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Hello there! This is one you need to sit down for, trust me🙂 If you are a lover of blue and white and porcelain, this is a presale you do not want to miss. We are getting in our biggest container of the year in about 4 weeks. This one is loaded with many of our best selling products ever along with some new additions.

For the almost five years since we have started this presales, I am still like a kid in the proverbial candy shop every single time I get to see what’s on the way. I already am making room to add a few pieces, as one can never have too much blue and white. I must say this container is exceptional.

If you are new to these sales, please read over the rules below.

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email (office hours 9:30-5 EST)
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • This is a presale offer for container arriving around end of May/first week of June
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $800 gets 10% off
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email for info)
  • Wholesale customer? Contact
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565


And now, for the fun part (try to include as many “real life” pictures as possible as people really seem to like seeing the products in a room setting)

ITEM 1 How I missed this jar!! This jar is simply spectacular and quite grande. Double the statement and make it a pair! Beautifully hand painted with a bird and floral scene topped off with a foo dog lid.If you are looking for a real statement jar, this is your jar:)

Measures 24″ x 13″ at it’s widest point


$370.00 for a pair


ITEM 2 Its been over a year since got this navy cherry blossom mid sized fishbowl.Perfect for topiaries, hydrangea plants, ferns, boxwood balls,etc…a really beautiful piece indoors or out. Beautiful hand painted all over cherry blossom, white on a navy background. A real standout!

Measures 12″ x 9.5″ x 10″


ITEM 3 Our extra large and gorgeous village scene centerpiece bowl is coming back. This beauty is wonderful with nothing as a centerpiece bowl or filled with orchids, its a downright showstopper.

Measures 17″ x 17″ x 9″


ITEM 4 Fabulous mid sized dragon fishbowl. A personal favorite, these are gorgeous with big palms, a boxwood ball or giant fern. Ideal indoors or out.

Measures 17″ x 16″ x 17″


ITEM 5 If you want a seriously incredible jumbo fishbowl, look no further. The intricacy of this hand painted fishbowl is so so beautiful. I plan to take a few home before they sell out. Featuring a dragon and phoenix scene with florals, four “lion rings”…so beautiful for indoor or outdoor use. If you know how much jumbo fishbowls are, you will recognize what a deal this is!

Measures 21″ x 23″ x 23″


ITEM 6 A customer favorite is this very large antiqued bird ginger jar, beautiful bird/floral scene with elegant foo dog lid. Pretty solo or double the beauty as a pair!

Measures 20″ x 11″ x 11″

$190 each

$370.00 for a pair

ITEM 7 Our top selling cherry blossom flat tops in gorgeous pastels are a must have! Offered in pale blue and pale pink with raised cherry blossom design.(green will be back in stock in approx 6 weeks)

Measures 8.5″ x 8.5″


Specify blue or pink


Real life shots (at warehouse) Green will be back in stock in approx 6 weeks

ITEM 8 Getting in our gorgeous village scene tulipieres in all three sizes, small, medium and large! These sell out fast so if you have been waiting don’t wait too long! These are pretty enough without flowers, but with….they are showstoppers! They come in four pieces for the ease of adding water to each piece.

Small measures 15″ tall $110.00

Medium measures 22″ $180.00

Large measures 32″ tall $260.00

ITEM 9 Our elegant floral scene and trellis square planter is a beauty, with bottom tray (2 pieces). This is so elegant with orchids, fresh flowers, a topiary or boxwood ball.

Measures 10″x 9.5″ x 8″


ITEM 10 Getting these antiqued bird flat tops back in 2 sizes. Super popular, we can’t seem to keep these in stock but doubled up on our usual quantities.

Medium measures 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″ $95.00

Large measures 12″ x 12″ x 11″ $110.00

ITEM 11 NEW! So excited to get these darling bud vases in pale pink an pale green! These are spectacular as a grouping,  down the center of a table or used on a hallway chest/console to change flowers out of weekly. I love one at each place setting and hope to have a dinner using them for just that,  this summer. Perfect gift too. I can see a summer table set with these, can’t you?

Buy the set of all five $80.00

Each vase $20.00

Specify color- pink or green

If ordering individually refer to the numbers next to each vase

ITEM 12 Our Lily of the Valley plates have been a huge success….thank you! This is part of our incredible collaboration with Carolyne Roehm. We now have the incredible matching linens (click here) as well as our best selling gift wrap. These sell out fast so if you have been waiting, grab the chance to own this fabulous dinnerware in my two favorite colorways.

10″ dinner plate $18.00 each

11″ dinner plate $21.00 each

8.75″ salad plate $16.00 each

8″ salad plate $14.00

Specify blue or green

Buy 10 or more of one sized plate and save 10%

11″ dinner plate

8.75″ salad plate

10″ dinner plate

8″ salad plate

ITEM 13 Our fabulous Ralph vase is a beauty.  Coming back in our medium size. Ideal for your weekly flowers, big branches or cherry blossoms. A showstopper and even prettier as a pair, also beautiful on a mantle.

Measures 11″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″


ITEM 14 A definite favorite bird garden seat with pretty bird and floral scene and pierced cutouts. Ideal for indoors or out, which you can easily move around. This is a real beauty and such a classically pretty scene.

Measures 17″ x 13″ x 13″


ITEM 15 Finally this extra large double happiness vase is coming home. Have a pair of these in my entry foyer and change them out seasonally with branches, fresh greens, cherry blossoms, etc…You want a showstopping large vase, this is the one! Classic double happiness design with pretty foo dog “handles” on either side.

Measures 24.5″ x 11″


ITEM 16 Our dragon garden seats will be back soon! Have a pair in my foyer next to my two foyer chairs and just love this classical dragon design with pretty pierced detailing.

Measures 18″ x 13″ x 13″


ITEM 17 NEW! This beautiful shaped pierced garden seat. I plan on putting a few of these out on my patio. I love the idea of these next to a chaise lounge, equally pretty to be used indoors as well. Love the shape and pierced detailing.

Measures 17.5″ x 11″ x 11″


ITEM 18 This just might be my favorite smaller vase and we consistently sell out of this for a reason. The kind of vase that is easy to use due to the perfect size. I also love that this is a great size for a mantle, a pair is quite fabulous. And its so easy to change out what you put in them, seasonally. Without anything at all these are just beautiful. The classic double happiness is always a winner.

Measures 11″ x 5.5″


ITEM 19 Our fabulous three large emperors are so impressive. These are spectacular together or you can use them separately. A beautiful addition to any vignette. They are also a perfect size for a mantle display. Beautiful level of detailing in these three elegant emperors.

Measures 17″ x 5.5

Set of 3 $135.00

ITEM 20 Our very popular footed planters are so beautiful. One of my favorite designs. I love the elegant floral pattern and the feet on platform makes these a standout. Offered in a pale soft blue or a darker blue.

Measures 10.5″ x 8.5″


specify darker blue or lighter blue

ITEM 21 Two of our most popular ginger jars are coming back in stock, the lotus and the cherry blossom. Beautifully antiqued, these large jars make the most beautiful statement. A pair is outstanding and a perfect starting point for a new vignette.

Measures 20″ x 11″ x 11″


specify lotus or cherry blossom

ITEM 22 Our floral cylinder pot is finally coming back. Not only is this a beauty for plants and flowers, but I love using mine as an oversized utensil holder on my stove, its so pretty there!

Measures 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″


specify floral or plum blossom



ITEM 23 We have not had these in almost a year. I LOVE these pagodas, mid sized and the perfect size to use just about anywhere. Easy enough to move around, from room to room or indoors to out, which I do a lot in the summer. These are super functional and so beautiful particularly as a pair.

Measures 24″ x 5″ x 5″


ITEM 24 Our best selling flat tops are coming back and we doubled up on our usual quantities. Offered in the beautiful bird and cherry blossom designs. These are so easy to work with, and are fabulous as a pair. Add to an existing vignette or let this be your building block for a new one! Beautiful hand painted scenery.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


specify bird for cherry blossom

ITEM 25 Our solid white fishbowls are so beautiful, and super versatile. These can easily fit into any color/style decor. Perfect indoors and out, features beautiful “lion rings” detailing.

Measures 16″ x 16″ x 16″


ITEM 26 Our best selling mini blue and white foo dogs are a must have for any blue and white collector. These fit in,  literally anywhere. Perfect on top of a stack of coffee table books, flanking a ginger jar, ideal for bookends, etc……

Measures 6″ x 4″

$85.00 for the pair

ITEM 27 One of our newest planters is this fabulous antiqued round dragon scene planter. It is the perfect size. I have used mine filled with apples to a spectacular orchid arrangement. A really stunning and versatile piece.

Measures 12″ x 6″


ITEM 28 And finally, we get a handful of these SPECTACULAR ENORMOUS solider jars every few months. Due to size, we only get in about 8 of these at a time due to how much space they take up in the container. They each ship in their own crate.

There is no way to fully convey the grandeur of this jar. It is nearly as tall as a person and the level of detailing is really exceptional. If you are looking for a very very tall pair of solider jars, look no further! If you know the prices of comparable jars, you know that they often are thousands, not hundreds. Impressive doesn’t begin to describe thees!

This beauty measure 47″ tall

Presale price $785.00

A pair-$1500

These must ship freight


One lucky porcelain lover will win this stunning set of bud vases to celebrate this amazing container. Just leave a comment telling us your favorite piece and where you might use it. We will announce the winner on Sunday!


Still here? I told you this was good and worth sitting down for! If you see something calling your name, call or email to place your order-


Wishing everyone a fabulous day, until next time…..

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Sandy W on

With blue and white, it’s really impossible to pick a favorite but those tall soldier jars are amazing.

Eve on

What a beautiful post on this dreary day on Long Island. Very hard to ch00se one, but I love the large standing Emperors.

Susan K on

So it love with the lily of the valley dishes!

Blair on

I love everything but especially the floral cylinder pot for kitchen utensils!!

Ariela V on

Love all the blue and white! Especially the floral floral cylinder pot for my kitchen utensils.

Linda C on

I love the huge fishbowls they would be stunning around the pool

Susan Kayden on

I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!! #4 Dragon Fishbowl is just fabulous!

Cheri P on

Oh my, so much beauty. My favorite is the cherry blossom pastel flat top jars. I would select the pale blue and display on my bookcases flanking fireplace.

Jennifer S on

So many beautiful pieces! The village scene centerpiece bowl is always a favorite! The plum blossom cylinder pot would be great as a kitchen utensil holder!

AFN on

Navy fish bowl for the garden and the bird garden seat beside my tub. Perfect💕.

Sherry Moore on

I love everything! So hard to choose! The little bud vases are so special…love them running down the center of a table or gathered on a silver tray!

Alissa S. on

I just love the fishbowls for outdoor plants in the spring and summer. Of course, they’d be beautiful indoors as well!

Terry P. on

Ugh 🙁 The Blue/White LOVE struggle is Real ! I wasn’t going to order, I wasn’t going to order – BUT – alas – I just ordered #9 – The Floral/Trellis Planter 🙂 Luv

Linda Owens on

The lily of the valley dishes are beautiful!!

Paulette P. on

Ever Since you shared a photo from one of your customers showing four of the flat top cherry blossoms in pastel blue, I was smitten. Need one filled just as she did with the hydrangeas and roses for the kitchen. What a talented customer!

Maureen O on

The lily of valley plates are beautiful especially for a Mother’s Day tablescape! I can envision my table now. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Jordan Welch on

The designs on the floral cylinder pot in plum blossom and the round dragon scene planter are just gorgeous! Love them all!!

Sharon Hart on

I have the Lily of the Valley dinnerware- use it every day- it makes my heart sing!

Patricia on

A pair of the blue and white pagodas would bring a uniquely beautiful and elegant decor touch to my home .

Ms. Tracey on

That dragon fish bowl though…

Marcia Moorhead on

Love all your garden seats.

Anita Morgan on

Be still my heart. With so much beauty in this post it’s difficult to choose. I already have one of your happiness vases and it needs a mate to refresh some brackets. It is a favorite vases. 💙🤍

Nancy on

Loving Item 21: Cherry Blossom design. Clean and beautiful, esp. featured with your fresh &/or faux Enchanted Home flowers.
Simple Elegance!

Ann on

All the lily of the valley plates are my faves! One of a kind motif and would be the perfect addition to any holiday table or just everyday.

Maria on

My favorites are the dragon garden seats, and I would use them with my all-white furniture on my porch! I would also use them on my small upper patio area in my garden with my blue and white pillows and white furniture.

Tamara on

Everything is so lovely and so difficult to pick one favorite item but absolutely love the village tulipieres
I would put in my study to complement my other blue and white decor

Joan on

All beauties, but it is planting season so the square trellis planter is so tempting. Love all the goodies!

Merilynn Bergstresser on

love the lemon tree and its porcelain fish bowl holder

Fanny on

There are so many beautiful things I’d love to add; but the pagoda is just fabulous. I can see it on my living room
FP mantle or on the foyer sideboard.

Regina S. on

Love the new pierced garden seat! So unique!

Robyn Dubinsky on

The cherry blossom flat top in pale blue would be just perfect for may primary bath! Serene and classic.

Mona on

The Lily of the Valley dinnerware is simply beautiful!

jan on

Oh my goodness! So many beautiful choices and great deals. I’m in love with the Lily of the Valley dishes.
Well done!

Eve on

I’ve always loved blue & white decor, but lately I really like to add pale pink accents in!! That pink ginger jar is tempting me!!

S.Marie on

Another wonderful and most beautiful post from you and it is all about “retail therapy”! Do we STILL call it THAT?? I am falling behind on these sayings since my youngest married and I’m now empty nesting! ;-D
As far as ordering something from this spectacular collection-I think it will be one of the indoor/outdoor garden seats. The pierced one with the birds, I think. I have been planning to buy one of these for some time and yours are the very nicest! My original thought was to go vintage or even antique, but I know I would be worried about the sturdiness of such old porcelain or earthenware and this type of piece ends up being a bit of a work horse, more so than a delicate antique goblet or vase up in a cabinet.
This is only my second or third time writing in, but I have been reading your posts even before I subscribed. I so enjoy each and every one!
When I wrote in before I mentioned that I have my grandmother’s collection of Blue Willow, Flow Blue and some Canton which I have added to from time to time. I have one of your vases that was gifted to me. You would never know the difference between my antiques and the new vase. Just Love it!
My plan for the garden seat that I will be ordering is that in the summer it will live in my three-season gazebo which is inside my pool yard. Once our short summer/Fall season is over here I will bring this very useful piece inside to be used as an accent piece in my formal living room or next to a vintage chair in my formal dining room. Mostly formal rooms here as this is a federal home. Perfect for the Blue Willow/Flow Blue/Canton and dogs that live here! THAT is Staffordshire dogs of course!
I do have Cavalier King Charles dogs though! A close match for the Staffordshire’s!
All for now. Tonight, I KNOW I will have Blue/white porcelain HAPPY dreams!

Marilyn on

I love those salad and dinner plates. They are gorgeous.

Ann on

Love, love ,love the Lily of the Valley dishes. I inherited my Grandmothers china which has Lilies of the Valley on them. I remember holiday dinners at my grandparents being served on those dishes. So I was extremely touched when my Grandfather gave them to me 49 years ago when I got married. Have hosted many a dinner party with them and the always bring a smile to my face.

Elizabeth Hassell on

Foo Dogs! They’d be put in the armoire that held my grandmother’s clothes, now our (not huge) tv. Bookshelves are above and below the tv with some interesting accents. So,yes – foo dogs!

Patti S on

love the fish bowels, they would be great flanking front door or out by the pool!

Debbie Johnson on

I’m so happy the Lily plates are back! I’m not going to wait this time to order!!

Deb R on

Love the navy cherry blossoms! Would make a great planter in my living room!

Karen F. on

The pagoda tulipieres are a favorite and a pair will be perfect on my dining room buffet.

Cathy Blair on

I am in LOVE! with all the blue and white pieces and am considering the garden seat in#14 . However, my favorite piece is the pillow on the chair in that photo. Stunning! You are truly an inspiration and I so look forward to your posts!

Stephanie C on

Three Emperors! On my mantle!

Jane C on

I’m WOWED!! The centerpiece bowl would be jest perfect on my freshly painted etegere!!

Jane C on

I’m WOWED!! The centerpiece bowl would be just perfect on my freshly painted etegere!!

Nancy Behrmann on

This pre-sell of blue and white porcelain does not disappoint. I am in love with item number one. I tend to like large scale items and I think these could go on my mantle or the dining room table. The possibilities are endless! Thank you for bringing the side of my back!

Laura Reinhart on

I love the Foo dogs and how I can place them in so many arrangements.

Pam on

Love the lily of the valley dishes in blue.

Pam on

Love the lily of the valley dishes in blue!

Joyce on

I love the large standing Emperors! I need to find a place for those.
And oh the dishes…….💚

kesha on

I love the large antiqued bird ginger jar! It is so pretty!

Linda T. on

Thank you, Tina for beginning my day so beautifully! Your blue and white post along with my morning coffee are a perfect combination of inspiration. The little emperors are just extraordinary in detail!

Rachael W on

I love the pierced shaped garden seat….so beautiful!!! I would use it in my screened porch seating area 🙂

Kristen Sayan on

Beautiful items! I can’t decide!

Andrea on

Tina, as usual, you do not disappoint! I love all the porcelain, especially the vases and planters and jars. Being a fresh flower person like yourself, and many others who follow you, flowers go in many of the porcelains! I especially love the little bud vases and the new colors are especially nice! I purchased the white ones, and let me tell you, I took your suggestion from previous posts and put them at each place setting. Of course, the blue and white table setting of Blue Willow is what I have. I have put white roses in there as well as red with one white to accent. Gorgeous with the blue and white! Any flower goes in the little bud vases. I always wanted the jar for the utensils! Perfect! Thank you again!

Liz on

Oh my goodness I had to scroll back and forth to decide on which one I’d like.. The Ex.Lg. Double Happiness Vase is wonderful! It would have a proud spot on my mantel.

Philip on

Item#22 A pair of the floral pots; one pot for each side of my island filled with a combination of tulips and peonies in white and pink for a welcoming and peaceful wink to Spring!

Amjean on

Do you sell the blue/white containers you used for crudite in one of your photos above?

Arleen on

On overload right now……so many lovely things to choose from . Love them all but the pink mini vases will look fabulous down the center of my farm table where I will be hosting a garden party honoring my daughter who recently graduated from college. 💕

Deborah on

The navy cherry blossom pot is so pretty!
Also the floral cylinder pot… great idea for utensils. Would look great in any room, so many uses for holding things.

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