Month: August 2016

Bluff Diaries- Chapter 7

Bluff Diaries- Chapter 7
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Hello! Just in case you are wondering about what is going on with the PB house…there is progress being made albeit a little slower than what we wanted. Some of it was our fault, changes in the plans, and amendments that needed to be made. The good news is that we decided on a builder, […]

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Seven on Sunday

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Hello friends, first order of business is to annoucne the winner of the stunning pierced silver bowl giveaway. Congratulations goes to- #25 Faith Contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize so your beautiful bowl can be on it’s merry way _____________ So how are you this Sunday morning? Here the weather is spectacular…cannot complain […]

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The Enchanted Home Shop musings and a giveaway!

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As of Friday morning a fantastic warehouse blowout has started, there are many many fabulous items up for grabs (that there are one or two  left of) click here to visit Hi there…hope you are having a great week. Mine has been rather hectic and it has made a great excuse for a few batches […]

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