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Hello and happy Sunday. Hope your weekend has been a good one.With spring ushering its way in, I am feeling a pep in my step. After a very long and rather somber feeling winter (thanks Pandemic) then getting Covid, topped off by husband getting sick….we are ready to fling open the windows and kick up our heels! Not quite so fast but slowly the temps are inching their way up.

So looking forward to being able to dine outdoors and start seeing friends again…it’s been very taxing on all of us and I think we are all due for some calm, peace, and a little adventure.  There have most certainly been some silver linings her however and I will work on a post dedicated to those because I think it warrants it’s very own post. Moving along to this Sunday’s post,  hope you enjoy!



1 THE MOST SPECTACULAR METAL HOODS. If you remember my home in PB, I was obsessed with my kitchen hood. If you want to see the fun post I did on it installation day, click here.

I cannot brag enough about Cindy Mullen, the brains and creative powerhouse behind Classic Custom Metal Works. Not only was she an absolutely PLEASURE to deal with but she kept me in the loop every single inch of the way. If every business ran theirs like she does, they would be booming! And then the icing on the proverbial cake was the most beautiful metal hood I had ever laid my eyes on, a true thing of beauty!

I just can’t say enough. I am so thrilled that she got her new website launched and I am here to tell you all about it. If you have a metal hood in mind, look no further….seriously! They deliver all over the country and I know two people on the west coast that they are doing hoods for as we speak.

So click here to find out more about them, if you are in the market, I cannot give a more glowing review and testament  to what she and her talented team do so beautifully, create the hood of your dreams! Brava Cindy! Click here for more information.


And loved seeing our PB kitchen on the home page…brings back such good memories:)

2 THE SOLOIST I had this book and it is one of the many that has been sitting in a “to read” pile for longer than I care to admit. I was intrigued by the story after reading about it in the paper years back. During one of my many afternoons at home while being under the weather, I saw the movie come up in Amazon. I will admit 10 minutes into it I was not totally enthralled, but you know how you become invested in a story?

Well about 20 minutes in, I became very interested  in this most unique, at times bizarre and unbelievably touching story. It is based upon a true story and I will say Jamie Fox really outdid himself. I am stunned he did not get an Oscar. I don’t want to tell you too much but suffice to say I definitely recommend it. A story that touches the heart and to know it’s true makes it that much better.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST This time of year Instagram starts looking unbelievably beautiful with the season of fresh flowers, green grass, spring and Easter…so much beautiful instigation. Definitely was drawn to florals and travel this weekend:)

4 A CHIC COASTAL RETREAT. Love this tropical coastal home in Naples, beautifully done by Summer Thornton. Those outdoor spaces are downright dreamy and I would get first dibs on that bunk room! Click here to read more about beautiful seaside retreat.

5. A FAVORITE SUPER HEALTHY AND EASY TO PREPARE MEAL Well, since we are slow coming out of hibernation, “the diet” has begun:) Have formally broken. up with my favorite comfort snack foods (I could live on snacks) and working to eat much healthier and a lot less, lol!

This is a really satisfying, healthy and easy to prepare meal. Kind of a ” sure thing, go to”  kind of meal. Any mild white fish will do, my preferences are Red snapper, sole, flounder or Branzino.  Key to the salad is really ripe and fresh veges. It is satisfying, delicious and mostly very healthy.

Prepping fish to go into the oven

Salad made, waiting for fish

And all done-


Mild white flaky fish like red snapper, sole or flounder work perfect for this dish.

Line a balking sheet with parchment paper, generously add sea salt and pepper and oregano to both sides (I go a little crazy with the oregano) drizzle a little olive oil and thinly cut garlic cloves on top. Add thinly sliced fresh lemons on top.

Put in an oven preheated to about 375, ovens vary but the fish generally cooks within 10-12 minutes. Meanwhile, in  a skillet add 1/4 cup olive oil and 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice (either squeezed or fresh lemon juice in a bottle. Lightly saute and stir, you will add a little over fish when out of oven.

When fish is done, put on plate and pour a little bit of your sauce on top. Add salad and voila….you are off to enjoying a very tasty and most importantly guilt free meal!

Salad (this was for four)

1/2 each of yellow, red and green bellpepper

Very ripe tomatoes (these were Campari and I used one carton) or 3 medium ripe tomatoes

A nice quality feta cheese

1-2 cucumbers (cubed)

1 Vidalia onion (smaller or 1/2 of a large onion)

Olive oil


Lemon juice

Pinch of salt/pepper

Cut into cubes (under an inch). Mix together gently and season with salt, pepper and oregano. Add lemon juice and mix in…serve next to fish. This is one I would say you can make a few hours ahead of time but don’t put it in fridge, just don’t add your cheese until you are ready to serve. Best served room temp. So good!

6 SENSATIONAL STATIONERY OK, I saw these from Sweet Caroline and immediately started to brainstorm about when it would be safe to have a small party, luncheon or dinner just so I could order these amazing invitations. Seriously  how gorgeous are these!! The hardest part would be choosing my favorite:)

They are from and are also surprisingly very affordable, a big plus! I think these are just exquisite and I have my eye on a few and am determined to do something fun this year (to make up for lost time) even if it’s small and later in the year. And one of these invitations will surely be part of the shindig:) Click here to see more of her exquisite line.

7  SUNDAY’S SEVEN I get a kick out of the many memes about how so many have gained weight over the pandemic (nice to have company) , with so many being home and even more working form home, the sedentary lifestyle is not necessarily conclusive to staying in tip top shape. Then you factor in the stress that most of us at some point inevitably felt and let’s just say food can be a great comfort during stressful times.

I am no exception, there is no question I have put on some weight and about a week ago, realizing summer is not so far away, started “the diet”. I don’t like to think of it as a diet but more of a breakup with my comfort foods and eating sensibly again. As much for health as it is to look good. The first week is always the hardest but then I get in the groove,  start fitting back into some favorite clothes again and it gets a little easier. Curious did you gain weight, stay the same or lose (if you are the later, lucky you)!


Today and tomorrow,  all melamine in honor of spring, is  25% off PLUS with orders of $50 or more you get a free serving platter.

These say stylish spring entertaining like no other and you can mix and match patterns to your hearts content!

Code is spring

Click here for our melamine collection!


And that is a wrap,  my friends! Hope you enjoyed the post. Thank you for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. Love hearing from you and want to wish everyone a wonderful day, hope the sun is shining and those birds are chirping! Until next time….


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Such a pretty post as always! I love the inspiration I get from your blog, trying your healthy recipes and going but Whole Foods t buy fresh flowers today!

And yes have gained 14 lbs but have gone back to my exercise routine and cutting back on the biggest culprit for me, bread!

Tina, reading your posts provides such calm and joy. YES, much needed during the past year.
Garner a lot of decor ideas and inspiration, perhaps because your style confirms what most do not realize – we need enchantment and beauty.
Hope you continue to get stronger – Covid is not for lightweights – am today at the 90 day marker and have scheduled my first vaccine. So thankful was able to have one of the mAB antibody infusions.
Enjoy your Sunday.

This IS going to be arduous…*sigh*…how in the world did twenty pounds happen…I “blame, first, me…then sweat pants”…THEY allowed this….franki

Love your posts! The flowers are always so beautiful in your pottery and the designs give me inspiration to start entertaining again! Now, I am looking forward to the beautiful chargers that will be available soon.

Tina, so glad you and your husband are feeling better! I love your Seven on Sunday posts and rarely miss a week. We are in our gorgeous weather stage so it’s easier to exercise outside and eat healthy things from the garden. Our summers are your winters~but perfect for escaping to cooler areas of the country. Thanks for all the beauty on this Sunday morning. Happy Spring!

Lovely lovely!! The fish looks so good-that’s the way we tend to eat.

Definitely gained weight, but am working on it! Getting back to Pilates😁

The stationery is beautiful and those metal Hoods are works of art.

Thanks for your beautiful ideas, I can’t wait until I make the salad! It looks like a spring salad, going to make it tonight maybe with some pork chops! Thanks again for your beautiful ideas!

Thank you, Tina…every post from you is a gift basket of beautiful ideas, culture and decor info…so happy to have found your blog years ago.

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