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Hi so as I told you, we are finally starting to see the gold at the end of the rainbow! Our shipments (porcelains) are coming in we are doing a happy dance! Despite the “porcelain drought” we will be very well stocked going forward. You will probably want to take a 15 minute break to go through this and be able to enjoy all the pretty things coming in:)

This container is loaded with some favorites that we have waiting several months for and a bunch of gorgeous new items as well. If there is a theme for this container, it’s absolutely ginger jars!! An amazing and beautiful assortment so if you are on the hunt for the perfect ginger jar, chances are you will find it here. One of our biggest containers to date. Due in around June 21st so before you know it:)

Of course,  best part is the presale pricing, a great time to save and reserve your order. We are due for a price increase before mid summer but have kept out prices at their extremely competitive pricing for now. If you know the prices of fine porcelain you will no double recognize the values here.

Something for everyone here and I already have several items picked out because yes, we all know you can never have too much blue and white:) Please before placing your order, especially if you are new to these- read over the rules first-

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • This is a presale offer for container arriving around June 22nd.
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $600 gets 10% off
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email for info)
  • Wholesale customer? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565




Let’s get this show on the road……


ITEM 1 Elated that  my all time favorite grand ginger jar is coming back. This is what I would call a grande dame of ginger jars. Seeing is believing and this one is a showstopper. If you know prices of very large, finely detailed ginger jars then you will recognize the incredible price point here. Limited numbers coming in. When I say its grand, its grand. So much so that the lid ships in its own box:) I love the design and the raised dot detailing, just incredible looking!

Measures 26″ tall


A “real life” shot

ITEM 2 Our iconic songbird ginger jar is finally flying home:) A stunning piece with a lot of white space so blends in beautifully if you enjoying mixing and matching styles/blues (like I do)!

Measures 17.5″


ITEM 3 Our top selling floral and lily pad jar is coming home. This is an elegant pieces with a beautiful classic design hand painted with raaised figurine detailing and a foo dog lid. Measures 17.5″ tall


ITEM 4 Our chunky jar series is one of our customer favorites. Beautiful shape and a wonderful assortment of styles.  Getting back in stock our dragon and open field stytles.

Measures 17″ tall


Specify dragon or open field

ITEM 5  NEW!This beauty is a new addition and I love the design, so decorative end interesting. It is highly decorate and love the various blue shadings…a beauty.

Measures 18.25″


ITEM 6 Our popular pair of bird jars are coming back. These are so pretty and come as a pair. Can be used together or spread the love:) Get them while you can, they go fast.

Measures 17.5″

$275 for the pair

ITEM 7 Love this mid size all over floral jar, a favorite of mine. Also beautiful filled with flowers, just the right size. Great for mantles too!

Measures 14.5″


ITEM 8 Another favorite mid size jar is this elegant floral and pheasant jar with mini foo dog lid. Mixes and matches beautifully with other jars and porcelains. Another jar that works well on mantles.

Measures 14.25″


ITEM 9 Our mid size customer favorite is coming home….this pretty double happiness is a crowd pleaser. Beautiful as pair or mixed in with other designs.

Measures 15″


ITEM 10 NEW! SUPER excited over these fabulous new jars!! They come in three sizes and are they ever beautiful. Love the design, the lattice border, just fabulous!

Extra large 25″. $185.00

Large 20″ $160.00

Medium 18″ $140.00

One jar, three perfect sizes!

Specify size when ordering

ITEM 11 Our mini double happiness tea jar is finally coming back. Adore this piece, its perfect for mantles and atop a stack of books, works nicely with flowers too.

Measures 7.5″


ITEM 12 Our mini double happiness is the cutest!  Love this mixed in with larger pieces, a perfect way to finish a vignette, also have used them for my mantles.

Measures 5.5″


ITEM 13 Calling all foo dog lovers!! Finally getting them in again, I was getting impatient.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$50.00 for the pair

Specify green,  white or navy

ITEM 14 NEW! Doing a serious happy dance over getting these again! We have been sold out for many months and these are my all time favorite planters. Incredible detail, hand painted with piercing and scalloped shapes. Checks all the boxes! Perfect for orchids, fresh flowers, ferns, greenery, the list goes on! You will not find prettier planters than these!

Round measures  14″ x 9″


Rectangular measures 14″ x 14″ x 9″


ITEM 15 Our blue/white incredible tall garden seat is coming back in. Such a beauty with elegant handpainted garden scene and pierced porcelain detailing.

Measures 18.5″


Specify blue, green or pink

ITEM 16 This regular square vase with beautiful “handles” is a beauty.  Looks amazing with a big spray of blossoms or branches and equally beautiful with fresh flowers.

Measures 18″ x 7″ at its widest point


ITEM 17 Getting more of our fabulous pierced dinnerware! Offered today are the charger and dinner plates. We are waiting for the remaining pieces (soup bowl, salad plate, 2 serving platters and a serving bowl) We will offer those next month

Charger 14.5″ $44.00

Dinner plate $30.00 each

ITEM 18 Our elegant square planter with plate is a customer favorite. There is nothing that doesn’t look sensational in this beautiful two piece planter.

Measures 10″ x 9.5″ x 8″


ITEM 19 NEW! So excited over this new jar and have two on reserve:) So many beautiful details to take in, the shape, the gorgeous design the pretty foo dog lid and raised detailing on the top. A beauty that will work so nicely with other jars/styles. I think the size makes it an ideal choice for mantles!

Measures 15.5″ x 6″


ITEM 20 Our favorite flat tops are coming back! These are so beautiful and literally work with everything. I move mine around all the time!

Measures 9.5″


Choose cherry blossom or floral

ITEM 21 White tulipieres are coming home just in time for beautiful summer entertaining. There is no color that doesn’t looks sensational with these white tulipieres! These come in four parts for ease of adding water and arranging.

Small measures 14″ $85.00

Large measures 32″ $240.00

ITEM 22 Our darling blue and white foo dogs are coming back, these sell out fast but we tripled up on the quantity so hopefully they will be around a little longer.  They are teh perfect accompaniment to any vignette and make a mighty stylish pair of bookends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$75.00 for the pair

ITEM 23 NEW! How pretty is this gorgeous new octagonal planter. Perfect for orchids, boxwoods, topiaries and more. I can see a pair of these with orchids on a console, so elegant. Great size for mantles too.

Measures 10.5″ x 7.25″


ITEM 24 Our fabulous green/white village scene jar will be back in stock, so happy! Adore this piece.I want to create a new room just to use a pair of these:) So fresh!

Measures 18″ tall


ITEM 25 We are getting in a limited number of dragon jumbo fishbowls.These are spectacular. Perfect for large scaled palms, boxwoods, trees, etc…..just in time to add some serious elegance to your patio! Love the pattern and the lion head with ring detailing. A beauty!

Measures 23″ x 20″


These must ship freight

ITEM 26 We have a handful of these most magnificent soldier jars that stand nearly four and a half feet! If you want something grand, this is your answer!! These are just spectacular with amazing attention to detail.

These grand majestic jars are coming here Friday or Monday, most are for previous orders but we ordered about 8 extra (normally these are special order only) These are simply breathtaking. They stand almost 5 feet tall! Seeing is believing, with these amazing ginger jars.  People use these both indoors and out. A more spectacular solider jar you will not find! Must ship freight. If you know the prices that comparable jars go for, you will recognize the sensational value here.

This beauty measure 47″ tall

Presale price $725.00

These must ship freight

Here are some pictures taken of the jar at our warehouse last time they were in so you can see the detailing



One lucky winner will win a pair of our darling mini blue/white bud vases! Just leave a comment telling us your favorite item or two and how you would use it. You will be in the urnning. Will announce a winner on Sunday!

Told you this was good! Best part it will be here in about 2 weeks, so almost like instant gratification. Remember you can call or email your order in. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time…….



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Jennifer on

Ahhhh, I love all the jars! Those mini vases would make a great addition to my collection 😉

Susan Kayden on

So many gorgeous things, but my absolute favorite is the adorable pair of blue and white Foo Dogs.

Susan M. on

My favorite is the blue and white tall garden seat! It is so beautiful!!
I would use the mini vases when guests come to visit. I would pick some flowers from my garden and put them in my guest bedrooms.

Jennifer S on

I like all of the happiness jars. Great displayed together!

Anita Morgan on

I love blue and white planters for floral arrangements. The rectangular one would be perfect with a mass of paperwhites for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Jennifer Toebben on

The jumbo fishbowls would be fabulous by my pool! Everything is beautiful!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

I love this calendar! How did I miss this! As soon as I am settled in my new home I will be checking for things to decorate it with from the shop!

Jane on

Love the blue garden stool. Love it as an end table or by the tub in a bathroom.

Jenny Luken on

Love everything here. I am buying a lottery ticket today and when I win I will buy it all.

Susan K on

Love the mini foos. I think that they would be fab on a dining room table next to the crystal hurricanes!

Susan C. on

I love the floral and lily pad jars. They have such a beautiful shape and the all over pattern that is so interesting. They look like a gorgeous pice of fabric coming to form.

Jenny on

Timeless blue and white. A collection that sparks joy!!

Blair on

The first jar in the list is a favorite!! I have a perfect spot for it on top of my China cabinet. Also love the white tulipieres. Perfect for summer dining table…

Ms. Tracey on

That octagonal planter. I need that piece. Tina so many unbelievably beautiful pieces. 🥰💙

AFN on

The grand ginger jar is my favorite in this collection. I would use it in my entry to be admired. Could be used
as umbrella, cane holder or in my garden. Beautiful design. Glad to see the white tulipieres again. They are so versatile and fit on my table and sideboard perfectly.

Tahani on

I love this kind of vasa and all of Them and blue and white thank you so much

Susan Bonfield on

I am very fond of item 23. I would use it as you have shown it. Orchids are my passion and pretty containers are a necessity.

Rose on

My absolute favorite is the blue and white garden seat. I would use it in my gazebo that I am refurbishing following my husband’s death. It was his favorite place, and I want to make it beautiful again.

Cheri P on

Hoping some of your pastel collection will be coming in again soon.

Just doing a refresh and switching out my pale pinks for pale blues for summer. Would love the little vases to compliment.

BB on

Love number 18, the planter with a saucer. So pretty and useful!

Sharon F. on

What beautiful pieces – each and every one! So happy to see the navy foo dogs. Been waiting!

Stephanie C on

I love the blue and white garden seat! I would use it as an end table in my front room.

Cheryl Bruce on

Love, love your porcelain! Placing my order today! Your designs are the best I’ve seen and I love that I do not see it in every store I visit.

Beverly Buckner Baker on

I just love your collection. I have never been disappointed

Linda Beth on

Love the blue and white garden seat. It would be perfect placed between my two blue velvet chairs in the living room!

Marie K Ketchersid on

Amazing collection! Love the dragon jumbo fish bowl! This was worth waiting for. Thanks.

Tim F. on

Love the soldier jars. Perfect for my foyer.

Cheryl Brewer on

Ahhhh so hard to pick a favorite! But, I do love the floral and lily pad jar quite a bit!

Fanny on

Beautiful blue and white! I’ve been waiting for number 6. These ginger jars will look wonderful on the fireplace mantle in our game room. Love!

Paulette P. on

The octagonal planter looks so lovely with the orchids in the picture. This planter will be versatile for use in so many ways. It would be perfect on my living room coffee table.

Erin Nantais on

How exciting to get this shipment in! I’ve been wanting some ideas for white orchid arrangements, definitely have some options with these jars!

Francine on

I am in the process of a total renovation of my master bath and both a garden seat and octagonal planter for an orchid would be the perfect finishing touches to my decor!

Averie Bartlett on

My favorite items are the double happiness jars!! I would mix them with my existing chinoiserie pieces in my entryway where I have a bit of a “blue and white” theme going!

Ashley T. on

The octagonal planters with orchids would be beautiful, they are my favorite!!

Maria on

I love the blue vases. I have chinoiserie collections on the table of my front porch and would love to keep adding.

Phyllis Klish on

I love the blue and white foo dogs and agree that they would look lovely as bookends!

Judith E Orazi on

I LOVE the pair of bird jars. My only problem would be which of three locations would become their home!

Bobbi Harris on

The extra-large lattice-border ginger jar is spectacular! It would shine in a grouping of chinoiserie, but be an awesome stand-alone on my mirrored dining room sideboard.

Jen on

The soldier jars are so beautiful, wish I could find a spot for them!

susan bailey on

Will the mini jars be available anytime soon ??

TheEnchantedHome on

Yes both styles will be in our next shipment early July!

Rita on

Wonderful assortment! I could not limit my fav to one! The Grands are gorgeous and would be perfect on top of a very large armoire in my foyer. The mini happiness jars would be fun mixed in my bookcases in my husband’s study. Love your selection 💙🤍

MB on

Item 2 is appealing to me due to the negative (white) space. The contrast with primarily blue pieces will add interest and breaks up the view for interest. ,
All of the pieces are beautiful.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

In love with those soldier jars!!!

Charlotte Gibson on

Tina everything is gorgeous. I love the tuliperies and would love to have a pair for flowers for my dining room table.

ReneP. on

I just love the white pierced chargers! I picture a group of them hanging on a kitchen/sunroom wall, so very pretty!

Sandra Brown on

I need those bud vases to go w/ the foo dogs I’m ordering! Please pick me!

Alexandra T on

So much goodness!! Love those new large dragon fishbowls!

Linda Buckingham on

I love the blue/white mini vases! Just received the “set of 5” and they’re perfect.
I’m having a luncheon this summer for my dearest friends (who helped me through breast cancer a few yrs ago) and I plan on putting one at each place (with a flower or two) for them to take home as a small gift for their friendship.

Kay on

Those blue and white foo dogs would look stunning in my new/antique secretary desk!

Jane Rujawitz on

I love the blue and white Foo dogs and emailed my order today. I plan to use them in a bookcase vignette. Love the lily pad ginger jar as well. Hope to use that on my entry table.

Nancy Torosian Butler on

Hello! I’m new to the ‘blue-tiful’ club and am very excited about all the fabulous items. I ordered two of the grand ginger jars and the large rectangular planter — they are so impressively elaborate! I plan to use the two grand ginger jars on two vintage oriental end tables (purchased in San Francisco) that I just found in a neighbor’s moving sale — so heavy and ornate. What a statement they will make! And, I can hardly wait to fill the planter with multiple orchids (blue and white of course) and reindeer moss and jumbo amaryllis bulbs for the holidays. Hopefully I will be able to expand my new collection with the mini vases!

Tammy Breed on

Item 24 the green and white jar is so crisp and bright ! I love them all ! I normally gravitate to the blue , but just love these ! I would flank my mantle with them to be seen when I sit in the living room 🤗

Juanita p on

I’m new so I had a hard time deciding from all the blue and white! So I chose item 9 to match the one my daughter gave me for Christmas. Item 16 are going on my mantel on either side of my big mirror. Can’t wait to get them!!

Lisa Tague on

Every piece is perfect , so difficult to decide ! I love the large fishbowl , vision of Christmas time . Just dreaming about what I can do with this beautiful large fishbowl . Thank you for all the gorgeous products over the years . I am a true fan and I understand how difficult it has been with the pandemic and disruptions of the supply chain . You never disappoint .

Mary Lou Layden on

I have been wanting the blue & white foo dogs and will order tonight !! Can’t wait to style them with my other blue & white jars in a vignette, use as bookends on tabletops or just sitting atop some books- so many ways to use these darling little boys ! ( or girls 😃 !). Haha !!

Jacqueline on

The foo ogs, item 22. I WANT THEM I love the pattern. I will use them in my book case. A beautiful addition to my books!

Jacqueline on

The foo dogs, item 22. I WANT THEM I love the pattern and will use them in my book case. A beautiful addition to my books!

K. P. on

Love it all – especially the flat top jars!

Debbie White on

The blue/white Foo dogs will be perfect for my collection and I’m ordering today!!! The bud vases would compliment my recent update to my patio. Can’t get enough of blue/white and now having to move the decor outside because the interior will not handle anymore!😜.

Donna Wilson on

Blue and white overload!!😍
Those bird jars that are sold in pairs are nothing short of sensational!!

Deborah on

They are all gorgeous! But, the green garden seats are my favorites!

Denise on

You always have THE most beautiful collection! Now I just need to narrow down what I want!

Kathy M on

Item 10, the new jars, are my favorite today. I would put a pair of them on my dining room table. Beautiful!

Kerry-Lynne on

Love all of these new items! Excited to add the all over floral jars to my dining room buffet!

Elizabeth Thomas on

All 3 colors of the beautiful garden seats are fabulous!! Also love and want the pierced white China!!

Thompson LaTreva on

I turned 55 and in doing so turned into my mother. Loving blue ginger jars.! My favorite is item 2.

Tricia on

I want one of EVERYTHING please! My favorites are the pierced rectangular planter and the blue and white Foo Dogs. Those are a must!

Judy Toline on

Blue and white blue foo dogs. Everything is beautiful

Dana on

How many garden stools are too many? Love these!

Lisa Hayes on

The Dragon Jumbo Fish Bowl and the Raised Dot Grand Ginger Jar are just 2 of my favorites

Sandra C on

Happiness is a blue and white tea jar.

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina
Love all these pieces!
Have a great week

Patti S on

love the fish bowels! they are beautiful

Lucia Donahower on

Hi Tina,
Love #11, the double happiness jars. So versatile for displaying.

Mia D on

I would LOVE to have the giant dragon Fish Bowls as planters on either side of my front porch! Heavenly! As is everything! I love it all!

Charlene H. on

Incredible offerings💙
Thank you!

Donna B. on

My favorite item is the dragon jumbo fishbowl. So beautiful! It would look wonderful in my sunroom.

Charlene H. on

How must I choose from this beautiful array of porcelains💙 I will savor each one! I love the green and white ginger jar💚💚💚

Laura on

Awesomeness in every way

Cathy French on

I just love the small white tulipierie and have always wanted one! It would be the perfect centerpiece on my dining room table—ah, a girl can dream!

Marilyn on

I like the blue vases.

cheryl bebbington on

Swooning! I love the tulipieres and I would use the bud vases on a 4th of July table holding American flags- love all the blue and white!

Robin on

Another beautiful group of porcelains. Hard to pick a favorite, but love two of your new pieces – # 10 and # 19. Love the shape of 19.

Peggy W. on

How can one chose their favorite? I love it all; but am drawn to the squatty cherry blossom ginger jar. I would put dried cherry blossom twigs for fall, and then add lush pink and white cherry blossoms for the spring. It’s beautiful all year and makes me happy.

Mary Jeanne W. on

I love 2, 8 and 19! I am looking to add to my collection for my home and to use for floral arrangements and accessories for an upcoming wedding.

Rachael W on

The Grand Ginger Jar is stunning – and the blue garden stool is beautiful too!!!!!

Kay D on

Everything is gorgeous but the jumbo fish bowls are my favorite!

Sam on

The item 19 ginger jar is stunning. Love the shape and finials so different. A pair would be perfect on the mantle.
All the planters are gorgeous as well!

Ferial Nassirzadeh on

I love your blue and white pots. l have te large one ( plus a few more!) with the cherry blossom design. l am an artist and l use them in my paintings!

Regina on

Ginger gar on mantle

Debby Ramus on

Just ordered the blue and white foo dogs and can’t wait to get them. I’m going to use them as bookends for some leather books on my living room built-ins.

Domenica Douglas on

Those jumbo dragon fish bowls for me! I’d put them out on my from porch!

Jamie on

No 14 rectangular planter is stunning. I will fill it with greenery and place on top of a bamboo bookshelf.

Barbara Morris on

We recently got a new leather sofa — stone blue. These pieces would be a lovely complement on our end table!
Thank you!

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