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Hi everyone, hope this finds you doing well. Over here, it’s been non stop. Crazy busy… a good kind of a way. We have been very busy getting our gift wrap and ornament orders out and we are down to the last batch shipping today! In the meantime, got in our chinoiserie tole container and a beautiful silver shipment. On the home front, I have also put up my tree (the earliest ever). It is not quite done but I do a little every day when I have pockets of time.

(full disclosure- do not be jealous of my “wrapped” gifts, not unless you consider cereal boxes and empty store boxes a gift lol) Have not bought a single gift!

The chinoiserie tole presale orders have also started shipping and today we will get out the first batch or murals and mirrors as well. So yes, we are humming right along. That said, there have been hiccups and what would the holidays be without them!

Covid has thrown a monkey wrench of epic proportions into our world affecting literally al aspects of life. On my end, it has meant production and shipping delays and major hurdles at shipping ports with reduced staff. They all keep saying they have never had a year like this and I will attest to it:)

We are lucky that most of our containers have been coming in within a week or two of the ETA but one which was due here on Friday is now coming in on Dec 16th. That one holds a bunch of our new tabletop and our beautiful brass footed hurricanes. I am really bummed about that but there is unfortunately not a thing we can about it other than sit and wait patiently (or not). And a huge ornament container was delayed almost 3 weeks and coming in Dec. 17th, hearing that one brought me to tears but I just had to move on as I am powerless. I keep telling myself how much worse it could be and that quickly puts things in perspective.

So this is my long winded way of saying thank you to my readers and customers, you make what I do something I look forward to every single day. I love creating and dreaming and manufacturing things that I want to see out there and happy you feel the same. I feel lucky to have found my “calling” and wake up every morning eager to get to work at what I love doing. We are doing our very best, this I promise you and I truly appreciate your support and understanding during this trying time in our world.

I know we are al busy busy getting ready for a not quite so normal Thanksgiving, and I am very much included in that group:) Today I will be working then checking my list to be sure I have all I need for my dinner. As luck would have it, an arrangement from Weston Farms was sent to me and now its lost and flowers from High Camp Gardenias were supposed to arrive today and I got a notice they could not send it out on time. Argh! So much for my Thanksgiving centerpieces……. will  likely only. have time to put my faith into my market flowers and pray they have something left:)

So in keeping with the theme of 2020!

I will be back tomorrow with a short post to officially wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. My normal blogging schedule is a bit off so during this busy season,  I just wanted to say hi and thank you as I count my blessings this Thanksgiving season.

Also if you want to receive a quick $10 off your next purchase, all you need to is leave us a google review and notify us by emailing You will then get an email confirming you have a $10 credit on file towards any order of any amount. Click here to leave a review

We will be having a very special BLACK FRIDAY SALE starting tomorrow night at 8pm and it will run through midnight on Friday! Thanks for stopping by. Stay calm and carry on as you prep for Thanksgiving. Wishing everyone a wonderful day:) Until next time….

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Susan K on

Thanks Tina for bringing us beauty and joy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

franki parde on


Brenda on

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was going to leave a google review but have no idea how. With that being said I wanted to tell you how beautiful your little pagoda toppers are. I love them and they will be so cute on my 4ft flocked tree. I have nothing but your ornaments and I sit and drool over every evening with all the lights off. Just lovely. Thanks

Christina Brandon on

One of many things I am thankful for this season was finding your website! I get excited each time a package from Enchanted Home is delivered because I know what’s inside is perfection. Your pieces are beautiful and I enjoy them everyday.

Deanna on

Love the new gift wrap, makes wrapping gifts fun. Ready for the holiday season!,

Lorraine Hutchinson on

Have not purchased really recently but I love all that I have purchased
Always leaves me with happy toes
Have a blessed Thanksgiving Enjoy your family

Marilyn on

Your Christmas tree is breathtaking! ?

Marguerite on

Tina, don’t worry about the late ornament containers, not even a little bit. The ornaments are classic and if they do not reach their loving homes by Christmas this year, they will be used next year and cherished for years to come. Gratitude will get us through , and may everyone be blessed with health , joy and Peace. Our health and our relationships with those we love are the most important thing.

Diane Love?LEE on

Thank you, Tina, for bringing us such exquisite things from The Enchanted Home. I’m about to start wrapping Christmas presents, which I love to do. Beautiful presentations make your gifts all the more special. And your recipients — they will feel the love the gift imparts, whether large or small.
If you’re starting early, listen to some holiday music and decorate your home with stacks of your beautifully giftwrapped presents scattered throughout your home. The days leading up to Christmas will keep you in the anticipated holiday spirit. I can’t wait to begin giftwrapping with your Green Lantern paper and ornaments.
Tina, a blessed Thanksgiving to you, your family, your Enchanted Home family, and to ALL your patrons of The Enchanted Home.
We are all in this together.
May God Bless America, may God Bless Us All.

Charlotte Gibson on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina.

Brenda van der Kuil on

I just got my Christmas ornaments, love them!! Can’t wait to put up my tree!
Happy Thanksgiving day to you and all your wonderful staff!

JoAnn on

Beautiful tree! Your description of your wrapped “gifts” made me chuckle!

Terry Dodson on

Just love the white pillows on your couch and chair! Are they hand painted? Would love to purchase!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Terry D.

Bobbie Hathaway on

Your tree is simply beautiful!

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Kathryn on

My sister and I so enjoy your blog and the beautiful things you show us! Thank you for the beauty!

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