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Hello there! First thing I want to say is you will definitely want to sit down for this one, there is a lot to see! We have continued combing through things slowly and have unearthed so many wonderful pieces. Most of which are either discontinued and we have only a few of or in some cases, they are considered “seconds” and have slight flaws. Either way these are all bargains and a fraction of their original cost, so its a great time to get a bargain! And right from the comfort of your own home:) We  have a lot to get through so each warehouse sale offers something for everyone!

We will continue to hold these warehouse sales as long we continue to find all kinds of wonderful bargains to offer. Please note-

Please read over all rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are two ways to order- call or email
  • If calling, call 800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected] *USE ONLY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS PLEASE
  • Please use item numbers to order (and color or style if applicable)
  • Everything in stock!
  • If we are invoicing you, all invoices are due within 12 hours 
  • Only a paid invoice is a confirmed order
  • Items that are considered “seconds” will have flaws which are stated, which is why they are greatly discounted
  • Limited quantities, so subject to availability
  • Any order over $400 will get an extra 10% off
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Some things can ship international, email [email protected] if you need an international quote
  • Rush shipping? $15.00 per order for a rush shipment *ships within one business day
  • Questions? Simply email or call us


And now for the fun part!

ITEM 1 We are phasing out of this larger sized sconce shade which also can fit a small lamp beautifully. Several styles up for grabs at an unheard of price for pleated shades!

Each shade measures 6″ x 6″










ITEM 2 Have a handful left of our amaizngly beautiful handpainted murals. A beautiful way to finish a wall space or add to excisting vignette!

We have found a bunch of lamps that for the most part we only have one left of. Some of these were our best selling styles!

2A The palest blue all over chinoiserie lamp is  stunner in this elegant hexagon shape. The electrical is slightly bent and just needs to be readjusted.

Measures 17,5″


2B Another favorite that we sold out of long ago, and found one! I love the colors, of blues and browns on a creamy background featuring a charming and whimscial chinosierie desing.

Measures  17.5″


2C This is a favorite and one I happen to own. It’s the softest pale green, done in a beautiful gold chinoiserie.

Measures 18″ tall


ITEM 3 These stylish hand blocked tablecloth are discontinued so these are a steal. Beautiful blue/green floral pattern. Absolutely perfect pattern with spring on the horizon! If you have an event, party coming up these would be amazing!

72″ x 108″ one left $65.00

72″ x 110″ five left $70.00

70″ round five  left $50.00

ITEM 4 Love etched glass? Then this is for you! These etched glass hurricanes features a beautiful brass base and are spectacular! There could be the most minor of defects, a small scratch or micro chip, both that you would have to loo for.

Measures 16″ x 6″

$90.00 each

Specify Reeded style, Swag and Garland or Greek key




ITEM 5 We have some of our 12.5″ hurricnes available with the smallest imperfections, a small scrach or micro chip. Truly you haVe to look to find them. These also make a fabulous floral vase Beautiful for parties, dinners, weddings, etc…..

Measures  12″

$65.00 each

Specify Swag and garland or diamond



ITEM 6 Have about 6 of these cane large hurricanes that the top wicker piece has become dislodged, all it needs is a little glue. These also make outstanding floral vases!

Measures 11″ x 8″


ITEM 7 Just adore these mini etched hurricanes. They are obviously great with candles but Laos make a perfect sized floral vase which I had used many many times. These have either a small scratch or a tiny micro chip.

Measures 8″ tall

Swag and Garland or Greek key


ITEM 8 One of our most popular trays is available in this fabulous mossy green. Such a beauty whether for display or serving. Great gift idea to the hostess who has beautiful style!

Measures 22″ x 17″ x 2″


ITEM 9 We are down to the last 4 or 5 of these rich dark navy quatrefoil planters. Talk about elegant! Perfect for orchids, fresh flowers, ferns, featuring a beautiful metal fretwork border,These are a very dark navy with the antique gold fretwork border.

Measures 14″ x 7″ x 14″


ITEM 10 We have a handful of one of my personal all time favorite hurricanes. These look like a million dollars! The etch work is so beautiful and elegant. And when candles are placed inside, they really glow. Perfect for the center oaf  dining table, console, chest, really fabulous! Beautiful for parties, dinners, weddings, etc….. have a slight defect coudl be s small scratch or tiny micro chip that you need to look for.

Measures 18″ tall

$90.00 each

$175.00 for a pair

Specify swag and garland or vertical leaf



ITEM 11 We have one of each of these pretty tole wastepaper baskets and a few left of the mossy green trellis tissue boxes.

Wastepaper basket measure 12.5″ $60.00 

Tissue box $35.00

specify green floral or blue trellis (we have one of each)

green tissue boxes (we have 6)

ITEM 12 This beautiful rusty red scalloped tole container/planter features a pretty gold trellis design and is unfortunately discontinued. We have about 6 left. These are perfect for orchids, topiaries, fresh flowers, etc…

Measures 10″ x 8″ x 7″


ITEM 13 We have a handful of our wicker pedestals. Some are slightly misshapen on the bottom but if you face them a certain way you will not notice, a few have the top wicker piece that’s come undone, nothing a little crazy glue cannot fix.

Wicker pedestals measures 11″ x 34″


ITEM 14 Calling all porcelain lovers! We have some fabulous deals on select porcelain pieces that are either discontinued or missing a lid. A wonderful buy on these fabulous porcelains

14A Our best selling bird flat top has no lid, perfect to put flowers or barnacle in.

Measures 9″ tall


14B This fabulous antiqued  dragon jar is a beauty, last one! It is discontinued. Perfect condition

Measures 18.5″ tall


14C We have three of our best selling raised cherry blossom jars in light blue with no lids. Perfect for a big spray of cherry blossoms, branches or fresh flowers!

Measures 17.5″


14D We have one left of our very large Ralph vase, such a regal beauty, love the design with the trellis painted sides and fluted shapes.

Measures 17″ tall


ITEM 15 For any silver lovers, this is for you. These are all new but have been out of the box and used for photography so need an extra good cleaning. We love Murphy’s silver polish cream.

15A This beautiful etched water pitcher will shine right up and be ready to grace your Easter table

Measures 9.5″


15B We have several charges that just need a good polish, perfect use as a small serving tray! 13.5″ round


15C This octagonal pierced beauty is in need of a polish, great tray or charger


15D Our bamboo octagonal is a beauty


15E One of my favorite silver dishes, so old world. I have one on my coffee table filled with candies. Such pretty detailing including raised flowers and pierced edging sitting on four dainty little legs. Just need to polish it up!

Measures 14″ wide


15F A pair of our small 6″ Chippendale bowls. Love these, great to put candies or knick nacks in, beautiful priced detailing. Just needs a good polish!


$38.00 for both

15G One of these chargers out of box which is excellent shape, could use a light polish in certain spots but otherwise it’s good to go!

Measures 13.5″


15H One left of our elegant scalloped wine holder, such a petty piece has two handles, just needs to get a good polish

Measures  9″


15I We have one of our out box tuning pierced wine coasters. How I love hit piece! Holds one bottle of wine.

5″ wide


ITEM 16 We found a few more of these wonderful handpainted chinoiserie murals left. We will reintroduce these sometime in the spring. What I love about these is you can add 1, 2, 3 or 4 to suit your space. They are incredibly elegant and all hand painted. Mini works of art and are nearly half off! These are meticulously hand-painted and really spectacular.

16A Pale green/gold trellis border

Measures 18″x  15″

$85.00 each

Buy 4 $75.00 each

16B One light blue


16C One ivory/blue


16D And found one of our square handprinted murals with elegant gold firework frame!

Measures 16″x  16″ x 2″


ITEM 17 We have a pair of these stunning mossy green wicker 12″ box planters. Honestly if I wasn’t overflowing with planters in my own home, I would find a place for these, just love this color. These were made as part of a large custom order and we had 2 extra. These  measure 12 x 12 and are perfect for year round use. I could see a beautiful red poinsettia in these for the holidays!

12″ x 12″ $65.00 each

Buy both $120.00

ITEM 18 Have a handful left of these new  pink jars that came in a batch that was the wrong color but it is a beautiful color!  This is more of a rose pink than a pale pink. Our loss is your gain. We are selling these for half off! One customer made the 14″ into the most darling pair of lamps for her daughters room!

Offered in three sizes-

Large 14″ $55.00

Medium 11 $45.00

Small 9″ $35.00

ITEM 19 These beautiful navy/white scalloped containters/planters with four little feet are beautiful. They are discontinued so we are selling them ast few that we have. The scalloped shape makes these extra beautiful! The piercing makes this so pretty and unique.  Perfect for a topiary, fresh flowers, new and in box

Measures 7.5″ x 8″ x 8″


ITEM 20 Found more reams of our incredible wrapping paper. Our paper is super high quality, thick and beautiful. Some are reversible! These are mega rolls and will likely last nearly lifetime. Perfect to have on hand and never worry about running out of gift wrap! These reams are a super steal, if you know what they normally go for, minimum a few hundred dollars!

Each roll measures a mammoth 204 feet x 30 inches

Reversible rolls $80.00

Single sided rolls $60.00

20A Reversible trellis and boxwoods in pot (good year round)

20B Beautiful pale green with gold chinoiserie (good year round)

20C Elegant soft pink with gold chinoiserie (good year round)

20D Fabulous Pink Staffordshire dogs reverses to pink trellis (year round)

20E Versatile ivory/gold chinoiserie (good year round)

20F Fabulous celadon chinoiserie (good year round)

20G Reversible holiday ginger jar and candy canes (holiday)

20H Our fabulous blue and White Christmas trees with red bow (holiday)

ITEM 21 We have about 4  cake dome/platters that are nearly perfect. They have a small flaw, could be a small scratch or micro chip, otherwise perfect. These are truly showstopping beautiful. On a counter with your favorite sweets or nothing at all. The etch work is magnificent.

The cake plate is 14″ round Height of dome is 14″

$120 for both pieces 

ITEM 22 Down to the last of these beautiful scalloped tole wastepaper baskets and scalloped tissue boxes.They are dscontinued which is why they are on sale. Painted in a rusty/ marigold color, if this works with your decor, these are a steal!! Beautiful all lover floral piped in gold.

Set of wastepaper basket and tissue $65.00

Wastepaper basket 13″ tall $45.00

Tissue box 5″ x 5″ $30.00


And that is a wrap on this fabulous warehouse sale! If you see something you just can’t live without, just call or email your order in-


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day.Until next time….

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