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Hi there and happy Sunday to you!  Hope you are having a good weekend. I am having a technological  meltdown. Our mail subscription service that normally operates like clockwork had a huge glitch in their system. Some of our scheduling info was completely lost. I am beside myself, trying to stay calm. So I am curious when and if you get this notification in your mailbox, please tell me in the comments if you did and when. Really hoping to get this fixed ASAP! If it’s not one thing, it’s another 🙁

It was nice to be away last week for a few days for a little rest and relaxation but it’s always so nice to be home. I am feeling little touches of spring in the air, and know its not far. I cannot wait. The other day I started getting a migraine so stayed home, by the end of the day I had cabin fever so walked outside for the first time in months. Though chilly, it was so nice being out in nature starting to see the first signs of life breaking through the ground. Got my mind wandering in so many directions.

Plus we have so many fabulous new spring things come gin!



1 SOME EXCITING NEW ARRIVALS We have gotten in some gorgeous new arrivals and today and tomorrow, and these will be  part of our whopping 30% off site starting a little later  today and tomorrow! Some stunning new wastepaper baskets/tissues, sconce shades and lampshades. Click here to see


Love this new planter that I “planted” our 12″ lily of the Valley in to create this beautiful wispy feeling arrnagment


2 AMAZING SUGAR ARTISTRY I have been a long time fan of Cowtan Cookies, she makes literally the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen, each one a masterful work of art! These just took my breath away! Click here to follow her on Instagram!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always so much to admire and love…

4 A RECIPE I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT! I made this the other night and forgot just how good it is. It is quite simple, super tasty and very satisfying. You can serve over pasta, with a side of rice or a big salad.  The beauty is that this takes no more than about 10-15 prep time then another 20 or so to cook. And you have yourself one delicious meal!

Found this recipe over at The Cozy Cook click here for full recipe…it worth the click!


5 A FOLLOWUP TO THESE FABULOUS BAGS Ok so I got my order and let me tell you, these are simply GORGEOUS! I am compelled to do a followup on this bag line I shared last week.  I am really impressed with the quality, such a great looking bag. Love the tassel in or out and the crossbody strap unlike many bags is long enough to wear comfortably. Cannot recommend this line of bags enough! Truly beautiful and looks very expensive. I also love that they are roomy enough for a phone, a small wallet and a makeup bag so all the necessities!

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with the owner as I was intrigued by these bags and backstory, so I want to share a little info on the person who owns this small company in Turkey.  She grew up with with an obsession about hand knitting/crocheting and had been making things since she was very young. In wanting to contribute to her home economy she decided to start selling these bags in 2020. There was an immediate excitement over them and she realized she had a business to lauch. She said she believes handmade products have much more value than machine made items (I agree).

She HAND CROCHETS these bags herself! When she is overwhelmed with orders she has taught various family members how to hand knit these fabulous bags and will occasionally enlist their help as well. I’m telling you this is one of the prettiest bags I have bought in a long time and this is coming from someone who has a huge collection of designer bags. The quality is fabulous. I will be holding a special pop-up sale in the next two weeks!

The workmanship is perfection!

6 A FUN AND BEAUTIFUL HOME TOUR This was such fun, I took in all of the fabulous details and her style so resonates with my own in so many of these spaces. So I really enjoyed this and if you are someone who likes to study details, this home tour by Potted Boxwood is for you!

7 SUNDAYS SURVEY Tonight is Hollywood’s big night. I have to admit I am very out of the movie loop and have no idea who the nominees even are. Kind of ironic since I used to study it as if I was taking a test and know all about the buzz leading up to Oscar week.

Somehow I have grown disinterested in Hollywood, for a few reasons. Not to say when I see a great movie, I will be rooting for it. I still enjoy the “pre award show” part of things, the fashions (or sometimes the lack of) But it is still very glamorous and can be a fun distraction

The actual show tends to be a snoozfest for me unless I am really invested in  a particular movie  actor/actress. We watched Women in Gold a few days ago, now that to me,  is the kind of movie that deserves the Oscar buzz. Such quality performances and substance!  In the last few years, I tuned in for short periods of time which is a far cry from how I used to anticipate this night. Curious where you are on the subject?


Starting today for today and tomorrow only our entire website is 30% off (everything except presale items)

Click here to visit site

categories and subcategories are on the left

And that’s a wrap for today. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are and hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Until next time….

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Good morning! Hope you are feeling better. I have not been able to access your blog for a few day. When I did an on-line searc, a notice appeared that it was a dangerous site. I was able to access your page by clicking an old e-mail from you. Also today, I wasn’t able to click onto the home tour. Instead. it was a video of a cruise ship. Hope things get back to normal soon.

good morning, hope today is a better day with you. I have reported technical issues to your team on two diffferent occasions, had difficulty getting to your site, and as a previous comment, indicated a possible scam/virus. I also tried to connect to Potted Boxwood (love her videos) and also got Virgin Atlantic commercial. Hope your team figures this all out soon! Be well!

I received your notification at 8:45 central time this morning.
The home tour was a cruise ship advertisement video.
So frustrating….. hope you are able to get it all cleared up.

Received Seven on Sunday right on time this morning. By the way, I always look forward to your posts and especially on Sunday. Best of luck getting everything worked out! 🤗

No problem today .
Thank you for bringing Beauty into our everyday day world. , Tina.

Tina, I ordered a beige handbag after hearing from you and seeing the pictures. I received it Saturday. I think it’s the cutest purse and love that it’s handmade in Turkey. It’s accompanying me on a girls trip south tomorrow. I’m sure it will be the talk!
I access your blog from my iPhone. I’ve had no problems.

So nice to hear, I got mine too and could not love them more!! My new faves:)

Am receiving your fabulous posts. I completely agree with your glowing review of the bags. The beige one with rolled handle is exquisite. Have ordered the fun hot pink one with crocheted handle and donating it for a charity auction. Always enjoy you alerting us to new great finds.

Got at 10:00

Love the new arrivals and those darling bags! i need to order one.

All your recipes that I’ve ever tried have been home runs, so I may give that chicken piccata a try today!

Fun post and yes I watch the Oscars every year only because a relative works in that business (cinematography) so is always there!

Received at approximately 10:30AM. Received second email at 11AM re sale. Doubt that was intentional.

I received your email at 9:05 CT. I hope you get this resolved soon and can enjoy your day.

Received the email/blog at 8:03 am, MST…..thanks for the delicious recipe…making it tonight!

Received your post at 10:05 and sale announcement a few minutes later (in Ohio). So sorry about your tech issues, but maybe resolved? Loved the variety in this Seven on Sunday!

Feel your pain about the tech meltdown. Had a horrible virus take over my computer and had to buy a new one. A mess!

Love your beautiful new things, especially that green planter and those bags are so pretty. Think I need one:-)

I love Oscar fashions but am disillusioned with Hollywood so rarely watch the actual awards plus I find them boring, however my husband stays up until the very end as has hobby is the movie biz (mostly older Hollywood) but he is a bonafide movie buff.

That chicken dish looks delicious. On a sidetone, got my first order from you ever, your tole tray table, 2 porcelain jars and 2 large wicker planters and I could not be more pleased. Everything was beautifully packed and even better in person!

Have a nice Sunday.

Oh my, that video of Tori Rubinson’s home….wow. Happy Sunday and thanks for sharing all the good tips. Did receive your Seven on Sunday post at 7:01 a.m. (my time-Phoenix).

Good Morning,
I received my blog post at 10:01 this morning. Good luck with your mail glitch, hopefully you can resolve it quickly.

Happy Sunday, I received your post at 10:02 this morning. I loved the chicken piccata recipe, I’ll try it out! I ordered one of the beautiful bags from your Sunday post two weeks ago…I’m so looking forward to its arrival!! As always your posts are uplifting & informative, thank you Tina!!

Hi Tina. There were no glitches for me. I had the pleasure of receiving your email Sunday mid morning. All the best!!!

I never get the notifications – always have to google it – but whenever I try to sign up, it says I already am!

I did not receive your SUNDAY post.
Had to search it out via your website.
It’s part of my Sunday routine…so I missed it!

Coup[e of thoughts….Always love your inspiration……Absolutely LOVE those handbags! As far as Oscars, always watch the Red Carpet on E! to see the fashion. So many tasteful showings this year. Usually, don’t like the Oscars because they pick the politically correct favorite over the talented favorite. Felt that this years show was more fair and picked the truly talented favorite over the PC favorite and that Jimmy Kimmel did a GREAT job on keeping it cool…
….still would like to see Judd Hirsch win though…

I ordered those bags and just received mine last week. I agree they are fabulous!!!! I am going to order a few more as gifts

Tina, I have not been able to view your posts for a long time. I think at least a month. There is a fraudulent blocker that says I am on a site that is dangerous. I only ever type in “The enchanted home” when I am coming in.
Today, I finally hit the Instagram button and I read your line that we should try typing “” and yea! That worked.
I was getting a block from McAfee and I don’t even have McAfee. I also had a popup saying to verify that I wasn’t a robot. After that is when I got the McAfee blocker.
I do not know what is wrong, but there, I am telling you what I have been experiencing.

My emails from you stopped several months ago. I tried to go to website to subscribe again, but your website was down. I was on FB and saw a post and comment saying website was back up. I resubscribed with a different email and now 🤞🏻I will get Seven on Sunday emails again. Old email: [email protected]. New one [email protected]

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