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Brilliant extension of the Lily of the Valley line! What could be more beautiful than the linens ( especially the place mats) to accent a Spring table? In these gray days—such a lovely image.

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It is so nice to say we are officially in 2022!!l It’s been some week. Make that month! We were due to travel up until about 4 days before Christmas  but with the Covid surge among a few other unexpected hiccups, we had to cancel our trip. Part of me was disappointed but honestly part of me was relieved. Crazy that I have not gotten on a plane in 2 years! Hoping for spring, fingers crossed:)

The thought of traveling during this time had me feeling quite anxious. Its been a really really chaotic month and I told my husband, if I could stay home for 5 days straight and do nothing that might be the  best vacation of all.

We ended up having a nice cozy, intimate family Christmas dinner at home, I scrambled the day before to put a dinner together since we were not supposed to be here managed to pick up our favorite pies and a few other odds and ends to make it feel like our normal Christmas dinner. And you know what? It wasn’t a perfect plan but it was perfectly fine, and there was something kind of liberating about not having major expectations.

Ditto for New Year’s, though we were supposed to be on a Hawaiian beach sipping Mai Tais, we were invited for a small dinner (just 8 of us) for NYE and it was so enjoyable (and delicious). It all worked out just fine in the end. On we go to my post this weekend……


1 A. FEW CHRISTMAS HIGHLIGHTS A few pictures I don’t think I had shared or made it in the last round, just some random holiday inspired pictures taken around the house. Feel like such a scrounge saying this, but I am actually happy this is over. I am really excited for Christmas 2022 and we are already planning for it, believe it or not. We are going to go into next Christmas with a bang!


2 THE GALILEO PROJECT I have a relative who is involved in the Galileo Poroject, out of Harvard, which is an utterly fascinating project. It might seem “out there” in more ways than one:) But truth is large segments of academia are now starting to really take the reality of ET much more seriously. Their goal is to bring the reality of the extraterrestrial life from accidental observation into mainstream. Click here to read more, they explain it much better than I do!  I find it both fascinating and a lot to wrap my head around.

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Of course still on a big Christmas binge so plenty of Christmas-y instagrams, along with a few random pictures that were just too pretty to not share.

And my very favorite of this week, a perfect example of a picture telling a thousand words- absolutely love this!

4 A GORGEOUS SOUTHERN HOME This one took my breath away, it exudes that old world southern style that makes you feel like you have gone back in time, but with every modern (and needed) amenity. The high ceilings, large windows, expansive spaces are so beautifully scaled. It feels timelessly elegant,  my favorite style of home. That gracious wide entrance hall, the side porch, large kitchen, all just stunning. So well done…..Click here if you want to read more about it over at Atlanta Homes Magazine.


5 MY AMAZING CUSTOMER PICTURES! There could be no greater advertisement than the pictures of my customers homes. Seriously, so much talent out here. Makes me feel incredibly proud, thank you for making us look so good!

6 WINE DOCUMENTARIES All three of these,  I have seen but bear repeating. We received an incredible case of Chateau Montrose for the holidays from a relative in France and it got. me watching wine docs over the holidays. If this is an area of interest for you, all three of these are some of the best wine documentaries (and most beautiful) that I have seen.

The last one,  Sour Grapes is so compelling, you will be glued to the edge of your seat, I promise even if you don’t love the subject of wine, the story is hard to turn away from! Good Sunday movie watching:)

7  SEVEN ON SUNDAY So…..Christmas is over. New Years is over. And we are officially in 2022! Can you believe it! Having a penchant for even numbers and 2 being one of my “lucky numbers”,  I am having a good feeling about 2022. I mean, it has to be better, right!

I am not trying to minimize how serious and rampant Covid is but I want to believe, it will get better and 2022 is going to be the beginning of the end (hopefully). How hopeful are you feeling about 2022 and what best sums up your forecast for 2022?



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So many of you really seemed to enjoy my New Years post, with my thoughts and reelections, it was overwhelming to see your responses. If you missed it and want to ready, click here

And that’s a wrap for this first Sunday post in 2022. I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend and that your 2022 is off to a good start. We enjoyed lots of family time, maybe too much good food and wine, but I will not complain, it was a nice and enjoyable way to kick off the new year. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and end to your weekend…..

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I always enjoy seeing your holiday highlights from your home, they are just so elegant and beautiful. If mine look like that I probably keep them up your around!

Thank you for the documentary suggestions , my husband is it true oenophile so will definitely want to check those out if he hasn’t seen them already!

Love the southern home so welcoming and gracious.

I loved your post yesterday by the way and agreed with every word and seems we both have lots of company!

Intimate family gatherings…Tuna that struck me and it might just bring the entire family unit back into the forefront of civilization. Just like your post yesterday, think how families are scattered and we’ve become a less anchored to the important things. Look how civilization has come totally apart. I think the family unit is broken and maybe this awful pandemic may help us regroup to focus on what’s important. Maybe the social shifts may happen and swing back to a decent, normal, civil world. It starts with the family unit. Strong families build strong neighborhoods, which in turn build strong communities, that can build a better world. 🌷😊💕

Happy New Year Tina! Love 7 on Sunday! I hope that your “holiday at home” was the rest and rejuvenation that you needed.

Melancholy…but…thankful…so far… Your numbers…here’s “one”…This 2-22-22…falls on a “Tues”day… Till the next time…franki

Thank you, Tina, for the effort you put into your blog. It is beautiful, inspiring, and so very very enjoyable.
Hitting the Pause Button, filled my heart with such joy to know that there is someone else out there like me, who longs for days of civility, generosity, and unity, and what my mother always referred to as “common sense and manners.” I have read your thoughts to so many people who all agree. Thank you, thank you. Enjoying your Seven on Sunday feels like sheer indulgence to me. I look forward to it each week. Beauty shared is never lost. I hope your business ventures continue to prosper. I was thankful as I hung my Enchanted Home ornaments on my tree, to have found your blog many years ago. Don’t stop dreaming of all the wonderful things you can add to your shop. Everything is always a feast for the eyes, and anything I have purchased has brought me a lot of enjoyment . Happy New Year! May it be filled with everything that brings you fulfillment and utter joy. May God bless you and your family. Thank you again for adding joy to mine.

I was so happy (relieved) you were up to a Seven on Sunday post this week. The last post was quite cathartic. I think we all needed to get things off our chests. Now after a big, collective exhale we move on and enjoy all the beauty you bring to us. Cheers to 2022 and more TEH inspiration! Best of health and a big thank you, Tina!!

I love seeing all the pictures you’ve shared of your home. This blog is such an encouragement to inspire others. You have a real talent for bringing beauty in a home.
I love the butlers pantry picture in this week’s blog and can’t wait until ours is finished.
The costumer pictures are gorgeous also. And the picture of your dog at the end brings such a warmth to my heart. Thank you for sharing so much “JOY” with us all.

The abbreviated choices on your survey results page make it impossible to know how the voting went. Can you print the whole sentence or phrase?

It’s always a refresh to say good-bye to last year and welcome in the new year! Time to change our outlook on life and make plans for some new projects. Your blog always gives me new ideas for decorating, cooking, books, or recipes to make.
I love your Instagram photos and the last one of the women, sharing a drink, is the best! We need to slow down our pace of life and stay in touch with those people that make us happy. Our Christmas this year was so enjoyable because we dressed casually, had a charcuterie board, and two soups for dinner. We played games and just enjoyed being together.
Covid has shown us that we can adapt and that our relationships with people are more important than ever. The pandemic is slowly turning into an endemic and we will have to accept it as our “new normal,” just like we accept the flu and its yearly vaccine. But life is becoming less restrictive and more enjoyable.
May you and your loved ones have a healthy New Year.

Such an enjoyable read! Thank you for sharing how chaotic life can be during the festive season. How wonderful it is to be on the other side and have survived with treasured memories made.

Thank you Tina for all Seven your Sunday posts! Very enjoyable and inspiring! Also, enjoyed your post yesterday and I agree with them! I, too, have shared your thoughts with my family and they could not have agreed more.

Have a happy, healthy New Year to you and your family!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…..(Can’t say love too much here!) your blog, decorating and all of your links. It’s like a kid going to Disneyland for me when you have a new post. I grew up in a fabulous home which my Mother decorated with the finest of everything. She had come from an “oil” family and my Father was a doctor so every time I see your pictures it reminds me of home. I also went to a private girls school, college prep and several parties in incredible homes so this decor is very familiar to me however I don’t often see it anymore. My husband and I moved out of Los Angeles and onto a farm in Central California where I could breed horses. I love my home but it’s nothing like the home I grew up in and many of the people here haven’t the faintest idea of how or even care about decorating like this. I’m also in Wine Country, surrounded by vineyards, where I ride my horses. So I was thrilled when you suggested wine films to watch. I think I’ve already seen them but will watch them again. I have a book for you to read if you like wine. It called “The Wine Lover’s Daughter” by Anne Fadiman. Everyone I’ve recommended it to, loved it. Anne was in my class at the same college prep school I mentioned to you earlier. Well, Happy New Year and I look forward to reading many, many more of your blogs.

Happy New Year dearest Tina, to you and all your family
I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas due to entertaining but was thinking of you, and I am glad you had some rest and relaxation.. Your home is so gorgeously festive and I love all your Christmas decor so much
I also had family time over two days, I did very special cooking, a beautifully set table with all my silver and candlelight, huge real fires and we all dressed up … thinking of your last post I know you would approve 🙂 It is lovely to be at home and just treasure the season with friends and family.
I hope the New Year brings you peace, love, joy and good cheer, but most of all good health. Your inspire and delight me with everything you do my dear friend, and you are a beautiful person both inside and out.
With fondest love,
Happy New Year
Sally xx

Hi Tina,
Lovely post! Loved the home in Atlanta Magazine.
Happy New Year!

Thank you for your honesty in evaluating the sad decline of civility in America today. You are spot on with every observation. May 2022 bring about positive change, or at least let us continue to have our happy place at The Enchanted Home!!

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