and then some extra moss or whatever the bedding material is to cover the edges.

I would like to buy the two artichoke topiaries for Christmas and two lemon trees to fit the same planters for spring. I would buy an amaryllis for Christmas to fit the extra large bird planter in have which you no longer carry and a couple different orchid arrangements to switch out for other times of the year. But I do not need more planters. Sell the floral inserts separately and I think you will find a new market.

TheEnchantedHome on

Hi so this is something we have been considering doing for a while as you are not the first to ask. We will announce it when we have that program set up. Thank you!

Charlene on

I just received my ornament order! They’re fabulous❣

And I so appreciate your Customer Service being kind and helpful!

TheEnchantedHome on

Thank you so happy to hear it! If you leave a review on google, and email us at to tell us you will get $10 off you next order of any amount. Thanks!

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