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Hello everyone, I think this incredible sale may just be the perfect start to your week!  We have continued going through hundreds and hundreds of (no kidding)  boxes like you cannot believe. It seems like a bottomless pit but we are slowly getting there in our major deep dive into our warehouse.

We have a lot of our etched glass which I will call “seconds”. Items that have a very  small scratch or a micro chip. Definitely things you need to look for, not obvious flaws. However we cannot sell them at full price so….we are doing a huge glass blowout on these seconds. Prices that are unheard of for such beautiful etched glass. Items with obvious flaws are discarded.

If you have any kind of event coming up, this sale is for you. These etched glass pieces are so incredibly beautiful and such bargains!  They are also quite versatile, they are amazing used as hurricanes and when lit with a candle, they really shine. But they also work beautifully as a floral vase. I have them literately all over my house and they are one of my most favorite creations to date.

Please read over these rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order, call or email. Call 800-804-9565 (9:30-5 EST) OR email [email protected] *use only this email address
  • If emailing your order- we need your name, phone number, address,  item number and quantity (we do not hold orders)
  • All invoices sent via email are due by end of day
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Subject to availability
  • We can ship some items internationally, for a quote, please contact us via email
  • Everything in stock and ready to go right away!
  • Please note-Most items have a very minor flaw, could be a small micro chip or a small surface scratch which is why they are 60-70% off, things you need to look for though but they are near perfect
  • Any order over $400 gets 10% off
  • Questions? Please call 800-804-9565




ITEM 1 Fabulous large hurricane globes, these are spectacular swag and garland large globe hurricanes are ideal for a dining table, console or coffee table. These have the wow factor! A 4″ pillar candle works beautifully in these.

18″ tall

$60.00 each

ITEM 2 Can not believe we found 6 more of these fabulous lily of the valley large hurricanes. Love these and have a pair in my living room. Gorgeous and elegant design, lovely as a floral vase as well.

Large 15.5″


ITEM 3 These spectacular brass footed hurricanes retail in some places for upwards of $500… these are the deal of the century!! Two incredible styles to choose from.  Stunning tall vertical leaf and reeded hurricanes on brass footed pedestal.

Measures 15″

Specify reeded or vertical leaf

$70.00 each

ITEM 4 Our beautiful highly detailed swag and garland etched medium bowls have become one of our most popular items. They are stunning! We have a few that at first glance are perfect but if you look closely they might have a scratch, a slight chip, etc… offered at about half off. These are stunning show pieces!

Measures 12.5″ round


ITEM 5  We were happy to find another batch of these beautiful basketweave hurricanes in both. large and medium. They are so beautiful when illuminated with candles , these will add such elegance to your dining table, console or coffee table. Available in two sizes, hurricanes like these sell for hundreds! Two sizes.

Large 15.5″ tall $50.00

Medium 12.5″ tall $40.00


ITEM 6 Same large hurricane globe but in our fabulous classic double  Greek design, what a beauty!! Amazing on a dining table, console table, or lined down a long table for a dinner party! Talk about making a statement! Works well with a 4″  pillar candle

Measures 18″ tall

$60.00 each


ITEM 7 Our incredible large centerpiece bowl is a showstopper. I have one in the center of my dining able and like to keep one on a cocktail table, the etch work on these makes them a standalone but they can be filled with seasonal decor as well.

Measures 15″ wide


ITEM 8 These spectacular brass footed hurricanes retail in some places for upwards of $400… these are the deal of the century! Stunning tall Greek key hurricanes on brass footed pedestal. Can also be used as a beautiful floral vase.

Measures 15″

$70.00 each


ITEM 9 We have two left of these extra large wide mouthed vertical leaf hurricanes. Makes a beautiful pair as hurricane or how about with a big spray of flowers!

Measures 9″ x 15″

75.00 each


ITEM 10 We have found more of these open ended hurricanes in the small in the beautiful swag and garland design, so eye catching and a great size for just abut anywhere. Works well on coffee tables, mantles, etc…

Measures 12.5″ tall

$35.00 each

ITEM 11 We have a few last pair of medium lily of the valley, a big surprise to find these! Great size to use as a floral vase as well.

Measures 12.5″




ITEM 12  Found one large diamond cut, another beauty which reflects the light so magnificently. Also makes one heck of a beautiful floral vase!

Measures 15.5″




ITEM13 We found one pair of the very first pair we ever introduced! This the floral and so pretty, just gorgeous when all lit up!

Measures 12.5″
$45.00 each



ITEM 14 We have some minis up for grabs. These smaller footed hurricanes are a great size and also make a fabulous floral vase. Offered in 3 styles. These also come with a removable brass ring *like below

Measures 8.75″ tall

$40.00 each

Specify double greek key, vertical leaf or Greek key with reeding


ITEM 15 Fabulous large hurricane globes in the classic vertical leaf pattern,  these are spectacular and ideal for a dining table, console or coffee table. These have the wow factor!

18″ tall

$60.00 each


ITEM 16 We have a small handful left of the chinoiserie bird and floral medium hurricanes, if you love chinoiserie then this is for you!

Measures 12.5″ tall


ITEM 17  Have a handful left of these medium  incredible Greek key glass etched bowls with reeding detailing Just fabulous as a centerpiece bowl or filled with your favorite seasonal decor.

Measures 12.5″




ITEM 18 We have found some of our fabulous large showstopping etched centerpiece bowls in 2 gorgeous patterns. These have very small flaws, either a small scratch or microchip. You really have to look to find them. These are amazing on a console, center table and dining table.

These are more than half off!

Measures 15.5″ round


specify Vertical leaf or chinoiserie bird


ITEM 19 We have found unearthed more of these fabulous vertical leaf hurricanes both with the glass footed pedestal.  Offered at nearly half off. Perfect for your dining table, a console or on a kitchen island.


Measures 15″ tall

$65.00 each


 ITEM 20 We have about 8 of these  cake dome/platters that have slight flaws, which honestly you really have to look for these are a super steal. The etching is so beautiful and these are really grand even with nothing in them! Includes a scalloped pedestal plate. These are truly showstopping beautiful. On a counter with your favorite sweets or nothing at all. The etch work is magnificent.

The cake plate is 14″ round Height of dome is 14″

$85.00 for both pieces 


Told you this was epic!! If you want to place an order, just call or email.




Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a fabulous day.

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What a Fabulous Sale !!! I already have 2 sets or I would be ordering some of these for sure !!

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