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Hello friends, hope this finds you doing well. So, today we continue with this new series on  kitchen design  because looking at beautiful kitchens just never gets old! It’s always interesting  to look at kitchens and really dissect what makes them work or why we are drawn to them.

I personally love a classic white kitchen or a kitchen with European influences (particularly French). Those are my two “go to’s” in terms of style and what checks all the boxes. That is not to say however, that I do not have an immense appreciation for a whole host of kitchens that are well thought out and beautifully executed.

Today is a wide range of kitchen styles with many elements, including some wonderful features to consider when designing a kitchen. We all know a kitchen is the heart of the home so it deserves the best we can give it. I live in mine, which operates not only as a kitchen but a gathering place with friends and family, a makeshift garden room, a part time office, and during the holidays my island doubles as a perfect wrapping table.

So hope you enjoy this round up here today. If you have missed previous posts on “Let’s talk kitchen design” then click here. And on we go……….


A statement hood is a beautiful way to add a different element to a kitchen in a sea of cabinetry and this metal hood is a standout!

Though I favor a light/white kitchen must say this is a standout by Christopher Peacock

If you are going to mix colors and materials this is the way to do it! Beautiful and very custom looking, Glen Alspaugh

Thoughts on a very soft pale blue kitchen? I don’t think I would do it but think this is very well done, Atlanta Homes Magazine

If you live in an area with nice weather most of the year, I could see this set up above being incredible, a true extension of the outdoors! Procida Tile

Interesting how she married the look of a transnational darker gray/green cabinet with touches of Lucite! Courtney Hill Interiors

Both in my home now and previous home, we had cabinetry that went all the way up to the ceiling. Its true you tend to not use those upper cabinets but I LOVE the look

Who wouldn’t love working in this kitchen,  fit for a chef! Christopher Peacock

There are breakfast rooms and then there are breakfast rooms, wow this is pretty! Vanderhorn

Thoughts on this color island and hood with pin striping detail? I probably wouldn’t do it but its quite sharp looking, Micah Abbananto

Love all the new and functional organizational options in kitchens today, makes day to day living and organizing a breeze

Built in wine storage, how convenient:) Karene Berkemeyer

Some say white kitchens are boring, to me they are fresh, welcoming and timeless. I am also a big fan of glass doors, Kitchens by Deane

A very good looking kitchen, the metal elements used really enhance this beautiful space, love the butcher block and of course the glass doors, Atlanta Homes Magazine

There are butcher blocks and there are butcher blocks…this one is a jewel! C. Peacock

Thoughts on a darker gray kitchen? With this much light I think its quite beautiful. I love that it has all that glass,  Vanderhorn

Thoughts on a decorative backsplash for a dose of pattern and color like this?

Such a simple easy thing to do that requires virtually no space, every kitchen should have this! Glen Alspaugh

A lot of interesting elements in this kitchen, though I think mirror behind the range could be risky. I would be so nervous about it breaking! Laura U Interior Design

Thoughts on adding a dark walnut toned island to an all white kitchen? I think it’s really good looking, Kelly Nutt

How clever, a pull out cutting board!


I never tire of looking at beautiful kitchen, after all they are the heart of the home. Having a beautiful but functional kitchen is so important to me, and I am getting all kinds of incredible ideas here. Definitely some wonderful takeaways. And you?

I get so many ideas from doing these posts. Would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a great, beautiful and functioning kitchen. Wishing everyone a happy Friday and smooth end to your week. Thanks for stopping in. Until next time………..

Our amazing June porcelain presale is in full swing, so many fabulous pieces coming, in just about 12 days!


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Benesse on

I am increasingly liking no upper cabinets at all over counters. They look heavy no matter how they’re done and they limit the vertical space above the counters. Yes, that limits the overall storage, as well but then one could have a separate, well crafted, wall to ceiling cabinetry for all the stuff the uppers would have carried and more.

That’s what I’ll be doing in our new house next year.

Elizabeth on

Glass cabinets are such a waste of space. In order for them to look good you have to treat them like mini display cabinets and with everything that is going on in a kitchen do you need to display more stuff? The dog feeding station is great had one installed in my daughters new kitchen. Also had a slab of marble installed behind the range. They love it. All they have to do is wipe the whole thing down and not worry about grout discolouring, very practical! Also love the waterfall counter. There are so many fabulous choices these days of colours, material, styles and design….just wonderful.

Ann on

I’m actually liking the light blue cabinets or a darker shade on the bottom with white uppers.

Elizabeth on

As I was writing my comment forgot to mention floor to ceiling cabinets with lots rollouts/pullout. Organization heaven.

Amy on

what a beautiful post and collection of kitchens!

I agree that glass cabinet doors are a favorite, we have incorporated several into our new kitchen build which hopefully will be ready by September.

lava marble countertop but would love to know if you recommend a really good sealer?

great post

Peggy W. on

I suppose I’m old-fashioned enough to still like my separate kitchen. I’m not a fan of open concept spaces. I prefer my kitchen to have separation in case there are dishes in the sink or the smells from cooking invade my living room space and/or noises from the dishwasher, etc. My kitchen is a busy place and not always pristine, so it’s nice not to see it from the living room.

Lizzie on

I love looking at kitchens. In my fantasy world I would redo my kitchen every few years, LOL. I like rangehoods like the one you have at PB, or one in the same shape but matches the cabinets. Love roll out drawers/cabinets. I like the look of glass cabinet doors, but, unless you have something to display or will keep it neat, it’s a wasted space. I also like the look of banquets, but hate the function of them. Someone is always having to get up to let the person in the center get out. I love tall cabinets, dislike floating shelves/cabinets. Love the organizational drawers for cutlery, silverware, etc. I like everything to have a place, including small appliances. Prefer not to have small appliances on the counter. I could go on and on. 🙂

Beth on

This are great ideas for the kitchens. I also like the two kitchen concept being seen today.

Donna De on

I have 4 glass doors in my kitchen. I keep all of my glasses in these cabinets for everyday, wine etc. also my clear flower vases, pitchers and any crystal serving pieces. It’s very functional and doesn’t look cluttered even though everything is different. I do still like the look but for our kitchen 4 upper cabinet doors are enough. It breaks up a wall of cabinet doors. I prefer a light kitchen -doesn’t have to be pure white or even painted but alternatively a light wood. I like some of the new light woods that I’m seeing in magazines.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns on

So many beautiful kitchens! I personally love a white kitchen and think they are timeless.

Judith Gurney on

I would love to know the source on the dividers in the photo of the light blue drawer. They do not look custom, but rather adjustable, which is what I am needing. Does anyone recognize these, or the source of the photo may be a start???

Goldie Stetten on

I have 12’ ceilings. I keep Christmas tree decorations in the upper cabinets, the cabinets above the built in fridges hold so much. I usually put up 4 trees, one is very small, all my ornaments are stored very close to where the tree is displayed. Then only 3 of the smallest trees are in an upstairs storage closet, all their ornaments are so easy to get. Our big tree is stored under the staircase. Anyway, using upper cabinets for once a year holiday is so much easier than on another floor.

Ms. Tracey on

That lucite island is gorgeous. Beautiful kitchens. I’m a fan of English and French country styling.

Jo Shafer on

Every summer I tend to pare down in some rooms, and the kitchen is one of those. Your kitchen decor pictures give me great ideas for my onyx countertops. For my cooking/work station, I do keep a marble slab (from Williams-Sonoma years ago) on the counter next to the stove top. On the other side of the stove stands a cobalt blue ceramic “kitchen tool” holder. The other, longer counter, displays a few pieces of my Blue Willow collection, such as a platter on a stand, an English tea pot, and a tea tray — all frequently used pieces — but it’s hard to keep pretty objects to a minimum.

Cristina on

I’m literally in the process of redoing my kitchen – into a Parisian-bistro-elegant kitchen. Touches of gold are a must! Marble is a must ! (Carrera)
And my guilty pleasure is a pull out cup warmer (wolf) right under the wolf built in coffee machine !!!!!

Sheila Alexander on

Good morning Tina,

I’m a blue and white fan from California. You posted a delicious looking drink made with grapefruit and rose vodka, which I can’t find to save my life. Would you please repost when it’s convenient.

Thanks for the many happy hours spent looking at beautiful things on you website and blog.


Jim Stelljes on

Two thoughts:
I’ve had a mirrored backsplash behind my stove in two condos. Adds incredible depth and sense of space in a small kitchen.
Have seen several kitchens recently that have counter to ceiling windows over sink. Looks really nice.

Jane on

In a former home that was surrounded by trees, we mirrored the wall behind the cooktop to reflect light. It did that job well, and we never had an issue with cracking or even with it getting dirty. Sometimes fogging up for a bit, however, but no big deal.

Lots of beautiful ideas here; fun to look through! I love the look of pinstriping on the cabinets.

We have found a man in our community who creates beautiful custom wood items—he made beautiful drawer dividers for me that were a fraction of the cost you pay a design source when you order cabinets. Worth considering!

Caroline Jensen on

I love these kitchen designs! I like how most of them are white with color accents. I read this Caesarstone post; the site talked about elements of a classic kitchen. Those elements are evident in these photos. I like the kitchen made by Procida Tile the most. It feels so open and light.

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