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Hello friends, as we put the holidays behind us, we are focusing forward on getting in all of containers that have been delayed but finally arriving!  Every one that comes in is a major victory over here. We got in a big one the week of Christmas and that is what today’s sale is all about.

So much beauty here including several products that are customer favorites,  many that have been sold out for months. So, now is your chance to snag something you may have had your eye on! Maybe after working so hard during the holidays, it’s time to great yourself to something special:)

Please read over the rules before placing an order, especial if you are new to our presale and arrival sales…..

  • There are two ways to order. Email your order in or call. Call 800-804-9565 (office open 9-5 EST)  or email
  • If ordering via email be sure you include your name, address and phone number along with ITEM NUMBER and color or style (if it applies)
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee your order, only a paid order is considered confirmed
  • Please order using ITEM NUMBERS (and size and color if applicable)
  • There are limited numbers of each item available
  • These are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise noted
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • For a few very large items (console and dog bed) shipping is charged at time of shipment
  • Some items we can ship internationally, for an international quote please email
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register with your tax ID and click here or email




ITEM 1 Our gorgeous scalloped wicker console. This is a beauty and sells out fast. This stunning scalloped wicker console table is done by hand and scalloped on all sides.

These are super stylish and I absolutely need to design a space around these. They have been wildly popular and we just got in a second shipment (a third comes in Jan 14th). These must ship freight and you will be billed for shipping at time of shipment.

Measures 43″w x 12″d x 33″h


Here it is in a room setting-

ITEM 2 Our popular wicker urns and pedestals are coming back (urns in now and pedestals in about 9 days).  These are fabulous and work with so many different types of flowers, greens, ferns, etc…..we also carry the pedestals which can be used with the urn or used to hold anything like a sculpture or a beautiful ginger jar. Fabulous flared urn with two rings.

Urn measures 13″ x 18.5″  urn only- $240.00

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″  pedestal only-$200.00

Urn and pedestal $430.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall


Here is pedestal in a room setting-

And the urn with a huge flower arrangement-

ITEM 3 This might be the item I am most excited about this shipment! Absolutely giddy over our newest style chinoiserie wastepaper basket and tissues, offered in 5 exquisite colorways. I immediately took two sets home. Hand painted, beautiful chinoiserie scene with scalloped matching tissue….prettiest yet!

Wastepaper basket $85.00

Tissue measures 5.5″ square $44.00

Buy both $125.00







ITEM 4 Got in lots of beautiful wicker hurricanes, which double as a very chic wicker vase. As beautiful filled with flowers as they are a chunky pillar candle.

4A Cane style in small measures 6″ x 5″


4B Popular cane in medium measures 9.5″ x 7″



4C New style in medium measures  8″ x 9.5″


4D New style in large measures 11″ x 8″


4E Got our fabulous shaped extra large 18″ cane hurricanes back in. So love these, talk about making a statement. Stands 18″ told (best used with a thick pillar candle)


ITEM 5 Our fabulous trellis scalloped planters are back in medium and large, four gorgeous colors. These are so beautiful filled with orchids, flowers, greenery, a color for everyone. Hand painted, scalloped tole planter with side rings.

Medium measures 10″ x 8″ x 7″ $75.00

Large measures 14″ x 10″ x 8″ $90.00

Medium- black, green,navy or rusty red

Large- rusty red, light blue, green or black

ITEM 6 NEW! How beautiful are these new chinoseirie flower/bird etched drinking glasses! Brand new and so stunning. I can see a round of these on a silver tray…..ooh la la! Dishwasher safe!

Sold in boxes of 4’s $58.00 (approx 7″ tall)

Have not gotten our professional shots back yet

ITEM 7 NEW! Our fabulous small wicker hexagonal planters are here. These are so stylish and pretty! Perfect for smaller plants,  small topiaries of any variety, flowers, etc….

Extra small 6″ $35.00

Small measures 8″ $45.00



ITEM 8 Just got a replenishment of our fabulous tall etched hurricanes, which now come with a brass ring that comes off or no, so you have two looks. This makes a very grand floral vase and I have used it many times for that purpose. I keep a pair of these on my dining room table when lit, they are magnificent, as the etch work reflects the candlelight beautifully. Offered in four styles

We did not get our professional shots back yet but they do come with a removable brass ring, to use with or without.

Measure 15.5″ x 6″

$130.00 each

$245.00 pair

Specify style when ordering- Swag and garland or Greek key with reeding



And they make an amazing and very elegant floral vase too!

ITEM 9 Our large wicker tulipieres are here in limited quantities (medium coming in 2-3 weeks). These beauties measure 27″ tall and come in four pieces and are lined in metal for filling. Such an incredible statement piece! Super chic for indoors and out.

27″ tall


ITEM 10 Happy to welcome back these most exquisite handled chinoiserie serving trays. LOVE these, offered in five exquisite color. Used mine the other day for entertaining and it really was so incredibly elegant. A color for everyone! So love the beautiful scalloped shape and having the two handles makes it perfect for entertaining/serving.

Measures 22″ x 17″ x 2″

$110.00 specify color when ordering

ITEM 11 Have a limited number of our fabulous wicker stools These measures 24″ tall and can be used as a stool or end table. Could be used as a stylish end table but doubles as an extra seat if you need it. I plan on putting two outdoors (cannot stay out in rain) Light enough to move around, a sensational value!

25.5″ H x 18.5″ W


ITEM 12 Was thrilled to see our fabulous wicker square ginger jars, sold as a set of individually. These are so chic and stylish. Hand woven in wicker, these are showstopping gorgeous.

Small measures 12″  $95.00

Medium  measures 14″ $115.00

Large measures 16″ $130.00

Set of small, medium and large- $320.00

ITEM 13 These sets of our fabulous basket weave condiment spreading knives and suppose are a must have for any entertainer!

Sold in sets of 4’s

$20.00 for four specify  pate knife/spreaders or spoon


ITEM 14 We have a limited number of these gorgeous wicker dog beds. These are for a mid to large sized dog. A very substantial bed that could almost fit a small child:) Absolutely spectacular looking, makes me wish I had a dog!

Super stylish with a pretty blue/white ikat cushion. Limited number of these available.  Shipping is billed at time of shipment.

Measures 44″ x 25″ x 20″

$395.00 specify with blue or green cushion (limited numbers of each)




So much to love! I like sprucing things up around my house after the holidays as the holiday decor slowly comes down and makes way to a little makeover. See something you must have? Just email or call your order in-


Wising everyone a wonderful day! Until next time…..

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Amy on

I need one of everything! just sent my order and absolutely love the wastepaper baskets and tissues and that wicker consul I must have for my house!!

Karen on

Loving the tissue and waste paper container set! Snagged one in navy and white! I’m getting quite friendly with my parcel carrier thanks to you!

Piper B. on

So much to love is right, Tina. What a beautifully curated collection of wicker and tole. I especially love the console, the hurricane, and the wastebasket/tissue box pairing.

Now that I’ve seen your beautiful new drinking glass offering and your assorted tole items, I’m wondering have you trademarked the bird in tree design? I have your wrapping paper in several colors that have this design. It’s so lovely and calming.

Joan on

Wish I had a lake house for that wicker console table (very close but had to pull offer due to Canadian border closing – thanks Covid!), but the stools are perfect for the pool house! Love furniture that can do double-duty! Have any of your customers stained this console or used a paint wash on it (probably only able to do so if wicker is unsealed)?

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