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Hi there, want to first announce the winner of the recent tabletop giveaway. Congratulations goes to-

Hi Tina, So many beautiful items that it is hard to choose. I love wicker. I’m thinking the planters might bring the warmth to my daughter’s apartment that she just moved into. Thank you!

Please email us at [email protected] with your name and shipping address Os your prize can be on the way.


Hope everyone has enjoyed a good week. I have been at my parents house staying with my mom while my dad took a trip. It was good, quality time with my beloved mom who has Alzheimers. When they say it’s the cruelest illness on the planet, I have to agree. Anyone how has been here, knows. I treasure every moment with my mom and do my best to get there monthly. I know my visits are still a bright spot for her.

But truthfully, they are to me, practically sacred. Being in her company, holding her hand, singing to her and just being present with her means more now than ever before.So it is the struggle of dealing with a sick parent which makes a simple outing with a dear friend visiting from out of town, that much sweeter.

Had one of my best friends staying with us last weekend and went out to the North Fork, which is basically wine/farming country in addition to being on the Long Island Sound. It is a wonderful, relatively untouched little oasis only about an hour and a half from my home. So this weeks random musings posts is centered around that little trip…..

Went to Duryeas in Orient Point on the North Fork and started our day with a delectable lunch including this enormous lobster cobb salad and tuna tartare

Yes, they were both as good as they look!

Sunflower heaven, tis the season

I literally get excited seeing a huge table overflowing with sun ripened, juicy peaches, anyone else?

These beautiful dried flowers were so pretty

I see this and I see brushetta for days….

These donut peaches were so so good

And of course bought flowers home in addition to several bags filled with fruit!

Flowers at home arranged and looking good!

And made the most delish and guilt free dessert, whole milk natural Greek yogurt with sliced fresh peaches, add a drizzle of honey if you are so inclined


Last day of our amazing wicker/tabletop sale!

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Ahhh, what fun this was putting it together. It was like getting to relive this visit all over again. Such a fun day and or course the icing on the cake was being able to spend it with a dear dear friend who I have known for over 30 years. They moved out of state so her visits mean that much more. Hope you enjoyed, need to enjoy these simple summer pleasures while they present themselves! Thanks for stopping in, until next time…….

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Tina, you just have a way of making what you capture through your camera lense look so vibrant, beautiful and if the situation calls for it- so delish! What a fun little trip that must have been.

These pictures are so beautiful, you have a definite gift amongst many other talents. Would love to know what kind of phone you used to take them? Love a good farmstand as well and your flowers are beautiful!! I am going to try your peach dessert.

Tina, you have a loving and couargeous heart-I, too, have been down the path of Alzheimers’ with my Grammy and my mother and it is very painful-but you are doing the right thing, giving the gift of yourself to both your parents and facing this head on-it is very difficult-know that your customers/friends are praying for you and your parents and think of you often.

I love these posts of summer. You capture the fresh food and the flowers, and I wish I could be right there with you! I can almost smell those ripe peaches, and now I need to go out to our farmer’s market and find some ripe peaches here. Thank you for the blast of summer, and please don’t stop! I love your summery posts. Have a beautiful weekend, Tina!! So glad you got to spend time with your mom.

i’m sorry to hear about your mom, though I do not have first-hand experience to very important people in my life are going through it with their own moms and I see how heartbreaking it is. How wonderful that you give yourself the time to spend with her, something you will never get back and never regret.

your trip to the North Fork looks so wonderful, that area of Long Island is especially beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of your gorgeous pictures

Tina, I have been on your journey with my Mom. She had Alzheimer’s for 13 years. It is truly the long goodby.. after her death i had two uncles who also had dementia and I am the only child who could help as sister lived on east coast. With three teens, a job and four people to care for sometimes I day dreamed of running away!,Lol!,
I am glad I gave them the best care possible and now I have my husband with dementia.. But we are strong …I think LOL!, ..
p.s. none of them were related..all spouses. I won the wrong lottery

Blessings to all caring for elder parents. My mother is 95 and my aunt is 107. I am driving 8 hours each way to spend as much time as I can to help. I hate to leave my husband and home but always enjoy being with my mom. I just wish they could be happier and more comfortable.

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