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Hi everyone,  hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Low key over here, we are due to get a lot of rain but its good for all those flowers trying to break through the ground, sure signs of spring are around us, woo hoo! We have a few outside house projects happening so it reminds me that the warmer weather is not far away.

As I do every Saturday, I turn things over to my Dad and his perspective, these should give you a good laugh….



Think this will be a reality check no matter when you were born!! Wish I could click my heels and go back a few decades:)

And if anyone wants a little humorous wisdom about getting a little older, this will make you smile…


Thanks Dad! I enjoyed these very much, even though the first round is hard to wrap my brain around. Minimum wage a $1.00? Hard to imagine, but then again its also hard to imagine how simple things were “back then” but I would stake a bet that people in general (especially the teens/young adults) were happier then too. No social media to distract them. Sigh, that’s a whole other subject. Hope you have a great day! Until next time….

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I always love your Seven on Sunday. This week I have a question. Why the Virgin Cruise advertisement?

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