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Hi there, today is a celebration of two things. One it would have been  beloved mom’s 84th birthday today and I know the best way to honor her is for me to keep doing what I love and am passionate about (my business and creating beautiful things). No words can express how much I miss her. I have my good days and bad, but not an hour goes by that she is not in my thoughts. Nothing prepares you for the loss of a mom.

But I know and must believe she is guiding me from above.  Secondly, 10% of all sales for this sale will be donated to the Alzheimers Association in my mom’s honor to help them continue with their much needed and unwavering research to find a cure for this absolutely devastating disease.

Happy birthday Mom, you will forever be in my heart.


Today, we  are celebrating a new incoming porcelain container, which always feels like Christmas:)  It feels like a very long time since we have done a porcelain presale,  doesn’t it! We are excited to present out next incoming container to you which is loaded with many new items, and bringing back some of our  customer favorites. Please read over the rules prior to placing your order

  • There are TWO ways to order- email [email protected] OR call 800-804-9565 (office hours 9:30-5 EST)
  • If emailing your order in- you must include name, address, phone number, item number(s) and color if applicable
  • We will send an invoice, all sent invoices must be paid within 12 hours
  • This is a presale for items coming in approx. 6-7 weeks
  • Final sale
  • This sale is on for 3 days and ends Friday night
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any purchase over $500 will receive an additional 10% discount
  • Some items can be shipped internationally (if you need a quote, please contact [email protected])
  • Wholesale? Please email [email protected]
  • Questions? Call us at 800-804-9565


And now for the fun part!


ITEM 1 NEW! You have asked for more green and we have been introducing some beautiful new green porcelain into our collection. Feast your eyes on this beauty! So regal looking, love the design, so decorative.

Measures 20″ tall


ITEM 2 One of our most finely detailed garden seats is coming back by popular demand! This garden seat is a beauty, elegant detailed floral painting with exquisite piercing and  raised dot detailing, this stands almost 20″ tall and is one impressive piece!

Measures 19.5″ tall

$265.00 (limited numbers of this item)

ITEM 3  NEW! So excited for these beautiful new pagodas in two gorgeous colors. I cannot wait to take a pair home. These are super decorative can be used in so many spots, great for mantle ledges too,  because they are narrow. Perfect to switch around and bring both indoors and out!

Measures 16″ x 4″ $110.00 each


$215.00 for a pair

Specify navy or green

ITEM 4 NEW! Say hi to this antiqued large landscape bowl. What a beauty! Perfect to use as a centerpiece bowl but also gorgeous for a potted orchid or flowers. Very versatile.

Measures 15.5″ x 7″ 


ITEM 5 Our infamous raised cherry blossom jars are coming back in the beautiful soft green. Thees are truly spectacular! They feature a beautiful raised white cherry blossom design. Also available in the flat top version. These are spectacular as a pair

Measures 20″ x 9″


Pair $355.00

ITEM 6 These fabulous raised cherry blossom garden seats are coming back in all three colors. A prettier seat you will not find. The raised white cherry blossom detailing and pierced cutouts make this a standout.

Measures 18.5″


Specify pink, blue or green

ITEM 7A NEW! This fabulous lion jar is a newer style and  a stunner. I love this design with the raised lions head on the sides and darling foo dog lid, it’s been antiqued, and this beauty is offered in 2 sizes!

Measures 18″ tall $165.00

Measures 24″ tall $220.00 (limited numbers)

ITEM 7B Just in time for spring! We are welcoming back our beautiful village scene pink and white tulipieres in both small and. medium. Even without flowers these are so beautiful but really show-stopping filed with your favorite flowers. Perfect timing for spring!

Small measures 14″ tall  $90.00

Medium measures 22″ tall  $185.00

ITEM 8 One of my favorite jars, because I love the shape, detailing and size. I have two on a mantle (perfect for mantles) and two on brackets in my sunroom. This s a highly decorative and unique jar. Mixes in well with other shapes and styles.

Measures  13.5″  x 6″


ITEM 9 Limited numbers of our raised cherry blossom flat tops in both blue and green. We are getting half our shipment this time so these tend to go fast.

Very decorative and elegant.

Measures 8,5″ x 8,5″


Specify blue or green

ITEM  10 Our beautiful array of foo dogs are coming back and we can hardly wait. These are so much fun and easy to decorate with. Offered in five fabulous colors! I love using them also as bookends.

Measures 4″ x 6″

$45.00 for the pair

Specify mossy green, white, light blue, light green or pink

ITEM 11 NEW!  This beauty now comes in two sizes. The regular 18″ and a show stopping 24″. Love this design as it mixes and matches so well with everything. Love the little “lion head” detailing on the side and the charming foo dog lid.

Medium 18″ tall. $165.00

Large 24″ tall. $220.00

ITEM 12 NEW!  These fabulous new very detailed pagodas are amazing and can so easily be added into any vignette. The perfect size!  I could see them on a console, a mantle or in the middle of a dining table.  Offered in both white or blue/white.

Measures 8″ tall

$90.00 each for white

$95.00 each for blue/white


ITEM 13  Waited a very long time for these to come back. We are only getting half of our shipment now and the rest will be coming in later April. These tend to go fast as this is a really popular fishbowl/planter. Elegant village scene is handprinted with “braided” handles.

Measures 18″ x 7″


ITEM 14 A customer favorite is making it’s return debut. This fabulous. bird/floral ginger jar is beautiful both indoors and out. I love the pierced detailing and the scenery painted on the entire garden seat.

Measures 18″


ITEM 15 One of my most favorite jars ever and one which I have a pair of in my own home is this very grand extra large raised dot jar. It is spectacular in person! The workmanship and delaying is incredible and I love it also used with big branches or a large floral display (shown below).

Measures 26″ x 14″



Shown here in my foyer with our magnolia blossoms

ITEM 16  Original tulipiere in small is back! Our very first tulip ere in small is coming back in stock. A beauty with nothing in it but when you put the flowers in…wow!

Measures 13″


ITEM 17  Our best selling lotus jar is a beauty, this antiqued large jar is so detailed and just exquisite. Beautiful lotus design with raised “lion head” desalinating and a darling foo dog lid.

Measures 20″ tall


ITEM 18  These adorable small fishbowls are so great for so many things, add a boxwood ball, fresh flowers, a small topiary or some even use these as a catchall.

Measures 6.5″ x 5″


Specify all over floral or cherry blossom



ITEM 19 NEW!  Getting a limited number of these beautiful new jars. I love this design as it so easily can mix in with other patterns. It has been antiqued, features three “lion heads” on side, foo dog lid. A beauty!

Measures 18″ tall


ITEM 20 Getting in our super popular bird chunky ginger jar in two sizes, medium and large. These are so fabulous, they are antiqued an feature an elegant bird/foral design along with the “lion heads” and foo dog top.

Medium 18″ tall $170.00

Large 24″ tall $225.00

ITEM 21 Our fabulous mid sized double happiness is a crowd pleaser and works so well with other styles. I love this jar as a pair, perfect size for just about anywhere.

Measures 15.5″ x 10.5″


ITEM 22 NEW! We are excited to welcome back this spectacular mid sized planter. Perfect for fresh flowers, orchids, ferns, etc…..each panel features an elegant village/bird scene. Beautiful for inside and out!

Measures 12″ x 6″





Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item and how you might use it, check back Sunday to see if you are one of the two lucky winners!

I am honored to donate 10% of sales to The Alzheimer’s Association. Anything I can do to contribute to help further the research on this dreadful disease that took my beautiful mother, I am honored and happy to do. Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day! Until next time….

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Item #12, those new pagodas, are ADORABLE!!! They would be so pretty on a spring table with little tea candles inside or some flowers gently poking out. Fun!

I love the raised cherry blossom garden seat in pink. I envision it placed between the two green silk chairs in my sunroom

I actually have one of the small fishbowls and just love it with a topiary ball on top on an end table. The foo dogs are a favorite nestled in a vignette of books, etc.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to your beautiful Mother. I love the new pagodas. The white is beautiful, but the blue and white one is stunning!

They are all beautiful, but the lotus jar, item #17, is really pretty. It would look great just about anywhere among my blue and whites.

Hands down, my favorite item is Item 2 Garden Seat! I agree, this seat is one of the most finely detailed blue & white garden seats available today but the top surface is gorgeous. I could use this piece anywhere in my home. So versatile. Thank you.

The little blue and white bud vases would be lovely and bring Spring indoors with yellow Daffodils in each vase. Hurry up, Spring.

Item #12. Wow ! Very unique pagoda .Both choices : white and white/blue are beautiful .

Thank you for giving back to the community in your beautiful porcelain sale. Having gone thru the loss of my mother to Alzheimer’s, I can fully feel your loss. The bittersweet milestones such as today will always hold your Mother’s memories close to you.
My mother, Gen Diffee helped teach me the ropes in the accessory buying in our high end furniture store originating in DC. Our family‘s store ’s had moved to Arlington, VA. in the fifties. We had a reputation in fulfilling our clients needs with the finest offerings in the market with our selection of traditional furniture and accessories.
It is wonderful to see your product mix and inspiring designs that bring back the new era of stunning fresh traditional interiors. Your porcelain pieces are all so lovely and captivating.
Thank you for giving back in your support of Alzheimer’s in memory of your lovely mother.
Deborah Diffee Fahy

Love the cherry blossom garden stools in blue. Can’t have enough of these. Great to locate on landing of steps to second floor; bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen. I have garden stools everywhere indoors and out

Oh, everything is so beautiful I’m in love with all of the new pagodas, and already on the gorgeous number to garden seat, it is one of my favorites.

Today I will order the green cherry blossom jars and matching garden seat, because they are perfect for my bedroom.

A happy birthday to your beautiful mother, and thank you for giving back to such a worthy organization.

I love both of the raised cherry blossom jars–flat top and raised top–in soft green. I would use them in my Great Room which has various shades of green in the Oriental rug.

Everything is so beautiful! My favorite piece is the pastel pink garden stool. I’d love it in my master bathroom by my bathtub!

Happy Heavenly birthday to you mom. Thinking about you and your dad today Tina.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to your mom🎂 I to have lost a parent to Alzheimers and miss my mom everyday. If she was here she would love every piece of porcelain you have. Love to our mom’s❤️❤️❤️

I love everything!! I M setting up an office just for me that will be “pretty.” I would put one of the pink cherry blossom vessels on my desk just to see every day. It’s wonderful to honor your mom’s birthday with a donation for Alzheimer’s research. Thank you!!

Everything is absolutely lovely and I enjoy every post you make . Iam a blue and white collector and have been for 25 years and I love ever piece I have. # 7, I’m starting to help my children decorate their homes and they love and appreciate the beautiful blue and white as well. I’m entering in hopes of gifting their home with one of your beautiful giveaways.

My favorite…absolutely love the raised cherry blossom flat tops in soft blue-so pretty!

Every last porcelain item is beautiful! I have several of your porcelains and there is always room for a few more!
(Tina, I saw your lovely Instagram post regarding your mom’s birthday. As a mom of 2 beautiful daughters, who you remind me of you, I think that your mom would want you to be happy living your life and not to give in to sadness. She accomplished her most important job, nurturing her children to leave the nest and to have happy, successful lives. And I believe she is watching over you with pride always.)

Thinking of you as you honor your Mom today. Thank you for sharing your journey with us in a Beautiful way. All the new items keep us knowing that spring can’t be to far away. I’ve been looking for the small fishbowl and there they are. Also love all the new colors of your foo dogs. The greens are lovely.

Absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the foo dog colors and the new painted designs on the planters, etc. is just spectacular! All items are just perfect!

The tulipiere would be so lovely filled with daffodils from my mother’s garden. She passed away on August 30 and her garden was her passion. It would be a wonderful reminder for a mother that I miss so much.

Item #15 is absolutely stunning! Love the gorgeous Magnolia blossoms you so artfully placed in yours. Sending prayers and strength to you today and onward. You have paid such loving tributes to your cherished Mother and we all feel your great loss. 🙏💔

All of the Asian blue and white ceramics are drop-dead gorgeous but I have always wanted the large fishbowl/planters. I first saw one in China Town in San Francisco years ago, how would I use it….by planting a beautiful Bonsai Tree in it. I’m in love!

Like the new small white pagodas for the dining table. They would look smart with the large white pagodas on my sideboard. Also, always loved the bird garden seat. So glad it is still available. Thanks Tina.

I absolutely love item #8! Such a beautiful jar. I would put it it on a side table in my living room.

The item 2 Garden Seat is amazing! It will be a perfect addition to my great room. The collection is awesome! 🌸

Hi Tina – I love the tall navy blue pagoda & the new smaller ones as well. My mom would have been 100 years old this month, so I’m thinking about her a lot ❤️

I love everything about the new pagodas— especially in the blue and white. I’m thinking I’d like it on a stack of books!!!

My mom, this Dec will be gone 40 years and I still think of her and miss her very much. Every year on her birthday, I have these beautiful candles lit all over my house in honor of her special day. It helps me think of her with happy thoughts.

I have been wanting a tulipere for a long time and the small one in blue and white is perfect. (Item 16) as always you have outdone yourself.

I love item #1 but I have been wanting a pair of foo dogs item # 10 as well. Everything is so fun it is hard to choose.

Bless you today, Tina, as you think of your dear and precious Mom. Hold on to those precious memories as they just become more precious as the days go by.

Such fun but timeless items!!! You all always have such pretty things! My mother had Lewy Body disease, which is like Alzeheimers disease but comes and goes over time. Anything that gets us closer to better treatment and possible cures is worth the effort. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Those green pagodas made me think of Chinese roof tile parrots. The green is similar. You should look into carrying them. They would fit right in to your inventory. I’d love a pair for my mantle. The green looks so good with blue and white.

I’m sorry about your mom. My mom has been gone since 2016 and it feels like yesterday.

I have ordered a medium sized tulipierre and can’t wait to get it! I know exactly where it’s going. I have wanted this for so long and finally decided that my 75th birthday is the time to get it! Love Enchanted Home!

I have been admiring the #8 vase for some time on your posts and am very happy I can now order one. I love the new blue/white pagoda and can see them on the deck in the summer with candles.

So so excited to see the pink tulipiere! What a beautiful way to remember the sweetest mom in your world… she is always with you

I absolutely love the grand raised dot jar you have pictured in your lovely foyer! I would place mine flanking the fireplace with another of your beautiful jars😊

My heart continues to go out to you as you deal with the loss of your beloved mother. My husband died from Alzheimer’s two years ago and I know how devastating the disease is on its victims and on the family & loved ones who care for them. May the Lord hold you up and comfort you daily as you trust in Him.

I love the small fish bowls as they have so many uses. I would use them filled with flowers on each of the round tables at my daughter-in-law’s shower. Think how beautiful they would look!

Happy heavenly birthday to your beautiful mother. I love the garden seat. It would be perfect in my sunroom.

There are so many pretty things.
My favorite is the white pagoda. I will use a pair on my dining table and also move it around for different vignettes.

All are gorgeous! My favorite for right now is item 22! Love the shape and different scenes on the panels.

Hello, weather I win something or not, I would just like to say your mother was a beautiful woman.

Love the white pagodas!! Happy heavenly Birthday to your precious mother. Thank you so much for supporting the Alzheimers Association as Alzheimers is such a “cruel disease” and affects so many of our loved ones.

As one who’s family has been rocked by this dreadful disease – I commend you for your advocacy. Blessings

Of course, I would be delighted to win your giveaway. I really have appreciated so many of the beautiful things you highlight on your site. I just lost my own father about 2 weeks ago, so I feel your pain after losing your beautiful mother. You honor her well with your thoughful posts.

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