Month: March 2015

Which would you choose?

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Hi if you read my post on Sunday you read how I am going to be doing an outdoor sunroom at a local show house. Really looking forward to putting this together! I have ideas dancing around my head but am torn between several possibilities. To be a total purist and do just straight out […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hi there! Hope you are having a great weekend. We were at my sons game and got back late last night…..believe it or not, it snowed yesterday, yes a spring lacrosse game in the snow in late March! I cannot even make that up. Crazy crazy, the winter that will simply not stop. I ended […]

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Random musings from my iPhone…..

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Hi there! Raining, dark and dreary over here but better than snow so no complaints whatsoever.? Busy day ahead, wish I could stay home in my pjs all day……sounds dreamy! What would I do without my iPhone? I think I could seriously do without the talking on it but could never EVER imagine not having […]

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