Month: December 2015

A winner and a Which would you choose?

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Happy New Year’s eve friends!!! I have a great feeling about 2016 and believe it’s going to be the best year yet…..hope whatever you are doing to ring in the new year is lots of fun and festive. While I am away I scheduled various posts, ?and I’m very happy that so far everything has […]

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The Holiday Love showdown is on!

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Hi friends….so you have spoken and have chosen two favorites from my Holiday Love contest….there were many to love but in the end only two could make it to this point. I want to first say thank you so very much for sending in all of your beautiful pictures, I really enjoyed getting a peek […]

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Holiday Love round 2!

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Hi there, really crossing my fingers these posts on time! So here we are with round 2, another batch of incredible beauty and holiday inspiration. I am not surprised at what good taste my readers have by now, but it is always suffice to say,? a treat! I am officially inspired (for next year) lol. […]

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