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Hi friends hope this finds you well. We have had the most spectacular weather weekend here in NY. I just returned from being at my parents for the week. Came home and had a lovely dinner with friends last night and today so looking forward to a really relaxing, chill “no agenda” kind of day. I need it desperately!

Cannot believe we are in mid August. The slow transition is real, seeing plenty of back to school ads, went into Saks a few weeks ago and saw a huge display of Henro winter jackets (love them but way too early in my book) and yes, summer is slowly slipping away.

I plan on milking every last minute of it though. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend too. Onwards to this weeks post…..



1 THESE ARE A GO!! So many of you expressed such excitement for these new urn and pedestals and I am pleased to tell you that manufacturing has begun on these beauties. We will start with a limited collection of 60 (in four colors). We will have a presale on these in the next week or two so if were one of the ones who emailed or was interested, stay tuned! I am very excited about them especially because I have just the place for a few of them. Now to decide on color, hummmm……

2 THE BEST FILET MIGNON MADE RIGHT IN YOUR HOME I do not eat a lot of meat my boys and husband however do. I was looking to make a true restaurant quality filet mignon and at long last have nailed it. It is simpler than you might think. I included a recipe on this post (click here) for my herbed butter which to me is key. A good cast iron skillet is an absolute must. This is not so much about many ingredients as it is several calculated very carefully timed steps that are key to creating the perfect steak.

So here is what you need and what to do-

1 cast iron skillet

3-4 filet mignon

sea salt and pepper

a few stems of thyme

3 TBSP of butter

micro greens for garnish (optional)

Take your steaks out and leave out in room temp for approx 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper generously to both sides. At this time turn on your oven to approx 425 to get it nice and hot. Do not do cook steaks right out of being refrigerated. Once left a room temp, add your plain butter to skillet and turn up the heat.

Once nice and hot, use tongs to gently place each steak into the hot skillet. You should hear a nice loud sizzle. Carefully time it and cook each side for 2 minutes not a second less or more.  Immediately after, place the cast iron skillet with steaks into the very hot oven. For medium well,  it takes 7 minutes. If you want it well I would go for 8-9 minutes and so on….do not open oven while cooking.

After 7 minutes, remove your skillet (be careful as this is very hot) place on countertop and leave alone and let the steak “rest” for about 5 minutes. The steak is actually still cooking and sealing in the juices. Once 5 min are up, you can plate your steaks, at this time I add a thin pat of the herbed butter and like to garnish with pretty micro greens.

Serve and sit back to hear the compliments that will inevitably come your way:)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST As we slowly transition from late summer into early fall, I am. living for these pictures that do it so beautifully

4 A GREAT NEW PURPLE SHAMPOO For anyone who is a blonde, this is a strong recommendation. My hairdresser swears that this is the best blonde shampoo and after using it for about 3 weeks I have to say my color looks really good,  still nice and bright. I have used others but this one I think is my new favorite! Bought mine on Amazon.

5 CUSTOMER PHOTOS You know how much I adore seeing our products in your beautiful homes. It always gives me a thrill.Here are some recent ones we received. Thanks for making our products look so so good!

6 SOUTHERN DORM ROOMS I am not going to lie, I have become a Tiktok convert and its frankly addicting. How the algorithm started to show me the entire Bamarush culture, I do not know but I was/am loving every minute of it. Putting that aside, there are the dorm rooms which seriously could rival some really posh boutique hotels rooms. The words “dorm room”  do not even seem fitting. I mean, have you ever!!!! Kudos to the moms who we know are the masterminds behind these posh little pads……

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Your opinion is so important to me and you are the ultimate focus group. I love hearing what you love (and sometimes don’t) with regard to new prodrugs. This is a new styles wastepaper basket and tissue and I would love to know your thoughts. I like that this could be for a bathroom or office, etc…would offer in four colors. The pattern makes it feel kind of like a neutral. I have a few rooms where these will be perfect. Thoughts? Favorite color?


Last day of our 25% off all porcelain sale!

Use code porcelain

Click here to see our huge porcelain collection (all subcategories are on the bottom left)

And that friends, is a wrap! Did you enjoy the post? Anything particularly resonate? Always appreciate you stopping by, writing these Sunday posts is always cathartic for me, it is like a little diary where I get to talk about only the good and pretty. Always love hearing from you and want to wish everyone a fabulous and relaxing Sunday. Until next time…..

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Always my “go to”…after purviewing, in detail, I stand by my “comment!” franki

The new style wastebasket and tissue holder in the modern dot pattern are superb!!! Would be used any where in the house and look spectacular! A true mix of traditional and modern! Love!

I ordered one of the new style of tulipiere that were supposed to be in the first week of August. I see that you have gotten in many containers but no mention of the new tulipieres.

Hi we sent out a mailer about 10 days ago (please check spam) explaining that they are on the way but delayed by 3 weeks. We offered to keep them on back order or you could cancel for a refund. Please feel free to email [email protected] to let us know if you want your order to be kept on back order (ETA approx Sept 3rd) or we can issue a refund. There is still major delays at all ports, we are doing our best to get them here as fast as possible!

I like all of the trash baskets, but would prefer not to have the “scalloped” tops.
A plain oval “rim” would work much better for me.

what a beautiful post I am so excited about the urns, I will absolutely be ordering, need a pair by my pool.

yes yes yes to the new wastepaper baskets and tissue, the beige and navy are striking.

I am not a good cook but I am definitely going to try your method for cooking the fillet, it is my husband‘s favorite dinner of all time.

Kudos to the brilliant moms that made ugly dorm rooms look so pretty for their daughters. Naturally the blue and white room is my favorite.

I loved seeing the elegant dorm rooms. What a contrast from when I left for college in 1962 with a suitcase, a portable typewriter and a couple of cardboard boxes, LOL!!! My coffee maker was a metal ring that you plugged into an outlet and then inserted into a cup of water. This was all well and good until the morning after an all-nighter study session when I forgot to add water to the cup. Luckily I did not burn down the old girls’ dormitory building as it was an historic one built in 1900! Happy Sunday to you, Tina!

Filet recipe looks great, but how many minutes if you like medium rare? The recipe link for herbed butter did not open.

Yes, I loved the post! Thank you for sharing your recipe for the filet mignon
The urn and Pedestals are beautiful. I like that they are great in a traditional or modern setting. The new waste basket design is wonderful too. Love it.
Summer is going way way too fast for my liking but so grateful for the gorgeous weather here in PA.

A lot of the dorm rooms you’ll see on Instagram, etc (even here on this post) are where I live…Oxford/Ole Miss. You can’t possibly imagine what the decorators and stores around here go through the months leading up to move-in, which was just last week. It’s chaos around here during the week of move-in! Ha! But good for the economy. Some of the designers figure out a way to make the bedding, and furnishings transfer into the next 3 years of college life when everyone moves into Sorority houses or condos/apartments. And you would be shocked to know what they spend on these rooms! So very different than my dorm room back in the late 70s, early 80s with milk crates for shelves!

Please add me to your mailing list. I LOVE YOUR POST and have been trying to get back on it for ages. But nom luck. Please add me back on!

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