It’s All Set- April

Hello my friends, been having a beautiful string of weather here. I feel a definite pep in my step with spring here though we are due to get a succession of rainy days.  A few announcements before we start-

Thanks to all for your input on my shutter paint selection. I have it narrowed down but in the. meantime have also found one more color I am thinking could be “the one”! I will share on Sunday once the decision is made.

I know about 30% of you are not getting my emails via subscription, so sorry! We are aware of it and the newly revised site is very close to happening, once that does this subscription problem will also be corrected once and for all!

Last the porcelain container has arrived to the port! We hope to have it in our warehouse no later than Thurs or Friday. We will start getting orders out immediately upon arrival….so hang tight, if you have an order it will soon be on it’s way!

So happy to be here today with another edition of It’s All Set, a monthly group I am a part of where a group of talented tastemakers  come together to showcase a tablescape they have worked on. Let’s face it doing this is always fun and a great excuse to put something pretty together, kind of like an adults version of “dress up” 🙂

Today’s post was  based upon my Easter brunch table. Let’s call this the Easter table with nine lives as things changed and changed again. Life,  right?  A last minute change meant going from a bigger table for several to a smaller table for four. I quickly reassessed and went to work. I take a layering approach when I work on a table setting, and continue to edit until I get it right. I love the way this table came out, it just felt very springy and Easter like with a touch of elegant whimsy. Take a look-

My Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf service is always a great starting point as are beautiful hydrangeas-

I had little time and could not find blue/purple stemmed hydrangeas so bought a potted hydrangea plant for $16 and cut them them as stems, got about 9 flowers out of it! Thanks Whole Foods:)

Got my trusty little planter ready and went to work

And my table…..before anyone gets all heated over the wrinkled tablecloth, have no fear I used a little portable steamer and it worked like magic:)

Also added a little Easter cheer to a nearby hall chest

Does it sound crazy to say I was most excited over my moss eggs? LOL they were such an unexpected and wonderful find,I love them. And since having little ones to dye Easter eggs is a closed chapter this is the next best thing.

You will most certainly want to visit all of the other talented bloggers to see what they came up with…always a worthwhile click!


Silver flatware and silver bowl- antique

 China- Mottahedeh “Tobacco Leaf”

Chargers- Juliska

Monogrammed napkins and blue and white porcelains- My shop

Glasses- Anthropologie

Blue and white bunnies- have owned a while

Small etched mint juleps- My shop

Mossy green eggs- Target (go quick you can still get them for next year)!

Fresh hydrangeas- Whole Foods

Linen tablecloth- had it made years ago

It's All Set logo


Spring Table | Pretty Pastels for a Sweet Occasion |


spring garden table shabbyfufublog-2



The Enchanted Home

The Enchanted Home

Town and Country Living


Thank you everyone for stopping by. Wishing all of you a fantastic day and hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Here spring is alive and well! Until next time…..

LAST DAY of the magnificent lamp flash sale. Click here to see-





A very special birthday luncheon…

Good Tuesday morning to you,  I first want to announce the name of the winner of the beautiful silver pitcher. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at to claim your prize.


So a few weeks ago I hosted a very special birthday luncheon for a dear and special friend. I wanted to create a pretty summery vibe, to take advantage of the last few summer days.  I decided that I  would let the gorgeous rich purple hydrangeas that I found in the flower market be my starting point. Go figure…I never have liked purple but when paired with blue and white, it is without question a winning combination!

So then the ideas started coming together. I really wanted to have my beautiful Bali Hai fabric from Quadrille made into a tablecloth but there was not time so I managed to make it work (as long as you weren’t looking too closely) LOL. This is very “me”. I get an idea in my head and will not budge so seams, cutting the fabric on the spot and all….I made it work:)

I decided to divide this into two posts, one on the meal and prep plus a few recipes I think you will want to have.  But today is all about the fluff…that would be the pretty table:)

I took some pictures with my Nikon and included those at the bottom, so here is how it all went down-



You know all great get togethers start with beautiful flowers right? In this case, these purple beauties caught my eye and were the starting point for a rich vibrant summer table.


img_9733 img_9734 img_9735

And soon enough after fresh cuts and putting them in very hot water (a secret to them lasting longer) I made this pretty centerpiece arrangements and started putting all the other elements together

uadsfa3nnamed unnaafdsfdasmed

And then I made more smaller arrangements and added little clusters to mini mint juelps which were the take home party favor

unnamdfs35ed unnafdas3aamed

Onto to the covered patio where I decided to set up the luncheon table, important to take advantage of the great weather while we have it! When I am planning anything small or big, I always start with some kind of color scheme.

No surprise blue and white was a big part of this. I was “trying out” different tablecloths to use underneath my make shift topper.


The not so glamorous side to setting things up, yes that is a hole in the middle of the tablecloth, glad it was going to be hidden:)


It was tricky trying to using the fabric as a topper but I managed somehow someway..perseverance is my middle name:)



Adding the flowers is starting to make it all  happen:)



Well, well well look who decided to show up and help out, my assistant aka the canine cleaner (he eats everything that drops:)


Have a few 6 foot folding tables on hand which come in handy, I like to use them for serving food


Love using blue and white planters as beverage holders!

uncv3named unnamemnd

Fluffed up the pillows outside and added some fresh flowers



One of my dishes was this super yummy baby arugula and artichoke salad



Tah dah! It’s all set and exactly as I had hoped!


And here are the pictures taken with my good camera, the Nikon, definitely great for close up shots as it really picks up the details-







Since I often get emails when I do these types of posts about sources of things here is a rundown-

Blue and white china- Blue Willow

Chargers and bamboo flatware- Juliska

All porcelains- from my shop

Fabric on table- Bali Hai by Quadrille

Monogrammed napkins and silver mint juleps – my shop

All blue and white pillows- Studio Tullia



So there you have the recap on this fun day… was honestly a labor of love. We were blessed with a gorgeous day and being surrounded by dear friends who are like sisters made me feel like the lucky one.

I will be back on Thursday with part 2 which will feature the food, recipes and entertaining ideas! Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.


Don’t forget-


It’s time for the Enchanted Fall Love contest! As the temps start to drop and the leaves begin to fall, capture those special moments that best capture the essence of autumn!

Whether its your decorated pumpkins, flower arrangements, front door fallscape,your darling kids playing in fall leaves,  whatever…as long as it has to do with fall and you think it’s a winning shot, plesae send it in!

  • There is a cap of 70 pictures, so once 70 are received the contest is closed.
  • Accepting submissions as of today through Oct. 19th
  • Up to 2 pictures per person (please be sure they are not copied from internet and not of same exact thing)
  • Please email your winning shot(s) to and on subject line put “Enchanted Fall Love” or “contest” (get lots of email so need to separate those)
  • You will get an acknowledgement email stating that we have received your pictures
  • The winner will win one of these amazing statuary fiberglass pumpkins in their color choice-


largdsdse lfdasfdasarge

PPS If you missed Seven on Sunday click here









This is for serious flower lovers only-part 2

Hi there friends, now this is the fun part. I got to come home with all of my beautiful flowers from the NY flower market and play, and play I did! If you missed part 1 click here. I had such an amazing time at the NY flower market…I would choose to go there over visiting a  jewelry store any day. What can I say….my husband got lucky:) I am sure I will be going back sooner than later as flowers just make me happy.

Getting to play with all these flowers  makes me want to either become a florist or more realistically plan a party or luncheon, maybe when life “slows down” if that ever happens.  So take a look at the “playing” I did with my flowers, had such fun……can you tell?  I used my Nikon aka the big gun for all of these pictures to be sure the beauty of the flowers was given proper attention! And here we go……


My first arrangement involved blue and white china from Juliska (plus Blue Willow plates) , my own monogrammed napkins and a mix of roses and tulips in one of my blue and whites (the table cloth was from something I have had). I just love this play on colors, so fresh and springy-

inzzwdex inde8uux inbvcdex inde7565x

Then I experimented with tulips in a larger vase…..

inddf34ex ins33ssdex


And then went elsewhere….

DSC_0690_2 DSC_0689 DSC_0688 DSC_0687 DSC_0686_2 DSC_0685

And then moved onto  an all white grouping….

DSC_0705 DSC_0706

indef3x ind1211ex DSC_0707

And tried them on my mantle….

DSC_0710 DSC_0712 DSC_0713

inddsdsex inxcxdex indenbbx


This picture above almost looks like an oil painting, would like to think its my amazing photography skills but all the credit goes to the “subject”

indexcxcx indvccex

Another variation on my mantle

inwqwqdex i1qqndex indefdcx 343index



Think I went to  flower heaven? Oh yes I did……and most of them are still going strong. Credit to the quality and freshness of the flowers bought at the market vs. a local market or florist…..they tend to last markedly longer which is very interesting.

Here are a few things I learned/tips-

  • Don’t be shy to ask questions when at a flower market, this is all about educating yourself and learning as much as you can and that includes asking about which flowers just came in and are freshest
  • In the flower market it’s totally fine to eavesdrop and get some “insider” secrets:)
  • The tulips from Associated Cut Flowers are really exceptional not in only how beautiful they are but how long they last, amazing selection too
  • You can bargain at the flower market particularly with flowers that only have a few days left
  • I have fallen in love with ranucuulus they have lasted so long and look  like a cross between a peony and luscious rose….so much bang for the buck (case in point these below are 7 days old)!


  • It is wise to cut stems every few days and replace with cold clean water
  • I leave my flowers outside at night as long as it doesn’t dip  below 50, they love cool dry air *just like the fridges at the florist*
  • There is no right or wrong with flower arranging (in my opinion), it’s a  personal form of expression, just have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • I like the droopiness of tulips and when they take their own direction but if you like erect straight tulips, supposedly dropping copper pennies into the bottom of the vase will do the trick, these beauties are 7 days old!


  • MOST IMPORTANT- Take it from me- don’t think you need an event, party or excuse to buy flowers…buy them just because life is short and you are worth it:)


So that’s a recap on my second trip to the flower market of course doing “official business” 🙂 At least that’s what I tell my husband lol. The energy and inspiration from just being there is somewhat indescribable…… yes it’s that much fun! Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a great rest of the week and a wonderful evening, the weather is so spectacular, we waited a long long time for this. Until next time…..


PS A few more days to throw your name in the hat for the silver giveaway and the silver promo ends tonight, some great buys! Click here


Random musings as seen through my iphone….

Hello there! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start. Here temps were creeping up and I was loving the 60 degree days, but now its plunged into the 40’s and its back to wearing my winter coat:(? A very busy but productive week so far getting much accomplished on many fronts. Had a stomach bug which threw me off but feeling better today so it’s full steam ahead.

As I periodically do, I share with you snippets of my week (only the good and pretty of course)! So here we go…….



A table set for two at dusk I know I know it looks so romantic but full disclosure….(reality is we sat at the kitchen island and ate Greek takeout)


And have been on a tablesetting binge lately….having fun!


These are scenes from the amazing Juliska warehouse sale (and yes did some damage added onto existing patterns) set for life now and a few shots from their beautiful flagship store~

ins2adex inddfdfex

insdsdsdex idffdfdndex

indewwqzx ind1qqqex in22adex indfccex

A friends beautiful dining room featuring two of my jars!


Scenes from NYC being out and about….

in9ikkdex in1azdex ind9ikex ia75ndex indef3x

If you have not seen Matilda…you must, it was fabulous!



Went to the new restaurant The National in Greenwich…loved the decor and colors-

indeffc3x in22xdex

Love the blue doors at Per Se in NYC…..perfect glossy blue! (thank goodness for stairs and escalators, this was doable)!



Spring is alive and well in my house!



Adorable Mr. Teddy ventured to the backyard on one of our balmy 60 degree days


Got in these gorgeous chinosierie tea cup pillows for a custom order, too bad they need to ship out!


So that is what’s new in my neck of the woods this past week. How about you? What’s new and exciting on your end? Has spring arrived yet? Hope the sun is shining and the birds are chirping wherever you might be. Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day,? until next time…..


Seven on Sunday

Hello and a happy Sunday to you. I want to first announce the winners of the two porcelain items from my recent post. Congratulations goes to-

#187 TRACY wins the planter

#96 ANDEE wins the foo dogs

Please contact me at to claim your prize and get these goodies on their way



Well a few firsts this week….I was able to fling open my windows to a rush of pre spring fresh air and our landscapers showed up to cut the grass yesterday! This means spring is really here:) The grass is not green nor are there any flowers but in my mind, spring is alive and well!

Had a busy but productive week, a bit of fun, some entertaining for an out of town relative and lots of work….but I love it so it doesn’t feel like work (well at least most of the time:) The porcelain presale had a tremendous response and though some items are sold out there are still some up for grabs (it ends tonight) so click here if you missed it.

For any Broadway enthusiast, if you haven’t seen Matilda you must. It was one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time, the talent was ridiculous and the stage sets beautiful and captivating. Been a little disappointed with a few other shows I saw so this one was a happy surprise. Relaxing weekend, went to a goodbye party for a friend moving to the west coast, had dinner with friends last night and looking forward to a relaxing day today!



1 FLOWER RUSH Caution- DO NOT read this if you are a floral fanatic:)? I always say I think I was a florist extraordinaire in my former life and I am not writing off being one in this life quite so fast either:) I LOVE flowers, they literally make my heart beat faster.

One look inside my home and it is clear, I have great faux but always have real flowers around the house as well especially spring and summer. They just? make me happy, and my husband better not complain because it could be jewelry:) Though I would be the poorest florist because I would work for free and take jobs just as an excuse to go buy more flowers, that’s how much I love them:)

So I am super excited to be going to the famous NYC wholesale flower district the week of March 21st with “an insider”.? I was there? years ago and remember even then being giddy over the abundance of beauty but my love and obsessions with beautiful flowers has grown tenfold since then.

The market starts early (5:30 am and normally wraps up by 10:30). I just don’t know however how I will be able to control myself and kind of feel like I should have been more strategic and planned something around what I know will be a flower binge, maybe they will last till Easter?? I mean don’t these pictures from the wholesale flower market get your heart racing……



IMG_0067 IMG_6045


2. SHERLE WAGNER. Been a long time fan of their exquisite and elegant offerings (with exquisite prices to match:) Their sinks are unmatched and their lines of wallpapers is pretty darn gorgeous too. Feast your eyes on these beauties….click here to learn more about the wonderful world of Sherle Wagner


0211PED-HNOX UE15-107A-WH OE3-66DL-WH UE15-60BL-WH UE15-18BL-WH

WL-107A WL-66DL WLCH-60BK WL-109W

3. Instagrams of Interest. More beauty to share and this batch is heavy on a spring-y vibe. To me, it just can’t come soon enough so bring on the flowers, fresh cut grass and all that goes along with the delightful season of spring!

indecdsx incdedex

indemnnnx inp;;dex indemnnx i1qaandex isdfsssndex indedfdx inde3efx inde22sx i1qandex i2wsndex

indefdx ind3edex

4.A TABLESCAPE KICK. Yes with a new season comes a renewed enthusiasm to beautify things and kick them up a notch:) I have been on a tablesetting kick which has me in the mood to plan a spring themed luncheon, which just may happen. here are my latest looks-

innbvdex inddfdaex 1qa indebnbx

Monogrammed napkins from my shop, Green chargers from Juliska, Plates are my own, tablecloth from Ralph Lauren, blossoms,foo dogs and vase from my shop


Then experimented with a creamy white theme and loved it

5. MY NEW FAVORITE SHOES! Comfortable shoe alert….got these two below? which I had posted about last week and let me tell you, these are my new staples. They are so comfortable and look great. The flexible wedge is easy on the feet and they really work with everything. One thing for the first pair- buy a size up. I am a 8.5-9? and ended up needing a 9.5 which was a first, they run small.? Got them in the navy and camel,? best part they are so affordable! Click here to find out more….

3542163-p-MULTIVIEW 3542164-p-MULTIVIEW

And these below in fact wore them last night, very comfortable and looks great….click here


6. MONOGRAM BEAUTY. You know my feeling on monograms, they are a part of my every day life. I just love them and cannot get enough. This artist is sooo talented….Arabella is based in Australia.

I have admired and followed her exquisite work for a while. I am about to commission her to do a personal monogram which I will turn into stationery and cannot wait. Just look at how talented she is…way too good to not share! Click here to follow her on Instagram or here to visit a site to see more of her work and here on Etsy

ind77ex inde654x

ina23zzdex indess22x indijnex index7u idf33andex indeffx

7. GARDEN SEASON.? The garden season is upon us..yay! We have a small garden and though we reaped a decent share of veges last year, let’s just say there was a reason I wasn’t showing it off on my blog:)

There is plenty of room for improvement this year however.? I am already plodding and planning and these charts really help give me a head start. I also included some really great ideas for garden markers that are so easy, anyone can do them. Happy gardening!

e96a4365f1a5dfd67b827e8371654221 c44a9aa5126c8fdd6a4d45e06d2ca130

8e089804d2eb074cb5b8eacfc735b620 fa48db0a3b1014d4d79b263a3fe7e2da


Well that’s whats on my mind this week…….looking forward to a much anticipated low key day today, I have needed one of these for a long time. Will do some work from home, take a nice long walk, catch up on the news aka the new reality TV and early dinner with my older sons. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time….

PS The container porcelain presale ends tonight , if you missed it click here. A number of things are sold out but some remain and be sure to throw your name in the hat for the two fabulous porcelain giveaways!


PPS A very spontaneous promo started as of Sat. morning on a a small assortment of the most beautiful evening bags (got extra) and there are about 12 pieces left. You must see beautiful and prices are amazing:) Click here to see



Random musings as seen through my iphone, survey and a giveaway!

Hello and happy Saturday…as I periodically do I share a snippet of my life as seen through my trusty little iphone, cannot imagine life without it:)

In addition, big news is that I have just hired a company to revamp my entire site. It is going to be a bigger and improved Enchanted Home. As you know I am all about evolving, improving and growing. I believe change (good ones that is) keep us going in the right direction and I’m always aspiring to be better.I have had this idea in the back of my mind for some time but it’s a lot of work and a big deal however I have decided to take the plunge:)

I am excited to be working with the company I hired as they are really good at what they do. So as we begin the “behind the scenes” process, your input is so valuable to me. The new site will take 3-4 months to build….so for now everything will stay as is. This poll is a bit different in that is its asking questions that could/would pertain to the future Enchanted Home (one or two questions might overlap from previous poll). To thank you I am offering a giveaway. So here is a peek into what my week has been all about and the poll and giveaway details on bottom-




Valentines Day breakfast indulgence:)


Back of the house during yet another snowfall and could Teddy be any cuter?

inde332x in33dex

Hate when I see new fabrics that I love and feel compelled to use……

ind4544ex ind6645ex incxxdex indvbvbex

And you know my feelings on green and blue….love!


Added a centerpiece bowl filled with white kalanchoe to kitchen island


The super stylish foo dogs lamps came back in stock and are going straight to my office



A beautiful palette for my client in Westchester


Had such yummy shrimp tacos in a favorite nearby restaurant


Hard to believe this was a week ago!

xcvxindex ibvvndex icxcxndex isd2ndex

Visited the charming Juliska shop which has the cutest little cafe in it…..and you know I love this tulipere

invcdex inded22x

Had limestone floors cleaned and polished…..

So there you have my random musings…what’s new in your corner of the world? Thanks as always for stopping in!

PS Colored porcelain sale started last night, click here to see




So here is the poll below, it literally should not take more than 2 minutes of your time. To thank you I am offering one lucky winner the beautiful square scalloped silver wine holder from my shop. A winner will be announced on Tuesday so be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner….




Pinterest Pretties…Blue and White!

Good morning hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a nice weekend getaway and I have to say it is not only great to get away and periodically “recharge” but vital. I am back with new vigor and a clear head!

As I periodically do I feature? a Pinterest board of mine. Today’s is calling all blue and white lovers. One of my favorite boards is, no surprise is my Blue and White Love. This board is filled with all kinds of scrumptious blue and white beauty and it just never gets old. When I need a fix, I know where to turn!

If you want to see more of this board or any of my other boards, click here to be taken to Pinterest. Do you “pin”? I used to be baffled when people spoke of how addicting it was, well….now I totally get it! Though I have learned to show willpower and am a bit more disciplined in how much time I spend on it. Enjoy, and hope you get a nice healthy dose of blue and white love……….





This is just incredible! Love the vibrant colors against the blue and white…fabulous!

bcxxA hallway vignette devoted solely to blue and white

43q54Spectacular outdoor setting…just dreamy! Portobello Home

unnadsfa3raamedFabulous living room and that spray of flowers in the blue and white is the perfect finishing touch…Kristin and Kelli Ford

uasdfannamedI love all this color….so gorgeous. Tory Burch

unnameasdfadThis is one of my inspiration pictures for if we ever redo our old pool house, classic and gorgeous!

4bb9743c2f3d29511f27a67f9dc0c4d1My own table setting, clearly I am a fan of this beautiful combination.


e4633d9a280670534f32bbdd2dcd94cf Isn’t this all so pretty! Parker Kennedy Living looks like he is doing something fun and gorgeous….


07bbd2f98f08f06e0cda6c573c0f9ff2A vignette in my home, I like mixing in other elements and materials….

2f1bacda324adbfa59563a77feb81051Gorgeous table setting! So fresh and elegant…Style Me Pretty

7a9b055a3928af8e3175a08d54c6413dA vignette in my living room

114f1a96b54f7f7522218fa6cac0327aJuliska hit a homerun with their very popular? pattern, Country Estate

2cb669562993133f9312eacb36e17424What’s not to love about this? Adore every single detail….

flowerThese cute kids are “visionaries”after my own heart with their beautiful and quite sophisticated choice in linens for their flower stand…clearly they have moved beyond lemonade stands:)

94022bd1f9465b7bfcb1939423b86848I love the colors and feeling of this space……so elegant and timeless. Katie d-i-d

d03d3bdb81d3294311258f4abc4814c2Yellows work so beautifully with blues and whites, really pops! The French Tangerine

1dd764a9e153d083c78b5d82386e487cLOVE this fabric…if they still made it I would have to redo a bedroom just to use it! Brunschwig and Fils? in blue and white

f4c25393ed1445d2cff4a4566c005aa7Proof that no there is no such thing as too many blue and white jars….ever!

a34b1d0583a0ba883cd08b91ae9a2706Isn’t this a pretty piece? Love a painted accent piece, and doing it in blue and white just takes it to the next level!

85cbac341778e2ede6f10bb21ce681f2Presentation is everything and Jeanne of I Dream Of sure did this beautifully

Country-Estate-58543_2A beautifully set table by Juliska

cfbf18523439ab86804da0d0d5ef44aeLove this and the gorgeous antiqued mirror is a beautiful touch


Why stop at the outdoors, blue and white works beautifully outside, The Glampad


Isn’t this guest room pretty with its mix of blue and whites? Classic Casual Home


I love the way the soft reds work against the blue and white, it is as pleasing to the eye as it is beautiful, Atlanta Homes


I am dying for my own lemon tree to put in a large blue and white fishbowl just like this one

And finally blue and white love has even been seen on our four legged friends or at least those with? superb taste and a keen eye for such things….


Ahhh… and white always makes me feel so calm and tranquil. It really does have healing powers! How about you? Are you a blue and fan as well? Seems like these days you cannot open a magazine without seeing at least one major spread featuring a bevy of blue and white beauty, which of course I thoroughly enjoy.

Thanks for stopping in…….if you want to see more on my Blue and White Love board just click here to be taken to Pinterest. Thank you as always for stopping in, always good to hear from you!

I will be busy today prepping for a bloggers lunch tomorrow here at my house! I am very excited about having a special group of 10 wonderful bloggers over tomorrow……so I will be back on Wednesday. Enjoy your day!