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Hi everyone. So excited to announce our annual Spring Love contest. It is now open to your entries,  to celebrate one of the prettiest times of the year! We hold this contest every season and this is your chance to show us what you’ve got. It could be a treasured Easter picture, a beautifully set dining table, maybe a spring sunset, or your kiddos all decked out for Easter. As long as it relates to spring , it is eligible. Please read over all the rules prior to submitting your entry-

A few rules to please read over prior to submitting a picture-

  • We are now open to taking your pictures 1-2 per person (must be your own picture)
  • Picture must spring related
  • Please send your entry to [email protected] (pictures sent to this email address only will be considered) and on subject line, put “Contest”
  • Please read over basic requirements below on this post
  • Taking up to 70 pictures or through through May 9th whichever comes first)
  • Please be sure you first look at your entry(s) compared to the examples I have shown here, to be sure it is comparable in quality
  • We want to accept your pictures however if we cannot we will let you know and give you the chance to send a better shot (as long as there is room)
  • Questions? Please email or call us [email protected] or 800-804-9565
  • We will have 2 rounds, then a showdown round and finally a grand prize winner will be announced starting sometime around May 10-12th
  • Winner will receive a huge box filled with Enchanted Home goodies!



I always like to include a number of previous entries that exemplify what a ” good picture” should look like. Bright, crisp, sharp, at least 400 x 600, ideally taken during natural daylight. If you have an iPhone,  the portrait setting is a wonderful setting if you are shooting a vignette picture. It pays to take the time to submit a really good picture.

And please before you do, look at your picture next to these below (in terms of quality) and please be sure they are comparable in quality/size.

And a  few general suggestions-

  1. Most pictures look their best in natural day light with no lights or reflections of bulbs
  2. Every picture has to be at least 400 x 600
  3. Send only your finished cropped shot, we do not do any editing
  4. Cannot submit a previous entry
  5. Picture cannot be taken from the internet, must be your own
  6. Try to take pictures in bright light and be careful with mirrors as they often catch reflections of bulbs, etc…
  7. Clarity and sharpness matter, please do not send a blurry or out of focus pictures
  8. As long as you picture has an item from Enchanted Home in it, it is eligible for submission
  9. If the picture does not have an item purchased at Enchanted Home, it is not eligible
  10. You will get a confirmation either way to confirm if your picture has been accepted or will be offered the chance to submit another




So many beautiful pictures and such lovely reminders of how wonderful spring is! OK, time to gather hour 2 entires to enter the contact. Please send to [email protected]. Everyone will receive a confirmation email as to there or not we can accept your picture. Thanks for joining in on the fun, one lucky winner will walk away with all kids of fabulous Enchanted Home goodies! Until next time……

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THIS is NOT to be published, It is JUST for YOU in regard to a NEW PUP. I don’t know how else to contact you. I thought of trying by phone but decided to just type this out as I think it is important in light of what you have just gone through. I have commented here (your mom, etc.) but not often. I have been thinking about your happy enthusiasm on the posting of the Golden website and the remark from one of the readers as to SHOW BREEDERS ONLY.
Tina, GO AHEAD and get the baby of your dreams from this website or another legitimate website. NOT everyone wants a “SHOW POTENTIAL” pup from a show breeder. I have had very good luck doing pretty much what you are about to do w/one of those little adorables! I have a Cav. King Charles from a “SHOW BREEDER” and in order to get my pup I had to show her in the conformation ring. Quite a learning experience to be sure! Well, I am here to tell you that a show breeders’ pup may and usually DOES have most of the same health issues/personality issues as from a reputable PET QUALITY breeder AND the pup you get from said SHOW BREEDER will also be “PET QUALITY” UNLESS you sign a contract to handle that dog in the ring or have it professionally handled. Since I have seen BOTH sides of this and been the “fur’pup” mom from BOTH types of breeders, I thought I better contact you.
BTW, also “designer dogs”. I Have been there, as well and I will be the first to tell you that they are the products of 2 different purebreds and as they say : a Rose by any other name-STILL A ROSE. NOW you have possible genetic flaws from two purebreds (my own experience) You have to get into the real “mut” category for the truly better health (and there is NOTHING wrong w/Muts and there are plenty to adopt, and you probably will get better health w/the 3-6 breeds encapsulated in that little FUR body. Adoption of a rescue IS a wonderful thing. FOR SOME. It was not for us (adoption of a rescue, purebred or otherwise) but I totally admire anyone who has the heart and courage to do this. I have a friend that adopts RESCUE PUREBREDS. They have been given up for a myriad of issues including very sad and very expensive health issues. She has the TIME, the kind patience and the finances for doing this multiple times My friend is an ambassador for this and St. Francis will make sure she has a balcony view in Heaven, I am sure! I just went through what you went through w/my Mom ( for years) and now there is health issues w/my Older husband and also a little grandchild so that would not be right for us. My first Cav. had an English background and was bred exactly like the baby you are thinking of and she had a wonderful healthy life and long life (long for a Cav.) and she passed as a result of what most King Charles do in the end, Show breeder bred or not. Heart issues. I will never forget that girl. NOT bred via a “show breeder” BUT a show girl (TO ME) in every other way! 😀 Always will be, SO in Love w/her STILL.
Tina, don’t get off course by what others have to say. EVERYONE has an opinion and less than 50% are ON THE MONEY. In my experience, anyway. Same as raising our kids, “natural” or “adopted”, there is an OPINION on THAT too!

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