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Hi there! So here we are with round 2 of our warehouse sale. We are really making progress and meanwhile, have unearthed all kinds of beautiful things to add to this round of our warehouse sale. What is better than getting to score a major deal right from the comfort of your own home. Many things here are below cost, we are making room for things that we only have a few left of or things that could be slightly damaged. If you are new to these sales, please read over the rules below.

  • There are only two ways to order- email or call 800-804-9565 (9:30-5 EST)
  • If emailing please email only [email protected], You MUST include  your name, address, phone number and item number in order to send an invoice
  • Items subject to availability
  • If we email you an invoice, all invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Any order over $400 gets an extra 10% off
  • Some international shipping is available, please email or call for a ship quote
  • Questions? Please call us at 800-804-9565



ITEM 1 These darling 6″ box fretwork metal planters are ideal for smaller topiaries, fresh flowers, boxwood balls, etc…..we have 6 left.

Measures 6″ x 6″

6 black

1 darker blue

1 light blue


ITEM 2 Found  few trays we didn’t know we had and 2 scalloped trays that could use a little touch up.

2A This incredible hand painted scalloped pale blue/gold tray is a beauty. Whether for serving or display, its a standout. Could be stunning on a wall for display too.

Measures 23″ x 18″ x 2″

$60.00 (2 available)

2B We have one of each of our rusty red/gold and moss green/gold scalloped trays that are among out best selling trays. They both need some touch up, small areas along the gold border and on the green, there is a little white paint on the bottom right (could be removed gently with a paint remover). As is.

Measures 22″ x 17″ x 2″



ITEM 3  We have a few of these 23″ wicker scalloped stools/end tables, that have minor defects. A small band of the wicker may have come partially undone, a simple fix with a crazy glue or gorilla glue. We have five of these, great deal.

Measures 23″ tall


These have a row of the wicker that came unattached, very easy to fix

Gorgeous scalloped “draping” around entire bottom of the stool

ITEM 4 More silver! A great chance to snag gorgeous silver that just needs some elbow grease and a good silver polish. These will shine up as good as new. These are brand new but have been out of the box for awhile (used for photography, etc….)

4A Have three of these fabulous pierced heavily carved silver dishes. Beautiful for breads, candies, or just display. Just needs a good clean up!

Measures 14″ long


4B One left of my all time favorite very large incredible heirloom gallery tray. Just needs a really good polish.This is a new tray but was used for photography and display. There are a few light scratches but once polished up this will look good as new.

Measures 24″ x 18″ x 3″


4C A trio of medium mint juleps needing a good polish. These measure 4.5-5″ tall

$55.00 for the three

4D We have one left of each of these chargers, all they need is a good polish. They make wonderful mid sized serving dishes for canapes, fruit platter, etc…

$22.00 any style

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

4E We have 6 of our beautiful large serving forks, just needs a good polish.

$12.00 each

4F We have one left of this extra large etched pierced planter. Such a regal looking piece. Like all the silver just needs a thorough polish!

Measures 13.5″ x 10″


ITEM 5 We couldn’t believe we found 3 more hand painted murals!! These are simply stunning, if you know the prices of these, you will recognize the bargain that these are. Hand painted with a beautiful ant. gold fretwork frame.

We have 1 pink left and 2 green

Measures 48″ x 26″ x 2″

$345.00 each (specify pale pink or green)

The pink has a slight very faint print on the left side (see below) this could easily be touched up or gently remove with something like soft scrub and a soft cloth

ITEM 6 We have a group of porcelain that we either have only one or two left of, or they are missing a lid. Great chance to get porcelain at a rock bottom price. Perfect fill in pieces and these are sensational with a spray of cherry blossoms, fresh flowers or branches/greenery of some sort!

6A We have one large pheasant jar left , this could make a beautiful lamp or a nice piece to finish off a vignette.

18″ tall


6B This Phoenix antiqued jar has no lid, a perfect vessel for cherry blossoms, flowers, branches, et……(one available)

17″  tall


6C Another beautiful antiqued open field jar with no lid (three available)

17″ tall

6D And our antiqued dragon jar is up for grabs (2 of them) both no lids

17″ tall


ITEM 7 What a steal on these incredible mirrors! If you know the price for handpainted tole, you will know these are an incredible opportunity. Found a few mirrors that we only have 1 or 2 left of. These are exquisite, hand painted on wood. If these work for your space, this is the bargain of the year. Simply exquisite!

Mirrors measures 57″ x 23.5″


We have 1 pink, 2 red and 2 ivory

ITEM  8 These darling lemon trees are so pretty and very realistic looking. I have featured them a number of times. We got a shipment and several came with chipped pots. Truth is if you drop this into another planter (which most do) and cover with moss, you will never know. They are discounted 50%. They even have very realistic “dirt”!

Measures 22″ tall

Each lemon topiary tree $35.00

ITEM 9  We have three of our porcelain eggs left from our 2021 spring collection. I cannot believe we sold all those eggs:) Our new collection is due here in a few weeks. These three porcelain eggs are 3.75″ tall and feature a pretty cherry blossom design.

$14.00 each egg

ITEM 10  We found some more reams of our fabulous high quality wrapping paper. These are a bargain and will give you beautiful gift wrap for life:) Each ream measures 204 FEET by 30″. An incredible value and a sure way to guarantee you give the prettiest gifts in town!

Each ream measures 30″ x 204 feet

Any ream $85.00

Pink pups

Chinoiserie light blue

Gold/pale green chinoiserie

Pink/gold chinoiserie

Pale blue/gold chinoiserie

Ivory/gold chinoiserie

And we even found a few holiday papers!

Moss green jars with reversible Swiss dot and ivy

Green trellis reverses to mossy green topiaries

Navy jars with green trellis

ITEM 11 Found one lonely large Staffordshire dog in blue/ivory. Would make a pretty piece to finish a vignette or rest atop a stack of books. One available.

Measures 12″ high


ITEM 12A  One left of each size, perfect for a kitchen island or console. Love these lemon topiaries planted in our wicker box planters The lemons and greenery is very lifelike and will add a dose of freshness wherever these are used. Our arrangements are light weight enough to take indoors and out so getting to enjoy them in different spots is a perk. One of each available.

Medium measures 28″ tall  $225.00

Large measures  34″ tall  $250.00

12B We have one of these fabulous amaryllis planters with faux greenery in our gorgeous square scalloped black/gold chinoiserie planter left. A super elegant and very realistic arrangement that you will look forward to bring out every season! One available.

Measures 24.5″ tall


ITEM 13 We have found more of our incredible small 12″ etched Greek key hurricanes, these are EXQUISITE. These are seconds as they may have a small scratch or micro chip but you would really have to look for them. These are really stunning and perfect for dining tables, consoles, side chests, etc……

Measures 12″ tall



ITEM 14 Found one of these gorgeous figurine paneled mid sized fishbowls! This is such a beautiful piece, love the tones of blue and intricate detailing. Beautiful hexagonal round. Perfect for a palm, boxwood ball or large flowers plant.

Measures 16″ x 16″

$215.00 (one available)

ITEM 15 We found one of our extra large foo dogs (normally come as a pair) This is a great piece to use atop a stack of books or I could even see a lamp being made!

Measures 11″ tall

$65.00 (one available)

ITEM 16 We found two pair of these hiding! STUNNING colorful floral/figurine scene finely painted vases. These are e3xquisite, imagine with a big spray  of cherry blossoms!

Perfect as pair or solo. Very fine quality

Measures 16″ tall

$135.00 each or pair for $255.00 (one on left still has the paper taped on which is why it looks that way)


And there you have it! See something you need? Just call or email


orders@enchantedhome (don’t forget we must have your name, address and phone number to send an invoice)


Wishing everyone a great day! Until next time…..



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Hi Tina,
Madison from Melbourne and thank you for your email.
I would LOVE one of the ITEM 16 – it is beautiful and perfect for my city apartment
Can you please reserve this for me and email payment method and shipping and will send cc details.
Many thanks!

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