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Hi there, so first a little explanation-  since you likely got 2 or 3 emails from us in one day! IF you get this mailing today at 7am EST that’s a great sign that we are back up and on schedule! Our mail service, Mailchimp which runs like a well oiled machine had a big glitch this week which you probably noticed.  They are responsible for getting our posts out weekly and do a great job. So when I got a bunch of emails asking what happened to Seven on Sunday, it alerted me to the fact that they did not get it out.

Then our pillow post did not go out either and we had to send it another way. We have been troubleshooting the last few days and thankfully, it seems to be back up and running. Hence why you got a pillow post that was supposed to post on MONDAY:( And why you never saw my Seven on Sunday. I will repost the Sunday post this Sunday. Technology…can’t live with it and can’t live without it.

But today’s post is about a new idea for a post-  I will be posting once every three weeks or so, to take your questions and answer them on the same page.

I gets tons of emails and lots of questions. I really do my best to answer them but sometimes things fall between the cracks and I fall behind. I think this format which will allow you to answer you question in the comments section and me sharing my responses in the same area will allow others to see the questions and replies as well. It is possible it may have been a question you wanted to ask so this way everyone can see it. It can be pretty much about anything, home, design, my blog, my shop, renovation, Palmetto Bluff whatever……

So if you have a question please ask it in the comments area and I will jump on and respond later today.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day and end to your week! Thanks for stopping in, until next time…….


PS Today is a really fabulous deal of the day at nearly 50% off! First time ever, our trio of wicker ginger jars is $185.00!

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How do you manage your luxe life;flourishing business;constant creativity;giving an impromptu (?) rushed wedding; moving homes and building/reconstructing new home; hosting garden tours….whew! I have to stop as I am exhausted and you are amazing

Good morning! Yes, I received this post around 7 this morning. A few times in the past I did not receive Seven on Sunday. When that happens, I google The Enchanted Home and I am able to see it on your website. So need my Seven on Sunday fix!

SO relieved it is back up and running! But, yes we are always “googleable” (yes I made up that word)

when will you bring back an article on your favorite things such as
make-up, nail polish face cream?

I do occasionally do the posts called Beauty Files, where I feature new products that I am really liking. Incidentally i do have some new products that I am enjoying so you can be on the lookout for a post soon (within next 2 weeks) Glad you are enjoying them!

Hi Tina
I am looking for a recipe you shared years ago that was s pasta dish, You mentioned it was one of your husband’s favorite. Some of the ingredients were garlic, cherry tomatoes, Heavy cream and fresh spinach and the pasta of course. I can’t seem to find it in my collection of recipes.
If you would repost I would really appreciate it. It was delicious.
Teresa Bishop

Yes, to the previous post. You are AMAZING with all you do! Please share with the rest of us what vitamins and supplements you take. I sure would like a little of your energy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with a little down time included.

Ha! Thank you, I am pretty high energy but I do crash and burn too and when I do, I give in to it and take rest. I am bad, I don’t really take vitamins,I know I know..not good.
What I did start taking about 2 months ago are Chondroitin Gluclosamine for joints and general well being (thanks to my dad) not sure if its my imagination but I really do feel better, adn fel like my joints/muscles do not tighten up as they used to. I have really noticed it when I play pickleball. Highly recommend! Key is taking it EVERY DAY.The other thing I take as a preventative, (again my dads suggestion) is A Red a great eye vitamin and something effective in present macular degeneration…its never too early to be preventative.

I have also really changed my diet to eating heavy protein, fruits, vegetable, staying away from processed foods adn yes, my beloved bread. Though truth is i do believe in balance and iF I am out to dinner and craving something, I will have it in moderation.I do think with this change, I have felt more energetic/lighter and of course an added benefit shedding some pounds!

All that said, I LOVE and crave my down time more than ever!!

I would like to know your secret question #1 asked!! You amaze me with the energy you have to manage all you do!! I’m exhausted just reading about it!!

Thank you, i am pretty high energy (always have been) but have my slower days too. I do love my down time, must admit. Owing a business and creating around the clock certainly keeps me on my toes though I am aiming for more balance in my life (a little less work and more time to enjoy the things I love)

My question is kind of random and detailed, but…..Since I often try to do a little planning and some ordering in July for Christmas, (Christmas in July!😂) I’d love some information on the red bows you put on your trees at Christmas. I think the ribbon was trimmed with silver or gold…


I actually bought those from a local shop, I went back for more and then didn’t have any. They looked great but were pretty generic,I feel like you could find them on Amazon. They were red velvet with gold trim, good luck! You can never plan too soon!

Mine is a very simple question:
I own a pair of your beautiful+ magnificent-looking blue/white tulipieres.
What do you use to keep the pieces together so that they don’t fall?
I’d like something temporary but sturdy, so that I can be flexible and re-combine them for different uses.
Thank you, Tina, for all you do…
This is a great idea!

Hi so there is a great product that is called mausoleum wax or museum putty (can buy on amazon or a hobby store) its a putty type product that temporarily adheres pieces together. a lot of our event planners/wedding planners use this for extra security. This is also a great product to have one hand for other things too. Once filled with water, they also stay quite sturdy. Hope this helps.

What happened to your horse
named Duke?
I need to send you a photo of some
dishes I purchased from you that
go beautifully with my Limoges!
Love your site. May God bless you!

Dear Tina,
I love your products, your website and the warm, friendly way in which you share thoughts and ideas on make up, decorating, floral arranging, etc. and reading your blog on Sunday is something I look forward to each Sunday morning with my coffee. I also love your recipes. Have you thought about putting them in a cookbook or even an ecookbook so we could simply look at an online index and then print off the recipe we would like to prepare. I sure hope so….i know it would be a huge hit! Warmest wishes to you!

I haven’t received any of your Blog postings, emails, etc since before Thanksgiving. 2023. When an email was finally answered, it was implied that it was somehow my fault that the emails stopped abruptly. I was told to put my email into the ‘Subscribe’ box, did so on more than one occasion, and the auto response is that I am already subscribed! Yet, no emails from TEH.
Shall I finally give up on TEH?

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