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Hello and happy Sunday. Hope you are enjoying a nice spring weekend!  Weather is warming up slowly but surely and it is such a sight for weary eyes to see everything starting to bloom and to watch the colors slowly come to life that have been dormant for so long.

Praying we continue to head into a positive direction after a brutal year for just about all of us. Our social outings are limited,  I am still very careful as I have not gotten the vaccine yet. Knowing someone who got Covid twice has me extra cautious until I do. But, I will take even crumbs of pre pandemic life where I can find them:) Moving along to this Sunday’s post-



1 AMAZING CUSTOMER PHOTOS There are few things I love more than seeing our products in your beautiful homes. Such fun to see what you do with them and the creativity out there is truly inspiring! I never cease to be amazed at my customer’s pictures.


2 CHARLOTTE’S MOSS’S NEW BOOK AND BABY’S BREATH I am a huge fan of Charlotte Moss, her style is flawless in my opinion, own every one of her books and have been greatly inspired by her timeless approach to design and of course share her love of flowers. Her newest book is not surprisingly a total home run. if you don’t own it already, you simply must, it did not disappoint and is a feast from start to finish.

Another takeaway is her belief in the often ignored baby’s breath. I am guilty for uttering the words many times to a florist – “Absolutely no baby’s breath in that arrangement”. Well how things come full circle. She talked about how much she loves using it with nothing else, and I decided to try it, and lo and behold,  I actually loved the effect. Its so soft and ethereal, perfect for spring.

Flanked this with two of our small pale blue village tulpieres with pretty tulips and it made a perfect arrangement on my mantle. Brava Charlotte!

Click here to order her book, you will not be sorry:)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a beautiful and inspiring roundup, I think this grouping subconsciously represents just how much I love my flowers. Lots of beauty this weekend!

4 FIRST PEEK AT SOME BEAUTIFUL NEW ITEMS. There are a lot of exciting things coming up and you are always the first to know about them! May is going to be a very busy and very exciting month at Enchanted Home.

I am over the moon about a new collection concept which I can only share a small part of right now. Waiting on my samples but I can instantly see a table beautifully laid out with these stunning delicate new tulipieres, can’t you? So delicate and fresh, perfect for spring/summer.

If it comes out as I am hoping, and I am very much crossing my fingers, not only will I give it the green light right sway, but I will do this in a green version as well:)


We have a truly amazing tole container en route (will be here in 3 weeks), and will hold our next tole presale in the next week, here is a sneak peek at some of the newest items which I am over the moon about, definitely a beautiful green and white moment.

Perhaps the thing I am most excited about are our new chinoiserie tole floor planters, absolutely obsessed with these. Three colorways, here are the two greens! Can’t you see big palms, or lemon trees or hydrangeas trees in these!

Of course, I couldn’t resist doing a little photoshop to experiment and these beauties did not disappoint, endless possibilities!

So happy our bamboo planters are coming back, in three colors- navy, ivory and black


5 ONE GORGEOUS HOME! This house is so exquisite, and so my taste , literally in every single room. So beautifully done, and extra brownie ones that they love blue and white. In fact, I do believe some of those pieces are from us!

Such a stunner!Suzanne Kasler really knocked this one out of the park and how fabulous is that backyard area, it is dazzling with the sea of white flowers against the green. Click here for more info

Photography by Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles



6 ACAI BOWLS!! I love following Earthy Andy, her organic and healthy approach to eating and living is very inspiring to me. Her acai bowls are epic and I have been working on my own acai bowl prowess.

I love this tutorial because it really does demystify making them, and shows that as long as you have the right ingredients and a high powered blender, you can do this! I made one the other day that I have to say, it  was really good and definitely allowed me to feel like I was indulging without really blowing watching it, we have been really good.

I actually love a acai bowl with blueberries and slivered almonds, maybe a little coconut. There are endless variations, but its a great and healthy substitute when you want something sweet and decadent. I buy frozen acai from Whole Foods.

Click here for Earthy Andy’s website.


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY As the race continues between Covid and the vaccine, just out of curiosity wondering how many have gotten it and if so which vaccine? If I had a choice,  I would have preferred the J and J vaccines, not now so sure.  I cannot get it quite yet since I still have the antibodies but next month! That said, I will take whatever they give me without a moments hesitation. So how about you?


Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday and relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time…..

PS Many of you have asked about the wicker urn/pedestal and how to preorder. As of today, these are available to preorder for our May 8th shipment, (another one coming May 18th). Limited number available for each shipment.

For anyone who ordered already from our presale- We got in about half of our shipment and are working on sending out presale orders from March now in the order they were received, the remainder of those will ship out around May 8th (there were a few shipping delays buy they are en route)!

Click here for info

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Yes, got my last Pfizer Monday! Happy with that.
Beautiful post, and I must say Charlotte’s book is amazing!

I have always loved Baby’s Breath, especially mixed with different shades of pink Roses or white. Looks so pretty for individual small arrangements at each place on a Brunch table. Never understood why it was so avoided. Delicate flowers.

I have always loved Baby’s Breath. As a matter of fact, my bridal bouquet was white baby’s breath sprinkled with silver glitter and tied with silver ribbons. My bridal party had pink baby’s breath bouquet.

Please do extensive research (not on Google) before taking this experimental injection. It is not a vaccine and it has not been successfully tested on animals. We are not getting the full impact of what this injection holds for our future health. Why take the risk of injecting something into your body when Covid is 99% curable in the majority of the population and there are known therapeutics to counter the virus. There is so much more to this injection than we are being told!

Baby’s breath is so versatile. I’ve always seen it just in bouquets but never on it’s own. I really like it. Thank you for the wicker presale update. I ordered the breakfast tray and wondered where it was. I’ll keep waiting.

Everything is so beautiful and I need the green and white planter in my house now! 😊😊

I would LOVE to order the wicker tulippers. When do you think they will be coming in?? Could I preorder??

Just Curious ? Where did MARY JANE STRAWN get her PhD from ? Asking for a Friend 🙂

Blessings to you Tina !

Getting my second shot on Monday and look forward to slowly getting back to some degree of normalcy our area however is having a surge again.

Love your pretty new things and like you I love my Vitamix! Have you made hummus? Thanks for the intro to Earthy Andy. I like her already.

Name another virus/disease that you have already contracted and been infected with and are then told to get vaccinated against that same virus/disease to prevent infection and illness. That is medical nonsense. Please use some common sense folks. And yes I do have have a science degree and have studied viruses and bacteria and spore originated disease.

Totally not on topic but in response to some irresponsible comments…..Stop the vaccine non-sense. Typical flu season in the USA, 61,000 deaths for 45,000,000 illnesses, a 0.135% Many get a flu shot which may or may not work. With CoVid-19 in the USA, current death rate is approx 2+% for those who get it….approximately 20 times more lethal! Testing on animals is so Unnecessary….we’ve used animals since ethically, we don’t test on humans (Hitler did this during WWII)….that’s one of the reasons this ‘vaccine’ came about so quickly…there were/are humans who were willing to take it. If you are going to spout off fear, then provide your prima facie evidence.

Katherine, taking your challenge – the FLU. Have had and get the vaccine since per annual recommendations.

I love babies breath. Always have. My saying is “No carnations”. Also think the home highlighted in Atlanta Homes is gorgeous. The blue piping on the chairs is exquisite. Yes, the blue and white looks like yours. Always enjoy your Seven on Sunday posts. Please keep them coming.

Up until April 12th, I had not known anyone personally who died of Covid. That all changed, however, in the blink of an eye. My big handsome 6 foot 6 nephew died of Covid that day at age 38. So, I take great exception with someone who comes on this beautiful blog about decor and makes a statement full of erroneous information. The Covid vaccine is hardly experimental. Also ~ if “Covid is 99% curable in the majority of the population” and “there are known therapeutics to counter the virus” then why have there been over 567, 000 deaths just in the US in the last 14 months?

One of the prettiest bride’s bouquet I remember was a large bunch of baby’s breath wit a wide double faced satin bow with monogrammed tails!

The florists around here were quite snooty about baby’s breath and did not like to use it especially with roses but honestly, I do not have a problem with it at all and think it adds a lot to many bouquets. The bride’s bouquet sounds lovely in a post above.

Katherine- I’d like to answer your question. Influenza, Pertussis, Malaria, Shingles to name a few off the top of my head. Spreading misinformation is not helpful. And yes I also have a science degree but would never think I know a tiny fraction of what virologists, PhDs and MD who have spend their life working on these problems.

Love your pictures….so beautiful!! Got the 1st and 2nd shot of Moderna. So I am good to go. One son and daughter in-law are also done with their shots. The other son and daughter-in-law are saying they are not going to get theirs. All I had to say on that was “going to miss you all on the family cruise”! Lol

I always enjoy your Sunday posts, I am off to check out some of these beautiful instagram sites.

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