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Hi there, so I introduced you to our new home in my last post (click here if you missed it). Funny, we lived in an apt, a townhouse, a modern home, a brick Georgian, a French country home but never a clapboard Georgian until now! I have always admired beautiful big white houses with black shutters and now I live in one!

This house is quite old but meticulously maintained. One family lived here for the last nearly 60 years and it was incredibly well taken care of like a rare jewel. When I first walked in, I knew we had to buy it. It embodied everything I love. That said, there is a project to be done which we will, if all the stars are aligned, start sometime in the fall of 2023. We plan to reinvent the space where the family room/kitchen begins and there is a slew of small maids rooms and baths. We will rebuild that space to include a new large kitchen and pantry, keep existing breakfast room, build a new 2 story family room along with a mud room, laundry, etc…..

We will have to redo the wood floors and redo all the bathrooms, there are quite a few! We are toying with the idea of making a new master bedroom suite or to work with the current one and incorporate a nearby bedroom to be able to have all the modern conveniences that we want. That is yet to be determined, we have just started working with an architect so there is still a lot of planning going on.

We bought this house over a year ago, but did not move in unti about 2 months ago. So it was empty and we are just now starting to fill it up mostly with temporary things as we will undergo a large project by end of the year.

In the meantime thought it would be fun to show you a few pictures from the interior when we first bought it and a few pictures of where things stand now. I am starting today with the foyer. We are not making any major changes of any kind until we start the renovation so doing more accessorizing than anything as this house will be under construction sometime later this year. I will share part of it today and will continue to share more rooms in upcoming posts. I will share with you some of my ideas of what is yet to come along with how things stand today. This almost feels like Dèjà Vu  from when I started sharing pictures of our old house! It will be fun and I look forward to sharing it with you…



Here are a few before pictures of when we bought it-

This is the entrance with a huge gracious foyer and bridal staircase

The dining room is almost a large square we ordered a very large round table which can sit 14 but will keep 12 chairs around it, will keep all molding and paneling as is

And we saw it on the most beautiful spring day when everything was blooming like mad

Back door going out to the main patio

Sunroom which leads to side patio and gardens

After we closed we moved some things in

Here is our clean slate to which we will do very little. Just refinish the floors and changed stair /hall carpeting

Nothing but an empty shell:) LOVE the foyers with the double bridal staircase, it is grand and so welcoming..perfect for a wedding (let’s hope!)

The back of the house getting painted

The foyer needed a good paint job, we decided on a classic warm white (for now) but eventually I see doing some kind of wallpaper, perhaps a sublet patterned grasscloth or plain grasscloth

Brought many carpet samples home, but in the end,  decided to wait on the first one I loved (not this one) and its coming finally in about a week or so….

We temporarily added a rug and a much too small table (for now) just want to fill in the space

We have ordered a new larger center hall table and deciding on rugs and of course our beautiful faux orchids look good wherever they are placed!

Had the floors cleaned and it’s slowly shaping up (again this is temporary)

Then we added our two beautiful antique French painted chests (from our old house) to fill in the wall

Overall I would like to see sconces put up, a larger table with a tablecloth, and to place mirrors over the niches. I did a little photoshop to give you the idea (and of course a new rug and stair carpet)

Not the best photoshop but gives you an idea (these are our chinoiserie mirrors in ivory/gold  which I love, just restocked them in most colors, click here)


So there you have a small overview of the foyer. I have so many more pictures and I will share more before and afters as we move along. Hope you will join in this journey with me because I know I will be asking for your opinions about various things as I move along. This officially is my LAST project, you heard it here! This will be our home till the end… we are going to make sure we do exactly what we have envisioned. Stay tuned for more…..thanks for stopping by!

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What a heavenly house! You will be happy working on this lovely project! I love these posts. Please keep us all in the loop.

Love getting to see your fabulous new home – I could live in that sunroom! The before and after’s , how it all comes together, give me so much inspiration and ideas; it has definitely helped me curate and implement my own style on my own little place. Looking forward to more peeks at the progress!

Love taking this journey with you. Your new home will be stunning when you finish! I am curious. Did your furniture stay with the house you sold?

What fun Tina! Just what the doctor ordered to throw yourself into designing and creating..something you love and feeds your soul. I have no doubt that this house will be magnificent and your mother will be so proud! I am most anxious to join you on this ride!

Love everything about your new home. The detail in moldings is fabulous.
If this is truly going to be your last home, I hopeyou are incorporating a bedroom on ground floor if there is not already one there.
I know you and your husband are young now but believe me time flies.

I’m so excited to watch it all come together. What an adventure!!! I do have a question — what body of water does the house sit on? (If you shared that before and I missed it, I’m sorry.) More pictures please!!!! It’s going to be spectacular!!!!

Good morning from California! This home, although already beautiful, is going to be ultra fantastic when you are finished. Can’t wait to see more of the before and after. Thank you for taking us on another wonderful journey.

Good morning Tina!

Love you new home! Looking forward to future posts on what you do with it. It is beautiful!
Enjoy! Much love and happiness!

oh wow, loved every single photo and the previous owner’s furniture and layout and also how you have made it your own as well! Thank you for sharing this I LOVE your new home, it is stunning!! The trim work, all of it and I look forward to seeing your vision come to life!

This is the perfect time to have a project. Your Mom will be with you on every design decision. What a beautiful home and you are so fortunate to live there.

I LOVE this HOUSE!!! It would be my dream home … cannot wait to see the transformation, with your beautiful and elegant style! How fun this will be ~ thank you for sharing!

The house is gorgeous and has architectural details that are impossible to replicate today. I would suggest keeping the grand hall painted white; it highlights the beauty of the wood detail and staircase. Wallpaper would take away from the elegant simplicity of the “good bones” of the foyer. This will be a fun project!

It’s fabulous! Early 1900’s? Love the double staircase and the sunroom. I’d be out there constantly! I like the carpet choice for the stairs which will update the look a lot. Can’t wait to see the kitchen that came with the house!

I LOVED the exterior of your last home! But I LOVE MORE the interior of this home! Excited to see more of home. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Lisa,
I am struggling with white paint. What is your favorite brand of paint and your favorite white? Please help
this poor lady who is going crazy about choosing white paint. I appreciate any help you can provide.
Your new home is fabulous.

We LOVE your photos!
Send many. Look forward to brewing tea & settling into a comfy chair for a beautiful showing of another gorgeous home. 💚

The foyer is beautiful and will be stunning with the updates you described. This is going to be a very fun journey watching the transformations of your gorgeous home!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with decorating your new home. I love all of your products for sale and have tons, but my favorite part of your blog is watching your home transformations! So inspirational to me!

Tina. your new home is absolutely gorgeous! Every architectural detail is so beautiful. These elegant grand old homes are such a treasure. I know your home will be even more beautiful once you put all your personal touches on it. We look forward to future posts on your gorgeous home. You and your hubby are going to be so happy here! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

So easy to understand how you fell in love with this home. When you describe the dining room as a large square room; I think, that is a fabulous feature. Love the staircase and the floors are so beautiful. I love the idea of using mirrors over the niches. I’m happy for you and excited to see this stunning home with your touches and fab style.

Enjoying and learning from your posts. Appreciate that you take us along your life journey – and looking so forward to more beautiful posts. Gorgeous new home!
Love that you have your Mom at the end of each post.

Simply stunning!
Please continue to share the “before and after” photos! So much fun to see how you work your magic!

This, too, is an enchanting home! I am so excited to have the opportunity to watch your progress as you transform it.

What happened to the house you remodeled a few years ago when you started this blog?

Looks like a beautiful home and place on the water. Thoughts and prayers as you go through the grieving process.

Tina: I love the house and the plan for the foyer. It will be perfect! Enjoy the adventure!

Love your new house and everything you have done so far! Just wondering since you said this would be your “last”
house, does it have an elevator or room for one? Some day, those stairs might be a bit much!

Everything looks so pretty Tina! I love all the ideas you have so far for your new home. Hugs to you my dear friend. I know it’s been a long time since I read your blog and I’m so happy to read it again. You are the sweetest. Please accept my condolences on your Mother’s passing. May the Peace of the Lord be with you and your family. With love, Desiree

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to following along and seeing the changes you will make!

If I had the skill to design my own home this would be the one. Such a beautiful stately house, soon to be molded into a beautiful home. Your creativity and style are spectacular. I can’t wait to follow along with you on this journey. My only question is what happened to that gorgeous blue and white rug in the foyer?

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