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Hi there and Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you are enjoying a great weekend! Yesterday, we started off with some pickle ball then had afternoon cocktails with a group of friends and then dinner. Today more of the same, dinner by the water with a few other couples. Tomorrow, the weather looks like a washout so boating plans have now changed to indoor dinner plans with friends. We were hoping to have made it to PB for Memorial Day but it didn’t work out. Hopefully soon!

Remembering all the fallen heroes on this Memorial Day, their sacrifices have afforded us our freedoms and I am forever grateful for their service. With all the changes in schools these days. I do hope they are still teaching young kids the meaning of these holidays. Certainly, nothing politically incorrect about that!



1 BLUE AND WHITE FISHBOWLS I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love blue and white fishbowls! I have brought a few home and have started to fit them up. I am thinking of putting some around the pool as I love blue and white next to a pool. Meanwhile here is what’s happening so far. Stay tuned for a big Memorial Day one day sale tomorrow, if you have had your eyes on on. Click here to see our fishbowls

2 SIGNS OF SUMMER Signs of summer are all around from so much coming in to bloom, to non stop chirping of birds, boating, outdoor dining, peony seasons, its all so good, and to be enjoyed since its such a short season!


Best of summer:)

Our little beach

Lots more where these came from:)


And of course a plethora of amazingly fresh produce….definitely a highlight of the season for me!

This garden is getting some TLC this week and we will start planting everything by next weekend!

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Such a gorgeous round up,  just a bit of this and a little of that, that caught my eye:)


4 CHICKEN PAILLARD This is one of my favorites, and its quite easy. To me, the key is getting the chicken  really thin but making sure it is moist and flavorful. And of course the freshest ripest ingredients are an absolute most for maximum flavor! I love it paired with arugula, super ripe tomatoes fresh lemon and Parmigiano flakes. I will also use avocado which works really well too. Heres how I make mine, a very simple but flavorful version.


  • 1-2 lbs of chicken breast ( I  cut them in half lengthwise ) then pound the heck out of them, I like them really thin
  • Fresh lemon
  • 4 cloves of garlic thinly sliced
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and pepper
  • Baby arugula or Bibb lettuce
  • 1 pint really ripe tomatoes
  • Avocado (chopped and optional)
  • 1/2 cup shaved Parmigiano flakes

In a sauteè pan, I heat up olive oil with the slivered garlic and cook until nearly brown. Then I add the chicken and cook on both sides no more than about 3-4 minutes OR if its grilling season you can throw them on the grill.  I will put a little of the olive oil and garlic on top. as its cooking. Meanwhile have your arugula, tomatoes and parmigiana in a bowl mixed with a dash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I will often add avocado when I have them. As soon as the chicken is removed from the sauteè pan, plate the chicken with a generous topping of the arugula salad. I add a pinch more of the Parmigiana flakes or grated (because you can never have too much) and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Yum!


Sometimes I will do a heavier ratio of tomatoes and arugula, in the case below it was more about the avocado (I had so many on hand and wanted to use them)!

Another day where it was more “tomato heavy”, when they are ripe in the middle of summer, I can’t get enough!

5 HONOR OUR FALLEN HEROES Sometimes, as Americans we get caught up in the finest of the holidays and forget to take pause as to what we are really celebrating or remembering. And tomorrow it will be about the fallen heroes, those whose lives were lost in serving our country. Perhaps the most noble job of all. I thank them (and their families) for the tremendous sacrifice made to honor our great country. I found this video and thought it was beautifully done.


6 A FABULOUS CHIPPENDALE INSPIRED COCKTAIL TABLE!  Say hello to our newest masterpiece (in my opinion)! So in love with this new cocktail table that I designed. This is the sample, we will start with 2 colors and a wicker version. Stay tuned!!!!!!! Cannot wait to offer this sooner than you think:)

If you love this table like I do, would love to hear the 2 or 3 colors you would most like to see it in (I love this blue and black:)

Here it is a high gloss black


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY So as most of you know we are discontinuing our massive silver collection. It was very hard to say goodbye and we still do have some stock of limited pieces (all currently 40% off). I guess I never realized how much people loved it until I announced we are phasing out of it. Now I get emails almost daily about it! It does tend to be a bit more seasonal, really popular staring in Sept through the holidays.

My thought was to either bring back a small curated collection late summer OR offer a presale on items so there would be many choices, people can order what they want, lock in special pricing and ge their silver order 4 weeks later. Would love to know your opinion (if you are a silver lover or just want to weight in) as to which route you think might be best.



 Code- memorial

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And that is a wrap for this Sunday, Memorial Day weekend. Hope you enjoyed the post and mostly, hope you are having a wonderful and fun, safe holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping by, until next time….

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Happy Memorial Day. Thank You to All that served our Country and saved our Nation 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙

I voted for a small curated silver collection but, on second thought, you are known for your blue & white collections. I suggest you stick with those. We can never get enough pieces!

I have loved seeing your silver collection, but I see very few young people buying silver these days! My friends and I are in our sixties and seventies and we use silver. My daughters are in their fifties and use their silver rarely! They do use their flatware on special occasions. The upkeep is very daunting, and many young people are much more casual these days. I am in the South, so there is a little more formality here, However, things are still much more causal now! I love all of your other items! I use blue and white to serve because it only requires washing!

HI Tina,
I love the Chippendale table!
I’d love to see a very narrow console one day, too. And/or a dining room serving sideboard.
As for color, I love the black. Would also personally love to see a rubbed mahogany with a gold or Chinese red undercoat.
And a Chinese red lacquer. Maybe a pale blue….
Brilliant idea to introduce one…Love everything Chippendale!
PS, Thanks for the virtual tour of Amsterdam during tulip season…
What a gift to all of us!
Have a lovely holiday weekend.

The cocktail tables are divine in the blue & black. I think possibly a white might be ideal in a lot of homes ? In that particular design white could be used in a very casual setting.

The Memorial Day clip was a great reminder to all why we have a day off. Truly, let’s NOT forget! My father, brother, husband, uncles and friends have served in the military. President Reagan’s speech was excellent!

Would you ever consider doing wicker tray/TV tables? Kathy Hilton has reignited interest in this once popular mid-century item. They would be lovely at a coastal home when you’re having a buffet, or just dinner for two around the TV on a cozy evening..

Oh love those blue and white fish bowls. Your collection is just beautiful!

in LOVE with the cocktail table and think it looks beautiful in both colors shown I could also see it in white or even a Chinese red could be stunning.

I personally like having silver pieces. I think they’re so classic. I am 44 but I’ve noticed that most of my friends do not purchase silver so for whatever that’s worth. One of my friends, was complementing me on some of my trays to which I got from you, but said that she does not want any upkeep and I think that’s not uncommon with the younger generation.

Have a nice holiday weekend!

Hi Tina,

I think the Chippendale table in a pale green would be pretty too. Anything blue and white goes beautifully with this color! Also, you might want to consider two sizes, like the rattan console tables. Maybe 40-42” and a longer one. The height should be around 32”. Thank you for constantly coming up with great new pieces! Cathy

The new coffee tables are wonderful! Black is a must, have you thought of offering it in a true Chinese red or ‘Hermes’ burnt orange?

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