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Good Sunday morning to you, hope this finds you well and enjoying a nice weekend. We were lucky enough to escape to an idyllic slice of heaven, Palmetto Bluff for a few days and a visit to my parents. So no complaints over here. Gearing up for a very busy April, lots of shipments coming in, all kinds of fun and exciting “spring happenings” about to bloom and spring is here! Let’s get on with this weeks Seven on Sunday-


1 A FEW BEAUTIFUL HIGHLIGHTS FROM PALMETTO BLUFF We just had a most enjoyable  but way too short a visit at my happy place, Palmetto Bluff. It is such an incredibly beautiful place, and if you have not had the good fortune to visit, you should put it on your list. Of course Duke is always the highlight. Just a few fun pictures and I will be doing a new Bluff Diaries in a week or two with some building updates, stay tuned:)

2 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS I love sharing batches of the talent of my amazing customers featuring our products. Few things give me the thrill that seeing your pictures featuring our products, do! So please keep them coming. Here are some recent ones, what’s not to love and be inspired by!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Certainly never at a loss of beauty to share with you. This weekend is no exception! Enjoy..


4 FABULOUS HOME IN THE LOW COUNTRY, SOUTH CAROLINA This is so incredibly well done. I absolutely love it! This is so my style, an updated version of traditional but oozing elegance and refinement. So beautifully done!! Click here to find out more about this wonderful home.

5 NEW BEAUTIES HEADING THIS WAY We are getting in so many beautiful things, the floodgates have partially reopened and it’s so exciting to finally bet getting in a steady flow of product again! It felt like a downright drought between our porcelain and wicker shortage! We should be in good shape going forward.

A few beautiful sneak peeks of new and upcoming products, cannot wait for these new scalloped wastepaper baskets and tissues!

And finally getting in our tall pagoda silver salt and peppers, these are sooo fabulous and look like a million dollars! And today only these are our special of the day $45 for the pair!    Click here

I admittedly underestimated how popular our wicker collection would do and have since tripled our normal quantities in anticipation of spring/summer. Here are some production photos, I always think these are fun to include-

6 TO BE BELIEVED  My dad sent me both of these, and they both left my jaw on the floor. You really need to see both of these.  But I will admit, in watching,  my anxiety level through the roof! Leave it up to China, they are awe inspiring and their progress is nothing less than intimating, from  building and entire railway in 5 days to constructing a bridge in a week, simply amazing!

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY  Ever daydream about going back in time or maybe you are more progressive than I am and wonder about living in the future… which most resonates with you? And maybe you love the way things are right this very minute. It’s no secret that given the choice, I would go back in time in a heartbeat. Would want all the same people in my life just a different era….


And that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the post, anything in particular resonate with you? Always appreciate you stopping in and making TEH a part of your Sunday routine. My Sundays wouldn’t be the same without  my Sunday post. Wishing everyone a great day, and smooth end to your week. Until next week…..

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Carmen Sabater on

Always look forward to your posts. Brings joy to me. Keep it up please !! Happy Sunday

Teresa Hatfield on

I will say it twice! GO BACK IN TIME!
Beautiful post, Tina!

Franki Parde on

I “heart” Duke!!! franki

BP on

Beautiful everything! Love all your new products. Pametto Bluff is so beautiful. We were there right before Covid and I cannot wait to return. We used to go to Sea Island but my family agreed they prefer Palmetto Bluff. What a beautiful spot to own a home in, if we didn’t live on the West Coast I think we would do the same!

If I could choose a time to live in I would go back about 20 years when our world was a more peaceful and civilized place, certainly far from perfect but a lot better than it is now!

Beth A. Christoff on

It’s still morning where I am, but already, the majority of your readers want to “go back in time” , including myself! But since we cannot (yet!), I try so very hard to include in my family’s life the niceties from my past. A tidy family home, nice music, family meals and downtime. I can’t control my outside world, but I can try to make my home a place of beauty and peace of yesteryears. And Tina, your products are so timeless they fit right in with this lifestyle! Thank you!

BP on

Good morning Tina, another beautiful Sunday post. I cannot imagine starting a Sunday without reading your blog!

Love and can’t wait for the new wastepaper baskets and tissues. Your customer pictures are so beautiful, I can understand why you are proud.

I’m not sure if you have been to China but we have a son who has lived in Shanghai for the last 3 years and we have visited him twice there. Even in one year the growth and explosion of enterprise is astounding.

They are a very polite, driven, and respectful society and when I go there and come back to the US it makes me realize how far we have fallen sadly.

So on that note, I would completely choose to go back in time as our country is not in a good place right now.

Chana Robinson (Floosiemagoo) on

An abundance of Joy is how I refer to you and each of your posts is a unit of happiness feeding that Joy. I choose to stay in the present as I love the memories, miss my folks, but the future is bright. Much unrest, but it is all a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about each other and let our divine plans Manifest.

I’m also excited because in August, I’m getting married. At my age of 60, I’m getting married to the love of my life. I ordered a bunch of your blue and white melamine for our tables because it’s so beautiful and it will bring me happiness on such a joyous day. I should add, that it is my sweetheart’s idea for the blue and white to be our wedding colors. He is an Navy man so it’s perfect. I will have an old fashioned 50s dress with a navy sash raw silk sash and my grandchildren will walk me down like the aisle In their blue and white ensembles.

My dad Asked, “Do you know why your windshield is so wide and your rearview mirror is so small? Because what is ahead has far more potential and you can become virtually anything that you want. The past, however sad or beautiful does not change. Onward Miss Chana, onward.

The overwhelming review of my life has been filled with very beautiful memories, but the future is so promising!

I will make sure to send pictures of our glorious day, 8/8 in our garden, featuring all things blue and white and that includes the bride and groom!

Thank you for all you do Lady Tina.

TheEnchantedHome on

Wow how wonderful for you! Congratulations……hope you will send some pictures of your event. LOVE what your dad said, pearls of wisdom. Thank you for your kind message and all the very best to your bright future:)

Pat on

Please tell us what is on that plate with avocado slices! The entire post looks fabulous as always, I too run to Seven on Sundays every week .

TheEnchantedHome on

Breakfast for my husband, eggs with onion and tomatoes, sourdough bread and avocado….we had been given fresh eggs from a friend with chickens so I got a little fancy:) And breakfast does NOT look like that every day lol.

Patti on

I adore Seven on Sunday but I believe that the bridge took 3 years to construct. That, in itself, is impressive!

Lynn Ashworth on

I am loving your blog which I am new to. So many beautiful things in your is a problem!!!
As unsettling as it is today, I would not want to be anywhere else. Every time has had it’s challenges. Happy to be here and now.

Vicki on

Loved that Atlanta Home- felt so light & airy, but also very Traditional. One of my favorite magazines.
I’m also as to what was on your plate! At first quick glance, thought Pimento Cheese, but now maybe Curried Shrimp Salad?

TheEnchantedHome on

Good guess but it was breakfast for my husband, eggs with onion and tomatoes, sourdough bread and avocado….we had been given fresh eggs from a friend with chickens so I got a little fancy:)

RW on

The low country home is the most perfect I have ever seen! I could move right in!

Caroline on

Such a pretty post, just what I needed!

I would definitely go back in time if I could, I think technology in my honest opinion has been an irreversible game changer and sadly not a good one for our youth! I have two kids under 15 Who are Way too addicted to their devices!

Fanny on

Thank you for all the beautiful things you share. I can’t wait for the Square Natural Planters to arrive! So exciting. And agree the home is SC is gorgeous. Wishing you a fab week.

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