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Hi friends, we got in a few containers lately and it was like Christmas in September. We have a bunch of beautiful new items that we are excited to unveil and welcoming back some of your absolute faves too! This might just be the best container yet. Best part? Everything just arrived (except the last three items which are presales for new items).

So much to love here…..did not get all professional shots back but most of them were done. Something for everyone, and not a moment too soon to possibly think about holiday gifts for that person who loves their home. Please read over the rules prior to placing an order-


  • There are only two ways to order. Email your order in or call. Call 800-804-9565 (office open 9:30-5 EST)  or email [email protected]
  • If ordering via email be sure you include your name, address and phone number along with ITEM NUMBER and color or style (if it applies)
  • Submitting an order does not guarantee your order, only a paid order is considered confirmed
  • There are limited numbers of each item available
  • This sale is on for 3 days (ends Friday night)
  • These are in stock and ready to ship (except for last 3 presale items)
  • Shipping is extra
  • Final sale
  • Any order over $500 (presale items not included) will receive an additional 10% off their entire order
  • Some items we can ship internationally, for an international quote please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Wholesale? Please register with your tax ID and click here or email [email protected]


ITEM 1 Finally getting in our b scalloped wicker stool/end tables in both sizes! And we doubled up on our normal inventory! These are so fabulous and look good everywhere. I have seen poeople use them as nightstands/end tables, or next to a couch. Best part is you can so easily move these around. The scalloped shape is the crowning glory on these beautiful pieces.

Available in 18″ x 24″ and in 18″ x 33″

24″ $230.00

33″ $285.00

ITEM 2 Our extra large cane hurricanes are back! I love these indoors and out, really great statement pieces. Tall enough to even use on the floor. Want the wow factor? This is the one to do it!

Measures 18 ” tall

$110.00 each or a pair for $210.00

ITEM 3 NEW! How fabulous are these new scalloped trellis planters in blue/white or green/white! I am in love:) I could see so many things here, orchids, fresh flowers, a fern, etc….bringing home two today!

Measures 14″ x 9″


Specify pale blue with pale blue trim or gold trim  or pale green



ITEM 4 Fabulous scalloped planters/wastepaper baskets. Offered in two sizes, these are stunning. The larger one could easily be a wastepaper basket and both are wonderful as planters. Can think of so many uses for these!

White with pale blue or pale green scallop

Medium measures 7″ tall $50.00

Large measures 10.5″ tall $70.00

Tissue 5.5″ x 5.5″ $35.00


ITEM 5  This is brand new and sure to become a customer favorite, this style is featured in blue/white, love the flared rectangular, perfect for orchids with gold piping…elegant!


Measures 12″ (bottom which flares to 14″ at top) by 10″ tall

ITEM 6 Say hello to the newest and quite spectacular scalloped trellis wastepaper basket and tissue! Buy both and save.These are hand-painted and feature the prettiest scallop detail. What a beautiful way to dress up a powder room, bathroom, or office! These are really exquisite and that scallop does it for me every time:)

Wastepaper basket measures 13.5″ tall $105.00

Tissue measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ $40.00

Purchase both $13o.00

Specify green or blue

Matching tissues not professionally photographed yet but took these at warehouse for you to see

ITEM 7  Got in our beautiful lily of the valley glasses/bud vases in the new green version and what beauties these are!! Use as glasses or as a most elegant small vase. Got them in both colorways!

$12.00 each

Buy 10 or more $10.00 each

Specify color choice- blue/white, white/blue, green/white or white/green

Green with white

White with green


White with blue

Blue with white

ITEM 8 Our fabulous wicker pagodas are finally back in all three sizes!! These are spectacular and beautiful with a pillar candle or even with flowers, so many fun and creative ways to use these. These are one of my favorite wicker items from our ever expanding wicker collection….

Small 14″ x 8″. $70.00

Medium 9″ x 16″ $80.00

Large  17″ x 10″ $90.00

ITEM 9 They are back!! And normally do not last very long.  We doubled up on our supply this time around. Our incredible wicker urn and pedestal got even better, now we also offer it in a super stylish square version. Limited numbers of both and you know these go fast!

Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″$245.00

Urn measures 14″ x 19″  urn only- $275.00

Urn and pedestal $485.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall


Pedestal measures 11″ x 34″$255.00

Urn measures 14″ x 19″  urn only- $285.00

Urn and pedestal $495.00

Height with urn on top of pedestal 52″ tall

ITEM 11 Love love love these 6″ and 8″ wicker box planters and they now come in our original woven wicker version as well as the new cane version! Both so gorgeous and perfect for topiaries. smaller floras, greenery, a boxwood ball,  many options.

6″ x 6″ $40.00

8″ x 8″ $60.00

(Specify original or cane)



ITEM 12 And we have beautiful wicker trays for your serving needs, love these for indoors or out. So stylish and chic.

Rectangular wicker with handles measures 14″ x 12″ x 4″ $80.00

Scalloped wicker  22″ x 15″ x 4″ $110.00

ITEM 13 Would you believe me if I told you that these lamps were ordered and created 8 months ago! But I can say they were worth the wait!! I just adore them, they are so pretty and classic. in three elegant color ways.

Includes harp and finial. Ideally a 17″ or 18″ shade works well with these.

Lamp base measures 18″ $155.00

Specify blue, green or green/pink

White pagoda finial $15.00

Purchase a pair and receive a pair of white pagoda finials FREE!

ITEM 14 Our fabulous wicker woven votive are back! These are 3.5″ tall and are gorgeous on a table.

ITEM 15 Got these back in but most were presold. We have a handful left. Perhaps the most beautiful dog bed ever!! There is nothing quite like this and we are incredibly excited about this beautiful work of art. A wicker pagoda. bed, what could be more stylish! Finally a dog bed that will fit beautifully into even the most sophisticated interiors:) This is one size only and is meant for a small dog/pet. For the ultimate pampered pet:)

One size- measures 32″ x wide 21″ x length 30″ 

Includes blue/white ikat cushion (green cushion can be ordered at no extra charge if that is your preference, takes approx 3 weeks)


ITEM 16 Have a handful of the larger rectangular wicker dog beds in as well, offered with green or blue ikat cushion. This is for all the dogs who can’t fit into the pagoda:) Such a stylish statement that will fit beautifully into any room!  A very substantial bed that could almost fit a small child:) Absolutely spectacular looking, makes me wish I had a dog!

Super stylish with a pretty blue/white ikat cushion. Limited number of these available.  Shipping is billed at time of shipment.

Measures 44″ x 25″ x 20″

$365.00 specify with blue or green cushion (limited numbers of each)

Blue ikat

Green ikat

PRESALE OFFERS- (coming in 4 weeks)

ITEM 17 PRESALE As our scalloped consoles are super duper popular we have heard you loud and clear about making a new larger size, so say hello to the new 60″ beauty!! I will be taking one of these home for sure. These will be here in four weeks. This is an opportunity for you to purchase one at the lowest this will be offered at. If you know what these go for in a few other spots, they are in the thousands for this size. Limited numbers coming in.  Can you even believe how fabulous this is! Had to include how I might want to style it

60″  x 33″ x 14″


ITEM 18 PRESALE  So in love with these, how amazing are thees wicker stools/tables that double as storage!! Double the pleasure:) I cannot wait to get these in, beautiful for indoors or out. Doubles as a stool or end table. I could also see two side by side in front of a sofa.


Measures 20″ x 20″ x 20″


Specify square or scalloped stool when ordering


Measures 18″ x 18″ x 20″H




One lucky winner will win one of our beautiful cane wicker box planters!! Simply leave a comment on this post, telling us your favorite item here and how you would use it. Will announce a winner on Sunday!

Told you this was sensational! I must say, I am really in love with so many of these pieces and taking a backseat-full home:) A perk of being in this business for sure. See something you simply must have? Just call or email-


[email protected]

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time………

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Maureen on

I like the green/white vase! I can see it being used for my Christmas floral arrangement! Thanks for the
Giveaway !

Ashley on

The scalloped stools are so cute!!

Alissa S on

The scalloped trellis wastepaper and tissue holders are to die for!!! I also love all the scalloped wicker pieces. You just can’t go wrong with a good scallop!

Caroline V. on

This is an incredible shipment, maybe one of your best ever!

I have been waiting for the urn and pedestal to come back but the other things I’m adding to my list. That 60”console is to die for!!

Early birthday present to me!

Eve on

Love everything! I need to purchase a larger house!! Love the dog beds and the lamps!

Marcia Moorhead on

Just ordered a wastebasket and can’t wait for it to get here.

Carol on

Love the green/white glass vase. And wicker everything! Just when I think I need to declutter some of my stuff, your post comes up!

Laurie B on

I love the elegant scallopped edge wicker tray. I can think of so many uses for this…especially when entertaining guests. Love all the wonderful pieces on your site and a,ways enjoy your blog photos. SO INSPIRING and packed full of lovely ideas.

Jennifer on

I am so in love with the wicker! I get so excited when your emails come across. It’s the little treat that I give myself….whether it’s one of your recipe’s or just an update on the new home you’re building….I enjoy the read! Thanks.

Marianne Lille on

Everything is just stunning. Absolutely LOVE the bud vases….so many uses and the colors are FANTASTIC!!! Something for every décor. Definitely going to purchase as Christmas gifts. They would be lovely as a house gift, filled with something seasonal as well.

Deborah B on

Love, love, love the lily of the valley glasses/bud vases…..

Amy Bertke on

I’m living the green Lily of the Valley vase. It’s the perfect size and color to complement a pop of color with flowers.

Deborah on

I love the rectangular wicker dog bed! I would use it in my living room so our pug could join us without getting on the furniture.

Mickey on

I love the wicker dog beds. My new puppy would look adorable snuggled up in one.

Susan K. on

Absolutely smitten with the scalloped wicker tray!

Susan Kayden on

So many beautiful, unique pieces! If I had to choose a favorite, I just love the Scalloped Wicker Tray – perfect year round for serving aperitivo, indoors or out.

Rachel on

Hi Tina! I can think of a place in my house for ever single thing you sell! I love your esthetic. It elevates everywhere you put them! It is hard to choose.

Eve on

I just love the scalloped wicker tray – lovely!! Actually, everything looks beautiful!!

AFN on

The wicker stools are so versatile. What a great compliment to the other wicker pieces.

Susan on

I LOVE the wicker stools. What a great idea for seating and storage. I could see them in any room in close to a coffee table ready for that extra guest to arrive or under an round entry way table to add visual texture and storage.

Sandy W on

There a lot to love here. I especially like the wicker trays, votives, and wicker stools/tables. The blue and white lily of the valley glasses are beautiful too.

michelle on

Hard to choose a favorite – love so many of the items. I think the wicker trays are beautiful and so useful.

Lisa Hayes on

The scalloped console is MY FAVORITE wicker piece. ❤

Philip on

Love the scalloped stool because of its beautiful, unique shape and size besides the STORAGE FACTOR!!!
I could use one as end table, stool or individual ottoman for chair or better yet as a pair in more ways to balance out foyer table with one on each side.
Take care!
Prayers and positivity for your Mother and Family.🙏❤️

Joy DiCenso on

I love the wicker consoles, any size would wow!

Diane on

Love the fabulous dog beds!

Constance on

All the wicker pieces are fabulous, especially that scalloped stool!

Dale on

The wicker stools/storage are terrific. They will be perfect on my patio.

Sharon Pendleton on

I like the scalloped stool best but the scalloped tray is a close second. Scallops have always been a favorite of mine.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Enchanted Home totally outdone yourself as usual💙

Jean on

Fabulous scalloped console. A dream piece that will add so much character to a room. Will put on my wish list ASAP.

Janet on

The new scalloped stool is beautiful as well as functional. Two stools placed in front of a love seat or small couch would be perfect for table space and provide storage for a blanket or throw as well.

Donna on

I love it all! Can just see the 60” wicker table in my sunroom. Beautiful😍

Maria Clifford on

I must have the new wicker stools! I currently have a pair under a console in my family room that need to be replaced. It is hard to choose between the square or scalloped but I think probably the scalloped since it is fresh looking.

Robin J on

The stools are so pretty and versatile. I would love to store things in them, too!

Marilyn on

The wicker tray is my favorite.

Jennifer Patterson on

The wicker pedestals are fabulous and I’m planning to order a pair! Thank you for bringing us such amazing products!

Sharon Foster on

The scalloped wicker stools will make fabulous end tables on our sun porch.. I could not have designed anything more perfect!

Francine on

Absolutely love all your wicker offerings, they are all beautiful and can be used in so many different decors. I’m especially drawn to the trays and the pagoda dog bed.

Marguerite on

The wicker console is my very favorite piece. I would put it in my foyer w a beautiful mirror above it . My foyer is centrally located so I could see ithe console each time I go to any room in my home .

Karen Mcclurg on

Pagoda dog bed! Oh my how cute, esp the roof.
Thanks for the giveaway very generous of you.
Love the boxes, have been a wicker for a long time.

Jen on

Adore the scalloped consoles. Drool, drool!

Deb on

The beautiful scalloped wicker console is such a stylish update to replace a heavier, darker piece. Very sophisticated and classy!

Marnie on

Love everything! My new favorite is the scalloped stool! I love my scalloped console and may need to grab a couple stools also!

Victoria on

What a jackpot of beautiful items!

I love the lamps, planters and all the wicker especially the. new bigger console and the beautiful dog bed

Well done Tina

Karenann S. on

I love the wicker dog beds. They are so pretty and the cushions look so comfortable for our dog!

Marilyn Stirrett on

My favorite piece is the lily of the valley glass bud vase–green version. I would use it for a small bouquet or single-stem flower from my flower garden.

Linda Martin on

I love the wicker. Scalloped table. Perfect for my Sun room. Definitely going to get one.

Olga on

Wow Tina, You have outdone yourself. The square wicker stand and planter are amazing! I already own the round pedestal and urn. I LOVE it so much. The packaging was impeccable and arrived in perfect condition.

Susan Hamilton on

I love so many pieces, but the wicker console is just so pretty. I can picture it in an entry way or perhaps behind a sofa.

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