Month: December 2015

The Holiday Love showdown is on!

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Hi friends….so you have spoken and have chosen two favorites from my Holiday Love contest….there were many to love but in the end only two could make it to this point. I want to first say thank you so very much for sending in all of your beautiful pictures, I really enjoyed getting a peek […]

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Holiday Love round 2!

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Hi there, really crossing my fingers these posts on time! So here we are with round 2, another batch of incredible beauty and holiday inspiration. I am not surprised at what good taste my readers have by now, but it is always suffice to say,? a treat! I am officially inspired (for next year) lol. […]

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Holiday Love round 1!

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Hi friends! So happy to be here with the Holiday Love contest and as I am away while this posts, really hoping it will post on time! So today will be round 1, voting will end Tuesday morning and round 2 will start. On Wednesday morning, a finalist from each round will compete in the […]

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