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Hello and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! By far the hardest (and most fulfilling) job on the planet.  To be a mother is to appreciate and honor a fellow mother. It is a 24/7 job that never ends, but one that bring immense fulfillment and gratitude unlike anything else in life. Through the highs and lows, I could never imagine not being a mom, life would be so boring:) Hey, being a mom of three boys is not for the faint of heart lol.

To my own mother who I had the great fortune to visit this week, there are no words to convey how much you are loved and adored. My greatest blessing in life has been having you as my mother. She was my first friend,  remains my best friend and will be my forever friend. Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Hard to believe we are about to head into the second week of May.   I first want to announce the winner of the wicker planter. Congratulations goes to-

Bethany Burke on

I’ve never seen wicker ginger jars! So adorable. I’m a Navy wife and we just moved into a new home. I’m trying my best to achieve an “English Country” style and the wicker jars would be a beautiful addition to our dining room table!!


We are preparing for a busy busy month in May and then I am really hoping to be able to carve out some summer “down time”. Maybe even a trip later in the summer,  depending on how Covid continues to play out, hopefully will be gone for good and fade into the distance.  I think it’s safe to say, we are all craving some of the things in life we greatly missed, and travel is high on that list. Moving along to this weekend’s Seven on Sunday.


  1 NEW GOODIES ON THE WAY! The month of May is going to be a big one  for us. So many of the shipments/container that have been part of a worldwide holding pattern are finally en route and we will be receiving  5 shipments this month alone, the flood gates are opening:) Here is a sneak peek of some amazing new goodies heading this way very soon- If there is a theme for our continuer arriving mid June, it’s ginger jar galore. We are getting in so many ginger jars including some spectacular new additions!

And next week we will be restocked on our fabulous new porcelain pierced dinnerware (chargers and dinner plates for now) the pieces being added in June.

These are available to preorder (click here)

Our wicker line continues to grow, shown above is our new octagonal wicker ginger jars now in stock and our tulipieres (coming later this month)! As of tomorrow you can preorder these online under presale offers.

2 CALLING ALL FLOWER LOVERS!  Then you will love this absolutely fascinating documentary if you love flowers as much I do! This is a behind the scenes look at the billion dollar flower industry, I found it totally fascinating and it completely  validates why I am so obsessed with flowers:)

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Ahhh, so much beauty out in the world! Love this round up, hope you do too.

4 SUCH A UNIQUE GIFT IDEA! A friend of mine had a song custom made for her (by Songfinch) given as. gift for her 50th birthday and I thought this was such a wonderful and most unique gift idea. It wasn’t at all silly or kitschy but actually was a really beautiful song, very professionally done and best part, customized to be all about her. I just adore this idea and will be keeping this gift idea in my memory bank. Click here for more info

5 A NEW HOTEL  TO ADD TO MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST! Someone I know just came back from here and I must say I am mighty tempted, they absolutely loved it This hotel looks incredible, part of the new Ritz Carlton Reserve group, this makes a very strong argument to start traveling again! Click here for more information

6 A FAVORITE  TABLESSCAPE OF 2021!  I just love the way this impromptu table came out, hopefully the first of many to come. It was a gorgeous May evening and way too beautiful to not eat outside. So I set the table for 4 and just fell in love with the way it came out. I love the flower colors, the touch of silver against the fresh soft shades of blue, of course our beautiful new pierced porcelain dinner waste and my daily go to, our melamine! This is a look I will most certainly repeat.

These beautiful ginger jar salt and peppers have been sold out but are back in production (will be here later June)

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY If the decorating fairy descends upon your home tomorrow and said you can redo one room in your house, which would it be? I read a survey recently about which room people would choose and it will be fun to see if the result here mimic that of the poll I read about. You can only choose one:)


And that is a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the post, anything particularly resonate? Love hearing from you and thank you for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and a relaxing end to your weekend:) Once again a very Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there, wishing you an especially wonderful day.  Until next time…..

For all the deserving moms out there, we have a 20% site wide today! Use code mother, click here to visit shop and be sure to check out all the new arrivals!

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The white pierced porcelain is so beautiful. Love that look. Have you considered doing a white pierced porcelain ginger jar?

Wonderful post!! Do you remember where you found the beautiful tablecloth? Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for the memories of the flower market. I visited this auction site in April 2005 and was fascinated by the process. Extremely fast paced from the bids to the forklifts moving the sold items for distribution. It was the highlight of our trip!

your table setting is gorgeous! love your products and all the new things coming in.

The custom song idea is brilliant!

Happy Mother’s Day! Just a mild correction…..on your instagram post, it’s confederate jasmine, not honeysuckle. It’s one of the signature scents of April and May in the south!

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