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Hello!  OK this one you will need to sit down for especially if you love blue and white, porcelain and looking for something pretty to add to your home to freshen things up for spring. This is our biggest container ever!  We have been having a downright porcelain drought around here so words cannot express just how excited we are to be getting this massive container of blue and white (and green) beauty.

Being a direct importer has its perks, the PRICES! If you know the prices of fine porcelain you will instantly recognize the sensational deals here. Have a porcelain loving friend? Tell me about the sale! This is on for four days.

Due to insane shipping prices and long delays we are needless to say super eager to get this in. Due in around April 18th. Please read over the rules prior to placing your order-

  • There are TWO ways to order- email or call your order in.
  • Call 800-804-9565 or email [email protected] (office hours 9:30-5 EST)
  • If emailing your order- you must include item number, name, address and phone number
  • Only a paid order is a confirmed order
  • All invoices sent must be paid within 12 hours
  • This sale on for 4 days and will send Sat night at midnight
  • Subject to availability
  • This is a presale offer for container arriving around April 18th
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Every order over $800 gets 10% off 
  • Some items can ship internationally (please email [email protected] for info)
  • Wholesale customer? Contact [email protected].
  • Questions? Call us 1-800-804-9565__

One of the perks of placing a presale order is to guarantee you will get an item as many of our best sellers sell out before or right when they get here. And secondly you get to take advantage of low presale pricing. Win/win.Now onto the fun part……..



ITEM 1 They are back! After a very long hiatus…these gorgeous chinoiserie garden seats are coming home, in 3 gorgeous colors.

Measures 17″ x 13″ x 13″


Specify blue. green or ivory

ITEM 2 This very tall majestic jar is such a regal beauty. I love it filled with big branches or blossoms. Really striking and so pretty!

Measures 24,5″ x 10″



ITEM 3 Our elegant three emperors are finally returning, after a long hiatus. I adore these, they look good literally everywhere. Break them up or use them as an elegant trio.

Stands 17″ x 5.9″

$130 set of 3



ITEM 4 Our stunning raised cherry blossoms pierced garden seats are a best seller and with good reason, they are so beautiful in three fabulous colors. Love these indoors and out!

Measures 18.5″ x 14″


Specify pink, green or blue


ITEM 5 Thrilled to see this large bird jar making a return. This became an instant hit and with good reason. This elegant bird/floral design is exquisite. Lightly antiqued with raised lion head detailing and a adorable foo dog lid. As pretty as they come.

Medium measures 19″




ITEM 6 My personal favorite smaller jar. I like that this works well for brackets, on mantle ledges or is a perfect jar to add to an existing vignette. Love the scalloped square shape and charming foo dog lid.

Measures 13.5″ x 5″



ITEM 7 Elegant flat top dragon jar will add beauty to wherever it is used, or start a new vignette. A pair of these is a great starting point.

Measures 9.2″ x 9″



ITEM 8 Our colored foo dogs are coming back…..finally!! So happy to see these in three delightful spring colors

Pale blue, pink or celadon

4″ x 6″

$50.o0 for the pair

ITEM 9  Our very popular and classic Dragon antiqued jars are coming back in both sizes, the 18″ and the extra large 24″. These are spectacular feature a beautiful antiqued finish and a charming foo dog lid.

18″ $165.00

24′ $245.00



ITEM 10  Our fabulous luncheon sized (or small dinner) Lily of the Valley,  are coming back in both colors. These are an elegant way to dress up any table, truly gorgeous. Part of our collaboration with Carolyne Roehm.

Dinner plates 10′ $15.00 Buy 8 or more $13.00 each

Salad plate 8″ $13.00 Buy 8 or more $11.00 each 

Specify green or blue

ITEM 11 NEW! LOVE this stunning new large fishbowl featuring a floral and bird design with lion rings. Just waiting for a big beautiful plant! Beautiful for indoors or out. I cannot wait to take a pair home:)

Measures 21″ x 14″ x 5″




ITEM 12 This beautiful bird/floral flat top is also returning, such a beautiful piece. This along with our other new green jar introductions was an instant hit.

Measures 9″ x 8.25″


ITEM 13 At long last our blue and white mini foo dogs are coming come!! These are a best seller for a good reason, they look great everywhere. I move mine around all the time and have a pair as a bookends in our library. We doubled up on our normal quantity to be sure they will be sticking around for a while!

Measures 4″x 6″

$85.00 for the pair

ITEM 14 NEW! We introduced this beauty last year and it sold out almost right away. We will start adding more green as you seem to love it. This majestic jar feature an elegant floral and goldfish design with botanicals. A beautiful piece painted in a gorgeous shade of green.

Measures 20″ x 11″





ITEM 15 Our gorgeous tall dragon garden seat is back. I have a few of these in our outdoor spaces and let me tell you , these look great indoor and out! Beautiful design all around with elegant priced detailing, and the dragon scene is so classic and timeless.

Measures 18″ x 13″




ITEM 16 At long last this magnificent jar is coming, after a long time in them making! I introduced this to you as part of our wonderful collaboration with Carolyne Roehm, this is part of our Blue Tulips collection.

This porcelain and ormolu jar is simply exquisite. Beautiful bronze work intricately completes this elegant handprinted jar. Finished with the prettiest bronze tulip finial. A real showstopper and of the highest quality.

Measures 18″





ITEM 17 These reissued cherry blossom jars were introduced less than 2 years ago and have been a consistent fan favorite. They are highly decorative and can easily be used in both traditional or more modern spaces. The raised cherry blossom detailing is really exquisite.  Large, chunky statement jar. Works beautifully alongside the matching garden seats (above)

Measures 20″ x 8.5″


ITEM 18 And there is also the flat top version, equally beautiful.

Measures 8.5″ x 8.5″





ITEM 19 This stupendous and very majestic extra tall vase is coming back. It is a beauty! I love the “floral” handles and elegant scene hand pained on entire surface of this vase. Imagine with a big spray of cherry blossoms or branches!

Measures 24″ x 9″


ITEM 20 Our original medium tulipiere is coming back! This is such a beautiful piece with or without flowers. A real showstopper, looks fabulous displayed as a pair, great for mantles too!

Measures 22″ tall


ITEM 21 Limited numbers of this fishbowl are on the way. Everything looks great in this dragon fishbowl with raised lion head detailing. A perfect size for indoors or out. Perfect size too.

Measures 17″ x 16″ x 17″


ITEM 22 And to everyone who has been waiting for these incredible new tulipieres in green to come back, they are coming! Such an intricate design, as you might. As you might know,  tulipieres  can go for thousands, so these are a steal! We are getting both the medium and the large back in stock, in this most beautiful design. They don’t get any prettier!


Medium  23″ x 7″ $235.00

Large 31″x 8.7″  $315.00






ITEM 23 Our beautiful songbird jar is coming back, and for a perfect season, spring. Love the floral and bird design, it just screams spring. Charming foo dog lid competes this beautiful jar. I love that it has a lot of “white space” which can be a lovely contrast/addition to more traditional feeling porcelains.

Measures 18″ x 11″ x 11″




ITEM 24 I adore this rectangular scalloped jar with this most elegant pheasant and loral design. This unique shape works so well in any vignette or a pair on a chest of console, are really striking.

Measures 15″ x 10″ x 7″



ITEM 25 NEW! Another gorgeous new style fishbowl with a beautiful floral/leaf design…love the lion ring detailing Imagine a beautiful tree, topiary or hydrangea plant, a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use.

Measures 22″ x 15.5″




ITEM 26 This became a quick best seller, a unique lidded piece with a beautiful framed design on both sides. A lovely piece to add to an existing vignette or makes a very stylish cookie jar or jar to hold pet treats:)

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″



ITEM 27 One of our best sellers is this fabulous village scene garden seat with pierced detailing and raised “dots”. Offered in round or hexagon. A beauty for indoor or outdoor entertaining, works great as a small table too. These were among the very first garden seats we ever offered.

Measures 18″ x 13″ x 13″


Specify round or hexagon




ITEM 28 Our jumbo foo dog fishbowl is coming back, these sell out fast as we don’t get a large number of them. They are big and super impressive. I have had two outdoors and plan on bringing one home for a big palm in my living room. A spectacular piece with this gorgeous foo dog design and raised lion head rings.

Measures 25″ x 20″ x 20″



ITEM 29 Our best selling paneled hexagonal planer is coming back and we tripled the amount that  we normally get. This beauty literally works with everything, fresh flowers, orchids, topiaries, etc…

Measures 10″ x 6.5″



ITEM 30 Our beautiful village scene large planter/fishbowl with braided handles is finally coming back. This is a stunner with orchids, fresh flowers, greenery, etc…really eye catching piece, lightly antiqued.

Measures 17.75″ x 7″




ITEM 31 The first thing I am doing is bringing a pair of these home. These spectacular huge white pagodas are sensational. Best part is its like a two for one, because there are two pieces so you can use them at full height or if you want to change it up and use as a smalerl pagoda, its so easy. Very versatile and a true statement piece.

Measures 47″ tall




ITEM 32 This cutie is the perfect finishing touch to any vignette or place a pair and start a new one. Love the size, very versatile.

Small jar 6″ x 6″




ITEM 33 Many of you have asked for small blue and white cups to use as holders for dips, utensils, vegetables, etc…these are super versatile. Everyone needs a good stash of these. I love filling mine with dips, hummus, etc…and adding small bunches of chopped vegetables and making a pretty little crudite. I have also used them to serve individual little desserts, there are so many uses for these.


Style 1

3.5″ x 2.5″

$6.00 each

Buy 10 or more $5.00 each



Style 2




Style 3

Style 4



ITEM 34 This midsized jar is a personal favorite, I love the rich color, intricate design and the beautiful shape. I love mixing it in with other jars and often remove the lid and use it with fresh flowers.

Measures 13″ x 6″ x 6″



ITEM 35 These fabulous pierced scalloped Blue Tulips plates are coming back, we sold out fast! They are beautiful for salads, appetizer plates, and to mix and match. They of course work so beautifully with our other pieces from this collection but can easily be used with other patterns too.

Scalloped plates measures 8.75″

$15.00 each

Purchase 10 or more $13.00 each


ITEM 36 These stunning jars became a fast customer fave. They are offered two sizes and really striking. Love the crisp design and the intricate pattern its so striking with the floral base and trellis border.   Offered in med and large.

Medium measures 18.5″ tall $165.00

Large measures 21″ tall  $190.00


ITEM 37 Our very popular cherry blossom and Greek key cylinder pots coming bak and we outbid up on them because they sell out fast. Perfect as a planter but makes one heck of a beautiful  oversized utensil holder too (how I use mine)

Measures 7.5″ x 7.5″



ITEM 38 Our elegant antiqued dot jar is a newer addition and a fan favorite. Love the design as it works with everything and topped off with the charming foo dog lid. Beautifully antiqued.

Measures 18″ tall



ITEM 39 This beautiful landscape vase is a beauty, elegant hexagonal shape with beautiful “butterly handles. Perfect for a big spray of fresh flowers or cherry blossoms!

Measures 16.5 x 7″



ITEM 40 This beauty now comes in two sizes. The regular 18″ and a show stopping 24″. Love the classic phoenix design as it mixes and matches so well with everything. Love the little “lion head” detailing on the side and the charming foo dog lid. Handpainted on all sides, a perfect ginger jar!

Medium 18″ tall. $165.00

Large 24″ tall. $220.00


ITEM 41 Our newer lion ginger jar is new to our collection and such a pretty piece. Love the antiquing and “white space” on this particular piece. Plus that darling foo dog lid is the icing on the cake.

Measures 18.5″ x 10″ x 10″



ITEM 42 These mini fishbowls are so fantastic, Love them for smaller flower armaments, and keep a few around as a little trinket box. Offered in two styles.

Measures 6.5″ x 5″





ITEM 43 Say hello to the newest flat top with a beautiful floral design, absolutely love these. This elegant lightly antiqued flat top is spectacular. Mix and match to your heart’s desire, these are highly decorative and fill easily fit into any vignette.

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 44 Mid size round trellis planter. This beauty would be perfect for flowers, an orchid or boxwood ball. Beautiful floral design on entire planter and perfect mid size makes this a very versatile planter and amazing to use as a utensil holder as well.

Measures 8.5″ x 8″




ITEM 45  Say hello to our prettiest large lotus new antiqued flat top jar. Features a beautiful lotus floral design. Lightly antiqued. A really standout!

Measures 9.5″ x 9.5″


ITEM 46 Our incredible antiqued lotus jar are coming back in two sizes. Talk about a beauty!! This is a beautiful jar and if you are just starting to build your blue and white collection, this is an amazing starting point. Looks like a prized antique jar. Beautiful classic lotus scene, with raised lion heads and darling foo dog lid.

Medium measures 18″ $165.00

Extra large measure 24″ $225.00

ITEM 47 Our beautiful antiqued village scene bowl is also coming back. This is a beauty, perfect as a center piece bowl which stands on its own. But I have used it to hold orchids or to display a large floral display and its quite showstopping. An intricate beautiful village scene is painted onto this beautiful bowl!

Measures 15″ x 7.5″



ITEM 48 NEW! As we continue to add more green pieces, this beauty is sure to become a customer favorite. LOVE this color, great design on a perfectly  sized jar that can go anywhere.  Such a beautiful fresh color!

Measures 9″ x 8″



ITEM 49 This wonderful mid sized flat top jar features a pretty double happiness scene. This piece is lightly antiqued, such a classic timeless design.

Measures 9.5″ x 9″



ITEM 50  I want to say saving the best for last, but truth is every piece on this sale today is special. However,  the majesty of this jar is hard to put into words. Pictures cannot do it justice but when I say SPECTACULAR, it is not an exaggeration.

First its enormous! As in  47″ tall enormous! It is majestic and grand and offers a real wow factor. Limited numbers of these beauties as we only get in about 10 each shipment. The intimacy of the painting and the elegant foo dog lid offer details you don’t see often these days.

These run into the thousand so if you know,you know..and will recognize the amazing deal these are!

Measures 47″ x 22″

Presale price $725.00 each


Pair for $1420.00



One lucky porcelain loving reader will win this wonderful double happiness vase. Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite item and how you would use it. I will announce the winner on Sunday!



Still with me? If so, you have earned yourself a much needed coffee (or wine) break:) I told you this was good and worth sitting down for, our biggest container ever…..its been a while but so worth the wait! If you see something calling your name, please email or call in your order-


[email protected]


Thanks for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Until next time……..

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WOW!!! 🤩 Impossible to choose…I’ll take one of everything! Spectacular selection of absolutely stunning items!

It’s all gorgeous and celebrates the season. I can see the tulip plates as part of a layered wall decoration. Porcelain pairs well with other artwork 💙🤍

I love everything ! My favorites are the blue and white foo dogs. They could land just about anywhere in my home. The new tiny blue and white cups are tempting too!

Love the blue and white mini foo dogs! 😍 The perfect size for a bookcase or tabletop vignette.

Heaven, I’m in heaven looking at these beauties. Number 11 fishbowl is calling out to me – love the delicate nature theme. And it’s almost planting season so I have every excuse to get one!

Just when I think I don’t need one more blue and white piece I see something I love! Your site is SOOO tempting! xo

WOW! So many beautiful pieces Tina. I think my favorite is #37 and #28.

You weren’t kidding when you said this was an amazing porcelain sale! I love the shades of green and pink; they are perfect for spring. I think that vase, that is being given away, would look beautiful with some Sweet Peas in it. I am germinating the seeds now and am hopeful they will grow in my backyard this spring. Have you ever thought of making an umbrella stand in your blue and white porcelain?

I am so excited for the mini blue & white cups. I have admired them on your tables for many years. These will be filled with dips, hummus, or jams & honey for brunch biscuits, and a few tucked away in my hostess drawer. Happy Entertaining to me!

It’s hard to pick a favorite from all the beautiful new things, but the large ginger jars are fabulous and would love to have a place for them.

Love it all, but I think the lotus flat jar is so charming and would beautiful with pink peonies nestled inside. 🙂

I absolutely love the double happiness vase! I would fill it with yellow forsythias and let spring fill the room.

Oh my goodness! Ask and you shall receive… I left a comment several weeks ago asking about the tall soldier vases and here they are! I placed my reservation this morning as I will not miss this opportunity again (like last time). They are magnificent! So looking forward to receiving them. Thank you for bringing them back.

The porcelain and ormolu jar from the Blue Tulips collection would find a very happy home nestled in with my other blue and white ginger jars and vases.

Dear Tina,
I love so many of these but I will pick the blue and white foo dogs. I would place them on by bookshelves.

The ivory chinoisserie garden seat! So gorgeous! I would love to see in my new bathroom or living. Just so beautiful!

I love almost everything; however, I would adore a pair of Item 6, the smaller jars! I would use them on a pair of brackets that I purchased from you a few years ago.

Everything is fabulous! I am ordering the small cups, but would love the 47” lidded pots- they are magnificent!

So many beautiful pieces! Once I saw the garden seat, #1, I knew that was my purchase! Between my 2 linen chairs is the perfect place to add this fabulous piece.

So many gorgeous pieces! I am a blue and white girl, but the green pieces are beautiful! I certainly can find a place in my house for a green jar!
Garden seats are stunning!

The songbird jar is my favorite item. It’s so lovely! I would put it next to the bookcase in my sunroom.

I especially love your new ‘Blue Tulip Collection’! The 18″ jar with bronze accents is absolutely stunning. Plus, I’ve always loved the three emperors and some day I will order them – glad to see them back.

I would love to get ready for spring by putting plants in the beautiful fishbowls on my porch!

I have been waiting for the lidded jar to come back into stock. It is my favorite! I found many other things in the sale that are tempting as well and will probably buy some of those little cups and a cylinder for utensils. Love everything about this sale!

Love the mini cups! So many uses. I would filled them with flowers at each place setting for my guests to take home. Fill them with tea bags, sugar cubes, etc. Question? If one was to purchase 10 do they have to be the same design?

I love the blue pierced scallop plates. I don’t need any more dishes but these would look great and liven up my blue rimmed dinner plates that I got as wedding gifts 33 years ago.

Scalloped plates or something I am coveting! They are so fresh and clean looking. I picture serving cake on them for a friends alfresco birthday party

The mini Blue/White Foo Dogs are my absolute FAV (item #13) – and they were my very 1st Purchase from TEH many years ago 🙂 Makes me break out into a grin every time I see them !!

OMG. Green and blue. My favorites. What not to love can think of so many people for gifts. After I treat my self. Needed the up lift. Thanks

My favorite today are the little blue/white cups! I will use them multiple ways inside and outside!

I would love to have No. 29 – the hexagonal planter – so that I could put it on my dining room table. It would look lovely as a vessel for a white orchid. Blue and white is always right!

Love everything, the dragon fish bowls would be gorgeous on a porch as a pair.

Item 31 .Stately large white pagoda.
Wonderful to enjoy indoors in the foyer or outdoors In a sheltered setting . Versatile!

Oh my gosh! My house is already filled with blue and white porcelain from Enchanted home. . However, I do see some jars that I don’t have yet. Hmmmm Everything is so beautiful! Love love it all!

Item 32 is my sweet choice of all!
Small size would fit in with any of my blue and white collections.
Love it so much and a pair of perfection💙

I love everything, but think I might have to order the blue and white cups, the small jar, and the mini foo dogs.

My favorite is the large green and white tulipiere. It is the perfect way to showcase our spring bouquets.

A bit obsessed with the garden seats! The blue hexagon or the chinoiserie ones! So chic.

Is it possible to say all of your beautiful items! Right now I’m looking for a large bowl and a large jar for my table.

I love the Lily of the Valley plates! Will pair nicely with my green cabbage ware…

Everything is beautiful and runs the gamut from very tall and stunning to small and cute. That said, I think my favorites are the small cups and small jar, never seen though sizes before. I also love the darker shade of green.
Christmas in April.

Ahhhh, I love everything. But if my budget could choose I would love the blue garden seat since I always wanted one.

The new porcelain jar is my favorite. It would look good anyplace but I will probably showcase it on my buffet. Everything is gorgeous.

I would love to have the spectacular 47” lidded jars and try to emulate John Singer Sergeant’s painting at the MFA, “The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit”!! Visions of grandeur for myself and your porcelains…
I’ll have to settle for the medium blue tulipierre, however. That’s been on my list for a number of years now.

Hi Tina,
My favorite item in this shipment is the large 47 inch porcelain jar. I would place one on each side of my fireplace mantle. Such a beautiful focal point.

I would take the beautiful fishbowl (item 25) and display it proudly on my porch with a shrub in it. 💙 SO STUNNING.

How does on pick just one favorite!
All beautiful💙 eny, miny, miney,moe I’ll go with tuliperie!

Tina- Your jumbo foo dog fish bowl is gorgeous and would look fantastic with a large floor plant in my sunroom.

They are all beautiful! I love all the blue and white ones. I just finished renovating my kitchen and am unpacking my Mom’s Blue Willow dinnerware to use. It was her favorite. #37 would be perfect for my utensils. The double happiness vase would be perfect on my table!

I would use this beautiful vase to add some lovely pink roses to my Spring table.

ALL the garden seats are my favorites. I have these in my bathrooms, the living room and a bedroom. So very versatile!!

This is one of your best presales to date. Difficult to choose.
I am ordering some of the beautiful smaller pieces to round out my collection of the larger porcelains I have purchased from you over the years.

All beautiful items! The green and white tulipieres are spectacular and would be so elegant on my Easter table with white or yellow tulips!

This is the posting that I have been waiting for a long time! Happy to see the dragon fishbowl making a comeback. I already have three and need one more!

Love #11, the fishbowl with the joyous birds fluttering on the delicate branches. Will look great in the living room holding a large plant. Actually, I love everything!

What stunning pieces! I love the green and white tulipier! And blue and white brings joy and day!

# 24, $135.00. #34, $75.00. #49 $65.00
2025 clubhouse road
Lakeland Florida 33813

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