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Hi there, I am so in love with this table setting. It was done in honor of a visiting out of town friend who recently became a grandmother for the first time (a really young one)! So instead of sitting the table as I normally would, figured it would be fun to step it up and create a little theme, kind of a post grandmother baby shower theme.  I also channeled a bit of my mother here because these were her absolutely favorite colors…all the soft blush, rosy tones. I can’t look at this table and not think of her. This table features just about all or our products except one of the little stars of the table…these darling wells boots!

Went into Target one day for cleaning products and came out with the cutest favor idea. These little wellies were only around $4.00 and I put small bouquets of flowers together and these were the little take home favor. How darling are they? They came in pink, blue and green. Just love them for a baby shower but truth is there are many other occasions these could be used for, like kids birthdays, a garden party, etc….

I included everything I used at the bottom, so let me show you my table…..



And more than a  full week later, I still had my flowers (lasted 13 days)!!! So I put them in our fabulous wicker tulipieres to milk them just one more day (my superpower) These are also our deal of the day today!

Plates are our new pierced floral dinner plates and chargers (salad plates just came on and will be online later today)

Trellis floral green tablecloth and napkins click here

Pierced dinner plates and chargers click here

Pink wicker flatware will be online tomorrow

Glassware from Williams Sonoma

All faux flowers in pink/white jars click here

Pink wicker bunny napkin rings click here

Tureen (holding flowers) have had this a very long time

Wicker tulipieres click here

 Pink ginger jars on mantle click here

Silver salt and peppers click here

Wicker tulipiere (our deal of the day ) click here

Fresh flowers from local floral shop


Don’t forget our Warehouse Sale take 9 started yesterday, click here to see

OUR DEAL OF THE DAY- (click here)

And that is a wrap! I hope you enjoyed seeing the table. It just was so pretty and fresh feeling, I kept it that way for days until I switched out the flowers to my tulipieres. The color scheme was just so so soft and dreamy.  I don’t feel like I am quite back to myself and still having some rough days, but when I get the opportunity to set a pretty table, it is one of the things that does make me happy. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a great day! Until next time…..

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Oh my goodness this is so beautiful! You are a table setting queen! Love the addition of the little Wellie boots, so sweet. You must give us a flower tutorial one day, Tina. Even your faux look unbelievably real. You have a real talent. I am sure your friend was touched by this beautiful gesture.

Such an impressive table, your guests must’ve been delighted. You really have to have a creative eye to do what you did. I have to be honest. I saw those in target and thought what in the world would someone use those for and lo and behold here they are shown in the most beautiful way possible. Brava to you Tina!

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