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Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are doing well on this second weekend of 2022! There is no doubt that 2021 had some highs and lows but I am remaining hopeful that as 2o22 marches on, things are going to get a lot better. Planning to go visit my parents soon since they are unable to travel here. Was hoping for this weekend but snow and my husband being sick thwarted those plans.

The one thing we don’t get back in life is time and I want to be sure I take full advantage of it when it comes to spending time with my parents, family and friends. Really doing my best to be more mindful of being present in every way possible. If Covid has taught me one thing,  it is that I gained a more profound perspective on what is really important and it boils down to your circle of family and friends.  Sorry to sound sappy, just expressing my feelings:) Something I think we all know but need little reminders of here and there!

Onward we go to this weekend’s post……



1 A PRETTY TABLE FOR THE NEW YEAR. Since we ended up being home for the new yearI deiced on New Year’s Day to make a yummy meal and set a pretty and very light and airy table to celebrate fresh beginnings.  Didn’t do it intentionally, it just came out this way. Maybe I was channeling my vibes for smoother, lighter days ahead as we enter 2022.

Nevertheless I love the way it came and set it with our beautiful lily of the valley china (in blue) that we did in collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. It sets quite a beautiful table if I say so myself. Added our beautiful silver mini table lamps (2 styles just came back in stock), our gorgeous etched hurricanes, flowers from Wholefoods and elegant silver chargers which always elevates the dining experience.Had two of our sons girlfriends join us which made for a really enjoyable dinner, the kind we lingered over for a while….my favorite kind:)

Our gorgeous silver mini table lamps always have a way of really elevating a table

Our stunning Greek key salt and peppers are part of our silver sale….love these!


2 INSTAGRAM OF INTEREST Still some holiday loveliness I just couldn’t not share mixed in with some random beauty. Clearly still infatuated with any picture topped with snow:)


3 COMING SOON. We have so many amazing things on tap for spring/summer and yes, we are even starting to plan for holiday, crazy as it might sound. But right  now,  its all about spring and summer and I for one, can hardly wait. How perfectly lovely are these new pastel vases? We will offer them in five styles and sell them as a set of five as well as separately. Perfect for hostess gifts, can you imagine a table set with these! I see a spring or summer table overflowing with these little vases and soft pastel toned flowers……

So we experimented with two shades of green and pink, one paler (on left) and one a little darker (on right) Would love your opinion on which you prefer?

This year we tweaked our bunnies and eggs and added green and white! So in love with the way they came out….bring on spring!

For many who have asked,  we just added three fabulous new beginner/porcelain sets, which takes the guesswork out of putting porcelains together. These used together or separately are a great deal and oh so pretty! Click here to see them

I just adore these beautiful scalloped charger and dinner plate samples I just got back in. I am a big fan of mixing and matching shaped dinnerware. How gorgeous are these chargers with the Lily of the Valley dinnerware! Thinking of ordering them with the navy beading and the green beading. Then I started thinking we need the dinner plates too. Would love your opinion, check all that apply below.

4 NEW FAVORITE EVERY DAY BOOTS I am all about comfort these days. Gone are the days when I would suffer because I loved certain shoes that much and was willing to be uncomfortable! Now I must be comfortable first and foremost:) I adore these boots as they are incredibly comfortable and I like the gray as they feel like a neutral.

Click here to view.

5 EASY PEASY PARMESAN BREAD STICKS These are so good, might I say addicting. A probably the reason I don’t make them often:) Had someone over and decided to add them to my cheese board. They are super easy on top of being quite pretty! I like serving mine in a mint julep cup.

You need-

frozen pasty dough (unless you make your own)


1/4 cup of butter

1/2 cup of freshly grated Parmigiano

Thaw the dough, roll it out with some flour. Cut the dough into long strips about 1″ thick. Gently dredge in melted butter.  Then dredge in the parmigiano and coat liberally. Gently twist and put on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in preheated oven at 375 or about 15 minutes (watch over them until they turn golden brown). They are ready to enjoy!


6 A FASCINATING LOOK AT A CONTAINER SHIP I have an immense interest in this of course since we import containers every month. Given the shipping/supply crisis of the last year, this is video was utterly fascinating and insightful to see what goes on “behind the scenes”. A whole other world exists on a cargo ship and this gave me such a new appreciation for all that goes into getting them here ! Thought you might enjoy this, something we really don’t think about but fascinating nonetheless.


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Ahhh, the dreaded C word, the word so many of us long to banish from our vocabulary. Over here in NY, I don’t think 15 minutes goes by without the word being uttered. Everyone seems to have it. Wondering how many of you have had it?  I know so many people who have it right now or if they don’t, someone in their family does. It’s crazy! The best part is though that we are indeed building herd immunity. So, curious if you had it? More than once? I have had it once and thought I had it a few days ago but thankfully my PCR test came back negative, a big relief!



And that my friends,  is a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you enjoy the post and hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Over here its frigid, almost too cold to go out in. I think I am ready for spring now that we have had our one beautiful snowfall for the season:)

Be sure to come back on Tues, when our mega porcelain sale will begin, quite possibly the best one yet….so many incredible new pieces coming in, in about 10 days!! Until next time….

Until tonight,  our entire silver collection is 20% off! We are restocked on several of our best sellers so it’s a great time to take advantage if you have had your eye on something. Click here to see our silver collection


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I have 2 of those beautiful Silver Candlesticks with the beaded shades ! I use them every single night and we feel we have our very own little Bistro Table !! Thank you for all of the beautiful things you sell , that I couldn’t find anywhere else ! Happy New Year!!

Beautiful post as always, I am excited about so many things. Love the chargers that are scalloped and can’t wait until they come in and those pink and green vases are to die for!!

I hope you will get them in by April because I am hosting a bridal shower and would love to have those!!

The breadsticks are so pretty and seems simple, even something I who is a horrible cook can master😊😊

Your posts make me happy. What a pretty way to start my day…after being at the ice skating rink with my daughter since 6am!

I received the blue lily of the valley player a few weeks ago and they are spectacular. I so love them and cannot wait for you to get the chargers.

Had Covid twice, strangely enough, the first time was mild and the second time after being double vaccinated I was sicker. Just like a bad flu. I think 2022 will get much better.

Those bread sticks look so fancy, I love them. Have a good Sunday, Tina.

The bread sticks look fabulous and I’ll make to go with my famous soup.
I love the beaded little candle stick lamps but have all gold in dining room. Would love to add gold to your list.
The pink and green vases are beautiful but looks like I’m in minority of liking the lighter. Lighter looks more vintage and authentic to me.
Waiting for my new linens from you. So excited.

Hi Tina
The new chargers are beautiful, would love to see them in green!
Lovely post as always.
Enjoy the company of your parents as much as possible. You are so lucky you have both of them still with you.
Stay safe and healthy.

Love the chargers in any manner. Would you consider a melamine version that was universal to work with any of your patterns.

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