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Hi everyone, hope  this finds you well.  You may want to take a 15 minute coffee break for this one, this is very text heavy! We finally got almost  7″ of the most beautiful snow, 2 days ago it was amazing and so magical! I got so excited running from window to window seeing taking in every angle of our landscape blanketed in white crisp glistening snow. It was a snow day for our office,  so a great day to stay in and catch up which leads me to my post today. I wanted to send out this post for a few weeks now, which is a bit  more personal than what my posts often are,  which typically center around lifestyle or design.

Because this is super heavy on text, I am enclosing a few pre- spring pictures from seasons past just for a little eye candy:)

I am so beyond grateful to so many of you who have been following me for a very long time, I often hear from some of you who have followed me from the very beginning, which is astounding and incredibly gratifying.When I get an email from someone stating ” I have been with you from the beginning” theres a palpable flutter in my heart. I thank you for your continued patronage and support. It is thanks to you that I started a business which has continued to grow and without my steadfast readers, I am not sure that would have been possible! I always say and mean it, blogging has been, and continues to be my form of therapy. So cathartic, cannot imagine life without it!

The other day,  I went down memory lane and went really deep into a rabbit hole, started way back  to my very very first post and it brought back so many warm and fuzzy memories. At that time the blog world was its own little universe, even though it was online, I forged friendships with several like-minded wonderful people. And not only other bloggers, but customers and readers as well. It was a unique and special moment in time, because that was the juncture where blogging, was really starting to take off, and I feel so fortunate to have somewhat serendipitously landed upon it.

 I still  find it incredibly cathartic, almost 12 years (wow) later!  I love getting “in the zone’ when I can sit down in my office just with my own thoughts and write, whatever it is that I am interested in talking about, on that particular day. I also have and continue to enjoy the connections that I get to make with so many of you, truly icing on the cake! And in a world that seems to spin faster (and feels more out of control) then ever,  the constant of my blog and my amazing readers is one thing that allows me to feel grounded and connected.

The entire landscape of blogging, however, has changed dramatically as I’m sure many of you might have noticed, particularly if you follow other blogs. I guess I was living in a bit of a bubble or under a rock, but I was unaware just how much it really has changed until recently, I was asked to be part of an online focus group about blogging/social media, and it was almost like I’ve been living in a parallel universe.

There have been SO MANY changes, almost all unbeknownst to me! Most traditional blogs like mine have fallen to the wayside or restarted on one of these new blogging platforms. There are new glistening platforms like Substack taking over and reenergizing the blog world. And even more upcoming. Blogging has and is changing really fast. In fact,  many say there is a resurrection of blogging thanks to a platform like Substack. I did not even know it existed, guess  my heads been in the sand:) I think this was their rebuttal to the emergence of social media like Instagram, TikTok, etc…..

I know for myself, I love the written word. I enjoy “getting to know someone” which is what blogging affords. It’s much more personal that looking at pretty picture or series of pictures, or even a well done video. Blogging goes deeper and is much more personal.


I  have been told for years that I was missing a huge opportunity by not allowing ads or not monetizing my blog, which when you think about it equates to my time. I really did it (still do) out of nothing but love and joy, but the truth is, it does take a lot of my time, and though the blogging has afforded me a wonderful way to connect with my online shop of Enchanted Home products, the blogging itself (lifestyle and decor content) requires many hours of research and writing.

So I am therefore upon the recommendation of a “consultant” who was present for that focus group, absorbing all this new information about this entirely new frontier and  throwing around different ideas. I am considering the pros and cons of each of these opportunities to begin to monetize my blog for my time and effort So hear me out here..when you think about it, a typical home shelter magazine  is roughly $5-8.00 and frankly most of them are pretty skimpy.

Recently at the airport, I picked up two magazines for a whopping total of $18.00! They were so thin and I was done with them in a matter of minutes. So I see the argument which is pretty persuasive about blogs having tremendous value. I blog between 2-3 times a week so that is roughly 8-12 blog posts a month, minimum. I think for the very minimal subscription cost that has been proposed , that it sounds extremely fair.

So this is where you come in because I greatly value your opinions, thoughts, and perspectives.

One option is I have wanted to, for quite a while, start a new account/blog which is a bit more personal, think of it as an Enchanted Home 2.0 (while keeping this current blog).  There are often times (almost daily) that I want to discuss subjects, which really have nothing to do with business, my business or the world of design. Since my current blog is also tied heavily into my business, this new more personal blog would really be content about “life” (not business oriented) I love creative writing and frankly miss doing it as much as I used to so this is a big plus with this idea.

But I have never felt, and I think rightfully so,  that these were not necessarily topics that belonged on a design/lifestyle blog. This idea would be more of a personalized blog regarding thoughts on life, my life, perspectives on a whole hosts of things and eventually would include full insider access to our eventual renovation project.

If I were to do this,  this new more personal based blog  would post 2 to 3 times a week. Therefore, a minimum of 10 to 12 post a month.I would love to know first what you think about this idea and secondly what subscription rate you would feel is fair ?to be charged monthly)

Rates vary wildly but it seems the $5-7 monthly fee is a very fair and easy to swallow price to start.

The second idea would be to keep my blog (that you have always gotten) and charge a comparable monthly fee. It would essentially remain the same, and would still be tied in with my e-commerce platform (shop site). We are launching our new site ( I know, I know I have been saying this for months) but we really are, just had to update some new features so we are nearing the end. I refuse to say when because I have had to eat my words more than once. But I promise its soon!

As time goes on, hopefully within the foreseeable future, we are going to begin a massive renovation on our current home, which I’m incredibly excited about. I want to be able to journal and chronicle it properly, filled with pictures, resources, information, etc. but I also have to acknowledge what I have been told for years now is true, that this type of information has value, my time has value, and I think it’s fair after all these years, that I am able to ask for a nominal monthly fee. After all, this is a business and it’s my full-time job, which I am incredibly devoted to.

Plus there is so much more I like to talk about, like cooking, day to day challenges and how I deal with them, fashion and beauty for someone over 50,etc….

So bottom line is, the options are keeping my blog/shop exactly as is with the addition of a new, much more personal blog (not focused on shop or business) that would have a monthly subscription rate or keeping my blog as it is with a monthly subscription rate and not changing anything else. I am not great with change, I will be the first to admit that. I am a definite creature of habit but trying to be more proactive this year and be more open to new ideas and opportunities. That is my one singular goal for 2024, to get out there more and try new things, be open to new ideas and incidentally this entire new blogging conversation ties right into that.

So yes, this is a lot of information to take in.  I am not doing anything anytime soon however I really would love to take the pulse of my most valued readers and followers to know what you think. I value your opinion greatly and will be carefully reading over all your replies once they come in. I will share with you what my thoughts are once I have had a chance to go through the poll results and will be studying the various options in due time. You will be the first to know, I promise!

Thank you so much in advance for reading and if you made it to this point, you are a true devotee! To thank you for participating in my survey below I am offering a fun giveaway. I will announce the winner on Sunday.Just leave a comment in the comment section with your name (first name and last name initial) and you will be in the running!

Scroll down to complete the 9 questions below and thank you in advance!


To thank you for reading this lengthy post and taking part in the surveys, I am offering a wonderful giveaway! One lucky winner will win a beautiful tole planter, just perfect for spring flower planting! Your choice of soft green or white.


And after all this, you are probably ready for a nice winter nap:) Many thanks again, for our input and allowing along. I can assure you that whatever route I decide to go, I am. here for the long-haul and am committed to making my blog and better and better over time. One that you will want to follow for as long as I am around (which I hope will be a long time).   Have a wonderful day! Until next time…..

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I love your current blog as it is but I would be open to seeing something new. I look forward to reading your blog every time you post as it is my absolute favorite blog.

I really enjoyed this post and hearing about your perspective and completely understand that your time does have value. I would happily pay a monthly fee to subscribe to your current blog or the new one that you have described. I love your voice, style and opinions you are one of the most real bloggers out there and I’m with you wherever you decide to go.!!

Good luck Tina

For what you provide, I would pay a lot more than five or seven dollars a month. You are my absolute favorite! I subscribe to a few on substack, but none compare to yours.

I personally like the idea of two blogs, one that’s more business design oriented and the other, which is really personal, can’t wait to hear what you decide

PS All of these pictures are so beautiful, has me excited for spring;-)


I understand how fast things change and why you feel the need to keep up with the latest Blog happenings. I wish you the best in your decision going forward. I have learned so much from your blogs, love my purchases to this day and hope to continue purchasing from your shop if the option remains available to non-paying subscribers to either blog.

I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning! As I commented in your survey, because you are able to sell your products and profit due to your blog, I don’t believe it’s appropriate to ask for a subscription. There has been more and more marketing over the years, which is understandable, but not for a subscription. I have purchased a number of your lovely products. An additional blog as you have described without products or marketing would be worth the cost of a subscription. Kindest regards.

Found your blog and EH many, many years ago and upon recent count – have at least 45 purchases (and counting) from EH site. Read other blogs and although the advertising slots in between written words can be (and is) bothersome – they are ZERO cost to me – and they make a little $$ if I purchase something thru their site, ie Amazon, etc. Sorry – but I will not be paying a fee to read your blog if that is the plan 🙁

I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning! Because you are able to sell your products and profit due to your blog, I don’t believe it’s appropriate to ask for a subscription. There has been more and more marketing over the years, which is understandable, but not for a subscription. I have purchased a number of your lovely products. An additional blog as you have described without products or marketing would be worth the cost of a subscription. Kindest regards.

I really enjoy your blogs, seeing your home and the products that are available on your site. You have inspired me to make small but impactful changes to my home decor and I love everything I have ordered.

I have always enjoyed your interior design ideas, and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors!!!

I look forward to reading your blog and know your thoughts about home design, decor, recipes, new decorator items you have to offer, plus daily items that work for you that you share with us. I still use products that you have mentioned from years ago. Your time and expertise is invaluable and is quantifiable! So new beginnings for you and us as readers!

I do not buy any magazines,I have enjoyed your blog since the beginning but would rather you write once a week only instead of charging for this.
Being on a fixed income it is necessary to keep all monthly charges down.
That said I love your blog.

Thank you I love your blog! Spring is in the air! I am trying to decide what color to paint my brick fireplace & would love your suggestion. ! I would like the blog to me something I could submit yo

I have always felt your Blog was a thank you to your readers and customers. It is so personal and I, and I am sure most of your readers. feel the same way. It is like getting a visit from a friend. I don’t charge my friends to visit me. I am sure it takes a lot of your time to write and I can appreciate that. At times you ask for our input on new products and other matters. Should we charge you for our opinions? I subscribe to quite a few blogs, and the ones that show ads seem very commercial and impersonal. I say, if it’s not broke, don’t throw it away. I would consider a monthly fee for your new blog on a trial basis.

Your tole planters, they are beautiful in the garden. I would love to showcase some gorgeous Spring flowers in them!

Reading your blog posts is a highlight of my week, always refreshing and adds beauty and style to my life! We are a young family who just purchased a home and I am saving many of your ideas, products and general style for when I will PG have the resources to decorate. Unfortunately, I would not be able to pay for a subscription. I do also see your blog as advertising for your products. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into each post. Perhaps links for products like fashion and beauty should be at a commission to you. Wishing you best of luck in whatever you decide.

I completely agree about the magazine comparison! I barely buy them anymore because they’re so thin and have almost no content that appeals to me

I am a diehard fan and I’m here no matter what you decide.

I spent five dollars every morning on coffee so you better believe five dollars a month for the content you provide is a no-brainer

Really enjoy reading your blog and would find another one a great addition to the original….thanks for making my days more beautiful!

It has been fun reading your blog and seeing how you have decorated your homes. I’ve also enjoyed the photos and videos of other homes and subjects. In this crazy world, it is a great escape to read and see beautiful things.

Great job, Tina. I love reading your blogs and following your creative designs and lifestyle. The pictures were just perfect to get me motivated and prepping for spring. There is something about blue and white that makes us feel light and airy..

There are so few blogs left! Omg when Joni Webb of the Cote de Texas blog passed away a huge gap was left. The blogs I used to follow I can’t find or aren’t publishing as much. I prefer reading not just scrolling images.
I agree the shelter magazines aren’t what they used to be

I’ve always enjoyed your Blog. There are many twists and turns in our lives so why not take a chance. Love the White Tole Planter and Love the Green too.

Love the idea of a personal blog and would be willing to pay monthly
for it.

I think the blog/shop you have now should be kept as is. just my personal opinion. That way you still have your following and those who want to get to know you better can pay for your personal blog…I am in!

I recognize this is a delicate topic. Your readers likely span the economic spectrum from those looking for inspiration because they can implement your glorious ideas to those who can only daydream about accessing such wealth and beauty. The way readers perceive and respond to your blog is their responsibility – not yours. That said, to see you and your beautiful and extravagant lifestyle (which is a matter of perspective, of course) now asking for money from your loyal readers is a bit of a blow. You have a generous heart, and I am certain this is a difficult decision for you. You deserve to be compensated for your hard work, while also recognizing your financially blessed place in society. To shut some of your readers out because they cannot afford to subscribe would be sad for everyone. Five to seven dollars a month may be a “very fair and easy to swallow price” in your circle, but that is a deal breaker for many – including myself – in these difficult times. I would miss your blog, but I respect that you have to make the decision that you believe is best for you. Thank you for freely sharing all the beauty in your world for so many years.

I have read your blog almost from the beginning and it is one of my favorites. I also have bought numerous items from your store including, lots of dog and topiary Christmas ornaments, a huge blue and white planter with orchids, a silver planter with orchids, a red cache pot that matches the white and green one above, numerous candleholders and hurricanes, etc. I feel like that is my contribution to reading your blog. I understand blogging takes a huge amount time, as I had a blog for several years covering local social events in Sarasota, FL, but, but I agree with others who consider your blog a marketing vehicle for your business. I would not pay for a subscription. Also, my favorite postings are your Seven on Sunday posts and I know you are considering doing away with those, so I most definitely would not be paying for it.

Yea your right, hardly anyone blogs anymore and those that do have moved to a place like substack!

I am totally on board for a personal blog idea and would happily pay for it. I think that keeping this blog as it is would be the perfect scenario, of course whatever you do, I trust and I will be happy to follow along.
$5.00 is nothing in the scheme of things and you are certainly worth WAY more than that!

I like and might pay for a subscription featuring more personal info. Such as, the proposed renovation of your home, fashion, family, food, etc. I most likely would not pay a subscription fee for a blog that was heavy on your business. You do have wonderful products, but they are not my style. I live in the Pacific Northwest where decor is much more laid back.

Tina-I have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and shopping on your site from time to time but I’m afraid if a fee is charged, I probably won’t read-I have too much time in front of the “machine” as it is and although I agree with you that the magazines aren’t what they were anymore [SAD] I probably wouldn’t-but if you continue your shop site where we can just go and look and shop, I would appreciate that so much-I love the shop and have been very happy with everything I have purchased-anyway, I wish you much good luck with whatever you decide.

I first ran across Enchanted Home on Pinterest years ago. It was only recently that I connected with your blog. I would happily subscribe for a few dollars a month to keep so much beauty coming into my mailbox!

Tina, it’s smart to poll your loyal fan base. As a recently retired P&G Executive (36 years), I believe a decision factor should be about how you want to spend your time and what gives you joy. I’m confident you’ll be successful in either endeavor. In my opinion, it’s a life choice, not a business revenue decision

I love your blog and as I scroll through my emails and see Enchanted Home- it’s the first thing I read. Your taste level and mine are in sync!

I think your post are wonderful but you already promote your store and make money from that. Whatever personal info you want to share I should not pay for

2 blogs would be ideal , but so much work. You need to think about yourself and what your needs are too! You are a giver !

I honestly do not read any other blogs – just yours!
I truly enjoy the pictures, ideas and insights. I probably would not pay for monthly subscription and I would really miss receiving it.

Please enter me in giveaway

I read many many blogs, and I blog myself. Yours is one of my favorites, but sadly I won’t/can’t pay for it, and I’m kind of astonished you would charge a subscription fee in light of your obvious wealth and privilege. Everyone’s time is valuable. Doesn’t the time your followers spend reading, shopping, answering your surveys, sending in photos for your contests, and commenting on your content have value to you? This is how you respond?

Love the idea of 2 blogs… I really enjoy reading your blog and the design info you give. I’m not sure I would pay to read it?? I think it would be nice to incorporate a more personal blog, but that’s more time you would be devoting to a new blog. I can see why a paid subscription would be appropriate for an additional personal blog. But,
I don’t feel I would want to pay for 2 blogs! Thank you for all of your inspiration in designs over the years!
I am so happy I found you many many years ago!!

I found you several years ago when I read an article and Mark D Sikes (I believe) sited you as a good source for reasonably priced blue and white porcelain. I’ve been a collector for 35 years—wish I’d known you sooner! Always fabulous.

I love the current blog and have been with you from the beginning. I am definitely open to seeing the new, different, blog as well. Carolyn S

I really like the idea of two separate blogs. One for your items and the other for personal, world affairs, etc.

Lots to think about. I’ve read your blogs for about 8 years and love especially Seven on Sunday. I’m staying neutral as I need to absorb some of the others readers thoughts…

I would be disappointed not to be able to read your blog and hope you will consider keeping it special ,just as it is ,without charging. I trust your merchandise, much of which I have purchased , should cover the cost. Just because others are doing “it” may not always be best. You have a wonderful, personal blog, making it feel to us ( your adoring family of bloggers) so very special, like good friends. Think hard about this Tina, please.

You’ve been extremely generous with your design advice proving valuable professional information on paint colors, lighting, wall paper, rugs, furniture etc. Any decision you might make that works best for you is one your followers should understand and choose the option that works for them. Change happens so we monitor and adjust.

I think of your blog as an advertising arm of your families business. If it’s too much work, why not do Sundays only? The profit from our purchases is your payment. I think it’s inappropriate to charge additionally.

I’ve been fan since day one. I have loved that your blog is one of the few of the many that I still visit and still reads with personality and a clear point of view. I generally skip the “evolved” blogs that don’t seem to have substance.

I like your blog as is, with no advertising. A few blogs I read are so cluttered with ads throughout the posts that it is annoying to read. But if you starting using ads so that you didn’t have to require subscriptions, I would definitely still follow along! I know your time is valuable so I would understand if you start requiring a subscription fee, but unfortunately I would not pay to read. My budget is limited and there is so much free digital content available that I cannot justify paying for blogs (I have given up reading a few blogs already because they have gone to subscription format). My favorite parts of your blog are your home and interior design posts (love the PB posts!), and I miss the posts when you used to go to the floral market 🙂

I’ve been following soon after you first started. I haven’t been reading as much lately. One, because I’ve been extra busy; Two, because I rarely read your posts that are selling your products, not because I don’t love them, but I am not in the market for them at the moment. I look forward to your Sunday posts most of all. So I’d have to say I’d probably not pay a subscription.

I have followed you since the beginning, and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog! I love my purchases and appreciate your perspectives and ideas. And, I am a blue and white aficionado so I love that you highlight blue and white frequently! However, I feel that you benefit greatly financially already from your blog in many ways so, as much as I love it, I would not be willing to pay monthly for it….

Tina, your blog is the only blog that I have ever read. I so love and enjoy reading Seven on Seven and seeing how you put your merchandise in place decorating your house, which intern gives me ideas maybe on a smaller scale. I too thought that my buying my merchandise from you over the years was payment for reading your blog. I naturally understand that what you share with us is valuable. Right now I feel like I would vote for you charging for a personal blog, but continuing with your current blog without payment .

So here is my take- I discovered you about 3 years ago and have loved your blog ever since. You literally helped decorate my new house as I was so inspired by yours and your beautiful timeless taste.

Do you know how many great products you have tuned me onto? How many delish meals I have tried that were your recipes?
Yep all you!

So of course I would pay a measly fee per month I am shocked at anyone who thinks your time is not worth $5 a month! I spend $13 a day on coffees alone (morning and afternoon). I TOTALLY get why you would want to be able to be compensated for your time. Who wouldn’t ? Times are changing and I think every blogger who spends sufficient time blogging should be able to earn money.

I am 42 so not sure if age is where we differ, but for me its a big yes. Thanks for all you do to make the world a beautiful place.

I have noticed a big change in blogs, many going the way of subscription only. At first, I was sure about but now I am totally on board. It’s a job, someone (you) is spending the time to create content. As someone who used to work at Traditional home magazine I can tell you, a lot goes into producing content so of course there is an inherent value there. I enjoy your content and getting to know you even more via a more personal blog sounds amazing. I. like the idea of having this one free as is and the personal blog that one can subscribe to. Either way, its all good….keep on doing what you do so well, Tina.

Your eye for design and the JOY you transmit in your blog are such a delight…the pictures you take are just as good as a magazine…good luck in everything you try!

Hi Tina

It’s been a very interesting read! I understand your dilemma with times changing constantly. I like you, don’t necessarily like change, but change is inevitable. However when possible especially in this fast changing world, it’s lovely to keep a few precious things as they are, especially your blog that has seen me through the good and the bad, in life for so many years.

Cheers, and good luck with your decision.

Stay safe.

I have bought many items from you over the years and love everything I have purchased. I agree with others that as much as I enjoy your blogs, I would not be willing to pay for a subscription.

I agree with the posters about a YES no matter what you decide. You give more great content in one single post then most magazines do in a month I would not hesitate. Times are changing and of course your time is very much worth it. No one should work for free!

I enjoy your blog and have been following you for many years. I have made several purchases. I appreciate that you don’t do ads, as I find them so annoying. I feel that asking for a subscription fee is inappropriate. I hope that you leave your blog as is, and add a second blog, if you so desire. However, if you do charge a subscription fee, I would not subscribe to it.
Maybe doing a blog once a week would be more cost-effective for you and give you more time for yourself. You are very talented person and I’m sure whatever you choose will be the best for you.

I love reading your blog and always enjoy the pictures, updates, and links to other stories. I think you already gain from your readers making purchases, so I would have to regretfully stop reading because I don’t think its fair to ask customers to pay for advertising. If I’m not getting your blog for free, I’d have to try to remember to seek out and search your site because the blog would no longer be a nudge for me to check it out, if I’m not reading you regularly, as I do now. Best wishes, whatever you decide.

I miss the way it was in the beginning; like talking to a friend. Now every post comes down to a sales pitch. The enjoyment and sincerity have faded. Why does everything have to come down to money? When is enough enough?

I have been with you since the very beginning. I will echo the sentiments of others who have commented how much they have enjoyed reading your blog and love the items purchased from you. I do, too! I would love to be able to continue but, if I’m required to pay for a subscription, I’m afraid I must decline.

Hi Tina, first of all this was such an interesting post and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. I have been following you for about 3-4 years and don’t miss a post!

I completely understand that it’s fair for you to be able to earn money for the what I assume is an abundance of time that you spend writing your blog.

I love the idea of you, keeping your blog exactly as it is now, and then, adding an additional personal blog which would allow those of us like myself the opportunity to get to know more about you. I personally would absolutely subscribe, and I would pay for your blog as it is now as well. like others have said

For the beauty and joy you bring into this world I feel it’s more than fair💕

Emily, a fan

I appreciate that this is a real dilemma for you. I know blogging is demanding because I do some myself. I read a variety of what I consider to be high quality blogs — Cindy Hattersley, David Leibovitz, Katie at Preppy Empty Nester, and Sue Burpee to name a few. They do not charge and they are very well done. Their language is clear and crisp, and they are carefully proofed, Clearly your heart is in everything you do and you will make the right decision for you. .Best wishes!

How interesting to read the comments of your readers! I think it shows the great divide in this country. Many readers (myself included) are on fixed incomes and are budgeting every dollar, while another of your readers describes the subscription cost as “measly” and reports spending $13 a day for coffee. Wow! To say that I would be unable to pay for a subscription to your blog does not mean that I am denigrating your blog, rather, it is a way of saying that I need to be very, very careful of even the smallest part of my income and that the selling of your products is already of benefit to you. Best of luck!

I have bought a few things from you and I love blue and white but I would not pay a fee to see your blog. There is plenty of stuff out there that is free.

Dear Tina, I’ve read your post and fully understand. At the same time, I feel a sadness. As you mention, your time spent on your blog is a business and merits to be paid. My sadness is that I never perceived you as a business, even though many of your posts are to sell your products. Somehow you’ve always come across to me as someone I could relate to even though I am far from sharing your lifestyle. This did not seem important, recognizing that apart from money we are all equal. All this to say that I would not subscribe for a fee. Somehow, for a reason that is hard to express, for myself your blog would not feel the same. You are a talented and intelligent businesswoman, I have no doubt that whatever you decide will succeed.

Your things are beautiful. Would prefer the green .but the white is pretty ,too.

Love that you are willing to try a new point of view. As a long time reader and shopper of many beautiful things from your shop , I ll follow you no matter what you decide !!

I find the main purpose of your blogs to be advertising of current and future products. I do not care to pay for advertising. I have placed orders 3 times and even your staff admits back-orders/discontinued items are not well managed. I would like to see you improve that than monetize advertising. I will miss your reader content in your blogs – loved that. Best of luck

I’ve been with you on this journey since the beginning and one of the best parts has been the evolution of your blog and the e-commerce site. It’s important to say yes to new challenges and you embody that ethic.

Tina- I miss good resourceful blogs like yours. Most have morphed into just an IG account. Thanks for asking our opinion. I have been here since the beginning when you were building – it helped me when we got ready to build.

I would love to hear more of your hostessing ideas. You have such a talent for making beautiful tablescapes! Another platform would give you the venue for doing that!

As a reader (beginning with your 1st blog post), your blog is a form of your personal advertising which leads readers to make purchases from your site(s) from which you profit. Additionally, from a managerial point of view, only one blog is necessary with no subscription fee for our reading your blog. Charging a subscription for the reading of a blog when there are “connected” blog options relative to the blog author’s profitability, IS over-charging/over-profiting and excessive which removes the joy from the reading of your blog.

I feel your emails serve as advertising for current and future products. I prefer not to pay for advertising so I will not subscribe.

I like the idea of two separate blogs but not sure about paying for it despite the fact that I love reading the current one. This is a tough economy for most folks. Love the cachepots and could certainly make good use of one. Many thanks for all you share with us!

I think your suggested fee is reasonable. I used to be a huge magazine addict. I’d much rather read your blog today. Your creativity is always stunning. Thank you for continuing to do what you do. I love it!

As a longtime customer I have enjoyed your blog as a bonus perk of buying your products. I agree with those who feel that you have benefited from the blog as a marketing tool as well as perhaps a creative outlet for yourself. I checked your Instagram account which has 10k followers and wondered if just half of them paid for your $5-7 subscription that would be 25-35k a month or 300-420k per year, not too shabby for blogging. You are such a talented, accomplished and caring women so I wish you the very best in whichever direction you take. After a few years still enjoying the beautiful bamboo pagoda and bell jar fixtures I bought, they are fabulous!

Tina, I’ve enjoyed your posts for many years. Sharing beautiful photos that inspire, recipes that delight and a narrative that has lead readers to know you. As time has passed, it seems your marketing agenda had been front and center. Lovely vignettes come with hidden price tags for your merchandise.
That being said, the income from these sales should more than offset your time to “do what you love”. We, as readers, use our valuable time to follow your posts, answer your questionnaires which provide free marketing feedback, and submit photos to your contests. I would find it far more valuable to keep your loyal readers coming back than take advice from a group of blog hypers who haven’t a clue about your online “family”, but rather would push you into their world of money making. You don’t need it, Tina.

Looking at beautiful things for one’s home never goes out of style regardless of whether these items are featured in a magazine, on a website or featured in a blog.

But in today’s world, being able, at the touch of one’s fingertips, to tap into the most delightful items of The Enchanted Home and to read about how Tina, through her blogs, incorporates these items into her home is a special gift.

I want to say, since I discovered your blog about two years ago, you have helped me with more than you can imagine mostly with our new home, but even some of your great recipes have become our family favorites.

There’s tremendous value in what you do, and I applaud you for being open to moving forward as the blogging world evolves.

if you decide that involves a subscription fee, I am fully on board, five dollars is nothing and like you said the content you provide in one month put magazines to shame my sister-in-law also has a blog on photography and I see the hours that she spends doing it, she started with sub stack and now charges, why should anyone NOT get paid for work! It’s insane to even suggest it. IMO

Hi Tina- I have followed you for many years and have purchased many of your products. I have truly enjoyed both! You are in a unique position that your blog acts as a direct marketing/advertising tool for your retail business whereas many other bloggers/influencers receive income via collaborations, short term sponsorships, etc. I would prefer to see perhaps some collaborations with brands/products you love if this change is primarily revenue motivated. I do really enjoy your blog and your shop but I would not want to pay to subscribe. Good luck in making your decision!

Dear Tina, I’ve been there from the beginning. Also thought you had the best of all worlds. Quietly, building your business from your readers while we got to see into your beautiful world. Perhaps, those bloggers should be taking a page from you. I really don’t see how a blog can get any more personal than yours. We’ve been through a lot with you over the years. At least three new builds, many parties, many losses. I really think you have too much on your plate and should be thinking of cutting back. I think your readers would be very happy with just Sunday’s Seven on Seven. You know our time is valuable too.

Along time reader, wishing you luck with whatever you may choose for your new endeavor! Love the toke planters, perfect for spring flowers!🌸

Tina, I look forward to reading your blog. The thought that you would charge a fee is disappointing to me. I understand about your time is precious. I know how busy you are, so if you need time just do your blog less often. The business blog hopefully will remain free of charge. The personal one sounds interesting!

I am very disappointed in your consultants advice. You built a blog that was successful and turned it into a business, which brought you an income. You state how you love the loyalty and love your followers. You became your own ad agency. Every post has one or multiple ads for your company. There are to many platforms vying for attention every day. Designer, people building new home, recipes, you name it. And they entertain us all for free. Why would we subscribe, we just move on to another one. My daughter already quit following because it was too “ad” heavy. I just look at 7 on Sunday. Three out of seven were an ad this week. So no, I would not pay to read the blog or any other blog.

I have always looked forward to your Sunday Blog, as well as the weekly blogs you put out, for a few years now. They have been informative, inspiring, and encouraging, all packaged in a beautiful blog each week. I would understand if some of the weekly blogs would need to be limited, because of the amount of time to create them. But, if I may express a personal opinion, I’m not in favor of a subscription to a blog to advertise product or share opinions. My husband and I own a small business and we understand it’s our cost, of promotion and advertising, to keep our website current and to keep communicating to our patrons. Perhaps the time spent each month could be expensed? Ultimately, it’s a personal decision you have to make that is best for you. Thank you so much for all the effort that goes into your blogs, I truly enjoy them!

I have read your blog from the beginning and love it. Because of your blog (and your selling ploys such as how you use your items in your own home decor), I have purchased a lot from you. You have beautiful taste, and I look so forward to your posts. However, I feel your readers purchase so many of your products that the profit from their purchases is a large part of your profits and therefore compensation to you. You have free advertising. Remember, we aren’t all as financially blessed as you appear to be, and for some, seven dollars a month ($84 per year) is just not in the budget. We, your readers, contribute to your blog through surveys, opinions, purchases, and sending you our own pictures (which without, you would have no contests). I would not pay for a subscription.

hello there, as someone who wrote a blog for nearly 6 years, mostly on gardening, I very much appreciate the time, effort and diligence required to keep a successful blog going. And yours is just that, standing the test of time.

Honestly , had there been these new sites to be able to monetize my blog I probably would have stuck with it, but my husband thought I was crazy to spend so many hours in a day on something I was getting no monetary compensation for. I was really against ads because I personally find them extremely annoying and eventually I stopped doing it and pursued a more conventional job. I have to admit, though it took me over a year to stop from really missing it.

My take is a different perspective than probably many of your readers, but I completely support a blogger being compensated, particularly if it’s as nominal of a fee as five dollars a month. No matter how you want to look at it it’s a job one that you spend hours doing.

And for some of the comments that I read over that said that they’ve been with you a long time and I hope it will remain free. Maybe they should be thankful that for so many years it was that way, but understanding that times are changing.

Either way I’m on board because I absolutely love your content and can’t wait until you start your renovation.

Susan L

Hi Tina,
As a loyal reader and purchaser of many of your items, I feel frankly offended that you would even consider trying to monetize your blogging. While you certainly do have great ideas and interesting insight on different issues, why would I pay to $60 or $84/year to read what are your thoughts and opinions. If you felt you weren’t paid enough after a few years, would your subscription price go up? I think the seminar you attended virtually filled your head with bad ideas and I would not be a subscriber. As others have said, your current blog is a very clever and successful marketing tool. You have done a great job and I read you every week. I have purchased many things from you and feel that is compensation enough. If you do want to make even more money, write a cookbook with all your recipes….which are delicious…but, please, don’t try to make more money from us, your loyal readers and customers. You and your family are obviously very wealthy….two beautiful homes, a horse, travels, etc.. I find this entire concept of charging for your current blog as well as for another one very unattractive and frankly disappointing and not befitting of you.

Every new beginning comes from some others beginning’s end. I have been here from the beginning and will support your decision going forward.

I would not pay for the blog since much of what is included is directly tied to your business and in some cases your husband’s business. When blogging about your current houses, there are always links or references to your site so in fact, your blog contains advertising. I have purchased items from your site after reading your blog so it must be working and generating income.

Tina I may not be your average customer, I am male , I am 40 years old and a design fanatic.
I have a great appreciation for what you do and can see that you do it from the heart. I also follow you because I think you have excellent and refined taste and fantastic ideas on so many different subjects.
If you decide to go via a subscription-based blog, I will 100% support that and sign up for sure.
I’m a little surprised at some of the few comments that I read acting like you owe them. I don’t really know anyone who works for free do you?
Just know, whatever you decide I’m here for it

Because I believe this to be MOST important, this is my second reply to the discussion within this blog post. One reader suggested for you to write a cookbook which is an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC idea. Although the content, etc. of your blog, etc. is not the same, there is a woman (a retired teacher) in Andalusia, AL, who has been posting to facebook (Cooking with Brenda Gantt) for only a VERY few years. Basically, she wrote & published two cookbooks during two years, both of which were just reprinted & have again sold out. Her following is currently 3.7 million (globally) & has been consistently increasing during the fewer than six months after I discovered her based on a news article I had read. Because she is s retired teacher, the format of her cookbooks are MOST interesting and welcoming. It would be FANTASTIC for you to create a cookbook with your recipes, pictures, & personal stories, etc. similar to what this woman has published. Again, her content, etc. is most different from yours, but her CONCEPT within her cookbooks would be something I believe you would enjoy creating and sharing with us without charging a subscription fee for this blog because WE ARE MOST LOYAL & CLOSE MEMBERS of YOUR FAMILY…WE LOVE YOU as a MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY…

P.S. You could write several different types of books (with your corresponding stories) for entertaining, flower arranging, tablescaping, etc. as well as cookbooks. As a mother of 4 sons (now adults), your sharing stories & pictures of your sons, your husband, & other members of your family are MOST pleasant & provide MANY warm feelings for your readers…

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