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Hi everyone, I will be out of town for a few days so hope my scheduled posts appear on time! As I have done the last month, I am letting my dads emails and perspective take center stage on Saturdays. Apparently he has developed a little fan club over here:)

So here you go with this weeks Saturdays with my dad…..


He loved this and I can see why, it brought him back to such a wonderful time in his life when ladies really looked like ladies!  It sure brings you back to a time when there was a sense of unity and peace in our country and things seemed to be in order, not the chaotic mess it appears to be and for the record, I still love an elegant sheath dress!

And the lasting power and charm of Peanuts  I mean who couldn’t love Charlie Brown and all his wisdom!


Thanks Dad, this was lighthearted and uplifting!  Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone has a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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A great selection for me to read today. Things seem to come along when we need them.

Thank your Dad for his wonderful contributions!!

fyi – when I attempt to access your website independently (not from a link from your email) I am still getting
a “dangerous site” popup from my computer security system. I clicked on more than one link that popped
up after putting your website name in my search engine.

I wanted to look for a lamp (which I subsequently purchased) and since I had deleted your recent emails
after reading, could not access your website. I had to wait until another email came from you the next day
so I could access “shop”.

Fabulous quotes! Again thanks for sharing and I will choose to be happy (at least try real hard)!!

Tina, you are lucky to have a dad who sees the positive side of things. I love a good quote – Thank you!

Your dad is a voice in the wilderness sometimes He has a pretty big following on tv too.

I loved watching the video. Since I graduated from high school in 1959, I guess I should know what is authentic! I can say unequivocally that no one I knew wore corsets. But we all wore girdles with garter belts attached, no matter how slender we were! I look back on that and wonder why we did it! Luckily for girls of my generation, we gave up girdles a few years later and never looked back!

I loved this! It’s such a nice way to start off the week. Tina, please tell your dad how much we are all enjoying it.

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