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Hello and happy Saturday,  hope this finds you doing well. Back to NY and back to real life. Came home to heaps of snow with quite a bit more coming tomorrow…..I am so over winter. That said, I cannot deny that I love the beauty of watching the snow fall, it is undeniably magical. But the winter doldrums along with Covid restrictions have not made for the most exciting winter. Thankfully we have a lot going on, getting all kinds so beautiful new products  which is keeping me very busy and happily preoccupied. Pretty diversion is always a good thing.

Fighting a head cold so keeping it low key today. This is not the time to take any chances! As I periodically do, I am sharing snippets with you from the last week or two, at least the highlights, pretty and inspiring.  Hope you enjoy!



Pretty tulips always add some cheer

Beautiful Duke grazing….

Building is booming at Palmetto Bluff

Mr Duke meeting a little barn kitten for the first time:)

A few beautiful pictures from our new rental which is really pretty and ironically has a similar vibe to our previous home

Love sitting on the upstairs porch overlooking the May River

Could sit here all day!

Part of our new property!!! So excited to get started:)

I never can get tired of the incredibly beautiful romantic moss dripping on the live oaks

Stormy day on the Long Island Sound!

People will often ask where I get my inspiration for the products I design. Truth is I get it sometimes from unexpected places. I thought this would drive the point home beautifully. Watched an old Grisham favorite, The Rainmaker and in the courthouse spotted these floors and fell in love with them. Took a quick picture with my phone to keep in my “memory bank”. Going to try to apply this somewhere….you never know where and when you will be inspired!

An oyster shell planter….so neat!

Yes, I am obsessed with the Spanish moss:)

Love our new blue/white chinoiserie handpainted artwork! Click here to see

I couldn’t believe i came  home and my amaryllis were STILL blooming!! Simply amazing!

What a color!

Continuing to finish our warehouse/office. Hope to have it done within the next 2 weeks, with furniture and other things, its been drips and draps given how the supply chain has been dramatically altered due to Covid..but we are getting there!!

Absoltuely love our new pastel cherry blossom garden seats now in 3 beautiful colors! Click here to see

Got many inquires about our new wicker urns! These will be offered up in the next week or so during our next tabletop presale, they are really exquisite.

Our delphiniums are back in stock, they are a really good faux, love all the colors mixed together (and yes, I did cut off the tags after this picture was taken:)

Click here to see our lifelke faux flowers

The sunsets at Palmetto Bluff are other worldly beautiful


And there you have the highlights from the last week and change. Nothing terribly adventurous but pretty nonetheless. Hope everyone has a great Saturday. I look forward to relaxing today and getting a few things done around the house. Cherish these kinds of days where I have no agenda and a free schedule:) Thanks fro stopping in, until next time….

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I have your forsythia which particularly this year make me very happy looking at them. Those delphinium blooms are gorgeous. Any thought to offering a mixed box of all three colors? Thanks so much for sharing again the beauty of Palmetto Bluff.

The shots of palmetto bluff are gorgeous! I’m so excited to see your new project down there!

Love the delphiniums. Thankful you left the tag on otherwise would never have guessed there were not real and that they are available in your shop. Get well soon!

Tina, as always your beautiful photos provide such inspiration. Would you share where you bought your beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper placed behind the the entry counter in your new warehouse. It is so beautiful.

Is this beautiful horse yours Tina? Just wondering did you sell your other Palmetto Bluff home? Also are you building a new home there (guess I have not been in the loop for a while)…Lots of questions….right?

Enjoyed all your pictures, but flower ones were
my favorite and boosted my spirits! Thanks ever so much.

So sorry you are under the weather. Hope you get better soon! What make is your gorgeous kitchen range?

I wondered where you were staying since you sold your house. I’ve watched you build 2 homes . . . can’t WAIT to watch you build the new one!!! We want ALL the details!!! I know it will be gorgeous! Happy Monday!!!

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