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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope this finds you doing well. I have to admit this war with Russia and Ukraine has consumed me. I am so devastated watching what is happening. I have so many thoughts on the matter, and it appears to be a common view, one  shared by the world.  I feel Putin did not anticipate the fight, grit and courage of the Ukrainian people and their valiant leader, Zalensky the way the counties did not anticipate the outrage and backlash from the world against this invasion. So tragic on so many levels. I dedicated a post to this along with good reliable resources if you are interested in donating as well as some excellent Ukrainian based news organizations. Click here to see the post.

We were supposed to be away this weekend to see friends in Florida, but plans changed so here I am. Kind of nice having an unscheduled block of time. Hope to go next weekend or the following. Lately things have felt so hectic, I am trying to press a reset button and hope for things to slow down a little. A small getaway is much needed:) I am so happy spring is just a matter of weeks away. I cannot wait and though there are some cold days ahead possibly with a little snow, I know its not for long!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Onward we go to this weekends post-



NEW AND UPCOMING Some very pretty things heading this way. I always enjoy sharing a sneak peek of what is new and upcoming. I have been dreaming of these hurricanes for a long time, had this design in mind from an antique lantern I used to own (old house that people brought from us).

Just got the samples, and these are amazing! Will be offered in two sizes and two finishes, antique brass and polished nickel. I already know exactly where I will put them!

What do you think?

Our hydrangea melamine will be here in about a week and the pattern has been so well received that we are working on coordinating pieces to create an entire Hydrangea Garden collection.  Check out this salt and pepper!

And these are two of the samples of our new hydrangea garden pagoda series (still tweaking but almost done) will be here early April! Cannot wait!

We got our new pattern back of the Hydrangea Melamine and are waiting to get table linen samples back, can’t come soon enough!

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST What a pretty round up this weekend. Spring is most definitely in the air, I can feel it:)

3 AMAZING TULIPS, HYDRANGEAS AND HYACINTHS Added some beautiful new flowers to our lifelike flower collection and seeing is believing. These are incredible. These are great to have on hand when you are in pinch and can’t run out to get fresh flowers. These are going to see a lot of mileage!


Click here to see the floral collection of these lifelike flowers

We sold out of the hyacinths but just added the purple hyacinths yesterday,   have only 10 boxes left of the tulips and about 16 left of these new stunning oak leaf hydrangeas we just got in!

Added some of the tulips to a small bud vase to complete this small vignette atop a hallway chest

And here are the oak leaf hydrangeas, I made a big display in one of my favorite large ginger jars, it really came out fatuous! Best part they will always look this way:) Click here to see them (very limited supply)

4 A FEW FABULOUS  NEW COFFEE TABLE BOOKS! I collect coffee table books the way some collect seashells or matchboxes:) I love them and am the type to go back to my very favorites over and over, always finding something new to ooh and ahh over.

This was given to me by a friend and is a “must own” for any chinoiserie loving person out there!

This is a gorgeous book on stunning homes and architecture, was sent this and it’s incredible, such eye candy. So much so,  that I just ordered one for a friend who’s birthday is coming up and loves architecture.

And I recently ordered this because a friend had us over for dinner and made the best fish stew I have ever had along with a homemade tiramisu and said both recipes were from Stanley Tucci’s book! Will let you know!

5  HARD TO WATCH VIDEOS This is the horrendous face of war. Seeing loved ones torn apart. Watching this videos of the women and girls say goodbye to the their husbands, fathers, brother is downright gut wrenching. A solider saying his last goodbyes as he goes to face the unknown. Zelensky himself on the streets, armed alongside his fellow citizens leading by example.

I am so in awe of the grit of the Ukrainian people but this should not have to happen. These people are using their bodies as shields, all men 18-60 must stay in the country to defend their democracy and they are calling on the international community to help as well.

Seeing this young solider say goodbye to this parents makes my heart hurt.

And lastly, this is the face of a REAL leader. Literally on the streets with a gun, fighting alongside his fellow Ukrainians, willing to die to protect his country and democracy. He is not barricaded and protected within the luxury confines of a presidential palace like evil Putin, he is leading by example. I call this man the worlds hero!

6 CUSTOMER PHOTOS Just amazed at these recent submissions  of our customer pictures featuring our products. SUCH talent out there! If you have one you would like to share please email to [email protected]. Thank you for always making us look so good:)


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So, I was at Starbucks the other day. Around here, I would say 50-60% are still wearing a mask, myself included in most public areas. I was in line and a guy walks in behind me. Another fairly young girl walks in behind him with a mask on. This man turns around within seconds of her being in line and aggressively says “looks like you drank the Kool-aid” she looks shocked (and timid) and doesn’t say anything at which point he says to her “you know you look like an idiot” and is staring her down.

At this point, you could see everyone was getting really uncomfortable. But you never know who you are addressing if you dare confront someone like this. Thankfully, an elderly man almost immediately,  who was standing off to the side,  maybe waiting for his coffee went over to the man and very assertively looked at him and said “that is enough, stop now or I will call the police”. The man smirked and turned around and didn’t say a peep but it was very tense and surely made everyone squirm a bit. What would you have done?


And there my post for this Sunday! Sorry it was not all positive and pretty, but it’s real life and sometimes real life is not always beautiful. but is important enough to talk about. I try to share the pretty and positive, things that uplift us and make us smile but this week seeing this senseless bloodshed and human loss has really punched me in the gut. I hope you will visit my post from yesterday, click here if you are interested to see it.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Think about how lucky we are to do as we please do today, that is the ultimate freedom that not everyone is fortunate enough to experience. Until next time…..

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I love your posts Because they are real and you are a very genuine person. Thank you!!!

I’ve been in a similar situation at a local grocery store. The person wasn’t speaking directly to me but I heard her. People in my area are quick to shoot and many look for fights. If I can, I’ll remove myself as quickly as possible and I did at the grocery store. I do not entertain idiots by speaking back because they want to fight and argue. I much rather use my precious energy in worthwhile pursuits. What a sick sad world we live in when people just can’t leave each other alone. They just gotta do or say something when it doesn’t pertain to them. Unreal.

Too bad you made the “Kool-Aid “man to be a villian. I’m sure if he would have said “mask-up, you irresponsible fool”, you’d have been fine. He still has FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If you can’t accept others’ freedoms, then stay home or go to Canada. Please.

I can’t stand a bully. I don’t care about freedom of speech; it doesn’t give someone the right to be rude and intimidate someone else. The man’s behavior was out of line. Between Trump and the pandemic, it has given certain people the right to behave outrageously.

Thankfully 😅 we have a drive through Starbucks, which I always use! In this case my friends wise father said “ never wrestle with a pig, because you will get all dirty and the pig will enjoy it“

Again Tina, you are an amazing, heartfelt individual. I remain beyond impressed with your post yesterday, and again today regarding Ukraine. Well done (per usual).

Beth A. Cristoff I think you totally misunderstood the comment as well as the survey. I believe the scenario was such that no one in the immediate vicinity took the bully (bully being tge man in line who turned around to the young girl and made the initial comments) to task until an elderly man came over and confronted him. Tina then asked her audience how they might respond in the same situation- do you confront a bully or not? If so, how? Please reread the survey.

I have so much to comment on today. First of all those hurricanes are gorgeous I cannot wait until they are available!! I NEED them😊

I received the white tulips last week and I cannot believe that they are not real even my husband was fooled

I loved your post yesterday and cannot thank you enough for sharing those wonderful resources we donated to two of the organizations and my husband has now bookmarked all of those Ukrainian news sites.

With regard to the Starbucks situation, I have actually been in a few situations like that myself. I would not be comfortable confronting someone because as you said you never know who you might be crossing however he was completely out of line.

I hope someone like him doesn’t ever say that to me because he will get back what he deserves.

It is outrageous that someone would question someone wearing a mask!

I just love your blog, you’re pretty take on life but mostly that you know how to keep it real and authentic you are to be applauded.

Ms. Christoff, someone aggressively staring down a person who’s younger and more timid is not expressing freedom of speech. He is threatening. Tina did not make him a villain; he did that all on his own.

In a similar situation, I probably would have turned around, feigned surprise on seeing the girl and said something like, “Oh, THERE you are, Honey!” and trilled sweetly at the man to go ahead of me in line, keeping my seemingly nitwit non-threatening self between him and her. (For context, I’m an abrasive New Englander. My husband and others who know me would’ve needed cold compresses on their foreheads in shock at my adorable behavior.)

In Ukraine, I agree that Zelensky is really impressive. A hero and a poet, both of which the world needs desperately.

Be still my heart for that hydrangea garden everything! YES!

I cannot believe that men turned on a young girl to be rate her about her mask he should’ve been asked to leave the building! I saw something similar at our local Wegmans and the manager actually escorted the man out of the market, everyone started clapping.

Thank you for that beautiful post on Ukraine I am shocked that more bloggers an Instagram or‘s have not done something similar says a lot about your character!

I would have said something to the young girl. My mom always told me that when someone is not nice, to say a prayer for them, and the people that has to live with them. Good advice!

We can all thank Biden (or whoever is actually running the WH) for the Ukraine situation, trump had putin by the balls, and with one swoop of an EO Biden gave Putin a huge present and an open door. And we can also thank Biden and his fake press for division of this country. Unbelievable how so many people don’t see what is actually happening.

I stand with Michelle Miller below.

Aside from that, no one should be bullied for anything. Half our family has received the vaccine and the other half refuse to.
I applaud both sides for sticking to their convictions of freedom. Neither are sheeple and I applaud that most of all. I can
also say that the side that is against masking for all the right scientific reasons the media doesn’t relate, gets the most flack
from “Karens”. And they give it right back. My granddaughter’s school has now decided to let their students decide whether to wear a mask or not. Guess who is being bullied? The ones who do not wear a mask.

Hi Tina, always such a treat when I see your mail come into my email box!

I just love the Hydrangea Garden Collection in the hurricanes are so beautiful.

Thank you for sharing the beauty that you do and thank you for taking the time out to share your resources about the Ukrainian situation. It is completely heartbreaking and as long as Putin is allowed to continue doing what he is doing he will continue on this war oath.

To wear or not wear a mask is personal, no one has the right to go and question someone’s decision. I am surprised that man was not told to leave, he sounds like a miserable person!

I want to add that your flowers are lovely. No, life isn’t always pretty, but beauty sustains us as we face the worst of it. Your posts are part of that — thank you!

I find it interesting that you find this so abhorrent when for so long many of us that do not wear masks have been attacked, embarrassed, and ridiculed publicly by others. It seems that one side has for so long felt justified in the outward and by this, I mean very vocal criticism and admonishment of others’ choice for a presidential candidate and then president. There were no holds barred and never any remorse or apology offered for the attacks. I don’t believe that two wrongs make a right but I can see how those many incidents of behaviors that so unmercifully and without impunity were leveled on millions of people that were simply minding their own business and enjoying their freedom of choice may have led to the backlash that we see today. You see, those mouthy people were great teachers on what to do if you disagree with one’s choice and this is the result. Sad to have to explain this but as a victim myself, feel it is neccessary. I however, do not retaliate but rather choose to educate.

Please, everyone, consider donating to Samaritan’s Purse. This organization is highly rated and does excellent, tireless work all over the world – and now particularly in the Ukraine. Thank you again, Tina, for highlighting this sad crisis which does, in fact, affect us all.

The situation in the Ukraine is truly horrible. The President and the people there are courageous beyond description. On a note of much lesser importance do you expect to get any of the mini foo dogs soon. Really would like several pair of the navy ones.

A friend’s husband was confronted by a mouth-breather at Big Box store – made snarky comment to him about his mask as he walked by, then another one more loudly so that everyone within earshot could hear. The mask-wearer turned around, looked this jerk in the eye and said just as loudly “I have cancer and just had my first round of Chemo, you a**hole’. Then stood there and said nothing, just stared this guy down as he turned red and skulked off.
Sadly we have our share of anti-mask/anti-vaxxers back home in Canada. Doesn’t help when, at the height of the pandemic, evangelical pastors are telling their congregations to not use a mask or get a vaccine because ‘The blood of Jesus will protect you’. Tell that to the 36,000 dead….You can’t fix stupid…

The terrible situation between Ukraine and Russia is complicated by the oil and gas Russia provides to a large portion of Europe. Even worse, the United States was energy independent until the current administration implemented policies that have damaged our domestic oil and gas companies. Now, we are not only asking the Middle East to increase production ( which they are either unwilling and/or unable to do), WE ARE ALSO PURCHASING OIL FROM RUSSIA. Yes, the Biden administration is placing sanctions on Russia and also restricting some of their companies access to banking, but not the part of the Russian economy that deals in oil and gas.

An independent U.S. energy sector is a vital national security issue. Policies which undermine that are showing how it cripples our ability to respond to situations such as the one we are now watching in horror. Reagan collapsed the Soviet Union through energy policies that lowered the price of oil and the income the USSR needed to keep their economy afloat. Now, with the U.S. restricted by political policies which discourage domestic drilling, the high price of oil is flooding the Russian treasury with the wealth to fund their military aggression. Europe is handicapped by their dependence on energy from Russia, unable to respond effectively and forcefully without risking Putin destroying shutting off the pipeline bringing them their oil and natural gas. Energy is a powerful political weapon.

I just came here to say that though I don’t comment very often, I am so impressed with how you were handling this world crisis. Amazing to me the number of people turning a blind eye to the human suffering.

You have earned a fan in me for life! thank you for the beauty that you share but mostly thank you for being such a kind, caring person with tremendous integrity (unlike many bloggers and instagram accounts).
I realize no one has to talk about it but you would think out of empathy and humanity they would feel compelled to. 🙏🏻

I would have asked the man if he was aware that the young lady may be living with or caring for someone that is immuno compromised. Or maybe she was recovering herself from being ill. Whatever she is doing, one thing is for sure… it’s none of his business! Then I would have told the young lady that the world is filled with bullies and to ignore them even when you’ve got a blow hole right in front of you!

Why should any of us be surprised that people now feel emboldened to bully others while calling it freedom of speech. I watched with a heavy heart our past president bully Americans for 4 years. He bullied disabled reporters. He mocked women he found unattractive. He bullied politicians. He even bullied Zelensky saying he wouldn’t release aid to Ukraine unless he provided dirt on Biden. The list goes on and on. Finally in horror I watched him encourage his supporters to attack our capital on Jan. 6th. The saddest part may be that many in his party are still praising him and following him. We are watching live how dangerous bullies can be as we see Putin attack Ukraine. We are all entitled to our views but let us move forward with kindness and civility!

Any man using a mask as an excuse to intimidate a woman should absolutely be called out. Bravo to the man who did so.

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