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Hi there, hope you are doing well. So, on Thurs of last week,  I was panicking a little feeling like I had no idea what I was doing for my Easter table. I looked on Instagram and felt like everyone else had it all figured out weeks ahead of time. So I started with one element that always steers me in the right direction, flowers:) I first went to Whole Foods not sure if I could get to my favorite local flower resource and decided on all white.

But Friday afternoon, feeling a little more motivated,  I decided to pay a visit to my other local floral resource.  I picked up a beautiful selection of all white mixed flowers and felt like I was moving in the right direction. Amazing how they inspired me. I then went from a casual Easter dinner in our breakfast room to going all out in our dining room. It didn’t matter that it was just our immediate family this year plus one (son’s girlfriend). I wanted it to be special. Reflecting back on just how difficult this year has been, motivated me to go all out.

Besides until I started setting my table and pulling out all my favorite elements, I didn’t  realize just how much I missed doing that. I could not remember the last time I set a proper table, or arranged a bunch of beautiful flowers  for a celebration (big or small). When I say it felt good, I am telling you,  it felt GOOD!

I find I channel my energies into making things pretty even more so when I am stressed. Having a mother with Alzheimer’s is a daily if not hourly reminder of how fragile life is and there are more days than not that I either go to sleep teary eyed or wake up that way. The lack of control over the situation makes me feel powerless but I do the best I can and comfort myself by knowing how much she is loved and how incredibly well she is cared for (thanks Dad). I find I am my happiest when I can put that energy into doing something that does make me happy, like setting a pretty table.

Knowing my moms love of beautiful things, like linens and silver, fine china, etc……I channeled my “Mimi energy”. Though they could not be here this year, I am staying positive that next holiday (Thanksgiving) they will be seated at my table. So here is a look at the prep, part two (next week) will featured the finished table-


A funny side note- a lot of people call us to order a tulipiere and some ask about the proper pronunciation, here is the easiest way I have thought of to remember-

TULIP- PIERRE (think of a man named Pierre buying tulips)= TULIPIERE


It all starts with white flowers, and of course pretty containers (one thing I will never run out of)!

I love flowers in our large mint juleps, perfect for smaller spaces like end tables, nightstands and powder rooms

Really enjoying our new plum blossom cylinder container, perfect for florals (click here to see)

How fabulous are these hyacinths? I could not resist these.

Our small village scene tulipiere is back in stock, they look so elegant with white tulips (click here for tulipieres)

Got our my Blue Imperial Mottahedeh china, which looked perfect for what I was visualizing

Meanwhile more flowers being arranged, love using our hurricanes for vases, they make perfect floral vases!

Putting my silver chargers on the table, using silver always elevates the dining table and experience

You know how much I love my etched hurricanes, they are so so pretty.Even prettier when lit and you see all the intricate detailing (click here for our etched hurricanes)

Another thing I will never run out of, pretty flatware! (this is our pagoda flatware, click here)

I had a hard time deciding on which charger as I love them all, this new octagonal pierced is a beauty! We will hold a silver arrival sale next Tues and these will be on it for those who have asked


Putting two finished arrangements on the table

The small tuliiperes are perfect for this setting

Love these etched wine and water glasses from Williams Sonoma, they were perfect for an Easter table

A monogrammed akin is a must have and these work perfectly

Stating to add another layer, my beloved blue and and white bunnies!

Back in the kitchen finishing up my last arrangement in the tureen, so so. love how this one came out!

And then with what was left of the flowers, filled our mini vases with them (for my mantle)

Flowers ready to be placed on table and mantle

Put the hyacinths in our new plum cherry blossom cylinder container, love this, simple but elegant.


Hope you will stop back in next week where I will post part 2 and reveal my final table. I think it might just be my favorite table to date! Something about the all white next to the soft blues and blue and white is really eye catching.

It felt so good to be setting a pretty table and having a purpose to do so. Hoping there will be more of that as 2021 marches on. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a great day. Until next time……


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What a beautiful table! You certainly have a gift for beautiful design and tablescapes! Do you sell the monogrammed napkins in your shop? If not, could you share your source for them? They are so beautiful. Do you also sell the plate that you used under the etched hurricanes? You are an inspiration for those of us who are in design training. 🙂 Love your posts!

I love your home and that dining room is gorgeous with your sparkling crystal chandelier, sconces and table setting. So beautiful to look at and the colors all blend and are so tranquil. Love it all!

Tina-creating beauty is, indeed, therapeutic. I am glad you do that for yourself in a situation that you cannot control-I do understand how your emotions are working now-my beloved Nana had Alzheimers’ as well-I had been living in Europe for a long time and I came home to see her -I bought her the biggest bouquet of flowers I could because she loved them so much. Although she no longer remembered me, which was devastating for me, seeing her joy and shining face when I gave her the flowers is one of my most lasting memories of her that gives me joy to this day. Keep your chin up-keep creating beauty and say your prayers-

That…tablescapes…IS half the fun for me…since we moved to “rural”…it dorsn’t happen…as much…but, oh, when we were “in the city”…such fun!! franki

Everything Tina is beautiful as always. Such talent. The arrangement in the tureen is especially terrific.
I would love the source (if not you) for the monogram napkins. Gorgeous!

This year, with just the two of us, I “went all out” in our kitchen. First I spread Hubby’s favorite cloth with wide blue and white stripes, usually reserved for summer courtyard dining. Next, with only pansies in my garden, I arranged a spring mixture of faux flowers in one of your blue and white porcelain planters, and used a pair of tall pewter candleholders with ivory candles. Dark blue round “straw” mats under Blue Willow place settings rounded out our Easter table.

Tina, the flowers are fabulous. As always, you have created beautiful arrangements. I understand you pain with you mom. My mom had Alzheimer’s for many years. It’s such a cruel disease. As I am sure you’ve heard many times over…..enjoy each precious moment.

Absolutely love your all white flowers. Simple but elegant is always lovely. Mix in your Blue & White and life doesn’t get any better.

Beautiful! My daughter is now carrying your beautiful wares in her shop (Manor 909 in El Paso) and although I’ve ordered from you and been impressed, the goods she’s ordered from you are amazing! The quality far exceeded our expectations. We’ll both be ordering much more!

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