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Good Tuesday morning to you.  I periodically share recent happenings or highlights from the last week or so via pictures from my iPhone. Nothing earth shattering by any means and I look forward to when I get back to fun adventures but for now its a pretty low key existence:)

Hope you have had a great weekend, mine could have been smoother but hoping for smoother sailing into the week! Here we go-



My perseverance with my azalea topiaires  paid off, they are blooming like mad! i wish I could keep them looking this way forever! Shown here in our trellis/floral cylinder pot (click here)

My first attempt at zucchini chips! These were SO good, only thing I learned was you cannot make them too thin, I used a mandolin but need to cut them thicker next time. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and heavy on the oregano. Baked at 275 for about 2 hours. As good as potato chips!

My favorite tree on our property coming into bloom, I anticipate it every year:)

Happy to announce these sold out beautiful ginger jar salt and peppers are back in production.

This was supposed to have been set outside but mother nature was not cooperating, so moved it indoors

Just love this variegated tulip in our small village scene tulpieres, a match made in heaven:)

As we are working to shed the pandemic pounds, this is a go to meal, baked bronzini (olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt, pepper and oregano) with a chopped Greek salad, healthy and satisfying

Was inspired by Charlotte Moss to not shun baby’s breath (though I have most of my life). Proof that it can hold its own!

Our etched glass line… of my proudest achievements!

I love black tole and these two are two of my favorite containers, I was torn which one to use so I decided to use one of each! Click here to see our tole planters

Above is last week and below, a week late. Almost in full bloom and the grass even greener:)

One of my favorite meals, super easy light Shrimp Scampi and a vegetable, satisfying and low cal

When I cannot get fresh flowers, our gorgeous faux peonies do just fine! Shown here are 2 clusters in each container. Click here to see

Loving our new cylinder pots to use as oversized utensil holders! Sold out of this one but have a few left of the same in a bird/floral, click here

Friend came by and brought the prettiest flowers! Thankfully there is never a shortage of pretty containers around here

Was so excited to see our gorgeous wicker pagodas come back in stock, small, medium and large (click here, scroll down for individual sizes)


Set up a table for two in my dining room for my husband and I because we never use that room and I have no idea why:) Plus any chance to use our new pierced dinnerware is good enough reason for me!

Our tall pagoda salt and peppers are back in

Adore our painted pagodas and can see planning a summer party around them!

Just smitten with our new 6″ wicker box planter, perfect for smaller arrangements and myrtle topiaires like what I did here, brand new! Click here to see on shop

Our new cylinder containers make a gorgeous vessel to hold flowers too….

My white azalea topiaries still blooming like made, lots of TLC (daily watering) and an occasional spray with water all over the blossoms


And there is life in the last week or two , at least the good and pretty side of things! Always appreciate you stopping in, wishing everyone a beautiful day. Hope the sun is shining and the birds  are chirping. Spring is alive over here and I couldn’t be happier about it. Until next time….

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Tina you are inspiring me to try more and more plants and flowers. Many of them intimate me. Nothing better than bringing blooms and plants indoors. There is this gorgeous loveliness of life to your space🌸🌼🌻🥀🌹⚘🌿🍀☘🌷😉💗

I absolutely love your wood-paneled room. It’s so timeless and lovely. It looks like it’s an English manor home, or a French Chateau or a Scottish castle. Your home and decor is a feast for the eyes. all so beautiful.

So glad the salt and pepper blue and white are coming back. I have wanted those!
Thank you for all you do! My very favorite healthy salad is your Greek salad recipe. Everyone loves it.
Finally – can you do a skincare update? You did one before and I really liked that post.
Happy Tuesday! 💗

I wish I were your neighbour. Life is beautiful, and more so because of you. Thank you.

SO gorgeous…every single photo! Thank you for posting! I must know about your dining room chairs…are those Pugs? As a Pug and English Bulldog Mom, I would love to know where you got your fabric from?! I’m swooning over it!!! ❤️

What a pretty pretty post. I always love seeing life through your lens because even when you’re not having a good day you choose to find the good and positive.
Just received a beautiful shipment from you of some lovely tole planters, even better in person!

The mention and photos your of shrimp scampi inspired me to make it today. We have begun our mindful eating here too. And, you always bring so many pretty photos of things for the home. My home is definitely my refuge and my happy place. Stay blessed.

I made your shrimp w/zucchini recipe for dinner and it was yummy. I think it’s very similar to your shrimp scampi dish for those looking for your scampi recipe ( recently learned that scampi means shrimp so shrimp scampi is redundant – lol).

I used my bamboo flatware for my Easter table. It looked lovely. So well made and I highly recommend!

Love seeing all of your beautiful products in use. So many wonderful pieces to add to a collection.

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