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Hello, guess it seems a bit late talking about my Easter table when we are nearly in May. Somehow this post got lost in the shuffle but I was way too pleased with how my table looked to not do a post on it:)

Part 1 (click here to see it)  showed you the pretty flowers I bought and how they inspired me to create a beautiful Easter table. A far cry from my original idea of doing it more casually in the breakfast room. I realized we hardly ever use our dining room and it was madness to not take advantage of a special family day like Easter. So I went all out:)

It was just 6 of us (5 immediate family members and my son’s girlfriend). It was a wonderful day, one that made me really happy. Having all my little birds in my nest is the best thing in life, and just sitting around the table in an intimate way was so enjoyable and meant so. much . We laughed, reminisced, swapped funny stories and just enjoyed being a family gathered around the table together. Amazing how good it feels, though my extended family members were very missed (and we set a full table in their honor).

So,  here is my table all set up, I tried to include sources for everything as many ask. I literally forgot how enjoyable it is to set a beautiful table. It had been that long. I wish the flowers could have been preserved to look that way forever and I would kept my dining room like this permanently:) Hope you enjoy-


Hyacinths make everything prettier!

In the afternoon we set up for a fwe simple appetizers using my figurine plates and new pierced chargers

Meanwhile, here is what was cooking on the stove all day, the most incredible Beef Bourguignon-

And here is my dining room all set-

Many ask about our handpainted murals they are from Paul Montgomery Studios

Tablecloth was custom made, it was the perfect light blue and double width so it was a match made in heaven

Shown are our gorgeous square scallo9ped silver planters, our beautiful etched hurricanes alongside timeless Imperial Garden china from Mottahedeh

Beautiful etched stemware from Williams Sonoma

I love mint juleps for so many things, they are perfect for holding utensils, so much more elegant than a flatware caddy (click here to see our mint juleps)

Used the small blue village tulip9ieres on the table, the perfect scale for fitting in with everything else (these are on the porcelain presale today)

Monogrammed napkins and flatware from our shop

Square scalloped chargers coming back in stock next week! (click here to see our collection of silver chargers)

Here is a closeup of my mongrammed napkin done on our linen hemstitched dinner napkin

And our gorgeous pagoda and new scalloped flatware, when I can’t decide, I mix them:)

This chandelier is from Ralph Lauren and my dining chairs are from EJ Victor

All etched glass from our shop (click here to see) and the silver candelabra I am happy to announce is back in production!

Loved our porcelain bunnies and eggs used on the table (they are back production) and looking to have this gorgeous tureen manufactured!

Our beautiful pagoda flatware (click here to see)  with the new octagon pierced silver charger, LOVE this charger!

My mantle flowers carried over the theme. with an assortment of vases, including our new mini vases (click here to see)


Until Sunday night, the entire shop (except presales) is 20% off AND 20% of all sales will be donated to Unicef to help the devastation in India. Click here to visit shop.


That’s a wrap, and hoping I will have the opportunity to set many more tables as the pandemic slowly starts to fade away into the past (hopefully for good). I just can’t wait to celebrate with a special dinner or a small party, something, anything! Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time….

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I am not on Instagram and have no wish to sign up. But I used to be able to click below and see your posts anyway. Sorry that’s no longer possible.

Please let me know how to get hold of the company who made your Easter tablecloth. It is VERY difficult to find resources where cutwork tablecloths can be ordered. I’m not interested in plastic or polyester fabric. Thank you.

Could you please share the source of your figurine appetizer plates. They are beautiful! Just ordered your wicker liner jar in advance of your offering of the wicker column and vase. Can hardly wait.

Thank you for your Easter photos.
So very happy you had a wonderful holiday with your son, family and friends!
Stay safe and healthy…

Beautiful table setting and decor, would love the source of the pagoda and scalloped flatwear! Love the ginger jars!!

Good morning, Thank you for the lovely share of your beautiful Easter table and lovely sentiments. High five!
Looking forward to receiving recent purchases. Always inspiring! Stay safe and enjoy.

I’ve never seen such a beautiful table, you are a master at your craft!

I get so many great ideas from you- this is spectacular!

I would absolutely love it if you could manufacture that tureen! So beautiful!

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