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Good Wednesday morning to you! Hope your week is going smoother than mine….Channeling some pretty energy  this way with a new arrival. If you have been visiting my blog for a few weeks or years, you know one thing,  I love flowers of all kinds.

I try to buy fresh flowers on a regular basis especially in spring/summer when there is such an abundance. However I always keep faux on hand for when I am in a pinch or sometimes when an arrangement has seen its best life, I will plus the dead blooms and replace with faux, its a great trick that has saved many an arrangement!



They come in boxes of 12 and upon opening them, looked SO real!

First vessel was one of our new French wire baskets *just added online yesterday, I lined it with moss, took a small round container and filled it with flowers

Voila! Can you believe! I could not love this more!

Then took some of our mini bud vases and went to town

Then tried them in one of my favorite midsized double happiness vases, they were perfect *also added these to my office

Added this to my chest in my dining room, so fresh and pretty

Added some vases to my dining room mantle as well

Perfect for mantles in small vases

I spread the love by sprinkling small vases around the house, on end tables and on a garden seat in my living room

Tried them in our new 6″ cane colored wicker planters and they were perfect in this planter too:)

Not to be outdone, my kitchen wanted something too, so I filled. big blue and white bowl with them and the combination was a home run! Best part? They will always be in bloom!

And loved them so much even made some arrangements for my office, I put these on two brackets on either side of my desk.  Makes me happy every time I want in there.

Yes you could say I definitely got my flower fix this week! They just make me happy:)


Vessels used-

Our mini bud vases come individually or in sets of 5

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Also for those who have asked our French wire baskets were added to the shop site yesterday!

Click to see

And this double happiness has become one of my favorites, its the perfect size and shape

click here

If these flowers have you suddenly feeling the urge to add a little spring cheer into your home,

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FREE GIFT FOR  ANY PURCHASE OVER $75.00 (today and tomorrow)

Any purchase of flowers, vases or French wire baskets over $75 will receive a free mini bud vase! (no code necessary)



I have a feeling I am not done with these, I have other ideas of where/how to use them, they are such fun to play with. They have been the highlight of my week (let’s just say it hasn’t been the smoothest) so this was a welcome reprieve. Amazing what flower fiddling can do for your mood and general well being.

Flowers just always take me away to a happy place. I love how versatile they are and this weekend plan to get some fresh flowers and use these to prove just how they can hold their own. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day! Until next time…..

It’s the 2nd day of our warehouse sale take 2! Many things are sold but some still remain,

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I think you made me a convert! I just cannot believe that these are not real they are absolutely beautiful! I love how you displayed them and may need to copy. Can you use these outdoors? I am hosting a tennis luncheon in April and thinking these could be perfect centerpieces. Brava to you!

You have a gift. Grateful for it. The flowers are beautiful and so realistic looking. (I’m all in for the idea of no mess)
I like the idea of the cherry blossoms too—saw them on your website.

Without first reading I just assumed these were fresh flowers. Then when I started reading that they’re not I couldn’t get over it. most realistic faux flowers that I have seen yet!
you are so good at flower arranging, would you ever consider doing a little video for all of us who are clueless😊😊 by the way, the French wire baskets are beautiful!

How refreshing a look with all white spring blooms in blue and white porcelain! But isn’t the fragrance of those hyacinths a bit overwhelming in your house?

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