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Hello and happy Saturday! You know,  when I started my business, I ran it more like someone who was in love with creating pretty things for myself that I couldn’t find and then in turn, created them for you! I didn’t approach it necessarily as a “businessperson” and got very very sidetracked with creating all kinds of things. From silver to gift wrap, porcelain to melamine, linens to wicker and pretty much everything in between. Yes, there were times it was sensation overload in the best possible way (still often is)

But fast forward a few years,  and we are bursting at the seams in our warehouse of almost 15,000 sq feet and finally I was sat down and had to learn that I can’t have it all:) It was the recommendation of someone who knows the biz that I have been consulting with,  that I scale back on categories and go more “narrow and deep” as its  known in this business. In other words focus on the categories that landed us on the map, like porcelains, chin tole, tabletop and wicker.

And to  regretfully (and tearfully for me) phase out of all the “fluff” in between. Linens and then silver were the first casualties. We had aisles and aisles of silver and now are down to one single aisle (though we may bring back a small curated collection for fall/winter of our best sellers) and as of yesterday all silver is now 40% off (details on bottom) As far as the linens-  we had dozens of shelves of beautiful linens and its now reduced to one small shelf of what little is left. It was/is  like saying goodbye to a great friend, but I know these are the right decisions. When you create from the heart, it makes it a little harder to say goodbye:)

And now, one more casualty is on the way out, my beloved giftwrap. I created the gift wrap because I love wrapping gifts and was often so underwhelmed by the gift wrap options out there. I wanted beautiful papers, chinoiserie, blue and white, flowers,…etc…and that’s what I created! It was a big hit.

Over the years however, giftware fell to the wayside as we  focused more on the crux of our business (porcelain, chinoiserie, wicker, etc…) and gift wrap was somewhat put in the corner.  Those who bought it were almost always repeat customers as its that good but many don’t even know we have gift wrap! And truth is I know that the gift wrap wold have been wildly popular had that been our only business but its gotten lost in a sea of many other categories.

So its with great sadness that we are discontinuing our gift wrap. Not to say it will never come back again in some shape or form but for the foreseeable future, we are not going to continue on with the gift wrap. When we order  a pattern, we have to order over 3,o00 rolls of EACH PATTERN. That’s a lot of gift wrap!  The minimums are HUGE.

So, we have a good selection left of our every day papers as well as some incredible holiday patterns. Many are reversible which makes these unique and I always said as pretty to open as they are to receive! These are super high quality and truly the prettiest papers I have seen out there.

Let’s go down memory lane and take a look at some of our beautifully wrapped gifts…….








I can just about guarantee your gift will be the prettiest  gift in the room! So today through Tuesday, all gift wrap is 40% off. GREAT time to stock up on every day patterns and of course holiday!!

Spend $100 (before discount) and receive 2 free rolls. Click here to see the giftwrap collection

Also as of yesterday all silver is now 40% off, what remans,

click here for silver collection (code- silver)


One lucky winner will win 6 assorted rolls of our amazing gift wrap to see just how great it really is! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite patterns once you take a look at the collection and we will announce a winner on Wednesday!

I promise you will be thrilled with these gorgeous gift wrap papers, your gifts will be the prettiest in town. I have a nice healthy stash for myself to insure I have plenty set aside to guarantee a lifetime of pretty and exceptional gift giving!

I didn’t want this to be just s sale I wanted to give this gift wrap collection its final goodbye with an explanation and a proper farewell!  Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day and wonderful weekend.

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Seriously, I cannot choose a favorite. Each one is a unique look and they are of the highest quality I would love to recipe a gift packaged in such beauty!

Presentation is everything!
Your gift wrap is perfect for that special gift for a special person!
Thank you for your creativity and inspiration!

So sad to see it go….I ordered the pale blue and ivory chinoiserie in the Fall and they are beautiful!!!!!

Will be ordering more:)

The navy ginger jar/trellis paper is probably my favorite, but they are all so lovely! Gorgeous wrapping makes any gift even more special!

Oh, I am so sad about the gift wrap!!! My absolute all time favorite is the blue/green reversible with blue lattice! I loved the satin ribbon too! Where can I get the coordinating ribbon now to adorn my jars, etc? I understand your reason for was fun while it lasted. Good luck with this cleansing and simplifying process. You’ll feel better when it’s over.

Very difficult to choose favorite but the citrus and boxwood topiary are just wonderful fresh and elegant – wonderful for garden party gifts and the gold chinoiserie perfect for everything!

Hi Tina, all the giftwrap is so elegant but I really like the topiaries with the oranges. Just beautiful!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

i constantly bemoan the lack of gift wrapping these days…the overwhelming number of gifts hurriedly tossed into a used bag of wrinkled tissue paper is a let down. A beautifully wrapped gift is an outward expression of the thought and care the giver has for the recipient, as well as a nod to beauty . A beautifully wrapped gift also incites a sense of anticipation for the surprise hidden within. This is why i simply adore ALL your gorgeous papers and find it hard to even pick a favorite but i have to say, i am crushing on chinoiserie these days. The soft colors (blue!!!) and delicate print of the chinoiserie paper makes my heart sing.


Dear Tina, I am so sad to see that the beautiful gift wrap is being discontinued. We have used your gift wrap for many clients as well as for family presents. We totally understand your decision to discontinue, maybe you need a little bigger warehouse ;-), j/k. Thank you for providing this wonderful gift wrap and ribbons over the years, they will surely be missed!

The topiaries —no matter what goes inside —the recipient is given two gifts: the wrapping paper and the gift itself! How very fabulous.

Tina, your touching goodbye is my appreciated hello to the prettiest gift wrap that I have ever seen My favorites are Carolyne Roehm “Lily of the Valley “ and the green and gold Chinoiserie. I look forward to receiving my order . Thank you .

Sad to see the gift wrap go. I have used your gift wrap on presents to family and friends. The first thing they say is “Enchanted Home”. They don’t even care if the box is empty! My favorite is the lemon topiaries.

Love all of the gift wrap and especiallylike the way you tie your bows. (Mine never look like that!) My favorite would be the blue & white planters with green boxwoods.

The navy ginger jar/trellis is a favorite. I even decoupaged it onto various items so it has some permanence💙

I love the pink and blue pattern but it is all fabulous you can’t find it anywhere else

I can see why you are sad to let them go; they are such a wonderful representation of your lovely taste and therefore hard to pick a favorite. In a pinch, I’d have to say my 2 favorites are the lemon trees in ginger jars and the double topiary. They are so perfect with the moss velvet ribbon.

Your gift wrap was amazing! I have followed you since the beginning and have enjoyed seeing you add things here and there. I am of course a lover of blue and white and the topiary in blue and white pots is my favorite but they are all beautiful. Good for you for streamlining your business model. Only makes sense to me so happy moving on 🙂

So hard to pick just one, but l really do like the the orange topiaries! All of them are beautiful!

They are all gorgeous, but my favorite is the pale blue chinoiserie with gold. It looks like a painting!

All of the paper patterns were gorgeous in their own way. The quality is outstanding. I hope you’re able to bring them back some day. I always got a nice compliment on any gift received if it was wrapped in one of your papers. Best to you going forward!.

Topiary in any form is always a good thing. The topiary gift wrap is really pretty!

Too much beauty!
That is why I love purchasing from The Enchanted.
I have loved following ALL of “your own ideas” that you have presented to your followers. Thanks for the memories!

Your gift wrap collection so eye-catchingly beautiful. You have something appropriate for every occasion, anytime of the year. Take pride in what you created and what so many of us have enjoyed. Thank you!!

I meant to mention in my above comment that I am a Lily of the Valley girl. Those bags are beyond beauty!

This must feel like sending another child off to college! It was wonderful journey but time to let go for now. I too am a blue and white fan, so I guess my favorite would be the lemon topiary trees in the blue and white pots. I hope this gives you a little more time and space as you carry on with this exceptional adventure.

I LOVE to wrap gifts and your paper selection make it even more special! The receiptents are always surprised and thrilled to receive their lovely packages.

Trellis tissue is perfection! This gift wrap also makes perfect drawer liners. It’s so well made!

I have used the holiday gift paper for years and especially love the nutcrackers, but what I will miss the most is the quality of the paper.
It is impossible to find such heavy duty, beautiful gift paper anywhere else.

I adored your gift wrap. My favorite is the boxwood topiary! I made our XMAS so special to have them under the tree. I even gave your gift wrap as birthday presents. HA

So very sad to lose the option of buying your beautiful paper. Your choices made gift giving very special for gift givers recipients.

The lily of the valley is my favorite pattern because it’s so rare to find on the market, and C.R.’s design if exquisite!💙

What a wonderful opportunity to acquire some of this amazing gift wrap! I can’t wait to have fun creating and presenting beautiful packages for my upcoming gift giving.

The papers are so elegant, and I loved the matching tissue… especially the lily of the valley! So perfect for a May birthday!

My favorite is the Ginger jar trellis (green) reversible gift wrap. And the fact that it is reversible makes it even better!

My heart is pierced ,along with yours, as yours is THE most beautiful gift wrap I’ve ever seen, ordered and gifted to many!
My favorite is the double sided pink with tulips and peonies in the blue & white containers 💕

They are so so lovely! So sad to see them go, but hard decisions sometimes must be made. Thank you for making things beautiful for us to enjoy!

I’ve always enjoyed your posts with all.the.papers and bows. The creativity for all seasons is unmatched!

I love the lilly of the Valley and the topiary tree wrap. Both so pretty for any occasion.

Chinoiserie! I purchased back at the holidays and have used it for everything from shower to birthday gifts…a classic!

The Lily of the valley paper is so spectacular and probably my favorite. That said it is very very difficult to choose only one since they are all show stoppers! Sad to say good bye to them!

Oh my when I started to read this today I thought you were phasing out your business. My heart was beating faster and faster. I don’t care if you have to make good business decisions and phase out things from time to time. Just you better never phase out or I would just die!!! LOL From one lover of all things Blue and White to another…..Thank you for bringing us such beautiful things to buy for our homes. XO

The gift wrap is all so beautiful, but since I’m supposed to pick just one, I’ve got to choose the mossy green with the ginger jars. It is so very pretty.

Love, love your gift wrap! I adore the topiary as well as the green and pink which is so appropriate for Florida. Thank you for making the best on the market and for the years of enjoyment.

All so beautiful and I have admired all the paper designs for many years. And that simple but elegant velvet bow just elevated the style so well.

Too bad you don’t know someone who would like to take over the gift wrap business. My favorite pattern is citrus boxwood. Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms

Truly beautiful gift wrap! Especially love the chinoiserie and that delicate lily of the valley.

It’s all beautiful and I’ve used many of the patterns over the years. Love the blue and white trellis. And the topiary boxwood balls with lemons.

So the next time you find yourself with a gift to give, take a moment to consider the wrapping. See it not just as a means of concealing the gift, but as an opportunity to create a moment of magic, a memory to be cherished for years to come. For in the art of gift wrapping, we find not just an act of generosity, but a celebration of the beauty and wonder of human connection.

Tina, you should turn those giftwrap designs into a wallpaper collection! They would be gorgeous.

I know whenever I wrap a present for a gift exchange or Secret Santa, my present always is picked first when it is wrapped in your gorgeous paper.

I like the Christmas papers. But all of your designs are beautiful. I think if I saw them all in one space I would feel like a kid in a candy shop. I would have a hard time choosing just one.

I am heartbroken about not being able to order my favorite wrapping paper. I love them all, however, the Citrus Topiary Reversible paper has always held a special place in my heart. The name of my historic home is the Boxwood Cottage and the Topiary Paper is perfect under the Christmas tree. I love to use blue or green velvet ribbon and blue or green satin ribbon with it. I also love the Green and Blue Nutcracker. I love to use my French Blue and White Pug Paper mixed with it. What will Christmas be without the Enchanted Home Wrapping Paper? Well, thank goodness my tree is filled with your ornaments. Thank you for making our world a more beautiful, joyful, and happy place.

This is such a heartfelt post…and what makes you truly special and EH a unique destination for all things beautiful & sensory, not only for our homes, but for ourselves. I will always remember the gift wrap, as it is/ was the BEST I have ever seen, as I too love to wrap gifts, as part of the gift giving experience, the wrap is so very important. Thank you for taking the time to share this archive.
And for all the love & detail you put into EH for us all to enjoy! The experience of shopping on EH is amazing!!!!

Anything with the logo “ enchanted home”, mainly because it evokes an ahhhh moment of beauty being completed. All beautiful, just beautiful.

I have to say, these are the most beautiful wrapping papers I’ve ever seen. I love the lemon tree and orange tree topiaries and the Christmas patterns take my breath away. Don’t they all just make for such stylish presents. Anyone who receives a gift wrapped in these lovelies is sure to be the luckiest.

Choosing my favorite gift wrap is like choosing your favorite child. Impossible! But in having to step back and analyze the most versatile for the most occasions and people, I would have to Chinoisere all the way!

I love the double-sided gift wrap, particularly the one with the green and pink lattice.

Your gift wrapping papers are beautiful, heavy and durable. I just love the selections!

I love the gift wrap and bags! I get compliments on my gifts as the wrapping is so beautiful.

I’ve always loved your gift wrap patterns but I am especially partial to the blue and white. They are all unique and beautiful. Sad to see them go! I have used your gift wrap and everyone always loves the paper. They will be sorely missed!

Hate to see such a beautiful line go. The Citrus reversible collection is my favorite and I actually like the reverse sides the best. Have you thought about finding a friend or friend/vendor to take up the line? It just seems there needs to be a future for your beautiful creations. Businesses have to stay focused so your direction makes much sense, but maybe someone else could keep your creation going.

My favorite is the Lily of the Valley patterns. Lily of the Valley is not a pattern that you come across very often in wrapping paper, which makes it even more special. (And it’s one of my most favorite little flowers, not only for the incredible scent, but also the sweet little bells!)

Your wrappings are beautiful and even evoke special memories. One such being “lily of the Valley”.
This paper takes me back to my childhood. Our garden was a small wooden copse filled with lily of the valley and those small delicate white blooms are a part of my childhood memories. When I wrap a gift in this elegant paper, I feel as if I am sharing a bit of myself with the recipient.

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