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Hello! Yes,  three of my most favorite things. In fact, I decided I need an entire room lined with shelves for all my containers and planters.One can never have too many! And because I love flowers as much as I do, I definitely do not see that changing any time soon:)

I was stressed over something lately and when stressed, I either indulge ins something decadent (as in chocolate or cheese and bread) or go buy flowers so the latter seemed to be the more sensible answer and off to buy flowers I went. I had no idea really what I was looking for, just got whatever caught my eye. I knew there was no shortage of beautiful containers waiting at home.

We are going to be doing some photography later this week  and have friends coming over for dinner this weekend so knew these flowers would see plenty of mileage. We are offering a free porcelain bud base with any purchase of any container, vase or planter ($75 or more) today and tomorrow to celebrate. And don’t forget Mother’s Day is around the corner.

So have a look at me having fun with flowers, planters and containers-


Part of my “loot”

Our pale village scene pieces look so pretty with every color flower

Our silver mint juleps make the prettiest vases for tight bouquets of flowers (click here)

Beautiful yellow parrot tulips are so fresh and spring like

This is our large pale blue village which we have 1 or 2 left of, just got in mediums! Click here

I decided to experiment, taking away one section then two sections for a different lower profile look and you know what, it looks great every way!

Tried yellow tulips in our pretty little pieced container (out of stock coming back March 2nd) Click here to see all our silver containers

You know my feeling on using our medium hurricanes as the prettiest flower vases! Click here to see them

Our gorgeous mini bud vases are sold as a set of 5 or individually, I love them for end tables, nightstands and powder room vanities (click here)

This big vase is our medium Ralph vase, one i deigned and one of my favorites! Down to only a handful, click here

The square vase on left is fold out but coming back late May and the silver wine cooler to the right is brand new (being added later today)

One of my favorite large silver container is this flared/etched silver planter/beverage tub (click here to see)

One of my new bud vases!

Love this stylish footed green planter, just came back in stock (click here)


An unexpected color combination but I actually really like it:)

Here it is in the light blue, we are sold out but getting more in late May (also comes in a pretty pink which just came back in )

Love the way this came out, such pleasing colors

Few things make me happier than seeing a table full of beautiful flowers


Today and tomorrow, every container, planer and vase you will receive one of our beautiful new bud vases! Click here for shop (all subcategories are to the left)

Flowers just make me so happy. They take me to a pretty and peaceful place, where the chaos of the world is left behind even if for an hour or two. I always say, they are quite literally my form of therapy:) Hope you enjoyed the post and maybe got some ideas of your own. Thank you for stopping in and wishing everyone a beautiful day. Until next time…..

Have you heard the exciting news? Stay tuned!

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So many beautiful options to chose from. I really love the Greek key hurricane, it’s also so versatile!

Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful pictures of all your wonderful flowers, we’re in our third lockdown and see this brings me such joy. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some flowers soon. Blessings to you🙏

Carolyne Roehm is a favorite, so I’m looking forward to whatever you two are cooking up for June.

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