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Hi there, so I am continuing along with my holiday decor. It is slowly starting to come together. I wasn’t really prepared for the season as I really thought we wouldn’t be here due to a pending renovation so put away all my holiday decorations. It was a bit of a circus getting them out of storage but worth it….I had fun looking through them reminiscing about when I had bought certain things, and they all seemed to trigger a fun and sometimes funny memory (most with my dear mom).

So I set up my dining room and it’s likely this will not be the last iteration! Now that the green cabbage plates are in, its calling for another holiday setting, but I am starting to decorate in other areas as well and wanted to share the small bits of progress that have been made, with luck next week it will be all about my tree reveal ( a work in progress)!

So. here is what we have so far…..

Living room mantle, love the soft tones of the eucalyptus and white berries with our white Staffordshire dogs (coming back in in stock in Feb)

Must say our white faux amaryllis are exceptional

And placed a pair of our stunning chinoiserie trees (click here) on my coffee table along with one of our beautiful faux amaryllis arrangements


And who remembers my mini tree disaster!!

Well, I was not thwarted by the first disaster and was determined to get it up (with extra reinforcement) so here it is-

Love this arrangement  in our footed planter (one of my faves) and this beauty is our deal of the day! Something about red and green in blue and white is so pretty!


And in  my little greenhouse, have amaryllis and paper whites growing and thriving so far…

One thing I do have a lifetime supply of, is beautiful containers:)


My dining room which I shared last week (click here if you missed the post)

Stockings in dining room hung and getting ready to put the softer blue stockings in the living room

So a work in progress, the tree going up which is going to be to the left in the foyer though I really want it in the middle! Trying to find a  way to make it work-

This is where I really want it, smack in the middle of our foyer

I love getting to ooh and ahh over all our ornaments (I have a connection:) Click here to see our ornaments


And there you have my decor so far!! Definitely coming along and the house is starting to feel like Christmas:) I hope to share my tree very soon, it’s a work in progress. Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…..


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Love your paper whites and amaryllis in your beautiful containers! I was curious how you plant in the silver ones. Do you have small containers under the moss that the bulbs are planted or do you place dirt and bulbs directly inside the container ?

Beautiful! I so love the peeks at your decorating. I didn’t get a chance to comment last Sunday, but wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your Seven on Sunday posts. I have a lovely Sunday routine – I read the NY Time, Washington Post, and then your inspiring post. I hope you continue to share your perspective and exquisite images.

Put the tree in the middle of the entrance hall! It’s screaming for it! Love your decorations!

Coming along beautifully! Always tasteful. Thank you for sharing these Christmas decorations. The tree in the center of the foyer is a fabulous idea.

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